Why Don't We - Chills (Official Audio)

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The official audio of "Chills" by Why Don't We.
Why Don't We - 'Chills'
Available now: wdw.lnk.to/ChillsLY
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Muddati: 2:44


Ticiane Nunes
Ticiane Nunes - 11 soat oldin
Love yous
kippy cap
kippy cap - 6 kun oldin
anyone else expected foot lettuce or just me
Amanda Hahl
Amanda Hahl - 8 kun oldin
Hey alantic
Pink Acid
Pink Acid - 12 kun oldin
number 15
Franzi Tauber
Franzi Tauber - 12 kun oldin
smalltok - 14 kun oldin
Oh I thought it was like the youtuber chills.
Jamya - 21 kun oldin
Oh, baby, I can tell. Why don't we send goodbye. Car Daniela stupid
Great Gameing
Great Gameing - 22 kun oldin
check out Great Gameing WDW5
Liana *-*
Liana *-* - 24 kun oldin
Alisha Thompson Steel
Alisha Thompson Steel - 25 kun oldin
Great hit the gym and get the looks and your good to go!
Alisha Thompson Steel
Alisha Thompson Steel - 25 kun oldin
Yes could sing wooo
甲斐隼斗 - 26 kun oldin
Ochi Diaz
Ochi Diaz - 28 kun oldin
Who else saw this when they searched up chills the youtuber
Aj Galigao
Aj Galigao - 28 kun oldin
Nice music
Eik Rasmussen
Eik Rasmussen - 29 kun oldin
n u m b e r 1 5
Serenity Englar
Serenity Englar - 29 kun oldin
Love this song like if u do. Like for corbyn
Like for Jonah
Comment for zack and jack
Like for Daniel
Coco Da Dancer
Coco Da Dancer - Oy oldin
Potato Ole
Potato Ole - Oy oldin
I hate why dont we they're never getting famous can someone murder them
European_limelight herron
the order of their eyes are exacly like they are standing at meet and greet lol
Jesse Villa
Jesse Villa - Oy oldin
Who’s here from Asher Angel’s song?
26 Chale
26 Chale - Oy oldin
I did not know he sing
Lovely Dolls And Toys
Lovely CHILLS :)
Claire Bear
Claire Bear - Oy oldin
Did anyone else realize that they could all get drafted for ww3 and that’s the end of wdw
Victoria_ Wdw
Victoria_ Wdw - Oy oldin
Who else herd this on Tik tok but was a limelight before
#mayar life
#mayar life - Oy oldin
My sister love you guys❤❤❤
Fahdil YogsMita
Fahdil YogsMita - Oy oldin
Zonah best rap i like you by fans indonesia..
Not another 420 Gamer
Broooooo when did you get signed I’m so happy for you been listen to your songs on your YouTube for awhile
the table that jonah's ass broke
they fukin snapped on this. the vocals..
Jocelyn Kinloch
Jocelyn Kinloch - Oy oldin
Bro u guys are my ispirations
Serenity Englar
Serenity Englar - Oy oldin
who loves this song
Hector Hector
Hector Hector - Oy oldin
It’s Cold Dam It!
Joyce Siqueira
Joyce Siqueira - Oy oldin
Hana Mclaughlin
Hana Mclaughlin - Oy oldin
omg jonah is a RAPPER
Barcat YT
Barcat YT - Oy oldin
Who Dont Know Who's Eyes Is Who's So There:
1. Eyes Is Daniel
2. Eyes Is Corbyn
3. Eyes Is Jonah
4. Eyes Is Zach
5. Eyes Is Jack

I Hope I Helped
Barcat YT
Barcat YT - Oy oldin
You're Welcome
Fatimah A
Fatimah A - Oy oldin
Puspavathi Ramasamy
Puspavathi Ramasamy - Oy oldin
euphoria - Oy oldin
i can't believe i used to be a fan of this horrible group
Sarah Danogwah
Sarah Danogwah - Oy oldin
it actually sickens me that u are only listening to the song to hate on them. like, SHUT UP AND GO AWAY. ur such a disgrace to kpop and even tho im not an army (i prefer blackpink) idk if bts would be happy that ur hating on a BRILLIANTLY TALENTED band for NO FREAKING REASON
Marais fan 4 life
Marais fan 4 life - Oy oldin
euphoria I can’t believe you’re HATING on one of the best boy bands to date
Precious Katonka
Precious Katonka - Oy oldin
Hannah Nelson
Hannah Nelson - Oy oldin
Which is better:
Why Don't We - Like
Why Don't We - Comment
Let's not compare, everyone is awesome in their own way. 💕
Omneya Adel
Omneya Adel - Oy oldin
Limelight forever
Marais fan 4 life
Marais fan 4 life - Oy oldin
euphoria WDW will rise up and surpass your expectations
Hannah Nelson
Hannah Nelson - Oy oldin
@euphoria I'm not a clown, and I'm not offended.
euphoria - Oy oldin
bts, txt, exo>>>wdw and that's based on popularity and fan base (so don't get offended like a clown)
Trilxogy - Oy oldin
So i found this song cause a snapchat ad, and while it is fire, these comments and yall fanbase have me quite confused
Jyotsna Venkatesan
Jyotsna Venkatesan - Oy oldin
This song is the vibe I needed. And their eyes are everything! Like you can see how chill they are in their eyes bruh
Robinson Ramos
Robinson Ramos - Oy oldin
nice songgg
_Kairi_Garibaldo_ - Oy oldin
does anyone else notice that jacks eyes are red or is it just me?
Lyrockstar Vlogs
Lyrockstar Vlogs - Oy oldin
Who else guess all their eyes correctly??😂😂😂😂😂
Charity Wanja
Charity Wanja - Oy oldin
If y'all are having trouble recognizing their eyes it's
Jasmine Panesar
Jasmine Panesar - Oy oldin
why does the melody sound familiar
Riley Allen
Riley Allen - Oy oldin
Dont like you guys sorry
Arianna Young
Arianna Young - Oy oldin
I thought Jonah said “cause I like that sh*t different” lol 1:59
Marais fan 4 life
Marais fan 4 life - Oy oldin
Nope lol
Re4perAG37 - Oy oldin
Why don’t we don’t exist
haunted soul
haunted soul - Oy oldin
Med T
Med T - Oy oldin
Nice one !
Alesandra Anthony
Alesandra Anthony - Oy oldin
who’s here to kill time till the music video comes out?
Kayla Sunflower
Kayla Sunflower - Oy oldin
Daniel's eyes 1st
Corbyn 2ed
Jonah 3rd
Zach 4th
Jack 5th
Ann Sheely
Ann Sheely - Oy oldin
I am a little disappointed in how unoriginal this song is, especially lyrically
J B - Oy oldin
who feels like this is for gabbie??
Senpai Blueberrie
Senpai Blueberrie - Oy oldin
This song give me chills.
Laura Vanessa
Laura Vanessa - Oy oldin
oskar508 - Oy oldin
The band is gayyyyy
Alana Besson
Alana Besson - Oy oldin
This is so fire I am waiting for the music video so exited
Ma Ha
Ma Ha - Oy oldin
Love this song!
Rad Orange MSP
Rad Orange MSP - Oy oldin
I'm up right now for the music videoo🤣💀
Feliz Anne
Feliz Anne - Oy oldin
Zach’s eyes are magical