What Would You Do If You Found $43,000 in a Couch you had just purchased?

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Real fam, what would you do if you bought a couch and found $43,000 in it?
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Imdone - 2 soat oldin
Losing a $20 bill is an understandable mistake but Amanda and Jeanie are right. If you lose $43,000, you don’t need it!
Elsie Omondi
Elsie Omondi - 4 soat oldin
Jeannie is too lit for them😂
jasmine brown
jasmine brown - 6 soat oldin
Hell nah I paid for this couch idk if I would've given it back
ilenix - Kun oldin
I’m sorry but that money is mine- I wouldn’t post about it or anything! Because honestly if it was money I found on the street I’d see if someone owned it but this is different 💀
snowangel3883 - Kun oldin
I would assume that it came from a crimeLord and I don’t wanna get murdered soooooooooo I’m gonna give it back
beautifullyflawed - 2 kun oldin
Jeanie turned into black woman.
storm canady
storm canady - 3 kun oldin
How did the family put that much money INSIDE the cushion and I guess forget.. I’m with Jeannie and Amanda on this one.
S - 3 kun oldin
The bay came out of Jeannie in this video 😂
jmarie - 3 kun oldin
The point is the couch was a donation to the thrift store and a tax write off. This is not a item found on a floor in a store or on a ground outside. The owner purchased the couch honestly. He didn't steal it. What a person throws away or donates is someone else's treasure. What they do with it is their own business. So if he wanted to give the money back or keep it, it's his choice to make. And it's his property. So he gifted them $43K. There's no right or wrong response. Legally, I think he should have turned the money into the police.
Royal Marii
Royal Marii - 4 kun oldin
keep it! Periodt
Anesha Ryan
Anesha Ryan - 5 kun oldin
Yes loni I was literally about to text it could b an elderly person an u took the words out my mouth
Agency in Repose
Agency in Repose - 5 kun oldin
I'd keep it because I'd be thinking the thrift store would keep it and I wouldn't hAve a clue how to find the couple plus I would be worried they might be shady. Plus that would buy pain management fit a good long while and I'm desperate.
K W - 5 kun oldin
Thank god for my new found fortune 🤷🏾‍♀️
Alyssa - 6 kun oldin
I would only give money back if I see someone drop it but I’m not gonna play detective....like how tf you lose $43k😭😭😭 I never lose any of my money #Period😭😭😭😭
Alyssa - 6 kun oldin
But these people are already a rich ...they should give it back 😭😭😭😭😭
Alyssa - 6 kun oldin
I would keep it 😭
Sam Bunny
Sam Bunny - 6 kun oldin
I would probably be scared it brings bad luck 😭
JenieMV - 7 kun oldin
I remember when I was in my early teens at the thrift store with my mom. Wanted a hardcover Jane Austen book , my mom said no (I had a lot of books at home). So I decided to read a bit while she shopped ... I found $200 in the book. Damn well believe I bought the book, in fact I still have that book and I'm 32 now.
Snoww Bunni
Snoww Bunni - 7 kun oldin
I would feel some guilt but ultimately I would keep the money because it seems like it was meant for me. What are the odds? Must be fate 🤷🏻‍♀️
jgreening - 7 kun oldin
I would keep it !🤗 idc idc idc
olivia rivera
olivia rivera - 7 kun oldin
a old person probably put the money in there and died and their family probably was getting rid of their stuff
Marlee - 7 kun oldin
What about keep half return half 🤣
laura gilmore
laura gilmore - 8 kun oldin
Its clearly an old persons sofa, so they might have been putting it there for safe keeping but the family didn't no and got rid of it. I would give it back it's not yours.
max dashen
max dashen - 8 kun oldin
We know he had $45,000 but took $2000
Kayla Starks
Kayla Starks - 8 kun oldin
Jeannie: that money is my honey
I love her😂❤
ihatehoneymustard - 9 kun oldin
I would’ve kept the money 🤷🏽‍♀️
HoneyBlissClothing - 10 kun oldin
Also, Jeannie is such a HYPE QUEEN. Even if you would've returned the money you'd find yourself cheering and getting carried away for keeping the money😂😂🤣🤣
HoneyBlissClothing - 10 kun oldin
I would definitely do exactly what Adrienne described... Find a way to return it directly to the family. My immediate thought was someone, maybe a family member, donated that couch without knowing that's where this person was hiding the money. I personally couldn't bring myself to use that money, it's not mine.
TAWANNA ROCK - 10 kun oldin
Keeping it because the person who donated the sofa is not the person who put the money there. I'm thinking the person... yes is elderly and also deceased and a family member is just cleaning the house, donatin stuff. They may not even be a family member, so yes.... I"m keeping it.
Josephine - 10 kun oldin
I wouldn’t tell anyone
Ikike Udobong
Ikike Udobong - 11 kun oldin
I'm keeping that money bitch ......the money is mine
Drveney - 11 kun oldin
Isn't this what happened on Grace and Frankie?
Nicole Love
Nicole Love - 11 kun oldin
Looks like Jeannie had a " wanna be Tamar" moment...
Just saying...a bit strange.
Problematic shay
Problematic shay - 12 kun oldin
if i found it, I'd be buying me a new car 🤗
Desmon Barnett
Desmon Barnett - 12 kun oldin
Ms. Mai is getting Tamar spirit from that seat lol
ImSoJessica Nichole
ImSoJessica Nichole - 13 kun oldin
Why is loni always riding amanda coattail? Lol “lets see what amanda want”
Joye Torres-cruz
Joye Torres-cruz - 13 kun oldin
Nope I’m keeping it
Golden Bowl
Golden Bowl - 13 kun oldin
I agree with Tamara but she’s just saying that because she makes millions
darkgirl7 - 14 kun oldin
The rest of this story is it was an old man who passed away and his niece donated the couch to the thrift store. And they didn’t even know the money was missing...but what bugs me is they didn’t thank the guy or give him any reward money. Nope 👎 that’s why if it was donated and they didn’t look, it’s my money. lol
Kenesha Horne
Kenesha Horne - 14 kun oldin
Im with you on this one Jeannie with the dance and all
FallAngel LearnMe
FallAngel LearnMe - 14 kun oldin
LoveCompassionPurity - 14 kun oldin
Shoot...I'm all about honesty. However, I don't find the need to search for the family if I BOUGHT the couch and there is no clear indication who the money belongs to. Now if the family comes to me I have no problem giving it back.
Shawndell Lang
Shawndell Lang - 14 kun oldin
Am I the only one that notices that Adrienne is too concerned with trying to be right or trying to have everyone agree with her point of view that she misses key facts? Jeannie clearly stated that he gave the money back to the FAMILY and she's over there expressing how she would get in contact with the family and give the money to them not the thrift store. Like, you didn't say anything different than what was already said. She annoys the hell out of me 🙄
Dangelyn - 15 kun oldin
It’s a blessing from God. My prayers were heard.
Aja Antoinette
Aja Antoinette - 15 kun oldin
IM KEEPING IT !! Periodt 😂
Veronica Ivanova
Veronica Ivanova - 15 kun oldin
I agree with Amanda: most people would keep the money and there's nothing wrong with that.
Huckleberry Winn
Huckleberry Winn - 15 kun oldin
You wash your cushion covers
Jillian Miller
Jillian Miller - 15 kun oldin
That’s drug money. so imma keep it
Sassy_Muffin - 16 kun oldin
Jeannie acts like she’s so poor, talking about she neeeeeds that money. You’re rich! Give the person back their money! 🙄
Sassy_Muffin - 12 kun oldin
Honey Bambi idc. Rich is rich. She’s living a lot better than a lot of ppl
Honey Bambi
Honey Bambi - 14 kun oldin
She ain't as rich as her other co workers. Her networth is one million dollars
John Irvin Fabul
John Irvin Fabul - 17 kun oldin
When Jeannie started dancing, I lost it 🤣🤣🤣 So funny
Epiphany Ray
Epiphany Ray - 17 kun oldin
Lol to each it’s own. I wouldnt blame Anyone either way. I worked at a pharmacy in a nice middle class neighborhood and the guy left his envelope with over $500 from the atm. I handed it over to my manager and he eventually came back and gave me $100. $100 more added to my pockets and I did the right thing for my conscience. But that’s just me.
Rahel Justina
Rahel Justina - 17 kun oldin
Nobody hides this much money in a couch without that money being a lil sketchy...I mean cmon 43k? Nah....
lit lit
lit lit - 18 kun oldin
Jeanie is extremely annoying she is over the top. take a chill pill
Devon Snipa
Devon Snipa - 18 kun oldin
I’m feeling Amanda and Jeanie right now.. 😂😂😂 honest response
Nashema1 - 18 kun oldin
Keep it lol
Cari - 19 kun oldin
If it was £200 or less I’d probably keep it to be honest.
£43k would give me far to much guilt and anxiety.
If I found £10 on the floor, I’d keep it. If I found a purse with £500 in i would try and find the owner.
Tatiana Mikaela
Tatiana Mikaela - 19 kun oldin
Jeannie... calm down....
Andy - 20 kun oldin
U dont misplace that much money! Those people put that money there on purpose. They were giving it away.
Andy - 20 kun oldin
Shiddd I woulda kept that money!
Bhristinaricci - 20 kun oldin