What Happened to Kelvin Benjamin? (Laziest NFL WR Ever?)

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Kelvin Benjamin had all the talent in the world but id out of the NFL in 5 years.

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Leon Tan
Leon Tan - 2 kun oldin
Bill Duke the actor?
Leon Tan
Leon Tan - 2 kun oldin
The background music is strangely soothing.
Leon Tan
Leon Tan - 2 kun oldin
Dude is high school was bigger than some Tight Ends in the NFL.
Southern Heritage
Southern Heritage - 2 kun oldin
This video had some deep shit that made me rethink my financial decisions at 2 in the morning
Monroe Whitt III
Monroe Whitt III - 2 kun oldin
Well he has sinced signed with my ninners but........I doubt it. Even with kyle's offense, I doubt it
marquese hall
marquese hall - 2 kun oldin
Eli???? Accurate????
Zach Ihde
Zach Ihde - 3 kun oldin
Great video! Keep up the good work
Jacob Earp
Jacob Earp - 3 kun oldin
“Hard work bests talent when talent when talent fails to work.”
-Kevin Durant
Geoff F.
Geoff F. - 5 kun oldin
Great intro man!
Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson - 6 kun oldin
Kelvin Benjamin is the Eddie Lacy of WR
Gabriel Leon
Gabriel Leon - 6 kun oldin
And this guys has a Golden Ticket card on MUT
Steven Kubick
Steven Kubick - 6 kun oldin
I mean he got a golden ticket tho
Devin Claycomb
Devin Claycomb - 6 kun oldin
Jameis is so fucking trash dudes a joke as well!
xophaser - 7 kun oldin
if he was labeled a TE, he would be considered one of the more athletic TE, haha. Jimmy Graham can't block that well either as many Te get destroyed by DE.
Marvin Pereira
Marvin Pereira - 7 kun oldin
The Man threw away his whole career because he couldn’t stop being lazy. Man , people dream going into the NFL and he’s taking it for granted. If I was in the nfl , shiiiii, I would do anything to stay in it for like 15 more years
the last emperor
the last emperor - 12 kun oldin
Kelvin cost me a few games a few years in a row taking him in fantasy football.
James Burke
James Burke - 12 kun oldin
Cam Newton will act like a professional athlete and he was in the right to approach him.
Parker Lawhon
Parker Lawhon - 13 kun oldin
As a Florida State fan I kept track of dudes like kelvin and a lot of dudes like kelvin for their college careers.. happens a lot more at FSU than you’d think.. they all seem like good kids coming out I don’t really understand it 🤦🏻‍♂️
James Trexler
James Trexler - 15 kun oldin
I collect jerseys and, given that I have a soft spot for the Panthers (due to having the same nickname and colour scheme as my high school) when a Kelvin Benjamin jersey showed up in my searches in my size for $12, it was very tempting... until I remembered all this. Phew.
InTheZone - 16 kun oldin
nfl scouting teams completely fail when they draft a guy with the most questionable of character issues. Stuff like this is easily seen and avoidable.
Benny - 17 kun oldin
4:56 Poor kid gets rocked trying to tackle him😂
Microwave Fridge
Microwave Fridge - 17 kun oldin
You are a bangles fan? Dang man I’m sorry🙁
Yeshua Dean
Yeshua Dean - 18 kun oldin
Lol a "lazy" proffesional football player 😂😂🤣 thats how i know yall aint never played football.
Ryan Perrotta
Ryan Perrotta - 19 kun oldin
The funny thing is that he’s saying that kelvin benjamin is the laziest wr but he has a 99 overall de ticket card in madden
Rodga Laurius
Rodga Laurius - 16 kun oldin
Ea doesn’t choose who get a golden ticket
Devil0027 - 19 kun oldin
Hella wasted talent honestly. He could’ve worked his ass off and maybe had a ring right now had the chiefs kept him, yikes. That lottery comparison was so accurate
RageReal Sade
RageReal Sade - 20 kun oldin
Kelvin was right, cam newton was not known for being accurate.
Fuzzy Butkus
Fuzzy Butkus - 21 kun oldin
You can totally stop drinking,drugs,smoking can’t totally stop eating. Gotta be tough depending on your metabolism but your body s what your getting paid for.
Ryal Sackjon
Ryal Sackjon - 22 kun oldin
Welp, that's what he gets for wearing the number 13. Bad luck mane
David Krywczuk
David Krywczuk - 22 kun oldin
Even though the bills took a flyer on him during there cap jail yr,he is an example of how money changes some people.bills now draft guys who are self motivated to be the best so you have less busts in the long run
GREEK YOGURT - 22 kun oldin
Looks like he was very unlucky, and didn’t really believe in himself.
Jeff Lebowski
Jeff Lebowski - 22 kun oldin
When I saw him at Florida State I thought he would be like Mike Evans. So much talent. It just shows that you have to have elite talent and work ethic.
Rik - 23 kun oldin
lmao this title
St king
St king - 23 kun oldin
Are the panthers cursed at WR? Or was it Cams accuracy issues. Smith and Muhammad was a nice duo. But I can't think of any other wide receiver that made a true impact since. Olsen solid TE. And McCaffery showing he's a great pass catching RB. But no WRs
Sean Jones
Sean Jones - 23 kun oldin
Cincinnati fan? That's tough
CAnderson - 24 kun oldin
One of the greatest story tellers of our time bro
Arturo Munoz-Arias
Arturo Munoz-Arias - 24 kun oldin
Great video Flemlo! I like the meaning behind it too!
Timothy Norat
Timothy Norat - 25 kun oldin
Since when is a 4.6 40 amazing?
B Healy
B Healy - 25 kun oldin
Joined the Bills, a town known for chicken wings...
RBE Vell
RBE Vell - 25 kun oldin
What song is playing in the background I love it
Toad Phillips
Toad Phillips - 25 kun oldin
Speaking of lack of effort the Bengals ..
Noah Elkins
Noah Elkins - 25 kun oldin
I know this isn’t the exact topic, but I miss Cam on Carolina. :(
Chris Hale
Chris Hale - 25 kun oldin
"He could jump up and 1 hand it over 2 cats."
So what? Cats are tiny.
Brendan Pegg
Brendan Pegg - 26 kun oldin
I like this dude! But what’s up with homies beard????
Zira Tival
Zira Tival - 26 kun oldin
"Not his dads fault he wasn't around as he was deported back to Jamaica"

I mean if he came here illegally or stayed past the visa without applying and becoming a citizen it kind of is his fault
Zeus Esparza
Zeus Esparza - 25 kun oldin
he is saying he didn’t leave him
The Famous SJ Ticklebottom
I though Benjamin was 340 pounds
Levi Mills-Wilcox
Levi Mills-Wilcox - 26 kun oldin
And then he got a 99 ovr card in madden
Jay Hickey
Jay Hickey - 26 kun oldin
What a waste of talent.
Jdcarden 56
Jdcarden 56 - 26 kun oldin
Pro Tip Never Invite Kelvin Benjamin and Eddie Lacy to your Bar-B-Que
colin wylie
colin wylie - 26 kun oldin
Hey man, love the series ! Subscribed.
Not Golden
Not Golden - 27 kun oldin
Who else would put him at te in madden?
undacovadruma - 27 kun oldin
Bro I love this content, definitely subscribed
Elliot Kim
Elliot Kim - 27 kun oldin
Walking away from that conversation with Cam was the best route he's ever ran.
Arm D
Arm D - 27 kun oldin
I'd be a beast in high school too if I were 20 years old....
Pat Hutchison
Pat Hutchison - 27 kun oldin
No Surprise So many lotto winners go broke. After all, the lottery is a tax on the stupid anyway. So most people who win are idiots
Brandon Bouchez
Brandon Bouchez - 28 kun oldin
It's a good thing I ain't winning no lottery, money wise or physical wise. I don't have to worry about wasting anything lmaooo
IRON60 BITCH - 28 kun oldin
Being tall guarantees zero
IRON60 BITCH - 28 kun oldin
How do you stop a lazy superstar make him a millionaire
Frank Maxfield
Frank Maxfield - 28 kun oldin
The more a lot of folks make the more they spend. So once they end up not making as much as they had been the money they had left stats to dwindle until nothing's left and they end up filing bankruptcy. Too many pro athletes end up this way.
Brian Quiterio
Brian Quiterio - 29 kun oldin
Man, this is like the real life "Hardwork beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard"
norm wilson
norm wilson - 29 kun oldin
At the 14:36 clip, I think Cam took the high road.
The Halls Of Valhalla
The Halls Of Valhalla - 29 kun oldin
How big must this “foxhole” be?
Sam Patel
Sam Patel - 29 kun oldin
I LOVE YOUR REPORTING. SO GLAD I FOUND your keen analysis. This is the kind of wholesome based perspectice I watch. Skip Bayless is a bum and so is most everyone on the tv. internet Flem Low got the Petey Green sportsreporting❤️ only question if he's going POPEYE STYLE
daniel vargas
daniel vargas - 29 kun oldin
brosif29 - 29 kun oldin
Well... To be fair... Watkins improved drastically with Mahomes. QBs do matter for WR.
17' 17
17' 17 - 29 kun oldin
so as a nfl player you need to maintain weight?
i mean yeah it makes sense to me but i did not know that
BDS Sith
BDS Sith - Oy oldin
I’m 6 foot and I’m 13. Only weigh 135 though. Guess I ain’t playing football, I like soccer more though, charging stations people who get scared then taking the ball and pounding it down the field is fun.
Adam Getz
Adam Getz - Oy oldin
Hats off to Cam. He couldve blamed Kelvin for bein fat and lazy, but never did
Liberal Sickos Hate America
This makes me root for Cam
Angel Wood
Angel Wood - Oy oldin
People fail to realize the effect/affect that death of a mother can have on a child regardless of age. Also, football is not life nor is it for everyone. Benjamin's size made him a football target. However, it was not what was in his heart. So what if fans are upset. Get over it and wish him well. The death(?) of his mother overshadowed the fame and fortune of pro football. Remember that there is life after and beyond a "football career." Benjamin is a victim of other people's expectations that were not his own.
cailean - Oy oldin
little did he know kelvin benjamin would play a crucial part in papa meags madden 20 team
mosindesire - Oy oldin
I don't care much for the NFL but you really do a great job telling these stories.
xStr8Savagex - Oy oldin
Let's be honest he would have hated his life if he was still on the panthers with Christian McCaffrey on the team lol..
Old Soul
Old Soul - Oy oldin
Sounds like dude is struggling with some depression. He's got a lot of the red flags.
Liberal Sickos Hate America
Good pup !!!
DJ Gonzalez
DJ Gonzalez - Oy oldin
Man I remember when he was a Fantasy league top 5 picks brooo
David Matthew Tabor
David Matthew Tabor - Oy oldin
Do a joint video about Odell Thurman and David Pollack
Troll Mctrollerson
Troll Mctrollerson - Oy oldin
Dude that turned his lotto win into a billion didn't multiply his winnings by 4 times. He actually multiplied his money by just under 10 times. After taxes the guy took a little over a hundred million.
Bboy JJ
Bboy JJ - Oy oldin
Hardwork beats talent💯....he didn't get the memo when it really mattered.
Bboy JJ
Bboy JJ - Oy oldin
Why his dad got deported would determine if it was his fathers fault as to why he couldnt be in his life💯
Jimmie Rustler
Jimmie Rustler - Oy oldin
Judging by that bulge, half his weight is in his cawk.
Yehong Jiang
Yehong Jiang - Oy oldin
Just, his golden ticket..