What Happened to Kelvin Benjamin? (Laziest NFL WR Ever?)

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Kelvin Benjamin had all the talent in the world but id out of the NFL in 5 years.
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Christian Padgett
Christian Padgett - 3 soat oldin
First of your videos I watched and def watching more
Austin Christiansen
Austin Christiansen - 12 soat oldin
Rip the Bengals
Mikey LaFave
Mikey LaFave - 12 soat oldin
Should have been a TE
Chris Wills
Chris Wills - 15 soat oldin
It wasn't his dad's fault that he was here Illegally?
Dean E
Dean E - 15 soat oldin
He showed flashes of brilliance. Like damn, he can do this. The next play you’re like, WTF dude? You ever even watched football before?
Ben Shandrow
Ben Shandrow - Kun oldin
he is 6'5'' lol hate to be that guy but you said 6'6'' 342 times lol
B Gomez
B Gomez - Kun oldin
Do one on Justin blackmon alcoholism
encycl07pedia - Kun oldin
I saw him in college and I remember thinking he was taking plays off and not working hard enough. I thought he was better in 2013 before he went pro. I guess he took his foot off the gas again.
Guy Rimel
Guy Rimel - 2 kun oldin
Good video_ took too long to actually *get going* though... over 2 minutes, come on man.
Christopher Williams
Christopher Williams - 2 kun oldin
Flemlo yo beard is unacceptable
DaveSKI - 4 kun oldin
That's why I dont play lotteries
Ray Ray Dewitt
Ray Ray Dewitt - 4 kun oldin
He a fat doughnut 🍩 eating bum
Dan Livni
Dan Livni - 4 kun oldin
Kelvin Benjamin is now a Sumo wrestler
Jay Feely
Jay Feely - 5 kun oldin
Im out. Hate when ppl do this shit to me. Title states Kelvin. You talking about Brad Duke. YouTube used to be the shit, I swear. Now it's full of bullshit. I don't gaf about lottery winners in FL. I don't need a lead into this shit. We are in a microwave era. Get to the point. Shit done wasted my time. At 42 second mark, i'm out. 21 mins long and I bet it could've been 5 mins long. Lottery and Brad Duke prob took up like 15 mins. waste.
Wade - 6 kun oldin
You know good and well this dude wears pants with stretch waste band lol..This dude spent 8 million on fudge rounds..
Wade - 6 kun oldin
"Coach, hurry and get me my chocolate inhaler"....Now I know who to hate in regards to Cam Newtons injury..
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson - 8 kun oldin
Do a story about Cleveland Cavs JRSmith!
Tristan Williams
Tristan Williams - 8 kun oldin
What happened to dez Brian
Vortex Gaming
Vortex Gaming - 9 kun oldin
You should do a what happens to Jay Ajay
magicpoopsoup - 9 kun oldin
Very well done video! Thank you!!
YounGGemini - 10 kun oldin
bro pls fix that beard, I can't focus on what you saying, lmao
Keyonte Holley
Keyonte Holley - 10 kun oldin
No matter what they say about you KEV . What you did for Florida state in the championship game will never be forgotten . Eat all you want big fella . You cool wit me.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith - 11 kun oldin
@flemlo man, let's live chat and talk bengals. I'm from cincy boa
Doobernator - 11 kun oldin
That’s a professional neck beard
NFL - 12 kun oldin
SneaX - 12 kun oldin
Honestly best YouTube ton the platform
samuel cox official
samuel cox official - 12 kun oldin
I feel bad for Kelvin Benjamin because it's his fault for being lazy only you can control on what you do to yourself
Channeleightyfour - 13 kun oldin
2:05 "Without further ado, this is what happed to Kelvin Benjamin"... Immediately transitions to promoting a sponsor. 2:54 Actually starts talking about KB.
G Varela
G Varela - 13 kun oldin
Nigga was 21 playing with highschool kids lol
G Varela
G Varela - 13 kun oldin
Bruh I was younger then majority of niggas a grade under me. I could’ve used them extra 2 years of football after my senior year I would’ve became ranked
Poems - 13 kun oldin
The question I’ve been asking for about a year now
TSX NANI - 14 kun oldin
Anyone watching this when the dolphins beat the jets???😂😂
King Ragnar
King Ragnar - 14 kun oldin
As a Panthers fan I just SMH when I think of kelvin
Jett Samuelson
Jett Samuelson - 14 kun oldin
At least he didn’t eat himself out like Eddy Lacy 🤣🤣🤣
Heavily Contested
Heavily Contested - 14 kun oldin
I remember he was a beast in madden 16
MultIplay3r - 14 kun oldin
Never thought about Benjamin like this. Makes sense.
Caleb Kent
Caleb Kent - 15 kun oldin
The bungles are one artillery shell away from being a working tank.
Everyday Memes
Everyday Memes - 16 kun oldin
RIP Bengals 0-8
Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams - 16 kun oldin
LOVE the positivity you always bring. Keep it going.
Wanacustomx - 16 kun oldin
Literally played with two MVP QB's, how many players get that opportunity? he wasted it. Really sad man.
RathDavid Hy
RathDavid Hy - 17 kun oldin
Damn Kelvin... that was cold x 2 at 16:49 minute mark.
Henry van Staveren
Henry van Staveren - 17 kun oldin
he was good in carolina
Allah Jahid
Allah Jahid - 18 kun oldin
Bro Do a video on Justin Blackman WR OK State
D Cobb
D Cobb - 16 kun oldin
Allah Jahid he already did
Vabajada - 18 kun oldin
This is a great video FlemLo. People who are stuck in the mindset that you talked about, not being able to build on their gifts, is something that so many people struggle from today. We can all learn something from Kelvin Benjamin.
Hats off to you, FlemLo! Keep up the good work!
xImLoWkey_ ToXic
xImLoWkey_ ToXic - 18 kun oldin
Lowkey being 6'6 240 you could lowkey one of the best wrs in the league
Jamel Jelks
Jamel Jelks - 19 kun oldin
Do blake sims
Just_The_Fax - 19 kun oldin
What happened to Dwayne Jarrett.
William brockmoller
William brockmoller - 20 kun oldin
Hell of a job on the video.
HYPE WARRIOR!! - 20 kun oldin
Lazyiness masks itself as stupidity, wat a waste of talent. Seen countless people destroy themselves and waste potential through laziness
plus 2020
plus 2020 - 20 kun oldin
Your content is almost endless, the quality is stupendous. That's my dude flemlo
VideoGameVeenok - 20 kun oldin
> Kelvin's the only one not starting or on a team.
Jordan Matthews got cut this week soooo, yeah.
We (Eagles) took JMatt and Marcus Smith that year ahead of Devante Adams, Demarcus Lawrence, and Jarvis Landry.....
Matthew Pohl
Matthew Pohl - 21 kun oldin
I call out our cheesy bread at cicis pizza as Kelvin Benjamin Career enders. And thats messed up what he said about Cam when Cam had his back that whole time.....
Brett Werner
Brett Werner - 22 kun oldin
Lol good thing people know nfl is lying sometimes. All those quotes would be nicer with video proof
dj ashy knees
dj ashy knees - 22 kun oldin
Do a jahvid best vid
Blake Sanders
Blake Sanders - 23 kun oldin
Issa knife
Blake Sanders
Blake Sanders - 23 kun oldin
Kelvin was good had potential but he wasted it
Lost Heart Mega
Lost Heart Mega - 23 kun oldin
He about french fry away from being a hockey player
John O'Mara
John O'Mara - 24 kun oldin
The reason why the vast majority of lottery winners go broke is because the vast majority of lottery ticket buyers are poor. They weren’t good with money when they had little, and they won’t be good with money when they have lots. I would wager that Brad Duke wasn’t poor to begin with.
Drilla Boyz Ent.
Drilla Boyz Ent. - 24 kun oldin
FlemLo is the JxmmyHighroller of football.
Real Deal
Real Deal - 24 kun oldin
I love this guy