Well...HUGE Problem with Wrecked 2019 ram 2500 Cummins.

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We uncovered a huge problem with our 2019 ram Cummins.
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Westen Champlin
Westen Champlin - 7 kun oldin
1. I keep seeing comments that we should have got the paint code for the truck off the vin. We did..
David Wade
David Wade - 3 kun oldin
I’d be pissed at that paint, drive it back to the shop and show them. See if they’d cut you a deal on the right paint
Hunter'sPCGaming - 5 kun oldin
@Brad Tribble Your not wrong. Watched my father match the paint code of White and 3 separate paints came out different.
Ged Thom
Ged Thom - 6 kun oldin
REBUILT - 6 kun oldin
Hey Wes, PR4 Needs a G2 undercoat (very light grey) looks like you used a G6 (dark grey undercoat). That would be why your color doesn't look like the paint chip you saw at napa. Remember when you repaint it you must spray a G2 undercoat before you add more red or you will never get the color to match even if you blend.
Robby Cheaib
Robby Cheaib - 6 kun oldin
Chris O agreed, no way. I’m in Florida and we experience a lot of fading and still blend out
Learning Experience
Learning Experience - 19 soat oldin
Crazy to see you at almost 425k sub I remember here at 5
Mujteba Al Hajaj
Mujteba Al Hajaj - Kun oldin
take it to a professional bodyshop and save yourself the headache
GLeszega - Kun oldin
“It looks great on the side I didn’t paint” lmao!
xd BillBleach
xd BillBleach - Kun oldin
17:36 when you blend into the hood who you gonna sacrifice
carrolltc74 - 2 kun oldin
Hey I like your show and and see more of other builds but sorry hate to complain but you see one dodge you seen them all but sorry the only thing dodge has going for it is the Cummins engine
Ray Collins
Ray Collins - 2 kun oldin
looks like they never asked you more questions about the red. every time I got paint mixed they would ask which color variation to the color chip you wanted. could be 3 to 5 different variations of the red like black to color chip, yellow to color chip, white to color chip. even black and white have so many variations of that particular color. next time should have flaked off some of the old paint from the bad fender and had it analyzed to get right color variation.
Ja Wa
Ja Wa - 2 kun oldin
He likes doing what cops want
Matthew Pederson
Matthew Pederson - 3 kun oldin
Cool mullet. Ugly sweater...
R.S. Andrews
R.S. Andrews - 3 kun oldin
No question or doubt about it. You have 2 different colors of red. Looks like a junkyard pick-up.
Steven Pettit
Steven Pettit - 4 kun oldin
Should’ve done a test hit on the old door... lesson learned! Move on and keep truckin
(T)(h)(e)(D)(u)(d)(e) - 4 kun oldin
Door gaps look off too. Alot up from by the fender but not much where the rear doors meet.
PACK3NPANDA - 4 kun oldin
Can see the fish eye from here 🤣
GhostHuntersOfOzarks - 4 kun oldin
Where the heck is your new video!
dirt_monkey - 4 kun oldin
Existing paint appears to have more of a orange tint in it
Curtis Francisco
Curtis Francisco - 4 kun oldin
It looks like a bad cheese burger
Michael Keller
Michael Keller - 4 kun oldin
grey primer is lighter red,, black primer dark red
214ladybug Adams
214ladybug Adams - 4 kun oldin
You did a beautiful paint job on your parts. I actually did the same thing last year. My Ram was hit by a car while I was shopping in Walmart and I purchased a new fender online and did the same thing. Paint and assembly by myself. Your paint job came out looking wonderful 👍🏾👏🏾.
Casey Prosser
Casey Prosser - 4 kun oldin
Do you another Peterbilt video
bigdaddy M
bigdaddy M - 4 kun oldin
You guys shouldve sprayed a test piece on something else and compare it first🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Sammie Peanut butter
Sammie Peanut butter - 4 kun oldin
What’s goin on with that mustang? Haven’t heard about that in a while. Keep it up west
Jessy Favor
Jessy Favor - 4 kun oldin
You should paint the whole truck the dark red
bumonbumbumsex - 4 kun oldin
seems like it might have been a custom color... agricultural red vs what ever the run of the mill color is...
cloud love
cloud love - 4 kun oldin
The darker red looks like a cherry or a candy red like what should be on a show car, the other red looks like a truck red
cloud love
cloud love - 4 kun oldin
Enjoy your Channel, I have a 97 Dodge Ram 318 that I've been wanting to add power but you make it look easy to do a diesel Swap and far more worth it. But my wife hates the school bus smell of diesel trucks. Do you know if the ones that run on the fast-food biodiesel have the same smell? If so could you show a conversion or do some research about a biodiesel
cloud love
cloud love - 4 kun oldin
Whats in store for the fummin's?
S - 4 kun oldin
There's tons of info on YT for biodiesel
Eugene Scott
Eugene Scott - 4 kun oldin
Don"t give up you day jobs
BigTymin - 4 kun oldin
U cant blend that shit lol
pughboy - 4 kun oldin
Lololol good job bro
JD Davis
JD Davis - 4 kun oldin
Still blending???
Terje Hallandvik
Terje Hallandvik - 4 kun oldin
We need a New video!!
Brian East
Brian East - 4 kun oldin
😂😂 anyone seen Dalton trip
Gabriel Martinez
Gabriel Martinez - 5 kun oldin
That's why it's better to go to an actual paint store not napa for paint code mixing.
Reverend Hogwash
Reverend Hogwash - 5 kun oldin
Lesson learned? Spray a test patch prior to doing the entire job....
didier2212 - 5 kun oldin
Is there anymore on the mustang I would love to see that finished
kb1ath - 5 kun oldin
#freedom #mullet
Mike Slomski
Mike Slomski - 5 kun oldin
Red is a tough color to match! Our body shop at work struggle sometimes with red cars. I work at a Chevy dealer...
Wozzle - 5 kun oldin
I like the orange peel look, needs to be all over ;)
Thom Fisher
Thom Fisher - 5 kun oldin
What part of "it is a wreck" did you not understand?
Farming 4G
Farming 4G - 5 kun oldin
Whaddya mean you painted it the wrong color? The truck itself is the wrong color! LOL
bobby harvill
bobby harvill - 5 kun oldin
Wes, put that on your shirt. You can always fix it.
SweetFarmsLLC - 5 kun oldin
You need the variant deck for the paint system you are using.. Could be 3, could be 15 different variations of that red within the same code. You wont blend that color, it will stick out.
Karl Benson
Karl Benson - 5 kun oldin
"WELL" Just paint rest of the truck to match the door, LOL
Michael Doyle
Michael Doyle - 5 kun oldin
Shouldn’t have bought a ram
Twisted Lids
Twisted Lids - 5 kun oldin
Anyone know the pliers he carry’s on him?
AB1Videos.CT - 5 kun oldin
Paint the whole truck that new darker red!!
safety first in texas
safety first in texas - 5 kun oldin
sun fade
John Deere
John Deere - 5 kun oldin
Blue Pete or I’m unsubscribing .
david bayler
david bayler - 5 kun oldin
Looks like International Harvester or maybe bright red instead of flame red...
Bly thkd
Bly thkd - 5 kun oldin
Just paint the left front door and fender to match, and - Voila! She matches now!
James Hollingsworth
James Hollingsworth - 5 kun oldin
Most likely too many coats applied, the more you spray the darker it gets. Most shops do test sprays and match to see how may coats it will take to get close, honest mistake but you did good work from what I see.
Steve Riddle
Steve Riddle - 5 kun oldin
You really should finish videos that you start the Ford tractor the tw30 what happened cliffhanger
LunarOutlaw’s Garage
LunarOutlaw’s Garage - 5 kun oldin
I like how the first thing he did throw him bus before even taking the paper off
LunarOutlaw’s Garage
LunarOutlaw’s Garage - 5 kun oldin
Would you just look at that
LunarOutlaw’s Garage
LunarOutlaw’s Garage - 5 kun oldin
Looking great man
Chris Martin
Chris Martin - 5 kun oldin
How much did you pay for the truck?
Classic Mopars by EvtheDodgeman
Looks good for frist timer, Now try it again
Martin Lcummims
Martin Lcummims - 5 kun oldin
Lol this guy is disgusting
giantgeoff - 5 kun oldin
Paint the other side to much and tell people it's a custom paint job!
CozmikPanduh - 5 kun oldin
Why not paint it an entirely new colour?
aaron wood
aaron wood - 5 kun oldin
No way you can blend that and make it match. Either to many coats causing your paint to be different color or they sold you the wrong paint. Probably mixed the wrong paint code.