We TASTED Viral TikTok Cooking Life Hacks... (UNBELIEVABLE) *Part 4*

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TASTING TikToks Most VIRAL food hacks on this episode of "We TASTED Viral TikTok Cooking Life Hacks..."
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Hi I'm Brennen. I've been eating food for 24 years. I'm basically a professional. Here is my Food Review:

Family friendly pg clean
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Brennen Taylor best/worst reviewed videos of 1 star yelp restaurants and businesses series and his newly beloved viral tikok life hack tik tok lifehack series.
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Brennen Taylor
Brennen Taylor - 11 kun oldin
Wanna see us go to the best reviewed hot dog spot LA? Smash the like button 🌭
Humma Nargis
Humma Nargis - 2 kun oldin
Fuck off
The Mans
The Mans - 3 kun oldin
S C hi Yes
JMNLThat - 5 kun oldin
I eat fried hot dogs :3
Serenity Cash
Serenity Cash - 6 kun oldin
U are not the only one that is lactose
Faith Kenton
Faith Kenton - 6 kun oldin
I can't wait for your next video 😊😊🌭🌭
Tasha Ybarra
Tasha Ybarra - 11 soat oldin
D B - 14 soat oldin
You were supposed to peel the apple 🍏
DarkxEMP - 16 soat oldin
2:50 Where is the clip????
Diego Gonzalez
Diego Gonzalez - Kun oldin
Bre Kathleen
Bre Kathleen - Kun oldin
You make me feel so poor 🤣
Matt Lopez
Matt Lopez - Kun oldin
Tucan is the bird lmaooo
rachael brittain
rachael brittain - Kun oldin
ASMR Baby 123
ASMR Baby 123 - Kun oldin
Ashley Leeman
Ashley Leeman - 2 kun oldin
Whyyyyyyyy would you buy the worst possible quality hot dogs
Makayla Byrne
Makayla Byrne - 2 kun oldin
Hey brennen dont get me wrong I love watching your videos but i personally think that u may have offended most of australians by saying u dont like snags
Janelle Smith
Janelle Smith - 2 kun oldin
Sees Hennessy and thinks this fuckers drunk 🥴 intoxication ohh call nine one one
JACOB Games - 2 kun oldin
RisingAssendence - 2 kun oldin
Not here to beg, but would love support on my channel to help me eat.
Please and Thank You ❤️
Daytyia Chisley
Daytyia Chisley - 2 kun oldin
“ a pecan is a bird “ 🤣🤣🤣whatttt
TH3 XxZYX - 2 kun oldin
The oreo thing was very insane good😋😋😋
Papa Denney
Papa Denney - 2 kun oldin
I think he challenged dominos and Pizza Hut
fortnite and gaming
fortnite and gaming - 2 kun oldin
Leonardo DiCaprio it's Leonardo DaVinci
Sareen Ishreen
Sareen Ishreen - 3 kun oldin
It’s (cracksont) Tom Holland 😂🤣
YRN CHOPPA - 3 kun oldin
Cici pizza has macoroni pizzas
Bailey Brooks
Bailey Brooks - 3 kun oldin
Hellopeople04 lol
Hellopeople04 lol - 3 kun oldin
My mouth is watering on the pizza
Limelight - 3 kun oldin
*"show me! show me! show me!"*
Limelight - 3 kun oldin
the apple was _too_ thick
Taven Horan
Taven Horan - 3 kun oldin
If you go to the pizza ranch you can get a mac n cheese pizza. It doesn't look that good tho ngl 👀
Alexa G
Alexa G - 3 kun oldin
“a pee-can is a bird.”
Mýřĕžhã._.XÕ - 4 kun oldin
Rofayl And Aydoon Show
Rofayl And Aydoon Show - 4 kun oldin
Justin Chang
Justin Chang - 4 kun oldin
There are 4.1k comments if you find mine your a beast
Justin Chang
Justin Chang - 4 kun oldin
There only one way to find out if these tic told are real and that’s by testing them or if YOU WATCH THE VIDEO
GoD Savage
GoD Savage - 4 kun oldin
Thnxx for oreo cake
faith wilson
faith wilson - 4 kun oldin
Half of these aren’t even tik toks
Kaile David
Kaile David - 4 kun oldin
Brennen the first pronunciation you used in this video was correct. This is because croissant is a French word, in the French language it is incorrect to pronounce the the vowels in s
Citric_ Zino
Citric_ Zino - 4 kun oldin
Feel bad for lactose intolerant people with that cheesey pizza
Caitlyn Peterson
Caitlyn Peterson - 4 kun oldin
Did anyone else not see the tiktok video for the apple pie with a twist??
Luke Bmx
Luke Bmx - 4 kun oldin
Shayne Lake
Shayne Lake - 4 kun oldin
The 🍎 life hack didn't show
Smxart_kingX - 4 kun oldin
Well, I put the Oreo stuff and i put it on my ice cream
Gamers guide All different kinds of games
Brennen u should do those conspiracy theories like missing children and their story or anything like haunted it was so fun to watch
Steph-NJ - 4 kun oldin
JDVPikachu - 4 kun oldin
I also like pizza and mac and cheese
paul Bassett
paul Bassett - 5 kun oldin
A peacan is a bird no it's tucan
Sneh monga
Sneh monga - 5 kun oldin
It works I made an Oreo cake
Kaycell Mendoza
Kaycell Mendoza - 5 kun oldin
i think your apples were cut too thick and you maybe shouldve peeled it
Sneh monga
Sneh monga - 5 kun oldin
BS Rainbow
BS Rainbow - 5 kun oldin
Did anyone notice he called a paintbrush a toothbrush or something
Josiah White
Josiah White - 5 kun oldin
Cici's has great mac and cheese pizza
Mažasis ponis
Mažasis ponis - 5 kun oldin
2:53 forgot to edit the video in lol
Z.P. 2008
Z.P. 2008 - 5 kun oldin
really good
Z.P. 2008
Z.P. 2008 - 5 kun oldin
tried some of these things
Cookie Monster〈3
Cookie Monster〈3 - 5 kun oldin
Maybe if u had used cooking apples
Idk !.!.!
Idk !.!.! - 5 kun oldin
Yolo Taken
Yolo Taken - 5 kun oldin
all these vids do is make me hungry
itsShailyn - 5 kun oldin
notice how everytime jake taste something after brennen, he copies what he says ..
Zaylie Bookout
Zaylie Bookout - 5 kun oldin
2:34 it didn't show the tik tok
aspen bell
aspen bell - 5 kun oldin
im lactose intolerant but that mac n cheese pizza is a need
Chris Rogers
Chris Rogers - 5 kun oldin
You should add chocolate instead of the apple
tiffany vinh
tiffany vinh - 5 kun oldin
fact that he didn’t show the second tik tok video makes me sad
Gustavo Medrano
Gustavo Medrano - 5 kun oldin
Tooth brush?? 5:36
Smokey MIA
Smokey MIA - 5 kun oldin
Restaurant reviews?????