Try Guys 300 Sushi pc. Mukbang ft. The Food Babies

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It's time for some sushiii! This week Keith challenged the Food Babies to eat 300 pieces of sushi with some help from the guys! Do you think they can stomach it?🍣
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ErenTheBombJaeger - Soat oldin
Salmon nigiri is my absolute favorite
Emily Wiggins
Emily Wiggins - Soat oldin
How much movie theater popcorn can the food babys eat?
Hemanth Ponnada
Hemanth Ponnada - 3 soat oldin
zach ate 24.
Owen Smith
Owen Smith - 3 soat oldin
Zach is my spiritual animal because he never gets invited and we he does he's a hail Mary to to work
FIREDELL10 - 6 soat oldin
Eugene is on the RIGHT track for ideas.
Ben Surrwy
Ben Surrwy - 6 soat oldin
So much raw fish, good luck with the worms😂
Roxanne Pierre
Roxanne Pierre - 8 soat oldin
Captive Active
Captive Active - 8 soat oldin
Man this is so delicious and im hungryyyyyyy
Da Boo Baes
Da Boo Baes - 9 soat oldin
Eat 400 pieces of lettuce
Kian Kim
Kian Kim - 10 soat oldin
If I participated, I would’ve won easily. Because I eat 20 sushi pcs per day. (I’m not joking. I’m serious!)
JessePinkman420 - 13 soat oldin
those girls are going to have some serious doo doo's
Penta! - 18 soat oldin
Everyone: Imma eat until I can't fit anymore
Ned: 6 9
Eat Ath
Eat Ath - 20 soat oldin
When Ned’s head deflated after he ate the wasabi, I absolutely lost my shit
Second account
Second account - 22 soat oldin
I love how the more Keith eats, the more insane he gets.
Vincent Vo
Vincent Vo - 22 soat oldin
Why did food babies do intro
preciado Maria 97
preciado Maria 97 - Kun oldin
Does anyone else think Keith and Ned look like the characters from big mouth 😂😅
chanelle lavictoire
chanelle lavictoire - Kun oldin
I want to see more of the clean up crew! they seem like a fun! hahha
Roslyn Cleary
Roslyn Cleary - Kun oldin
I ate 12 in the first 7 minutes
Cap'n Levi
Cap'n Levi - Kun oldin
The ugly guy with glasses eats so gross
I'm Not Short You Are
I'm Not Short You Are - 18 soat oldin
Cap'n Levi I cant tell if you’re joking or a hater so uh if you’re a hater screw your get out of here and if you’re joking then it wasn’t funny
Hannah Guevara
Hannah Guevara - Kun oldin
Ok but why are they referring to themselves as baby’s and daddy’s... so cringe
Stardust - Kun oldin
you guys should eat some type of dessert next... or something fancy
kant stop
kant stop - Kun oldin
The try guys enjoy getting pegged whilst tweeting about their avid support for feminism
Christopher Zapata
Christopher Zapata - Kun oldin
The cocktails make me so happy just by description alone
Diana Andreescu
Diana Andreescu - Kun oldin
So no one is going to talk about the fact that keith just kept on flirting with YB?
Karen Li
Karen Li - Kun oldin
I would ate all of it
Suki Dong
Suki Dong - 2 kun oldin
I think you guys should do egg rolls
Angel XD
Angel XD - 2 kun oldin
I got full just watching this😂😂😂
Annika Rogers
Annika Rogers - 2 kun oldin
Eugene: Food Lord and Saviour
Eric Chen
Eric Chen - 2 kun oldin
Keeth seems drunk
John cena Jr.
John cena Jr. - 2 kun oldin
I feel like keith got drunk over sushi
Jimmy Lei
Jimmy Lei - 2 kun oldin
That must be the most expensive plate of food ever
Justin Berling
Justin Berling - 2 kun oldin
1:51 "Our capacity for love increases with each person we cross paths with throughout our lives and with each moment we spend with those people."
Rh PV - 2 kun oldin
Did they ever tell YB that Alex was caught on camera when she placed those 2 pcs of sushi on her plate? 😶😶😶
neosunrider - 2 kun oldin
X'D Poor poor Ned...
brandon wells
brandon wells - 2 kun oldin
YB is so damn cute!
Wascally Wabbit
Wascally Wabbit - 2 kun oldin
25 pieces if Maguro is my dream dinner! Go YB!!!
Koala Dances
Koala Dances - 2 kun oldin
Alex big big cheater
send help
send help - 2 kun oldin
Eugene and I have the same throat, snake throat.
itsSkippy641 - 2 kun oldin
The Asian baby is just so lovely I mean jeeeeesus
Jer Xiong
Jer Xiong - 3 kun oldin
You should do a pho chellage.
Emily Lang
Emily Lang - 3 kun oldin
chicken nuggs!
Michael Sahagun
Michael Sahagun - 3 kun oldin
Trump train 2020
roach - 3 kun oldin
How expensive was all that??? Two of those little sushi's cost like 3 bucks.
David C
David C - 3 kun oldin
As an asian seeing Ned and Keith eat sushi without chopsticks hurt my soul
Julie Ann Sarabia
Julie Ann Sarabia - 2 kun oldin
You're supposed to eat nigiri with hands, sashimi with chopsticks
DV - 3 kun oldin
I actually would participate in the spanking challenge from a professional dominatrix xD I got flogged once by a professional and it was everything
DV - Kun oldin
ku and no one asked you but here we are.
ku - 2 kun oldin
Yea uh nobody asked
nigella pham
nigella pham - 4 kun oldin
They finished in order
Oblivion Gaming
Oblivion Gaming - 4 kun oldin
Keith is twated off sushi
Angeleyez Productions
Angeleyez Productions - 4 kun oldin
Bosses, these girls need a raise
Words Don't Hurt Me, These Shades Are Gucci
Meanwhile, my fat ass would finish all that in 4 seconds
Ryan Tran
Ryan Tran - 4 kun oldin
I’m asian. I’m fat. I love sushi. Count me in, I’ll inhale it.
Emotionally Broken
Emotionally Broken - 4 kun oldin
What is so bad it is just paradise
Sam MakesVids
Sam MakesVids - 4 kun oldin
My top favorite quotes “What kind of food daddy are you” and “How big is your throat”
theemilyvm - 4 kun oldin
This is heaven to me... I’m so jealous
Sushi Asian
Sushi Asian - 4 kun oldin
A- is an F
Let's be real,

every Asian felt that
Hong Pham
Hong Pham - 4 kun oldin
Can anyone tell me what's the name of the classical song in the beginning of the video? I can't remember the name.
Freya Chase
Freya Chase - 5 kun oldin
I feel like Keith and YB b flirting
slppychrctrdvlpmnt - 5 kun oldin
WHY WOULD HE EAT THAT WASABI ALONE?! EVEN THE ASIANS WERE PANICKING! (both in the video and us in the audience)
Abby Davis
Abby Davis - 5 kun oldin
Am I the only one that thinks mukbang is a disgusting culture that is growing out of control?
Abby Davis
Abby Davis - Kun oldin
@lil meow meow that's really sad that you think it's okay for people to over eat, which encourages eating disorders. Ontop of that a shit tone of that food could be feeding starving kids. We have a culture growing literally out of eating disorders because of a fetish.
lil meow meow
lil meow meow - Kun oldin
Abby Davis yes
Nija Ni
Nija Ni - 5 kun oldin
the other try guys always pop up during a episode when they wasn't invited😂😂
Hannah Summers
Hannah Summers - 5 kun oldin
I died when Zach sings the classical music. Lol