TO ALL THE BOYS 2: P.S. I Still Love You | Official Sequel Trailer 2 | Netflix

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Lara Jean and Peter have just taken their relationship from pretend to officially official when another recipient of one of her old love letters enters the picture.
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TO ALL THE BOYS 2: P.S. I Still Love You | Official Sequel Trailer 2 | Netflix
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aesthetxcallystupxd - 23 soat oldin
*Damn, Holden moved on so quickly from Liv.*
Kristina ღ
Kristina ღ - Kun oldin
Can someone tell me , if this love exist in real life ? Please tell me .🥺
Will Alvarado
Will Alvarado - Kun oldin
I think the first was much better!!!
Alejandra Silva
Alejandra Silva - Kun oldin
honestly wasn’t necessary this second movie!
Nandhu Krishnan
Nandhu Krishnan - Kun oldin
got here coz I heard Griffin's music in the ad
Brittney Laws
Brittney Laws - Kun oldin
Jhon Ambrose is a good guy in this movie agree that he shouldn’t have been left out but all in all she’s perfect with Peter they are the ones meant to be for each other I feel that jhon is so perfect that there realationship will get boring there to much of the same person as for her and peter they will always be different more exciting realationship plus they cute af to gather they belong to gather at the end of the day they always be insecure and jealous over one another because there crazy for each other there the ones enough said ❤️👑❤️👑❤️
alca1617 - Kun oldin
Not as good as the first film. Story line was rushed and incomplete. They should have stopped with the first one.
nina priona
nina priona - Kun oldin
I didnt like that movie
Alan Rosales
Alan Rosales - Kun oldin
Can you please put twilight back on Netflix
tenniscrazy908 - Kun oldin
Anyone know the first song?
tenniscrazy908 - Kun oldin
Nevermind I found it
Sam🐈 - Kun oldin
Is it just me or was little John Ambrose in the first movie was white and now he’s Jordan Fisher? Jordan is black or mixed. No hate here, it’s just something I’ve noticed. Love the movie and the cast✌🏾
Nicola Harney
Nicola Harney - 2 kun oldin
I can't believe Maddy Ziegler is in thst
Nona Alfifi
Nona Alfifi - 2 kun oldin
What is the song title in minute 5:2 ?
Gabriella Bolivar
Gabriella Bolivar - 2 kun oldin
Tbh this movie was trash. The first one was much better.
Writingmeest - 2 kun oldin
She should have chosen John Ambrose instead of Peter....
Sharon S
Sharon S - 2 kun oldin
John Ambrose was a white boy in the first movie tho wtf
Indah Valentin
Indah Valentin - 2 kun oldin
I hate the ending so so much. I was kinda dissapointed
Seth Dorado
Seth Dorado - 2 kun oldin
Tbh, this sequel is nothing special compared to the first one. This one has a very typical story and ending. I mean, Lara and John should have just end up together at the end so it won't be any typical ending that doesn't rarely has in every teen romantic movie. Although there were some scenes I enjoyed especially Lara and John's moments but overall I found the plot cliche. I thought the "P.S. I still love you" has something to do with Lara and John's past but it doesn't. Anyway, I hope they will come up with a non typical ending or story, at least for the third movie. (and I choose Lara with John over Peter lol)
Caroline U
Caroline U - 2 kun oldin
Did no one notice how John Ambrose is different than how he was in the end credit scene of the first movie?
Nicoletta K
Nicoletta K - 2 kun oldin
What the hell is wrong with fans of the movie? Why are most of you hating on Noah/Peter? I feel like I'm the only person left who actually likes the actor and his character.
neutralpumpk - 2 kun oldin
damn john do be changing races
연우 - 2 kun oldin
Ooo my god just finished the second part, the moment peter enters in the beginning, i can't stop smiling until end 💓💓💓💓💓💓
Austin Karbler
Austin Karbler - 2 kun oldin
The trailer song by Gryffin (“Nobody Compares To You”) is so good, I love it
Angel Bagel
Angel Bagel - 2 kun oldin
plot twist: *peter and john got together*
Angie Mensah
Angie Mensah - 2 kun oldin
I’m done watching it was so good I was screaming and everything lol💘💘🥺🥰
Emma Gray
Emma Gray - 2 kun oldin
I’m not the only one that noticed how in the first movie John Ambrose was white.... I’m just gonna leave it at that
Alishia Playz
Alishia Playz - 2 kun oldin
My opinion: TeamJohn ok I’m done byyyee 💅🏾👋🏾
Asùramarù - 3 kun oldin
I have just one thing to say.
Wild20099 - 3 kun oldin
I feel this movie its just a filler, it's very Grey and without the magic and the charm of the first one, for me the director didn't knew what to do with the story, he had the same actors and elements to make another movie with the likeness and charm of the first one and trough all the movie the magic never appears, since the first movie it was stated that Lara had insecurities and Peter was a hard head and even with that they really loved each other, they were just pretending to be a couple but you could feel the chemistry between them and that's why they end in love with each other, this second part seems to me like The reafirmation of the first but it dwells trough all the movie on Lara Jean insecurities, It doesn't even feel like Jhon could be a rival to Peter, there's no menace there, between Lara and Jhon there's no love spark, since their first encounter it seems like they were just very good friends, to me Jhon could have been Laras gay friend (same chemistry), the movie its just ok but I think if you liked the first one this one it's a little bit of a dissapointment
Ale Asc
Ale Asc - 3 kun oldin
omg... u rly messed up a good story, im so sad to have seen this second movie as flat and ridiculous, what was up w laras dress at the end??? not pretty at all, and the main guy was just changed like that? as if noone saw the first one? no, netflix, im supper sad ....
Pranav Varshney
Pranav Varshney - 3 kun oldin
Lara Jean is uglyyy
f u
f u - 3 kun oldin
Bad movie. Don't waste your time on this one.
Hrishita - 3 kun oldin
Wasn't John Ambrose white in the first one?
Moduga Sarang
Moduga Sarang - 3 kun oldin
Korean don't wear Hanbok(korean traditional clothes) when sleep.
Harrison Wong
Harrison Wong - 4 kun oldin
How many middle school girls that think Billie Ellish is sad are here. Every reply to this comment will answer that
Marisela Ledezma
Marisela Ledezma - 4 kun oldin
Its amesing
Marisela Ledezma
Marisela Ledezma - 4 kun oldin
I see that movie
iiSimply Fairy
iiSimply Fairy - 4 kun oldin
But...I watched the movie and Peter literally doesn’t even seem like he like Lara. And Lara decides to date Peter instead of John? John is way better.
Rosmiati 45
Rosmiati 45 - Kun oldin
He came for Lara at the night, cause he know that Lara afraid to driving on snow If I were him I might not care about my ex that much, lowing my pride and go for her just show that I still into her
H Bill
H Bill - 4 kun oldin
After going all the way to dismiss the appearances of Asian males last time, this time : “ Hey, we understand, here, an Asian male extra with nothing to say, take it or leave it, whatever, we are not racist, Asian males are just not lovable, you’ll know that when your Asian sons start trying to date.”
Lorena L
Lorena L - 4 kun oldin
Fun fact: the first scene in the 2nd movie was s actually the last scene they shot
llaceyy xo
llaceyy xo - 4 kun oldin
anyone wanna be nice and let me watch this on their netflix :((
Emerald Cordova
Emerald Cordova - 4 kun oldin
The worst part is that Lara herself says " she's trying to make the point that when she calls, you come running"
Well look who's talking -_- ರ╭╮ರ
Emerald Cordova
Emerald Cordova - 4 kun oldin
For everyone thinking that she made the right choice, " bc it's Noah Centineo and he's so hot" is not an option
Ankush Armo
Ankush Armo - 4 kun oldin
And the spoiler is- it's same *cliched love story* (or rather say love triangle).
An *Unnecessarily made* Netflix movie 🤷‍♂️
Ankush Armo
Ankush Armo - 4 kun oldin
I didn't get what was *so different* in this movie than other love stories (love triangles)!? I watched it and found it to be an usual story.
Gily Rookie art
Gily Rookie art - 4 kun oldin
Am I the only one who finds Noah’s looks overhyped
Sijan hossain
Sijan hossain - 4 kun oldin
Who else hated the ending?
Uzma Tariq
Uzma Tariq - 4 kun oldin
I real want Netflix to put scooby doo cartoon movie that its coming in June 2020
Lonetress - 4 kun oldin
I am biased. I love John Ambrose. I mean Peter is cute and everything but John, he had the swag, maturity and charm which came off as cute from Peter but sexy from John. And that piano scene, way better than the hot tub scene. Hopefully the actor who played John will one day get a leading role.
سمية - 4 kun oldin
Poor Peter
Sam Ash
Sam Ash - 4 kun oldin
1. They totally got rid of the tag game, it was basically the plot of the 2nd book
2. In the book, John happily and willingly took LJ to Peter after realizing she still loves him, she didn’t leave John like the movie showed WTF...
3. Covey and Kavinsky break up was more emotional in the book...In the movie it felt hella rushed...
5. Stormy and John Ambrose were grandma and grandson.....
rumi abdi
rumi abdi - 5 kun oldin
The trailer seemed like that LJ is gonna be confused btw Peter and John but it was mostly about her being jealous of Gen
lvlu - 5 kun oldin
tbh john ambrose deserved better 😤
hello love
hello love - 5 kun oldin
is no one going to talk about how mean was she to john ambrose, i hated that she ended with peter and not josh bc josh is perfect for her. i wanna guy like josh, peter’s overhyped, he’s a douche
Amber - 5 kun oldin
I’m morally disappointed she and John Ambrose didn’t end up together.
print print
print print - 5 kun oldin
hi Netflix i wanted you to put 2 new movies i wanted "who's talking now" and Nastasia please
Jekaterina Minkova
Jekaterina Minkova - 5 kun oldin
Ok, but wasn't John Ambrose shown in the first movie like a white boy? No ofense, just interesting.
yuuki desu
yuuki desu - 5 kun oldin
am i the only one who ships LJ with JA?
ikkial - 5 kun oldin
Jordan Burtchett was so excited back then to take the role for the sequel & then they suddenly replaced him with another Jordan. How shady...
Robin Groenbech
Robin Groenbech - 5 kun oldin
So its a story about two superficial people that pretend relationship... And a third wheel shows up, and the most superficial of them all lara starts to doubt her superficial relationship which they have recently made official...
This movie is a bad role model to the younger generation, my generation (25) have already been screwed over, we adopted this superficial, hurting attitude towards other people, but for the love of god we should make more wholesome movies, that shows intimacy, a true relationship and love.
The biggest issue with the movie is that Lara, and peter most likely started a superficial relationship without knowing each other, and with no ground work, the movie shows that this is okay because they end up together in the end, it also shows her doubt. But the real world don't work like that, in the real world every person who have ever started a relationship on a hunch, or superficial have been hurt, either cheated on, abused, mentally abused, or tricked. /or done the hurting.
But the movie shows this cute love story that ends up working, and young kids/teenagers are sensitive, they adapt to things before even thinking about wether its wrong or right. But media have always been like that, and producers, but obviously we haven't gotten better, as we still launch these bad shows that can affect the next generation, and the next to come negatively. And it has just look at my generation, we're totally screwed up, there is no love, no intimacy, everyone feels lonely because they blindly followed the mass, and now don't have any true friends, or true relationships with the people they're with, and they all end up in the gutter, and we are not talking a minority, its a majority that have these screwed up views on life.
Hurting, being superficial towards others is okay, because that's how everyone else does it, and society deems it normal, its horrible. and this movie will breed more stupidity, can we please get some honest and true movies about love, real love. Not this mainstream superficial, yolo garbage.
ツTiffany - 5 kun oldin
surprisingly I read through your entire comment but I agree with what u said, I think people sometimes overlook the fact that these type of movies are always unrealistic to an extent. It's quite refreshing to read something like this from someone who knows what they're talking about.