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Some of the most beautiful latte art you'll ever see, enjoy our caffeine craziness! ☕
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Samantha Tsao, General Manager of The Kettle Black
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The Try Guys
The Try Guys - 3 oy oldin
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LilianObsidian Plays
LilianObsidian Plays - 2 kun oldin
It is NOT called a zip up hoodie it is called a jacket! If it does not have a zip, it is called a jumper, or, a hoodie.
Courtney Kennon
Courtney Kennon - 8 kun oldin
It's weird how they all done different coffee but also it would be weird if they all did the same one but also I looooove coffee
Carol Zaf
Carol Zaf - 2 oy oldin
The Try Guys welp im a month late
Harel Zohar
Harel Zohar - 2 oy oldin
Ned, cheer up! At least you didn't get 3rd place again!
KIRI - 3 oy oldin
KID its almost summer
DaniellasFallout - 18 soat oldin
Shouldn't they have steamed the milk while the espresso was brewing. Espresso only has 25 seconds until it goes bad so they say lo!
Brigid Mueller
Brigid Mueller - Kun oldin
Ok these baristas are incredibly good at coffee art but for us baristas who suck, hold back the foam with a spoon, pour the milk, take out the spoon at the top so the foam comes out, then use a toothpick to make lines through it
P S - Kun oldin
I died at the 'Caffeine Level: Gregorian'.
P S - Kun oldin
Nnnngh, but I can already tell they're gonna end up letting their shots sit for too fucking long to make a good drink, and I'm wincing so hard. God no, the crema. It's gonna get so bitter. You're shots are gonna diiiiieeee... ;-; Oh, lord, and that screaming milk... Aerate it more. Please. Pleeaaase... Sometimes, I wish I'd never been a barista. If I had to judge just on technique, I'd actually say Ned had the best start. Actually, getting just one small white dot of foam is something of a skill in and of itself, like the baby steps of latte art. Eugene had a close second, but only because his had cocoa powder to make some darker definition, not because he was actually pouring is foam in with precision. He got something of a shape in the end, though. Good effort. Keith.... No. And Zach... Also no.
Amelia Rose
Amelia Rose - 2 kun oldin
Zack and Ken vibing is so pure
Benjamin Moreno
Benjamin Moreno - 2 kun oldin
I always thought this was the coolest art
Carys - 3 kun oldin
Flat White is English
Aylin Benitez
Aylin Benitez - 3 kun oldin
The owner of the coffee shop has a great personality
- justasofthufflepuff -
- justasofthufflepuff - - 4 kun oldin
when art is harder than it looks:
Bara Anton
Bara Anton - 4 kun oldin
She so annoying
DanilaFi - 4 kun oldin
in Finland 6 cups of coffee is literally normal for many ppl 2 in the morning 2-3 at day time maybe later in the evening
Aayushma Khadka
Aayushma Khadka - 4 kun oldin
Why does zach sound like he had that weighing machine for completely different reason and went with whatever Ned said!!!🤣🤣
Madeline Stephens
Madeline Stephens - 4 kun oldin
As a violinist can i just say how bad it is to have a pizzicato backing with images of string players using bows??? 😣
Cen Calzadora
Cen Calzadora - 4 kun oldin
My dream is being a barista until now.
Natasha Reimerts
Natasha Reimerts - 4 kun oldin
The guy barista is my mood everyday when he's watching ned and zach struggle
Shara A
Shara A - 4 kun oldin
“And they burn their hands just so you can wake up” -Zach. LOL🤣
Brehanna Lee
Brehanna Lee - 4 kun oldin
My ears hurt from her earrings!! girls a trouper!!!
Chelsea Forbes
Chelsea Forbes - 5 kun oldin
The dick looked like a mushroom to me, I am so weird
patricia tovar
patricia tovar - 6 kun oldin
I really felt bad for how keith is holding de milk jar. That is NOT how you supposed to grab it, thats why he could get enough foam but still loved his confidence 🤣 and all of the episode in general 💕
bubblegummel - 6 kun oldin
That manager is fabulous
Cal Simoneau
Cal Simoneau - 6 kun oldin
Anyone think the girl with the big ear rings voice is just the sexiest thing you’ve ever heard
Joey lu
Joey lu - 6 kun oldin
Did anyone realize when judging the girl’s hair look like Instagram color? 19:17
Maddie Milligan
Maddie Milligan - 7 kun oldin
Is there anything eugene can’t do?😂
Maddie Milligan
Maddie Milligan - 7 kun oldin
Yo she did not enjoy Keith’s boner jokes 😂
Gus Johnnson
Gus Johnnson - 7 kun oldin
20:50 Eugene is way too damn cute.
The Question Mark Animator
Me: buys try guys merch
My friend: what's up with you and dinosaurs?
Grace Slikker
Grace Slikker - 7 kun oldin
baristas around the world are cringing (me included)
Min Yoon
Min Yoon - 7 kun oldin
Am I the only that finds the guy barista insanely attractive? 😂😂😂
Tshielo Kobe
Tshielo Kobe - 8 kun oldin
Nicola H.
Nicola H. - 8 kun oldin
I had tears when Keith just let his coffee overflow.
Kendra Flips
Kendra Flips - 8 kun oldin
They said it like melbeeeeern and we say it like melbn
Ryan Tran
Ryan Tran - 10 kun oldin
An American Asian, Australian, and full blown Asian
Summer Wang
Summer Wang - 10 kun oldin
there should be a papas coffeeria
surma - 11 kun oldin
“Darn, shoot, oh shoot” LMAO NED
딸기딸기 - 12 kun oldin
Well Eugene did great. I mean yeah not really suprising but wow Eugune why so perfect ♥
Qwerty Uiop
Qwerty Uiop - 12 kun oldin
No one:
Keith: flaccid white
maxwell s.strings
maxwell s.strings - 13 kun oldin
If y’all made like a cute t-shirt with just the colors or a crop top that looked like those socks I’d be v down
Check ur battery boi
Check ur battery boi - 13 kun oldin
Who only clicked on this video to see how good Eugene will do?
Meghan Joan
Meghan Joan - 13 kun oldin
keith has me literally sobbing oh my god when he just kept pouring milk i died
Yuko14 - 14 kun oldin
wow samantha has amazing hair color. it looks like a sunset
AmandaJosie - 14 kun oldin
When I'm a teacher, I can totally see myself with that tote😁
shagun m
shagun m - 15 kun oldin
16:08 that's so funny 😂😂
mahendra varma
mahendra varma - 16 kun oldin
Humanity is doomed.
hope world
hope world - 16 kun oldin
i love ben so much 🥺 he was just there smiling at them
Bobby Heyer
Bobby Heyer - 17 kun oldin
The Australian Asian dude sounds German
子茵the petite asian
子茵the petite asian - 17 kun oldin
Roses are red
Violits are blue
There's always that one Asian better then you 😁👉👉
Agrarius 30
Agrarius 30 - 18 kun oldin
I love the manager’s voice
peacelife - 18 kun oldin
Zach...."They burned their hands so you can wake up. Think about that" Thank you for continuing to try and make us 😂🤣😂 our hearts out guys.
J R - 18 kun oldin
I worked in a cafe and within a week was doing latte art with no previous experience, its actually easier than it looks 🤔😂
M Ray
M Ray - 19 kun oldin
the dutch angle used while filming the demonstrations was insanely nauseating
Tarmachan - 19 kun oldin
I'm not saying y'all should deprive yourselves of sleep for videos because that's unhealthy but everyone was hilarously loopy in this
100k subs without videos challenge
I love just looking at the people who are so clearly uncomfortable when the guys are doing their rituals
Krizzy - 20 kun oldin
Watching the baristas suppress their laugh is *a big mood*
Dan Green
Dan Green - 20 kun oldin
They say cappuccino, but it's really a mocha.
Ulyana Liutarevich
Ulyana Liutarevich - 21 kun oldin
I would love to teach the Try Guys some latte art.
I teach latte art as a hobby ((: just hit me up on Instagram @shebrewsmpls
Lau - 21 kun oldin
don'y give them caffeine?
Becca Miller
Becca Miller - 21 kun oldin
Why I don't that manager? Lady, in Brazil coffee is not that different. In fact we have THE BEST coffee in the world!
moody bun
moody bun - 22 kun oldin
*Imagines* *Piccolo* *sipping* *Piccolo* *coffee* *while* *parenting* *Gohan* 😂
Muckduck Jonez
Muckduck Jonez - 23 kun oldin
The amount of chaotic energy in this video is sublime
Olivia Clark
Olivia Clark - 25 kun oldin
Really, Keith should've made cinnamon raisin coffee, but whateverrrrr