The MKBHD Setup Tour 2020!

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My Mac Pro setup for early 2020!
Rubik's cubes:
X-Desk Air Pro:
Herman Miller Embody:
Yamaha HS8:
Promise Pegasus 80TB:
Xiaomi Vertical Wireless charger
Colorware AirPods Pro:
Apple Pro Display XDR:
Logitech 4K webcam:
Logitech MX Master 3:
Apollo Twin MKII:
Red Artisan mousepad:
Keychron K2:
Mac Pro:

MKBHD Merch:
Video Gear I use:
Tech I'm using right now:
Intro Track: Mr J Medeiros
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music:
Fan va texnologiya
Muddati: 11:53


Khawaja Hamza
Khawaja Hamza - 8 soat oldin
why dont you make a video for iphone slide pro concept
Daniel - 9 soat oldin
Legendary Yamaha HS8s
Jacob Österling
Jacob Österling - 9 soat oldin
1:40 "My Eyes!!!!"
"It hurts"
Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds - 9 soat oldin
audio is off dawg
Omar El Shazli
Omar El Shazli - 9 soat oldin
Please do a backpack video!
Soccerlife225 - 11 soat oldin
Please do a daily tech video! And a day In the life!
Lokesh Rajagopal
Lokesh Rajagopal - 11 soat oldin
Wires under the table are too messy I think you can definitely make it organised and look neat.
Jonathan Redd
Jonathan Redd - 11 soat oldin
Did we ever find out what his middle name is?
Taj Callender
Taj Callender - 12 soat oldin
Just me, or is that new intro the best.
Beast ManX
Beast ManX - 12 soat oldin
What does MKBHD stand for
Nas Brooks
Nas Brooks - 12 soat oldin
EDC Carry please papa
William Downing
William Downing - 12 soat oldin
9:20) Excuse me, a holder for the what?
Nicholas Jensen
Nicholas Jensen - 13 soat oldin
the wireless mouse problem is because you have a metal table, if you have a wood or any other non metallic table it will work just fine because RF
Shahar Harel
Shahar Harel - 13 soat oldin
Weird question.... what's the meaning of mkbhd?
Vietnam. - 14 soat oldin
Mark ass brownlee
Simon Maderazo
Simon Maderazo - 14 soat oldin
Damn that 80 terabyte storage 😩
Matthew Hynds
Matthew Hynds - 14 soat oldin
Dude, you do not need a setup like that to edit video. I edit video on my 2017 MacBook Air and I get along fine!
Conseiller Après-vente
Conseiller Après-vente - 14 soat oldin
where is ur management cable dude
Prince Yadav
Prince Yadav - 16 soat oldin
Its not mkbhd its pkmkb
QZ AU - 16 soat oldin
girlfriend of choice video
uctcde - 17 soat oldin
Wow still see you rocking that one plus( best phone of the year)
BeanX - 17 soat oldin
Someone that knows so much about tech and he has an Apple PC... Pepega dude
Parth Juthani
Parth Juthani - 17 soat oldin
satechi might be good for the sd card and cable stuff
Khiro Klaus
Khiro Klaus - 19 soat oldin
You care a lot about details🙂i like that
indian mallus blogger
indian mallus blogger - 19 soat oldin
Albert Kelemen
Albert Kelemen - 19 soat oldin
It's funny to see the entry level Yamahas with the top tier Apollo interface
Adnan A
Adnan A - 19 soat oldin
Marques always has a dream setup
Blake Innes
Blake Innes - 20 soat oldin
Did anyone else hear 768 gigs of ram wtfff
Lord Pain
Lord Pain - 20 soat oldin
Abu Tahamid
Abu Tahamid - 20 soat oldin
Its now MKB6K
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams - 20 soat oldin
You’ve earned this setup from years on YouTube
Bharath Kumar
Bharath Kumar - 20 soat oldin
When his RAM is more than your phone's and laptop's internal storage combined.
Bishshoy Das
Bishshoy Das - 20 soat oldin
I don't know about you guys, but I think MKB is an inspirational person, and that I would aspire to become as rich as him in my life. Don't we all want to become one? I think MKB has fought hard to get to where he is right now, and I would want to work hard as well. Do remember: There is no nobility is poverty.
stanleyiii - 20 soat oldin
28 core 768gb ram

ansonx10 - 20 soat oldin
This is the 0.01% right here.
Asif Ali Samad
Asif Ali Samad - 22 soat oldin
Everybody: who's gonna buy a 1000 dollars Pro stand
MQBHD: got two of em..
Rielly - 23 soat oldin
8:40 i'm sorry you have HOW MANY gigs of ram??
mono chrome
mono chrome - 23 soat oldin
i cant even afford to watch this ._.
Esdras Sanjuan
Esdras Sanjuan - Kun oldin
Awesome 🖥👍👍👍
Andre Rivers
Andre Rivers - Kun oldin
You should definitely do an everyday carry video and what's on your iPhone and what's on your OnePlus 7 Pro video too. We as fans appreciate those videos and you'll see the proof in the numbers.
GogoTech - Kun oldin
2k on stands 😂🤦‍♂️
The MGV - Kun oldin
Lol but he needs a raceway for some cable management.
Kennii Kalonji
Kennii Kalonji - Kun oldin
Your cable management needs help.
Jimmie208 - Kun oldin
Sick intro🔥🔥🔥
Tre way gang Allison
Tre way gang Allison - Kun oldin
Can you give me some stuff that you have
Pudelnudel - Kun oldin
Awesome setup. The dual Mouse Trackpad thing is definitely a thing I will try out!
Benjamin Zarkhin
Benjamin Zarkhin - Kun oldin
The dude has a 14k$ fucking monitor setup.

14,000 fucking dollars.
Chilltime - Kun oldin
I like your new intro!😍👍
Hi I’m Murk
Hi I’m Murk - Kun oldin
Hi Marq ass brownie
zmayer - Kun oldin
I dont need to watch this ... Already saw the one Linus posted
David Xaero
David Xaero - Kun oldin
I have Logitech G903 and set macros for switching between the virtual spaces. Its set to the mouse wheel its clickable in more directions (its a wheel and button down or to the left or right - the switching is set to wheel-left and wheel-right click)
VideoFanatic13 - Kun oldin
🤮 That cable management
Alex Z.
Alex Z. - Kun oldin
He got the premium cheese greater
PMR - Kun oldin
minus the stand
Mike - Kun oldin
Same problem with finding backgrounds when I first set up my triple 27" 5760x1080 system 10 years ago.
Ioan STEFAN - Kun oldin
* Complains about Macbook Pro's butterfly keyboard loud noise.

* Uses mechanical keyboard.
Edoardo Guido
Edoardo Guido - Kun oldin
0:00 didn't know they made a Mac Mini MKHD Edition.
Zeraxon - Kun oldin
osu!players: *sees wallpaper* wait a minute... I know this....
TotallyLegit 100%NotFake
50k for the pc. Not nice.
Enthusiast Pak
Enthusiast Pak - Kun oldin
MKB = Maa ka bhosra