The Guy Who Won My Twin Sister's Heart (BIG REVEAL) | Twin My Heart w/ Merrell Twins Season 1 EP 6

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Vanessa Merrell is on the search for love and with the help of her identical twin sister, Veronica, a group of guys will compete for her heart in the new dating competition show, "Twin My Heart." ❤️ IT'S TIME!!! We're down to the final three guys and the last challenge that ends with a SURPRISE elimination round. 😱 How shook are you at who wins Vanessa's heart in the end? 💕
The Merrell Twins React to Twin My Heart Fan Favorite Moments *tea spilled -
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Comment below on who you'd like to see the Merrell Twins help find love on Twin My Heart Season 2!!! 💜❤️💙
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AwesomenessTV - 3 oy oldin
DON'T LOOK AT THE COMMENTS (I know, it's hard) until after you've watched!! Did you guess correctly?! Who did YOU want to win?! omg still shooketh
Khloe Elder
Khloe Elder - 2 kun oldin
AwesomenessTV Christian
I want timothy to win
Jade Hartline
Jade Hartline - Oy oldin
And so happy that you found you're love thats right for you
Jade Hartline
Jade Hartline - Oy oldin
I was wrong :( I wanted Brandon to win because he came out with his feelings for you more than the other gyes and also come on he's hot like if I could I would totally be with him he seems like a bad ass I don't know about you gyes if you feel the same way leave a 👍
the world of holly
the world of holly - Oy oldin
I thought Christian
Huda 19
Huda 19 - 2 soat oldin
I love brandon, omg
angela korotkikh
angela korotkikh - 3 soat oldin
I think Christian is going to win Nessa's heart. Christian did a lot of nice and kind things and I think that Nessa really likes that.
ALAYHA WELCH - 4 soat oldin
i think its gonna be brandon
hayd8550 hayd8550
hayd8550 hayd8550 - 6 soat oldin
Go Brandon
Iris Zzz
Iris Zzz - 6 soat oldin
I dont know why everyone's against Brandon. If I like a guy from the start and I couldn't know if he liked me 100%because there would be other girls I would be demanding some reassurance too. He wasn't possessive he was just expecting for her to show her preference in him.i guess he was too old fashioned for her liking I think :/ and correct me if I'm wrong did nessa and this Christian actually dated after this?was there anything at all?it just seemed so staged..
karen love
karen love - 10 soat oldin
Lol I was halfway through a episode and got out and saw a update spoiler lmao not mad tho 😂
Tiya gajadarsingh
Tiya gajadarsingh - 14 soat oldin
Christian all the way is going to win

i was right!,i was right WOW
Lara Taylor
Lara Taylor - 14 soat oldin
Christiean I got it right
Samantha Munguia
Samantha Munguia - 16 soat oldin
Love you guys❣️
Selena Nguyen
Selena Nguyen - 18 soat oldin
They all acting like they are gonna win $50,000
Julia Stone
Julia Stone - 20 soat oldin
It has to be christian right
Mayonsing Khaleng
Mayonsing Khaleng - 20 soat oldin
Sorry its not Bryan ( its Brandon)
Mayonsing Khaleng
Mayonsing Khaleng - 20 soat oldin
Vanessa merrell you did choose the right guy's among them. Thou Timothy does not talks much, he is a cool guy. Among the contestant I hate most is Bryan cause of his attitude. Sorry Bryan, but think positive. I will love to meet you guy's if God permits us.
Kiara's Vlogs
Kiara's Vlogs - 21 soat oldin
Audrae Castillo
Audrae Castillo - 21 soat oldin
NOOOO I shipped her and Brandon since the first episode😢😢😢
Amelia Earle
Amelia Earle - 22 soat oldin
I want Timothy to win, because he he is so calm and matches well with Vanessa
Briana Tapia
Briana Tapia - 22 soat oldin
I feel like Brandon should’ve been elimination
Briana Tapia
Briana Tapia - 22 soat oldin
Brandon is a player
Claire L
Claire L - 23 soat oldin
Christian is perfect for her but not brandon he is toxic!!!
Illyana Nevel
Illyana Nevel - 23 soat oldin
I think Christian
Dannielynn Fuentes
Dannielynn Fuentes - 23 soat oldin
I think chirstian win (I was right!)
Megan Nguyen
Megan Nguyen - Kun oldin
98.00% of the comments: Omg, Brandon did not respect Vanessa. He wanted someone to love him, not someone to love. he did not deserve somebody like Vannessa. I knew Christian was the right one for Vanessa, etc.

2.00% of the comments: Did you know that cucumbers are fruits?!
Lacey Linnae
Lacey Linnae - Kun oldin
I really liked Alex, but he Had to have a girlfriend.... I do NOT like Brandon, I think he acts like a spoiled little boy most of the time, Timothy is just the sweetest, but I think Christian is going to win, bc he has her best interests in mind and isn't starting drama, plus hes a PK.I WAS RIGHT!
Blueray - Kun oldin
Liv Tollefson
Liv Tollefson - Kun oldin
Christine he is sweet and perfect for nessa
Michael Makinde
Michael Makinde - Kun oldin
I think Alex is a good match
ItsKG _
ItsKG _ - Kun oldin
Team Christian
Samantha_ Playzzz
Samantha_ Playzzz - Kun oldin
I think Brandon took it too fast when he kissed Nessa like bro, your have known her for like 5-6 days, she was having a time of her life with Christian, and then u break up the vibe and make Nessa stressed out and feel guilty for just leaving Christian on the balcony cleaning up their date.
Nada Bahy
Nada Bahy - Kun oldin
Who's here after season 2
Nessa and Christan the cutest
I wish they were dating
Kal Raj
Kal Raj - Kun oldin
First of all I hate Brandon and second i think Christian is the perfect mach
alissandra Smyth
alissandra Smyth - Kun oldin
Brandon: ''im a very independent person"
Me: ''BOI no, he litterally askedd alex to if he got eliminated for alex ti eliminate himself"
Dana Marie
Dana Marie - Kun oldin
I think the perfect match would be Christian I hope I’m right
Mari em
Mari em - Kun oldin
Good hands with Brandon my asss, the only good hands are Christians
Mari em
Mari em - Kun oldin
Minute 21:35, just listen girls and boys.... it’s IMPORTANT
Mari em
Mari em - Kun oldin
Roni knows bad guys and how they function
M M - Kun oldin
Brandon’s awful, I’m so happy Christian got it
Kitty's Gaming
Kitty's Gaming - Kun oldin
Brandon or Christian but also Timothy it’s such a hard choice I feel ur stress
Rina Lee
Rina Lee - Kun oldin
Rina Lee
Rina Lee - Kun oldin
Saying bad jokes.
That’s their dads job.
Yuridia Silva
Yuridia Silva - Kun oldin
Tim is perfect for her 🥺
Wolfi_2.0 •XxGacha_PatatoxX•
I hope Chris wins
Wolfi_2.0 •XxGacha_PatatoxX•
Cute Monny
Cute Monny - Kun oldin
I need an update. Are Vanessa and Christian
still together?
Wolf0720 _
Wolf0720 _ - Kun oldin
I honestly think Tim won tbh
Meleah's life with brothers
I think Brandon cause he treats her right
Alan Riley
Alan Riley - Kun oldin
Katelyn Robledo
Katelyn Robledo - 2 kun oldin
kawaii Chan_plays
kawaii Chan_plays - 2 kun oldin
Paityn TV
Paityn TV - 2 kun oldin
Rina Lee
Rina Lee - 2 kun oldin
Martha Martinez
Martha Martinez - 2 kun oldin
Don't choose BRONDON
Sayema Kanwal
Sayema Kanwal - 2 kun oldin
Why do Veronica and Vanessa look super pretty in all episodes
Canine Furbaby Services
Canine Furbaby Services - 2 kun oldin
I think Tim or Christian is going to win
Maneja Ahmed
Maneja Ahmed - 2 kun oldin
i letterally love why dont we and the merrell twins so this was shocking
Natasha Alva
Natasha Alva - 2 kun oldin
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl - 2 kun oldin
This is to cute 😂💓😅😭🥺
Arianna Nevarez
Arianna Nevarez - 2 kun oldin
Iftekhar Ahmed
Iftekhar Ahmed - 2 kun oldin
Not being rude I don't like Brandon
Lorraine Drawings and Crafts
Im kindda glad brandon is not her match and yes, i wanted Christian to win and i am sooooo happy he did
Billie Eyelash
Billie Eyelash - 2 kun oldin
Brandon should’ve been eliminated 6 episodes ago