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J. Cole & Puma - The DREAMER
Agency: Dreamville
Directors: Amber Grace Johnson, J. Cole, Scott Lazer
Executive Producer: Justin Benoliel
Producer: Whitney Jackson
Production company: Object & Animal
Director of Photography: Danny Hiele
Editor: Roberta Spitz
Colorist: Joseph Bicknell
Labi Siffre - My Song
Composer: Labi Siffre
Licensed courtesy of Demon Music Group Ltd.
Billy Joel - Vienna
Composer: Billy Joel
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aloz720 - 17 soat oldin
yo Cry with esta obra de art
artur luiz
artur luiz - 17 soat oldin
all this bullshit for his ego trip drop dead bitch
The Content Page
The Content Page - 22 soat oldin
I love young Cole with no teeth!
Fagrie BeArtRap Vraagom
Fagrie BeArtRap Vraagom - 22 soat oldin
I am Hip Hop Artists/ songwriter and a film maker. I can really appreciate what you doing here! It's a whole vibe.
The Content Page
The Content Page - 22 soat oldin
Definitely dope!
Lyric League
Lyric League - 22 soat oldin
Wow so Amazing. Cole is the true definition of an Evolving Artists! So Dope!
Fagrie BeArtRap Vraagom
Fagrie BeArtRap Vraagom - 22 soat oldin
Amazing piece of work! It's moving! I love the cinema. Thank you Cole for always including the people. You make everything seem possible 🙆 I value your energy and that you came...
Lyric League
Lyric League - 22 soat oldin
Wow so well said Homie. I value you💯👌
Brittany Ur mom
Brittany Ur mom - Kun oldin
why are ppl pissed this wasn’t a jcole song. This film is amazing.
YoBoiSummers - Kun oldin
I have watched this too many times. It is literally the most beautiful video I have ever seen by far! Love you and your work! It’s a Cole world brotha!
Angel James
Angel James - Kun oldin
Did no one else think that Vienna by Billy Joel was Spotify?
awsomsauce 35543
awsomsauce 35543 - Kun oldin
Honestly I actually really liked this
ILL FAMED - Kun oldin
It would mean the world to me if you guys could take the time out to listen to my song!
Will Turner
Will Turner - Kun oldin
Kanye did it first.
Ornate Muse
Ornate Muse - Kun oldin
Okay puma I see what you doin.
Aaron Ramirez
Aaron Ramirez - Kun oldin
Jcole is an artist he makes people value and love
vestra v
vestra v - Kun oldin
Pedro Perez
Pedro Perez - Kun oldin
I really like this type of music & I wish I had a playlist if more songs like this
Pewdiepie 1
Pewdiepie 1 - Kun oldin
Woah didn’t realize jcole was this good holy shit
John Smith
John Smith - Kun oldin
This guy hates white people......FACTS
Pau Solé-Vilaró
Pau Solé-Vilaró - Kun oldin
Wasn't expecting vienna there but i love it
Kam Steele
Kam Steele - Kun oldin
Sum 2 Prove REMIX
wells mood
wells mood - Kun oldin
Thank u Cole I need this. 😭😭😭
O'Nalerona Dinkebogile
Tomahawk 1889
Tomahawk 1889 - 2 kun oldin
Jokes on me huh thinking its j Cole yup no need to fast forward half way through what the hell is this get to the end Ooooooooo
emya zanders
emya zanders - 2 kun oldin
mann i thought this was a song😭
Lior Kolton
Lior Kolton - 2 kun oldin
I never thought I’d weep to a Puma ad
Josh Aqua
Josh Aqua - 2 kun oldin
Ladies and gentlemen, it's confirmed. Jemaine Cole is singing with the Charlotte Hornets to play in the NBA.
who here from "I Wonder" by Kanye West?
Leandre - 2 kun oldin
Can't help but think of Kobe and his love of basketball. Falling in love with something so pure as a kid and having the manifest into something so much great. Thanks Cole for this.
Londons_legacy - 2 kun oldin
H O M E. This was shot in my city. His city. Thanks for coming back home for a little bit, Cole.
Kevin Fuentes
Kevin Fuentes - 2 kun oldin
That's my teacher singing
Stephen Cain
Stephen Cain - 2 kun oldin
Nobody gonna talk about this dude missin a clear layup at 2:07 😂
Nba Johny
Nba Johny - 2 kun oldin
1:09 what are the clouds?
Ale Rea
Ale Rea - 2 kun oldin
Bro, I was so happy when I saw J in my notifications... Sad
Google Paladin
Google Paladin - 2 kun oldin
watching an ad so i can watch an ad , yikesss
Lil Max
Lil Max - 2 kun oldin
An ad got #4 on trending lmao, still pretty good though
Shop Amzn
Shop Amzn - 2 kun oldin
my covers for jcole and drake songs
indigo la end DTRWHo
indigo la end DTRWHo - 2 kun oldin
Matthew Creary
Matthew Creary - 2 kun oldin
I don't want my children to play professional sports because it's too much like modern day SLAVERY. Use your BRAIN instead so when you break your leg you can still EARN. #WOKE
alex diego
alex diego - 2 kun oldin
I just recommend *AUTHENTICVIEWS D O T C O M* to get youtube likes mad views.
Yo yo
Yo yo - 2 kun oldin
Great advert, Puma! You want us to forget you're funding apartheid in Palestine?
Lebo Mokhethi
Lebo Mokhethi - 2 kun oldin
Oh, this is a Puma commercial *SMH!
bryanslayer123 - 3 kun oldin
Apple Music?
NANI?! Cat
NANI?! Cat - 3 kun oldin
Hillary Benson
Hillary Benson - 3 kun oldin
Imagery nba player not for anything but that feel of flying freedom... Stay 💪
Lo-key music
Lo-key music - 3 kun oldin
This hits me right in the childhood feels
ReK Magic
ReK Magic - 3 kun oldin
I been watching this shit every day
Theo Kolade
Theo Kolade - 3 kun oldin
A dang commercial 🤦🏽‍♂️ I want my data back
Sasha Dog
Sasha Dog - 3 kun oldin
What about The Fall Off
NF - 3 kun oldin
It's a shame this film was wasted on an ad.
jimena bird
jimena bird - 3 kun oldin
wow mad results *AUTHENTICVIEWS D O T C O M* is the best
All Day Games
All Day Games - 2 kun oldin
Nah bby this all cole
Alexis Mixtape
Alexis Mixtape - 3 kun oldin
Geo D
Geo D - 3 kun oldin
That second song was on some Toy Story type beat.
M3NACE X - 3 kun oldin
Not gon lie I cried watchin thjs
LiL MARS - 3 kun oldin
For all the ppl said j cole was trash ur trash
PAEZ xKILLZ - 3 kun oldin
My childhood
Elijah Daniels
Elijah Daniels - 3 kun oldin
idk what y'all saying but cool just touched and inspired me
Francis Mbagi
Francis Mbagi - 3 kun oldin
What's the heck is this?!
tütü is good
tütü is good - 3 kun oldin
Dope🔥🔥🔥...that vibe
O'Nalerona Dinkebogile
O'Nalerona Dinkebogile - 3 kun oldin
This whole year I've been on kanye.
A.wake - 3 kun oldin
I feel kinda cheated :-0
AP 33
AP 33 - 4 kun oldin
Shit gave me chilz