Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max!

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Full comparison of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max, including camera, battery, specs, features, and price! Giveaway link:
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Stev A
Stev A - 22 daqiqa oldin
There is NOTHING classy about an "i"crap phone. And CRapple's design sucks!!!! I hate that Samsung put the cameras in the corner, like the idiotic iphone. They should have left it in the center, so it's still usable on a desk. CRapple's notch is so dumbass looking, as to put that moniker on every person I see using an iphone. The display on the "i"crap phone can't be TOP-SHELF, since it gets the crap beat out of it by the Samsung. That means the Samsung's is TOP-SHELF, not the "i"crap phone... Learn what these terms mean, before you pervert them. CRapple's face ID doesn't work when sitting on a desk... So it's too limited to be any good. I need something that works in any situation, which the lightning quick fingerprint sensor does.
And the ONLY reason the "i"crap's processor seems fast, is because everything is designed specifically for it. ONLY apps designed for it are allowed on the CRapple device. Where the Samsung phone has apps from MILLIONS of developers, from all over the world. NOW, that's truly fast, not some closed off limited app device like CRapple's. It ranks above CRapple in every aspect! ONLY idiots use MAC's. For years and years, CRapple users are ALWAYS looking for a plugin, where Samsung's can go a full day to two days of battery life. I NEVER see a Samsung user looking for a plugin. So stop pushing #FAKENEWS
I've got 1.5 TB's of storage on my S10+ Ceramic. And I've never run into an "i"crap user who sits side by side and compares everything, who isn't sooooos surprised that my phone does everything better than theirs...
Gul Rehman
Gul Rehman - 6 soat oldin
One of the detailed review i have ever seen
Hedgehog's Right of Passage
FACT : if you rub the S10+ , four times really hard it expands to the Samsung Wall MicroLED TV a whopping 292 inches !
Héctor Álvarez Suárez
The only reason I always get use iPhone is cause I’m way to deep into the ecosystem
Maxime calijaimax
Maxime calijaimax - Kun oldin
My whole life since 2020 I've died to get the Samsung galaxy s20 Ulta
Carmen Dewa
Carmen Dewa - Kun oldin
Seriously love your videos and love your voice lol 😀. Me I'm a Samsung person all the way and love my S20+ Cheers from Down Under 😉🇦🇺👌✅💯
Ryciuu - Kun oldin
Time to kidnap some ppl and take their kidneys again ..
Zen Trader
Zen Trader - Kun oldin
I love this guy's voice.
He could sell anything....LOL
Dough - Kun oldin
I’ll keep my iPhone 11 pro max love it too much
JoAnn Hughes
JoAnn Hughes - Kun oldin
Samsung All The Way🥰👌
Max_Jank - Kun oldin
Samsung has ultra optimization not just " optimization "
Marco Polo 9007
Marco Polo 9007 - 2 kun oldin
When you can't buy a new phone so you watch phone reviews.
And then I remember I am watching the video on 1080°p on a phone that came out on last winter.
Marco Polo 9007
Marco Polo 9007 - 2 kun oldin
"The 11 Max Pro is top of the shelf"
Then the S20 Ultra is off the shelf
Marc Kenneth Calderon
Marc Kenneth Calderon - 2 kun oldin
The iPhone 11 looks dull and cheap 🤣
Ha Pa
Ha Pa - 2 kun oldin
Video was very useful as review of both S20 Ultra and 11Pro Max and cleared all the questions in my mind about the differences it increased my knowledge
onewithzen - 2 kun oldin
Oof....that looping was terrible! Just use the live audio...
Dale Chen
Dale Chen - 2 kun oldin
my experience with apple has had its conveniences and utter disappointment. The convenience being the accessibility of iCloud and iTunes, but the negatives being the 6s's battery "crisis" and my iPhone X just dying and boot-cycling out of nowhere. I've been without a proper phone for about a month now, and it's time to make a decision: the typical iPhone 11 Pro, or S20 standard. I've always jokingly looked down on Androids for their "cheaper" impressions like their Snapchat quality and glitchiness, but now that those distortions are fixed, the true superior qualities of the S20 stand much higher than Apple's. I am really contemplating transitioning to Samsung, but i am still not completely sure. Is the transition worth it?
Ism La'maroof
Ism La'maroof - 2 kun oldin
You have a great voice to listen to.
Wendy Miranda
Wendy Miranda - 3 kun oldin
So my IPhone 8 with 2GB RAM is now a Brick?
Heart Scammer
Heart Scammer - 3 kun oldin
iPhone is stupid phone all model same design
Tomas Keweg
Tomas Keweg - 3 kun oldin
well, watching this on my overheating 6 years old phone. good comparison!
• Gypsical Moon •
• Gypsical Moon • - 3 kun oldin
Idk why but I really like how their new phones look holographic, especially the s20 and z flip XD
Jackie Gibson
Jackie Gibson - 3 kun oldin
Note10 will still kill any iPhone out
clever musicbox
clever musicbox - 3 kun oldin
Not going to subscribe because your added effects of animation and sound are for cretins, done by a child with an erection for adobe aftereffects. Who clearly has intimate relations with your sister. And your mother. And uncle.
stellert69 - 3 kun oldin
Totally biased review:

Android Fanboys will cry that the iPhone sucks and iPhone fanboys will talk about pure performance. The truth is they're both great phones, and your mileage will likely vary based on what you need a phone to be good at, and/or what ecosystem you already are invested in.

To say that the S20 Ultra is far and away the better phone is taking specs and face value and suggesting that more ram is better, simply because it's more. RAM impacts performance, and android's architecture requires more of it. iOS can make due with less ram, so iPhones have less. This doesn't mean they're worse, just different.

Storage, screen and charge rate are the areas the S20 Ultra excells, the iPhone's camera and software combined give it (for the most part) the better camera setup, and while the screen is from the spec point of view superior, it's hardly a knock out as the iPhone 11 pro screen is very good as well.
GOT YOU - 4 kun oldin
Feels less like a comparison and more like a S20 ultra review
TheJamnikPL - 4 kun oldin
I have quite big hands and most phones feel small to me
Rambles - 4 kun oldin
the fingerprint thing etc doesnt matter anymore nowadays... most people use flip cases or some kind of protection case for their phones anyway. and you're obviously kissing iphones *sses way too much xD trying to make the iphone sound better, you always say "on paper" over and over trying to make the other sound worse than what it is.
R SV - 4 kun oldin
Samsung really wanted to outdo Apple this year.
Nissi ASMR
Nissi ASMR - 4 kun oldin
Ur voice. 😍
Ver TV
Ver TV - 5 kun oldin
Samsung never dissapoint me
Irish Potatoes
Irish Potatoes - 5 kun oldin
Even the s10 plus is better for its price rate than apple's, My opinion.
10:39 the “space zoom” is more effective if your actually using it as a zoom, You actually need to not be infront of the target
Gaming Centre
Gaming Centre - 5 kun oldin
It is because it came out later then iPhone 11 Pro so it would be superior until when there is a new apple phone that will tower over all the phones
Nidhin Eldho Joseph
Nidhin Eldho Joseph - 5 kun oldin
S20 ultra is awesome with all it's features but it should incorporate SD 865 in all its model rater than exynos.
frisco purba
frisco purba - 5 kun oldin
We need the Headphone jack
ShotGunz2007 - 5 kun oldin
29,000 emails
Soren Bailey
Soren Bailey - 5 kun oldin
Superb review. I dont think I have ever seen a better one delivered at any time.
rubin mushagalusa
rubin mushagalusa - 6 kun oldin
Hit the like button if u agree that samsung is better than iPhone
Gerry Dela Cruz
Gerry Dela Cruz - 6 kun oldin
Like the Samsung S20 Ultra
Jack Micheal
Jack Micheal - 6 kun oldin
Sonwabise Dzidzi
Sonwabise Dzidzi - 6 kun oldin
Samsung needs to stop this nonsense of making weightless phones, can I please feel the weight of my money 😒.
Sonwabise Dzidzi
Sonwabise Dzidzi - 4 kun oldin
@Alexia Rai The phone feels really premium when it's heavy my s8 felt more premium than the s10 becuase of the weight difference.
Sonwabise Dzidzi
Sonwabise Dzidzi - 4 kun oldin
@PARADOX 818 oh well the s10 is very light..not to mention the s10e omw, was very disappointed. But I'm glad they stopped as you say.
PARADOX 818 - 5 kun oldin
What. They stopped that. I own the s20 ultra and it's pretty heavy compared to my brother's s10+.
Alexia Rai
Alexia Rai - 5 kun oldin
brandonisi - 6 kun oldin
I’ve just been updating to the newest iPhone about every 2-3 years. Currently using the 11 Pro Max and love it. I’m not a fanboy - I just enjoy how seamlessly my iPhones integrate with my tv, watch, headphones and car. Not to mention, stability and support.
Pavel D1
Pavel D1 - 6 kun oldin
TechPimp - 6 kun oldin
Eww no if rather then hide the camera then have this huge disgusting camera bump. Like the OnePlus concept
Larenzo Simmons
Larenzo Simmons - 7 kun oldin
Got my Ultra Saturday & I'm loving it! Had to have it
3301 - 7 kun oldin
Looking at this phones with this monster specs makes me feel like phone is a brick.
Gaming Scorpion INDIA
Gaming Scorpion INDIA - 7 kun oldin
yuri kossenko
yuri kossenko - 7 kun oldin
Toning down the curved screen was a major improvement, the curve does have some visual appeal but in practice if you use it without a case it becomes really damn irritating. You have to put effort into not touching the screen when holding the phone and with my right hand i always end up pressing the dawn buttons with my pinky.
MD Imran Mia MD Imran Mia
Yonix Yoni
Yonix Yoni - 7 kun oldin
Guess I'll have to wait 5 years to buy it
Pennies on a Dollar
Pennies on a Dollar - 7 kun oldin
Amir Khan is reviewing Cell phones now
ChaotiX - 7 kun oldin
the S20 Ultra is the worlds fastest Smartphone, ever. Nothing else needs to be said.
stellert69 - 3 kun oldin
Only it's not: The A13 bionic is bar none the fastest phone processor out there, and iOS is optimized to not need the ram the S20 has. The performance side of things is based on Objective benchmarks, these have time and time again shown Apple to have the best processors. Real accredited non-biased reviews like the one in the link show the iPhone 11 pro max to be about on par with the S20 Ultra, better in some respects and worse in others. Android Fanboys will cry that the iPhone sucks and iPhone fanboys will talk about pure performance. The truth is they're both great phones, and your mileage will likely vary based on what you need a phone to be good at, and/or what ecosystem you already are invested in.
Richard R
Richard R - 8 kun oldin
remember when thinnest and the lightest was the premium, like iphone 5
Mustanil Zumar
Mustanil Zumar - 8 kun oldin
Thanks man
I am feeling happy to know everything
Thank you so much
Ex0sttx v2 _
Ex0sttx v2 _ - 8 kun oldin
samsug s20 uitra
Algis Vaitelis
Algis Vaitelis - 8 kun oldin
1:31 sorry Arun but you lost your money, even though apple claimed to have used the strongest glass yet it still somehow shattered more than the s20 which is kinda weird
C. Gayosa
C. Gayosa - 8 kun oldin
Samsung has a better specs that Apple but the latter has an efficient OS.
Ram Robert Vincci Lazan
Ram Robert Vincci Lazan - 8 kun oldin
Ok so of course the Galaxy S20 wins because first of all IPhone 11 pro max was released first, in September 20 2019
While the S20 was released on february 11 2020 which goes to show that samsung may have enough time to improvise and come up with a phone that, of course, beats the Iphone 11 pro max. But before the S20 was released the pro max was at its game. #justsaying
Terrell Jones
Terrell Jones - 8 kun oldin
One Plus 7t pro= No punch hole. The best all screen phone!!!!
Terrell Jones
Terrell Jones - 8 kun oldin
Can't get over that big ass camera shit on the back of the S20
Sasha Wah
Sasha Wah - 8 kun oldin
Just got a iPhone 11 and I’m thinking this is going to be my last one. My hubby got a 1 plus T and I love it!
Mark Peter
Mark Peter - 8 kun oldin
Galaxy s20 ultra😍
BIJU RAJ - 8 kun oldin
Never purchase this useless phone. Every year I change Samsung Galaxy S7nto till S20. Every time better phone compare to old. Every year I am looking minimum 35000 on Samsung. This time why its useless because of 2 things
Compare to S10 Plus front camara in only one and S10 plus have selfi is very poor
Second S20 has inbuilt viberation it will definitely irritate you. So I lit 74000 pla don't waist your money any clarification ols call 9946040188
Pradip Brahma
Pradip Brahma - 8 kun oldin
It will be like dream come true to even hold this Samsung phone for an hour
ledj3 - 8 kun oldin
I'm not a fan of the protruding camera module, which seems a common feature with most new phones. I'd have preferred the phones to be a couple of mills thicker all over and for them to jam in a bigger battery.
maria tranta
maria tranta - 9 kun oldin
muhammad adnan
muhammad adnan - 9 kun oldin
Yar send me one samsung
ali sakeer
ali sakeer - 9 kun oldin
Samsung is best
Abhiraj Kahol
Abhiraj Kahol - 9 kun oldin
Everybody forgets that the 11 pro rivals S10 and S20 is whole generation ahead.
PARADOX 818 - 5 kun oldin
@HE HE I don't see Apple catching up this year other than their chip
HE HE - 8 kun oldin
yeah but both are the 11th phone and only are about 6 months apart and also i think the iphone 12 is not gonna be better than the samsung s 30
elsie nosike
elsie nosike - 9 kun oldin
My first phone comparison video. Really informative. Let's keep dreaming.
DEROLETR2 - 9 kun oldin
it has the same ram as my 2000 dollar gaming computer and 8k screen when my monitor is 4k
rat - 7 kun oldin
it has a 1440p display, the camera is 8k
William Sligh
William Sligh - 9 kun oldin
Dankwah Tuffour
Dankwah Tuffour - 9 kun oldin
I prefer the Samsung u20 ultra. From hardware through 5g capabilities, enhanced battery ,graphics to camera. When are you doing the giveaways
hola Airplanes
hola Airplanes - 9 kun oldin
Im wathing on a 16K Superphone
All i wanted to see was that the S20 was durable or not.
Harry - 9 kun oldin
Even though the Samsung is better it looks really ugly compared to the iPhone in my opinion.
Daniel Foster
Daniel Foster - 9 kun oldin
5:09 Did you misplace the text, it looks like the iPhone has a higher touch response to me.
juantapulan - 9 kun oldin
lmfao. samsung, hands down. kind of obvious unless you're a diehard isheep.
Kürşat Kaya
Kürşat Kaya - 10 kun oldin
iPhone 11's camera setup is Sharingan itself..
Nipun Kaushik
Nipun Kaushik - 10 kun oldin
which one is better....???
NMH Alumni
NMH Alumni - 10 kun oldin
Give this man a 400 gram phone, he will think it feels more "premium" than anything else!!