Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra & Z Flip Impressions!

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is here! Hands on impressions with the new 108mp camera, 100x Space Zoom, 120Hz display & Z Flip!
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Mario Marin
Mario Marin - 25 daqiqa oldin
Retrobellite - 11 soat oldin
this dude kept saying he hope Apple will adopt whatever Samsung is having like BRUH just switch over and stop wasting your time damn LOL
Retrobellite - 11 soat oldin
"copy Apple from that"
lmao changing lens isn't something new wtf
Retrobellite - 11 soat oldin
trying so hard to say bad things about Samsung but he just can't LOL
yuriy paul
yuriy paul - 13 soat oldin
Gaydroid gaybuds gay 10 plus s20 ultra gay usb type gay carger
eris mariano
eris mariano - 19 soat oldin
Ultra Art
Ultra Art - 22 soat oldin
Everyone knows my iPhone 4 is better than all those phones. 🤦‍♂️
Gennaro Mure
Gennaro Mure - 22 soat oldin
Zohaib Imran
Zohaib Imran - Kun oldin
You are awesome you are my favorite
Brandon Jackson
Brandon Jackson - Kun oldin
Cant wait to get case.
Rw1212 - Kun oldin
Kasun Herath
Kasun Herath - Kun oldin
Devamm Shah
Devamm Shah - Kun oldin
Comment for airpods giveaway
Shimanto - Kun oldin
Samsung should have named it s20 big
Jetstream 353
Jetstream 353 - Kun oldin
Ricardo Segovia
Ricardo Segovia - Kun oldin
The camera feature looks awesome.
marija - 2 kun oldin
So the flip should last 200 flips a day for 2 years
Juniel G
Juniel G - 2 kun oldin
I'd love the S20 ULTRA😎
Mehmet Göksen
Mehmet Göksen - 3 kun oldin
Amazing phones
Ricky Millar
Ricky Millar - 3 kun oldin
I’m looking forward to Apple fans screaming “innovation!” When they finally get rid of that hideous notch
Marek Tesze
Marek Tesze - 3 kun oldin
60 fps still so satysfying to watch 😎
cxcugomez - 4 kun oldin
Amazing you got to test the phones early!
kabarira djaberi
kabarira djaberi - 4 kun oldin
Hope to win the s20 ultra. So excited
Achraf El bouaidi
Achraf El bouaidi - 4 kun oldin
Can't wait
John Hernandezrockz
John Hernandezrockz - 4 kun oldin
Dope 👍🏽👌🏽
WE LAZY - 5 kun oldin
Being an Apple fan, reviewing Android phones and still not being bias.
Good job
Good job
How i wish could win your giveaway ser,
Thank you
Alan Aladrović
Alan Aladrović - 5 kun oldin
KeanuW - 5 kun oldin
The Apple fan boys(Samsung Haters) have gotten more quiet in the past few years?. .I've waited for this time to come!🧘‍♂️😂
Carlos Jimenez
Carlos Jimenez - 5 kun oldin
They look pretty good to me
Sergio Cedillo
Sergio Cedillo - 5 kun oldin
I would love to get my hands on them
jeff jeff
jeff jeff - 5 kun oldin
samsung is better than iphone
Bharath Kumar
Bharath Kumar - 5 kun oldin
I have Been waiting from 3 years for your giveaway, love from India
priya madhu
priya madhu - 5 kun oldin
Problem solved
Problem solved - 5 kun oldin
Hello sir, I am a poor man, but I have a lot of love for the iPhone, sir. If you please give me one of the motherboards' then my iPhone will be full.
Eggnog - 5 kun oldin
L ak video
L ak video - 5 kun oldin
Hopw i won bro amazing video
MS TechBOSS - 5 kun oldin
Do you know when the phonerebel case will be available for the s20 Ultra?
Manuel Taiwo
Manuel Taiwo - 5 kun oldin
Flip phones in 2020 loool‼️🔥
Destro - 5 kun oldin
That z-flip still have long way to go
Mercedes Lotridge
Mercedes Lotridge - 5 kun oldin
I love the baby blue😍
Anthony Rogers
Anthony Rogers - 5 kun oldin
I can't believe people who bought that phone actually thought it was a good idea... Foldable glass? That's not what glass does AT ALL... How is anyone able to even fall for that?
AzCh07 - 6 kun oldin
Have you thought about adding a magnet to your new cases? To make it compatible with magnetic phone holders for cars
Fresh Produce
Fresh Produce - 6 kun oldin
WavvyJ10 - 6 kun oldin
I like when you get to compare them
Anchal Halder
Anchal Halder - 6 kun oldin
100x zoo. Is very interesting for me
Shivneet Chand
Shivneet Chand - 6 kun oldin
Just change your name to Everything Samsung Pro, Bro 😉
Not That much
Not That much - 6 kun oldin
Whose watching in 2021
nick - 6 kun oldin
I want the ultra so bad I just got the s10 smh
ray gwap
ray gwap - 6 kun oldin
Where can I get that case from?
AHMED STUDIO - 7 kun oldin
S20 amazing
Hassan Habib
Hassan Habib - 7 kun oldin
Airpods pro in white
Mohamed Modawi
Mohamed Modawi - 7 kun oldin
The camera is huge
Sina Muhamad
Sina Muhamad - 7 kun oldin
Samsung is better than apple
Greger - 7 kun oldin
Artur Believe
Artur Believe - 7 kun oldin
Tadek Jordan
Tadek Jordan - 7 kun oldin
what equipment do you record your movies? Thank You
Bayezidur Rahman
Bayezidur Rahman - 7 kun oldin
Hunter Madarasz-Holm
Hunter Madarasz-Holm - 7 kun oldin
Woo s20 so cool but Apple please
Hunter Madarasz-Holm
Hunter Madarasz-Holm - 7 kun oldin
Air pods g
VXkiller85 - 7 kun oldin
Samsung: let’s skip 10 numbers
Nokia: am I a joke to you?