Sada Baby - Pressin ft. King Von (Official Video)

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Directed by @JerryPHD
Muddati: 3:14


Shermdogg Shermdogg
Shermdogg Shermdogg - Soat oldin
Dboy Fredo
Dboy Fredo - Soat oldin
“He seen my beard made him step back, skubba ain’t no rocket”❕❗️❕🔥🔥
jacque marie
jacque marie - Soat oldin
I love the beat and the flow...shit LIT😝
D King
D King - 2 soat oldin
Detroit to chiraq Midwest shit🔥🔥🔥
lil chris
lil chris - 2 soat oldin
you off da pill gotchu actin tough but that aint how you is 😈😈
Mr. Wade
Mr. Wade - 3 soat oldin
Sada, can we get a track with Royce ? ? ? ?
Dashawn Sublett
Dashawn Sublett - 4 soat oldin
peep my nigga 2kbaby
Grind neal
Grind neal - 5 soat oldin
aye you tube people watch this i laughed this nigga died
Giovanni Harris
Giovanni Harris - 5 soat oldin
King Von🔥🔥🔥
Star Thomas
Star Thomas - 5 soat oldin
Lit! 2020
Warren Edgecombe
Warren Edgecombe - 6 soat oldin
This shit make you want to quit your day job and turn into a killer
10 000 subs with no videos
This is so fire that my AirPods burnt from the heat
Junbug DaGod
Junbug DaGod - 7 soat oldin
Jab step make that nigga buckle they gon think we hooping 🔥🤜🏽
Derrick Wilson
Derrick Wilson - 8 soat oldin
Von made this
BCG Mari
BCG Mari - 11 soat oldin
Go Fw it 🔥🔥
Dijon Hall
Dijon Hall - 13 soat oldin
My nigga real
DashonCapalot - 14 soat oldin
Damn why he diss brick like that
Dijon Hall
Dijon Hall - 14 soat oldin
Y'all niggas real Doe. ; p
Dijon Hall
Dijon Hall - 14 soat oldin
Y'all 5..~Y.T. NO ROYCE DOE!!Keep the luv
B H - 15 soat oldin
*Watch out for them loaded perkys* Somebody gonna get you sada bitchy haha
lf2856 - 16 soat oldin
Oh my goodness this shit slaps like no other!
M.Anthony C.
M.Anthony C. - 17 soat oldin
This that shit that makes me wanna run through a mutha fucking wall, rob my grandma, steal her car keys, get my wanted level to 5 stars driving to the nearest hospital, park the car in a Red Zone, then punch a newborn baby in the face while saying "YAAHHUUUUH" (In Sada's Voice)
Aaron Sanchez
Aaron Sanchez - 17 soat oldin
Go look text meesaga of king von and ebebandz he ebe asked his addy he said no then ebe gave his addy von not pulling up ijs
OG Message Show
OG Message Show - 17 soat oldin
Keep up the Detroit grind and never stop fucking partiez up with yo dance moves
Bob Bill
Bob Bill - 17 soat oldin
This shit bang💥
Angel Woods
Angel Woods - 18 soat oldin
Okay that’s probably the hardest shit I’ve ever heard from this dude King Von
Anbu Kyun
Anbu Kyun - 18 soat oldin
King Von go hard.
IPay To play Fortnite
IPay To play Fortnite - 18 soat oldin
Skuba diver sadaaaaa
Jay Bankin
Jay Bankin - 19 soat oldin
Tyler Crowley
Tyler Crowley - 19 soat oldin
King von 💯💯🔥🔥🔥
omgitzray - 19 soat oldin
So I bought a toaster and got some house shoes while playing this 🔥🔥🔥
Devyn .Smith
Devyn .Smith - 19 soat oldin
White Boy Rick in the cut lmaoooo
Skeliee Loww414
Skeliee Loww414 - 19 soat oldin
The White Boy Lit😂😂
Rafael Diaz
Rafael Diaz - 20 soat oldin
We dont beef on wax, I see you outside . 👍 thats what im talkn bout
Jason Austin
Jason Austin - 23 soat oldin
Shout out to the Midwest from Memphis10AC. This shit 🔥🔥🔥
mandi sample
mandi sample - 23 soat oldin
NeuTraL Comp
NeuTraL Comp - Kun oldin
Sada hot asl niggaz sleepin hard
Kriss Pastor
Kriss Pastor - Kun oldin
Peep 2k baby
Cody Torres
Cody Torres - Kun oldin
Sada baby is ugly af lol
Chastity Youngblood
Chastity Youngblood - Kun oldin
One mob movement love loyalty salute whoop
Lamar Carson
Lamar Carson - Kun oldin
Fog duck
Call me Gotti
Call me Gotti - Kun oldin
U paid jp how much for this an couldnt get rid of the side bar smh
No limit Major
No limit Major - Kun oldin
Sada music gonna make u rob your grandma 😭
Nathan Santos
Nathan Santos - Kun oldin
No one talking bout RJ tripping on this 🏆
BluntX - Kun oldin
We got the hardest rappers
YoungBuzyWinn 313
YoungBuzyWinn 313 - Kun oldin
MIDWEST takeova🔥💪
MoBbCityMembers - Kun oldin
Whole dick head fake ass video
Mmg Tommy
Mmg Tommy - Kun oldin
Sada slidin on dis jon😤‼️‼️‼️‼️
caustic 420YT
caustic 420YT - Kun oldin
they caught that nigga brick and hit him in his shit duck def not gonna listen to von lol
Brandon Tingley
Brandon Tingley - Kun oldin
Goddamn, Harry Potter didn't HAVE to go that hard for Sada but he did... He did...
Brandon Tingley
Brandon Tingley - Kun oldin
White boy goofy dancing in a group of dark blacks is the best part of this video. Lmfaooo
Mr Benjamin's
Mr Benjamin's - Kun oldin
Maine King
Maine King - Kun oldin
Ik sada not the one saying “ON LIL STEVE” in the beginning🙄🏌🏽‍♂️
FlameYa Johnson
FlameYa Johnson - Kun oldin
I fuck wit von heavy but he gotta stop speaking on his ops
Brewcity Arrma Lover
Brewcity Arrma Lover - Kun oldin
They caught that nigga brick and hit em in his shit 👀 Von why!!!!!!!! Duck trying to change
Brewcity Arrma Lover
Brewcity Arrma Lover - Kun oldin
Von made this song. Von killed this nigga on his own song. Ofn
Dearion Jackson
Dearion Jackson - Kun oldin
Look to the left of von 😂😂😂💀. 1:57
lbzee limit skwezee
lbzee limit skwezee - Kun oldin
beff on wax
Tay Tv
Tay Tv - Kun oldin
This shit made me wanna rob my momma
Paolo anacleo Wong
Paolo anacleo Wong - Kun oldin
He cannot be as good as bill sabers but atleast he drops fine ass flows that's effortless.