Rich Boyfriend Vs. Broke Girlfriend

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Relationships are tough, it gets even tougher when your boyfriend or girlfriend is rich but you're broke.
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youtwoTV - 7 oy oldin
Hope ya'll have an AMAZING day today! Hoping these Sunday sketches are bringing some smiles to your faces!
Let us know what else you guys want to see from us! :)
Manny Qiiroz
Manny Qiiroz - 29 kun oldin
U r going to be together for ever this long123456
jowanarazan - Oy oldin
youtwoTV for a long night or Thursday morning or Thursday or tomorrow night or Thursday morning or Sunday night I would be happy with your schedule I would
Teodora Tankova
Teodora Tankova - Oy oldin
krista loshe
krista loshe - 3 soat oldin
Jihad Masri
Jihad Masri - 3 soat oldin
She’s broke with a iPhone X
Skiddy The Great
Skiddy The Great - 19 soat oldin
Broke girlfriend has an iPhone x
artisticx - Kun oldin
*alright pervs give me your money!*
TSG shady
TSG shady - Kun oldin
2:12 she has fingers over the camera😂
Phil Wardle
Phil Wardle - 2 kun oldin
K of
Mrbeastfan Baldwin
Mrbeastfan Baldwin - 2 kun oldin
Why are the sunglasses 25 percent of the Nintendo switch controller lol
Ella The Killer
Ella The Killer - 2 kun oldin
Itzel - 2 kun oldin
You seem like a gold digger
Jazmine Daniels
Jazmine Daniels - 2 kun oldin
Chandler Myers
Chandler Myers - 3 kun oldin
I'm am a huge fan
Derrick Jones
Derrick Jones - 3 kun oldin
There's a key difference the rich boyfriend will buy you just about anything but the if the roles were reversed the dude world be seen as useless and weak.
Abigail Israel
Abigail Israel - 4 kun oldin
I like it better when Jazz is the rich one
Sana HUSSAIN - 4 kun oldin
raindrop droptop
Leo Hurtado
Leo Hurtado - 4 kun oldin
3:57 she has a iPhone
XxIFirestormxX - 4 kun oldin
Yoo finally the guy is rich
Davin Escobar Lintao
Davin Escobar Lintao - 4 kun oldin
2:12 dat feet lol
Kassua Valente
Kassua Valente - 5 kun oldin
Rich Harjit hit different 😊😊
Bestie Vlogs
Bestie Vlogs - 5 kun oldin
Your apparently classified as poor if you have a Louis Vuitton bag...
Rhyce Xu
Rhyce Xu - 6 kun oldin
She literally covered the camera
Rhyce Xu
Rhyce Xu - 6 kun oldin
She litterly cover the camera
Elia Martin
Elia Martin - 6 kun oldin
Good couple 💑
Roza Koleci
Roza Koleci - 7 kun oldin
Raindrops drop tops
Brandon Mosiane
Brandon Mosiane - 7 kun oldin
Why don't you guys just get married
Gucciface_ malick
Gucciface_ malick - 8 kun oldin
Wats the name of the beat used when he rolls up in the mustang
Alyssa Œrëø
Alyssa Œrëø - 8 kun oldin
Raindrops tops drop
Kai Richardson
Kai Richardson - 8 kun oldin
So poor and have iPhone x so poor
DayZ BloomZ
DayZ BloomZ - 8 kun oldin
Too rich still have to pay rent
Sunil Gill
Sunil Gill - 9 kun oldin
Jazz is so stupid
Gxs - 10 kun oldin
Make more Rich VS Broke
Naziya Momin
Naziya Momin - 10 kun oldin
Finally he is the rich one
yvette greenidge
yvette greenidge - 11 kun oldin
I just got my new Xs Max 😂😂😂😂😂 and I love it I’m rich and I’m about to buy the game q
Abdullah Wasif
Abdullah Wasif - 11 kun oldin
2:11 She covered the camera
Møøn Bøi
Møøn Bøi - 11 kun oldin
I thought couples shared things-
KSV Contracting Group
KSV Contracting Group - 11 kun oldin
Where are u guys from
The Chosen One
The Chosen One - 12 kun oldin
4:50 uhh she’s broke but she has a iPhone 10? She’s broke how could she afford a iPhone 10 if she’s broke?
Agm 19z
Agm 19z - 12 kun oldin
How is she broke if she has a iPhone XS
Wardoo - 13 kun oldin
The table had turned
Nia Shimer
Nia Shimer - 14 kun oldin
You can do a tile of students 👦📖🎒.
Din-Din Sanson
Din-Din Sanson - 14 kun oldin
Harj said that he needs the controller but jaz did not care about it
Ybn Edgar
Ybn Edgar - 15 kun oldin
Takes a picture with her camera blocked
x Necc
x Necc - 16 kun oldin
Mustangs arent even that expensive
Matthew Nese
Matthew Nese - 16 kun oldin
who else saw the wow commercial for doritos
Bacon They
Bacon They - 16 kun oldin
thegalaticgamer and galacticrose
Like i you think she' said no to many times
thegalaticgamer and galacticrose
OneStrangeEarthling - 16 kun oldin
“Alright pervs, give me your money!” -Jaz 😂
YoungKid _XD
YoungKid _XD - 17 kun oldin
0:58 bouncy
Justin Deng
Justin Deng - 17 kun oldin
Her feet look cool
Hayden Thomson
Hayden Thomson - 17 kun oldin
Broke girlfriend+rich boyfriend= GOLD DIGGER. Lol
Carter Monck
Carter Monck - 18 kun oldin
Angelidk - 18 kun oldin
If I was him I would break up with her and kick her out
Itzjustme Kid
Itzjustme Kid - 18 kun oldin
She was broke yet she had an iPhone X or Xr why doesn’t she just sell that
Mazermarrish _2
Mazermarrish _2 - 19 kun oldin
I feel so bad for Jazz
predator y jing kai
predator y jing kai - 19 kun oldin
She is broke but have iphone 10?
Nash Maheshwari
Nash Maheshwari - 20 kun oldin
why does she have the x
Nash Maheshwari
Nash Maheshwari - 20 kun oldin
he rented that . car
Isaiah Robles
Isaiah Robles - 20 kun oldin
Anderson Juarez
Anderson Juarez - 20 kun oldin
Idk why but I just thought of pinecones
The Money Maker Sports
The Money Maker Sports - 21 kun oldin