PART ONE: Hillary Clinton Shares the Gutsiest Decision She’s Ever Made

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Real fam, what’s the gutsiest decision you’ve ever made?
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Jose Reyna
Jose Reyna - 9 soat oldin
That’s her gutsiest decision not Benghazi
Cierra Bernae
Cierra Bernae - Kun oldin
loni is so disrespectful to adrienne and especially jeannie. if you don’t like your job, leave.
Em Tay
Em Tay - 2 kun oldin
I liked the show better before Amanda was on it
Gareth Van Neel
Gareth Van Neel - 2 kun oldin
Can someone please tell Amanda she is not on The View and that she needs to stop rolling her eyes. That creates a bad energy.
Vanessa Carole
Vanessa Carole - 3 kun oldin
I love Amanda ! ♥️♥️♥️
Destiny Moore
Destiny Moore - 3 kun oldin
Love tameras hair 😍
Melissa Evans
Melissa Evans - 5 kun oldin
It's happening again just like Tamar and Jeannie it's happening with Amanda. Ladies of The Real I know y'all read the YouTube comments. Amanda JUST got on the show and your fans are already starting to say things about the uncomfortable vibe she brings to the show. Fix it before you ladies turn into "The View." 😊
kissy0k8 - 5 kun oldin
I dont think Amanda is disrespectful. She's just expressive. Just because you make a face doesnt mean you're disrespectful. She's engaged in the conversation through facial expressions that you just dont agree with. Some of it is cultural and people arent used to seeing it.
kissy0k8 - Soat oldin
@Mashayla Johnson Exactly.
Mashayla Johnson
Mashayla Johnson - Soat oldin
kissy0k8 THANK YOU. She’s just super real and she’s not going to hold back
kissy0k8 - 5 kun oldin
Tamera be poppin!! Her hair, outfits and makeup. She's so beautiful! Go girl!!
Te Hillâ Bruce
Te Hillâ Bruce - 8 kun oldin
I swear y'all come on this show just to mark Amanda, and not even listen or take away what the message or topic is about damn.
Clara Baptiste
Clara Baptiste - 8 kun oldin
Hilary’s “courageous” decision to stay may have been more than love for Bill but she too made a vow to the Country as well as he did! There are a lot of women who has stayed in a marriage after their spouses had cheated on them but they don’t tell their story! because they know there was more at stake than love loss. There are married couples that talk about being together for fifty years or more but they don’t give the intimate details of what they had to forgive! According to the word of God, cheating first starts in the heart, so there many of us that have cheated.
Also, Hilary May have her own secrets...
Glenda Freeman
Glenda Freeman - 8 kun oldin
Marriage is both a business, commitment and unconditional love.. The business of staying together, making it work for you, him, and the family. Marriage is a working business in progress. Goo eyes wears off real quick in the real world.
Tomaž Golub
Tomaž Golub - 9 kun oldin
How about the lost the campaign because she is actually a horrible person who has done and said a lot of horrible things throughout the years?
Alright Lets View
Alright Lets View - 12 kun oldin
This show is just not the same anymore. That new girl always making faces and looks so judgemental
Nasjah Alsina
Nasjah Alsina - 12 kun oldin
*Don’t interrupt my Jeanie Mai!!* ❗️
Karina F
Karina F - 13 kun oldin
Amanda is educated in African American studies but the eye rolling and unnecessary facial expressions are immature. I would love her to do without the eye rolling and immature tactics.
Hawaii Life
Hawaii Life - 14 kun oldin
I am seriously not a fan of the new dynamic of this group together. They should have left it alone because the four vibed really well together, even though I do agree with Amanda's thoughts on this subject.
tee que
tee que - 14 kun oldin
Damn yall firing of on Amanda 😮
Queen B
Queen B - 15 kun oldin
Yes Jeannie, thats it
Athaya Shakyna
Athaya Shakyna - 16 kun oldin
I was wondering why I feel some typaway about Amanda being here... This may be it. Love her on IG but here uhhh
Black Diamond
Black Diamond - 16 kun oldin
When Amanda was still a guest co -host, you'll were rooting for her to be permanent...and now she is... and you'll are bitching about her. WTF do you want??? For the record, I would have preferred Mel B to be permanent co-host.
JANET MHARADZE - 17 kun oldin
Its been a while before i watched the real and boom there is this Amanda lady where did she came from. She doesn't fit and no chemistry with the rest.
Pr3ttyDazzl3 - 17 kun oldin
The eye rolling and nonchalant attitude is veryyyy similar to Tamar’s; you should tread lightly Amanda, your job just started boo😘. Ultimately they’re putting money in your pockets, we were straight with just four co-hosts.
2ENVY Shanice
2ENVY Shanice - 18 kun oldin
Ladies just remember you don't know how you would truly act until it happens to you!
rochelle langford
rochelle langford - 22 kun oldin
I think it's not courageous, I think its a compromise to save your marriage. It is courageous to leave, it is difficult to start all over! I just don't know if courageous is the right word!!
Liv Miserables
Liv Miserables - 24 kun oldin
The doc is just going be about how Hilary herself wants to be portrayed to the public. She’s a liar and funny how Hulu is doing it, and not another really good platform like HBO or Netflix....js
Deylyn Medina
Deylyn Medina - 24 kun oldin
I’m starting to think the show is getting ruined with Amanda, her eye rolls and disrespect towards her co workers and especially Jeannie are annoying and not professional at all.
Ms. Wilson
Ms. Wilson - 24 kun oldin
I LOOOOVE Tamera's shirt. 😍
Ms. Wilson
Ms. Wilson - 24 kun oldin
I'm happy that Jeannie didn't back down to Amanda.
fried chicken
fried chicken - 25 kun oldin
1:12 Same. lmaoooo
Rahim Almawri
Rahim Almawri - 26 kun oldin
They are over Adrienne. Shut up lol.
Genevieve Defourny
Genevieve Defourny - 26 kun oldin
everyone complaining about Amanda for no reason,I watched this show ,I don't see why you all are mad ,she didn't argue with anyone ,she actually agreed with what they said ,you all have a problem , everyone can't be thesame with same expressions ,grow up people alot of bipolar audience in this comment SMH.
SirenaRosenfeld - 26 kun oldin
Too many people on the stage talking over each other 🙄
Laura Stilwell
Laura Stilwell - 27 kun oldin
There goes amanda rolling her eyes again. She is so judgmental and so rude.
L Lambert
L Lambert - 27 kun oldin
I hate Amanda
Naomi Brown
Naomi Brown - 27 kun oldin
Jeannie: I’m just not that bitch
Me:Well okay then 😂🤷🏾‍♀️🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Gaby Cuevas
Gaby Cuevas - 28 kun oldin
Bruh i think Tamara yawned and then i did 😂😂
Robert Ramos
Robert Ramos - 28 kun oldin
i love amanda, she knows whats up with that evil lady hilary...she didn't care to stay with her "husband" bc it's a fake relationship. they're pedophiles.... they do worst things when we're not watching..#pizzagate
Sarah James
Sarah James - 28 kun oldin
OMG I’m sorry over the Clintons. Go into retirement and stay there.
Khloe Koko
Khloe Koko - 28 kun oldin
I'm so Jeanie!
Liane Layman
Liane Layman - 28 kun oldin
She said Bill always took her the way she is and her father never did. So maybe that was it.
Aleesha Khan
Aleesha Khan - 28 kun oldin
I think its ya'll who can't handle Amanda disagreeing with them. As if Loni's face hasn't thrown shade every seasion, its ALLOWED.
Randall Goguen
Randall Goguen - 28 kun oldin
Great example of one of the 2 American political cults talking about their leader.
Randall Goguen
Randall Goguen - 28 kun oldin
Does the Documentary tell how many brown people she bombed?
GG - 28 kun oldin
Ya’ll literally focused on Amanda when this topic is lacking in general? I was hoping people would be contributing to this conversation sigh*
Joy Lu
Joy Lu - 28 kun oldin
Some needs some media training
Ebunoluwa13 - 28 kun oldin
You must ALL be psychologists or therapists with the comments being passed about Amanda and ya'll observing her behaviours, if not I'd advice you STFU and mind your disrespectful 'opinions' to yourself before you call so.eone else disrespectful
Karen Zavala
Karen Zavala - 28 kun oldin
Such a shame Amanda keeps making faces at the other ladies opinions, the other ladies don’t do that to her when she speaks, just a little immature on her part
Iqbal duale
Iqbal duale - 28 kun oldin
I really miss when it was only four of my girls .. Amanda thinks us watchers are stupid and she knows it all... most of us woman just conduct ourself better in discussions .... we listen, speak and respect our disagreements... !! We just understand the fun of having a conversation
Julie Smith
Julie Smith - 28 kun oldin
And that marriage cannot be good today. You never get that trust back. I know women who have stayed and the couple is miserable. Fight constantly.
Yvonne Maria
Yvonne Maria - 29 kun oldin
Amanda has gotta go
Simone Callaway
Simone Callaway - 29 kun oldin
i mean the vows said better for worse that cheating was the worst she went through it and stayed.Beyonce did the same thing so whatever
samwasfound - 29 kun oldin
Hilary didn’t win because she had no interest in visiting the southern states. Trump was going multiple times a month and she never did !
Loretta Smith
Loretta Smith - 29 kun oldin
Jeannie and Mrs Clinton are different levels...her husband had a baby ..and Mrs Clinton was then the 1st lady...the president had oral sex..girl get a grip
BPatMann bin BPatMan
BPatMann bin BPatMan - 29 kun oldin
Hillary is truly an inspiration to all young women everywhere. She showed them that if you work really hard at an elite school, get admitted to one of the best universities and graduate at the top of your class from Yale Law School, then you can marry a really powerful man, ride his coattails and eventually get a job as a secretary. You go girl!
Tiffani Farrington
Tiffani Farrington - 29 kun oldin
She stayed because they’re politicians! Simple as that! Bet they ain’t screwed in 10 years 🙄
Tiffani Farrington
Tiffani Farrington - 29 kun oldin
Jeannie always talking with them fingers lol
Rachel Bower
Rachel Bower - 29 kun oldin
Speak it Amanda!!!! Reality plz!!
Rohanna Nova
Rohanna Nova - 29 kun oldin
I don't think Amanda was being aggressive, she's just comfortable with them, they seem to understand Amanda's personality, none of them seem annoyed
Sewa Adegorite
Sewa Adegorite - 29 kun oldin
Everyone needs to stop attacking Amanda, she is allowed to make facial expression, GEEEEEEZZ leave her alone