My REAL night routine with my family | get UNready with me | LAURA LEE

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Hey Larlees, todays video is my real night routine with me family. I did this video vlog style so you guys could see what we really do at night time. I also show you guys my skin care routine! Let me know of you all want to see and pamper routine! ILY all thanks for watching! xo- Laura
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Kate Armstrong
Kate Armstrong - Soat oldin
2:49 that bedroom is the size of my living room, dining room, and bedroom combined!
Kate Armstrong
Kate Armstrong - Soat oldin
Erin is kind of mean to her
Gabriela Noella
Gabriela Noella - 9 kun oldin
Such a cute mom 😭😭 teenagers are rough 💞
tik tok
tik tok - 11 kun oldin
YolandaInTheCity - 11 kun oldin
Can you make more videos like this
Samantha Biddle
Samantha Biddle - 14 kun oldin
You and Ty are amazing people.what you do for Eryn & how you treat her as your own is so incredible.
Karime Guevara
Karime Guevara - 16 kun oldin
“Tinfole” instead of tinfoil, “ole” instead of oil 💀 I just love your guys accent !
Nina Callaghan TU06b
Nina Callaghan TU06b - 17 kun oldin
Can you do an updated skin care routine
Challais McDonald
Challais McDonald - 24 kun oldin
So refreshing to see how real y’all are 😊❤️
Bree Ivy
Bree Ivy - 27 kun oldin
“i think i need ranch” I FELT THAT ONE
Katies Kreations
Katies Kreations - Oy oldin
My Auntie helped raise me too
Cayra Hernandez
Cayra Hernandez - Oy oldin
Emma Mae
Emma Mae - Oy oldin
why is she famous? like not being rude. i just feel like i’ve heard of her from something but i can’t remember.
Victoria Matos
Victoria Matos - Oy oldin
Am I the only one who thought her brows and eyelashes look weird
Maya Ferguson
Maya Ferguson - Oy oldin
Do a pamper routine please
kittii - Oy oldin
yass!! Team Virgo
Kiana Ramos
Kiana Ramos - Oy oldin
She’s so genuine and patient I love
Sabrina Varela
Sabrina Varela - Oy oldin
Laura Lee can you make a video about things you usually cook at home?
Jaime Sissel
Jaime Sissel - Oy oldin
You’re such a great mom to your niece and I love you ❤️
Samantha ivester
Samantha ivester - Oy oldin
Finally I'm not the only one that eats ranch with pizza
Elisha Thomas
Elisha Thomas - Oy oldin
I seriously love how down to earth you are!!
Natasza Hryncewicz
Natasza Hryncewicz - Oy oldin
i loved to see not only the night routine but also typical night entertainment routine :P (sorry for my mistakes)
West.side102 - Oy oldin
I freaking luv Laura 😭can u be my aunt to😭✨😩💖💖
Maia Kolbuck
Maia Kolbuck - Oy oldin
Why are u wearing ur bracelets in the showerrrrrr
Jessica Rose Thomas
Jessica Rose Thomas - Oy oldin
Omg my dogs name is boo boo!!! Cute!
lana stanberry
lana stanberry - 2 oy oldin
Great Night routine
KatTea - 2 oy oldin
Never been a fan but I love watching the lil family vids! Need a vid of the cats and their adoption stories!
Rida Smali
Rida Smali - 2 oy oldin
You would be such a great mom
Caitlin Angela
Caitlin Angela - 3 oy oldin
Eryn is beautiful and I just remembered who she reminds me of. She reminds me of Lily from Hannah Montana
Phillip Yoysoy
Phillip Yoysoy - 3 oy oldin
Do you have a tatto on youre body...??? & what is it.?
Breezy B Ponder
Breezy B Ponder - 3 oy oldin
I have a makeup eraser too I love it and it’s sooo gentle
Brooklin Bernek
Brooklin Bernek - 3 oy oldin
Omg ur like such a good mommas!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Alayna Brehmer
Alayna Brehmer - 3 oy oldin
Your cat😂😭💗💗
Liz Ashley
Liz Ashley - 3 oy oldin
I really wish I knew what it was like to get unready when the sun was still up! Looks so relaxing. Second shift probs
FilmedByAnna - 4 oy oldin
pls do a pamper vid
Kristin Hammond
Kristin Hammond - 4 oy oldin
Girl close your mouth while you eat!
Mykayla Niemczyk
Mykayla Niemczyk - 4 oy oldin
You’re a natural at being a mom. I wish I had this relationship with my aunt. She’s so lucky to have you.
Jennifer Roth
Jennifer Roth - 4 oy oldin
which brand and color is the nail polish you have on in this video? the white
Neoma Semora
Neoma Semora - 4 oy oldin
My cat steals my hair ties too every day smh. She would rather play w a hair tie than her toys
Madison W.
Madison W. - 4 oy oldin
2:15 who else thought the cat was a rug. 😆 im a terrible person.
Piper Gore
Piper Gore - 4 oy oldin
you rlly are moming it out rn and that’s honestly so amazing!
Jayleigh Leathers
Jayleigh Leathers - 4 oy oldin
You are so good to eryn!
Kc S.
Kc S. - 4 oy oldin
What kind of shampoo and conditioner?
Megan Allen
Megan Allen - 4 oy oldin
Love this video. It’s amazing that you adopted her 💕😭
Gabby Lastine
Gabby Lastine - 4 oy oldin
I’m the same way but with pineapples I don’t eat them on the pizza but love the taste of the pineapple.
chocolate Lover
chocolate Lover - 5 oy oldin
The office is the bomb!!! Love watching that show
Eiman Kamal
Eiman Kamal - 5 oy oldin
Your videos are forever therapeutic i love u sm 🖤🖤🖤🖤
Jessie Anderson
Jessie Anderson - 5 oy oldin
Laura- Do you want jalapenos?
Eryn- Yes
Eryn- Gets pizza and picks them off hahah
Kinga Patrus
Kinga Patrus - 5 oy oldin
Aw Laura this was so pure ❤️ love y’all
Diana Jacobo
Diana Jacobo - 5 oy oldin
The roach 😂😂😂 I screamed too 😂
Stephanie Carpio
Stephanie Carpio - 5 oy oldin
When you asked eryn what she wanted for dinner I got Gilmore girls vibes lol
Nicole Peralta
Nicole Peralta - 5 oy oldin
Laura! The best thing I’ve used for growing hair is the Vida Hair Growth system! Shampoo, conditioner, leave in, spray & a mask!
Ash Xxx
Ash Xxx - 5 oy oldin
I love family Laura smmmm more than beauty guru Laura wow eryn is such a sweetie
Crystal Dalley
Crystal Dalley - 5 oy oldin
Love u guys so much. Your the most beautiful Laura Lee xoxox hi Erin ;) my son is just started 10th grade too. :))))
marijuana princess
marijuana princess - 5 oy oldin
14:41 did anyone else see that eye roll?
Marina Tsagaris
Marina Tsagaris - 5 oy oldin
Make sure you give her some healthy foods too! 😊
Noa Kimmelman
Noa Kimmelman - 5 oy oldin
where did erin get her dangly earrings
Lily Robertson
Lily Robertson - 5 oy oldin
i love your relationship with erin
Brooke Humble
Brooke Humble - 5 oy oldin
You should vlog more, i loved this!
Emily Olvera
Emily Olvera - 5 oy oldin
Despite everything that has happened I was never really a fan but seeing how you’re showing how you are behind closed doors is honestly so sweet , your a loving person and a mom
Figure to Erin , love it and can’t wait for more vlogs !