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SSSniperWolf - 9 kun oldin
ya so I got sick after this 🤢
Xx_Too_ GuttaxX
Xx_Too_ GuttaxX - 3 kun oldin
jeffthekillee wolf
jeffthekillee wolf - 6 kun oldin
SSSniperWolf Me andmy sister watch your videos LOVE you
Gacha Imy
Gacha Imy - 8 kun oldin
Nooooooo!!!!!! I feel sorry for you cause you’re sick 🤒 and just before Valentine’s Day too!
Catchy Name Here
Catchy Name Here - 9 kun oldin
Can't relate
Thinh Ngo Son
Thinh Ngo Son - 9 kun oldin
UwU hi (/' =')/💞💕
Jane Do3
Jane Do3 - 55 daqiqa oldin
I hate life cereal
rich L
rich L - Soat oldin
Lia- tastes like dissapointment
Me- why are you eating me!!!
Deborah Lamberth
Deborah Lamberth - 2 soat oldin
I’m watching this video while eating cereal
slothyp 102
slothyp 102 - 2 soat oldin
When I was little I looooooooved raisin bran
Emer Duffy
Emer Duffy - 8 soat oldin
All of us irish souls just watched the worst attempt of our accent! 🤣😂☘☘🇮🇪🇮🇪
Tunabreath - 8 soat oldin
This is how I eat my cereal tho.....
Also, Reese's Puffs taste like flavores plastic just mix Peanut Butter Crunch and Cocoa Puffs
Chiara Llamas
Chiara Llamas - 9 soat oldin
You put cereal before milk? EW DISGUSTANG,Jk
Moises Ramirez
Moises Ramirez - 10 soat oldin
Well when LIFE gives you Lemons
J Boy
J Boy - 12 soat oldin
BOOTY-O’S actually exist it’s from wwe by a group called “The New Day”
Havana Gamez
Havana Gamez - 13 soat oldin
commander crunch :c
Mehr BHASIN - 13 soat oldin
put milk in your cookies
Julia Streeter
Julia Streeter - 13 soat oldin
Me: I’m a gen z
Also me: my fave cereal be raisin bran😳
Jazmin Geise
Jazmin Geise - 14 soat oldin
Where did you come from when you came to America
NightcoreTaru - 16 soat oldin
You forgot the bootios
Monserrat Garcia
Monserrat Garcia - 17 soat oldin
Booti'oos is a real cerial
Ma’ayan Praiss
Ma’ayan Praiss - 18 soat oldin
Personally, in my opinion this is more personal channel (Little Lia) content.
MrMemeGuy45 !
MrMemeGuy45 ! - 19 soat oldin
Brother got the sour patch kids one I try it me eats hole thing with out him knowing
Jainiza Ali
Jainiza Ali - 21 soat oldin
Sssniperwolf my favourite Winnie the pooh and Tigger and piglet and I forgot some of them and I'm gonna tell you a question do you like Winnie-the-Pooh
Madeline Sprecher
Madeline Sprecher - 22 soat oldin
When I was younger I would mix Honey Bunches of Oats, Fruity Pebbles, and Cocoa Pebbles all together and eat it. It was the best thing.
Anixx_ Gamez
Anixx_ Gamez - 22 soat oldin
Sniper: you gotta live a lil >_<
ME: You eat gluten u ait gon live u gon DIE! ;-;
Anixx_ Gamez
Anixx_ Gamez - 22 soat oldin
Sniper Wolf: Are they sour are they sweet?
Me: Are they SAFE! to EAT! ;-;
Aspen C
Aspen C - 23 soat oldin
This put me off cereal now
 - Kun oldin
Sssniperwolf is going to get so sick after this
S Aultz
S Aultz - 22 soat oldin
She did
Twix The Bunny
Twix The Bunny - Kun oldin
Did anyone else notice that most of them had a General Mills symbol on them?
wicked girl
wicked girl - Kun oldin
I like your outfit allot
Priscilla - Kun oldin
My favorite cereal is fruity pebbles
tj fusco
tj fusco - Kun oldin
My personal favorite is kookiecrisp
Freya Neesham
Freya Neesham - Kun oldin
That must’ve been horrible poor you 🤢🤮
MyaTheSpudyBuddy The 3rd
Can you make that’s illegal merch
Sally Surprise
Sally Surprise - Kun oldin
Hope your ok lia
Sally Surprise
Sally Surprise - Kun oldin
At my house I have one of those mashed thing and mine black
spoopy noodles 2.0
spoopy noodles 2.0 - Kun oldin
I LOVE rice crispy Treats
Ismee Placencio
Ismee Placencio - Kun oldin
Mother:U hungry?
Mother:What you want?
Me:Buy we every cereal;3
Erin Brown
Erin Brown - Kun oldin
My Favorite Time of Cereal is lucky charms
Bruce MoRante
Bruce MoRante - Kun oldin
Is it me or did she just cut the box with her nail
can't you be kaylee hahahahaha
So sorry
singel lama mama
singel lama mama - Kun oldin
Are u originally from America
J S - Kun oldin
Cereal killer!
Crazed_ gacha
Crazed_ gacha - Kun oldin
I stg the Very Berry Cheerios are my fav cereal
Kayla Sanford
Kayla Sanford - Kun oldin
Reese’s puffs all the way! That stuff is my childhood!
Big Beanos
Big Beanos - Kun oldin
Y the Hek Iz y baking cereal?!?
Yuri Garcia
Yuri Garcia - Kun oldin
Dana Parsons
Dana Parsons - 2 kun oldin
i wen too a place called BOOMERS and they had go carting and one guy would crash into everyone when they ant supposed to and i called him a boomer and he looked so proud and i was like ok u do u
Noelani Weaver
Noelani Weaver - 2 kun oldin
Do you have a food allergy
ღl liveen ツღ :3
ღl liveen ツღ :3 - 2 kun oldin
Lia:*mixing cereals*
Me:eating cereal while watching this
Piotr Wrobel
Piotr Wrobel - 2 kun oldin
I'm Irish and live in Irland
Ty M
Ty M - 2 kun oldin
Just why
Ava Wild
Ava Wild - 2 kun oldin
SssniperWolf:Saying monkey instead 9f gorrila when they r called GORRILLA munch

hhorsebeef ccreatour
hhorsebeef ccreatour - 2 kun oldin
cocoa puffs were i'm from, the mascot is a monkey.
Maria Villegas
Maria Villegas - 2 kun oldin
SSSniperWolf : Not for people under the age 17...
Me : Ummm, does 16 and a half count??
Son Goku
Son Goku - 2 kun oldin
Who's eating cereal while watching this
Cheesey Biscuits
Cheesey Biscuits - 2 kun oldin
Lia u should make vlogs
Taken Vocals
Taken Vocals - 2 kun oldin
Lia: so we basically got *one* of everything
Couple minutess later: NOOOOO we got *two* captain crunch boxs
Hasel Ramos
Hasel Ramos - 2 kun oldin
Pranky - 2 kun oldin
Is it weird that I like honey bunched mixed with cheerios?
Candice Stevens
Candice Stevens - 2 kun oldin
oof i feel so bad for SSSniperwolf
Kayla Hatchel
Kayla Hatchel - 2 kun oldin
My rabbits name is Oreo
anglez halo
anglez halo - 2 kun oldin
the way she wore her mask was wrong lmfao smh 🤦🏻‍♀️
SuperShadowJared - 2 kun oldin
Booty o's are already a thing made by some wrestlers