Meet My Sister.

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Hey Larlees, todays video is a special video because you guys finally get to meet my sister (Eryns mom). If you haven't seen the "Adoption video" (link below) Check it out. The video explains by sisters journey with drug use and why my niece lives with me. In this video we update you on her journey and where she is at now! Thanks all for being here and being a part of her journey! Ps: My Country accent get ridiculously strong when im around my family :) Hopefully it doesn't annoy you guys too bad :(
Love you guys - Laura

Watch: Why we adopted me niece Eryn

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CrystalEyes83 - 6 kun oldin
Ummm Eryn looks the exact image of her mom!! I don’t understand how you both said she doesn’t!!!!xx
Gabby jay
Gabby jay - 6 kun oldin
So happy and proud of your sister 🙏🏼♥️
Kaitlyn Davis
Kaitlyn Davis - 6 kun oldin
Being from the south, I hardly noticed the extra southern accent until she pointed it out.

So proud of your sister's progress. A lot of people cannot say that for themselves. She is truly an inspiration to people with addiction everywhere.

Although, I understand your ties to Alabama, but GOTigersGO- University of Memphis
Angee G
Angee G - 7 kun oldin
I love that you support your sister and share these types of videos Im a recovering addict with kids so it's totally relatable and my mom and sister both are my rocks and greatest support so I completely relate
Brook Hellemons
Brook Hellemons - 9 kun oldin
Our mums are both born in 1958
Brooklyn Corbitt
Brooklyn Corbitt - 9 kun oldin
I’m only 18, but for the first 6 years of my life we didn’t have power or water. I remember having to use the cow feeding bin to bathe at night. We had a wood stove to heat up the water.
Leah Brown
Leah Brown - 10 kun oldin
Huuuu Ashley oh I did hit record, the fear😂
Maryann Towndsend
Maryann Towndsend - 11 kun oldin
Your sister is so beautiful.Thank God that she’s in recovery❤️
BUTTERFLY 🦋 KISSEZ - 12 kun oldin
God bless your sister on this journey 😇🙏🏽✨🙌🏽✝️💜
Don Boo
Don Boo - 13 kun oldin
She didn't even acknowledge Laura's traumatic experience in the field.
izabelle moore
izabelle moore - 14 kun oldin
Dude Erin look just like her mom!!!!!!!!!!
Carla White
Carla White - 14 kun oldin
Your sister looks like Brittany Spears!!!
Candace Colon-Rivera
Candace Colon-Rivera - 15 kun oldin
Such a sweet chill laidback video. Loved it! Congrats on your sobriety! Stay strong !
Harlin Uribe
Harlin Uribe - 15 kun oldin
Free from the binds of meth 7-2-17
Marissa Woods
Marissa Woods - 15 kun oldin
It bothers me how she doesn’t seem to care that she doesn’t have her daughter anymore.
Marlaina Pongibove
Marlaina Pongibove - 15 kun oldin
Eryn’s mom gives me Amy poehler vibes
Courtney Thayer
Courtney Thayer - 18 kun oldin
I'll be 3 months clean on February 13/2020. It's still pretty tough for me, the urge is awful. Living only a town over from where I was getting it from makes it worse. But I came to say how proud of you I am. Laura is right though, it takes a strong person to admit to their weaknesses and I can say I have them too. Laura I've only started watching you today and I already love you! You're amazing! Makeup is my getaway and you've inspired me to start my own channel so thank you. I love you all! 💙💙
Savannah Powell
Savannah Powell - 18 kun oldin
What part of Alabama are you from!? it’s where I live!!
MILLIE Lozada - 18 kun oldin
Oh I adore this so much and the heavy accent around family is always so beautiful seeing
Samantha Burns
Samantha Burns - 18 kun oldin
I’m so in love with this video. Real country, salt of the earth, unconditional love & family vibes.
Loren4313 - 19 kun oldin
i think eryn looks so much like her mom! both are so beautiful! 😍
Jess Thomas
Jess Thomas - 19 kun oldin
2 and half years clean and feeling stronger every day!
Brandy Minx
Brandy Minx - 20 kun oldin
This is so is also so very inspiring to me
Jill Johnson
Jill Johnson - 21 kun oldin
Aniah Polk
Aniah Polk - 21 kun oldin
both of you are gorgeous
Kayla Grech
Kayla Grech - 22 kun oldin
That is exactly what happen to my right eyebrow last month. I’m so annoyed that it has scared and still hurts, the blood was pissing out of my brow.
Kim T
Kim T - 27 kun oldin
Laura needs braces.
Amanda Ray
Amanda Ray - 27 kun oldin
R0ll TiDE!
Bridgette Figueroa
Bridgette Figueroa - 28 kun oldin
I'm dying at that cornfield story hahaha
sierraa ferreria
sierraa ferreria - Oy oldin
I just keep seeing little Eryn every time I look at her 😭😭💕
J Du
J Du - Oy oldin
You do look like your daughter. Maybe it’s because you both have blonde hair but u can certainly see she is your child xx
Amanda Flemmi
Amanda Flemmi - Oy oldin
She looks so cute and her mannerisms like Erin you should do her makeup for a video
Amanda Flemmi
Amanda Flemmi - Oy oldin
I think she def looks like Erin and talks just like her same voice
Amanda Flemmi
Amanda Flemmi - Oy oldin
She’s doing so great keep it up sissy ur doing everything ur supposed to
Amanda Flemmi
Amanda Flemmi - Oy oldin
I’m most definitely a addict and sober love the video thanks guys
Lisette Reeves
Lisette Reeves - Oy oldin
Loved hearing you talk about how your mom grew up, I've heard the same stories from my mom too. 😁
Kristen Anjel Von Elm
Favorite youtuber period. Such a beautiful soul. ❤️
MsNsMaMa15 - Oy oldin
I ❤️ The accent.. for sure not bothersome.
Alexandra - Oy oldin
Roll Tide! This is a great video ❤️
Mikaela Bell
Mikaela Bell - Oy oldin
She should get into YouTube to keep herself busy and interested in something new you know?? She seems to enjoy makeup too. ♥️
ilayda - Oy oldin
Where is eryns dad? Why can’t he take care of her instead of Laura
Abigail Clark
Abigail Clark - Oy oldin
I literally thought it was Eyrn in the thumbnail 😂
Saint Nouveau
Saint Nouveau - Oy oldin
I can’t stop typing.. and crying.. this is the grace of God.. 😭
Saint Nouveau
Saint Nouveau - Oy oldin
I was a fan, but now I’m a fan fo lifeeeeeeeee!
Anna Borden
Anna Borden - Oy oldin
Omg it’s nice to hear people who sound just like me 😂 I’m from North Alabama.
casio2o - Oy oldin
Fix her teeth please. She’s so insecure from it. Breaks my heart
kae bubu
kae bubu - Oy oldin
You are such a Loving and Strong sister 😍 you are a blessing.
Sooooo nice, that you‘re sister ist doing better 🙏
Shelby’s Shenanigans
So proud of you hun🖤 I've been in the na program for almost 10 years
Amanda Nelson
Amanda Nelson - Oy oldin
Very proud of your sister ❤️❤️ I will be clean 4 years 4/23 from heroin and meth❤️❤️
Lushano Bodenstein
Lushano Bodenstein - Oy oldin
You guys are so cute. You're relationship is so awesome.
Maya Villeneuve
Maya Villeneuve - Oy oldin
i want more videos with both of you
Dana Alrashidi
Dana Alrashidi - Oy oldin
Love your accent😭😍 + you and your lovely sister💖😘
Erica Sherwin
Erica Sherwin - Oy oldin
Wow she’s GORGEOUS
Alejandra R.
Alejandra R. - Oy oldin
Congratulations on your sobriety! Keep staying strong 💪🏼 ❤️👏🏽
Megan Sullivan
Megan Sullivan - Oy oldin
i am so proud of her! and you for taking in Eryn! After watching this, I lived about 45 West of Birmingham for 25 years of my life, the accents are sooooo thick! i'm thinking do we all sound like this, CORRECTION YES WE DO! #Rolltide
Clorinda lucas
Clorinda lucas - Oy oldin
Your sister should be so proud of how far she has come and to go. Thank you for sharing your story with everyone and allowing your self to be vulnerable xxx hugs. Sending positive energy your way
Annie Rivera
Annie Rivera - Oy oldin
I think y’all do look a lot alike. Congrats on your sobriety it’s been 10 years for me and it’s the best 10 years of my life!! God Bless.
The Truth
The Truth - Oy oldin
It’s crazy because two of my girls are full sisters,one has dark hair and tanner skin (like me) and the other is paler and blondish red hair (like my husband) sometimes you can’t even tell they’re sisters.
Carrie Anderson
Carrie Anderson - Oy oldin
Hold on to your sister everyday ! I lost my sister to the devil of addiction ! But what hurts the most is our last conversation was very hurtful. My last words to my sister was I never want to speak to you again and some nasty other words. Three months later she relapsed and passed .
Amy Petrie
Amy Petrie - Oy oldin
I love seeing you like this.