L TRAIN: “Family Feud” Contestant vs. Woman Faking Nail in a Tire

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Real fam, who do you think deserves to take a ride on the L Train?
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Cris S.
Cris S. - 2 kun oldin
I really thought they were talking about Popeyes restaurant. Didn't even think about the character
Tae Toe
Tae Toe - 6 kun oldin
That was the cutest “CHICKAAAAN” ever! Lol 🤣🤣
Surviving Adulthood
Surviving Adulthood - 7 kun oldin
Why is she getting on the L train, her boss is the genius who believed her.
Sophi3_82 - 8 kun oldin
Lmao I low key was on point with the chicken answer until the host repeated the question. 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ it can happen to anyone got to excited.
Raven Rose
Raven Rose - 11 kun oldin
She lucky ASF to get free food TF 😂😂 she didn't completely lose out
Raven Rose
Raven Rose - 11 kun oldin
Omg that is HILARIOUS!!!! I didn't even think of Popeye's Chicken.... I went straight to Spinach....
LadyKi - 12 kun oldin
At First I was thinking what was wrong with that? and then I realized... LMFAO... they're talking about the character Popeye, not the fkn Food Place xD
Mitchel Robinson
Mitchel Robinson - 12 kun oldin
No one asked a question how old she was this could be a generational problem perhaps he does it know popeye's
Empress Ezra
Empress Ezra - 17 kun oldin
Who the hell is popeye? 🤔
Silke Jansen
Silke Jansen - 18 kun oldin
Who tf is popeye
Rahim Almawri
Rahim Almawri - 19 kun oldin
Adrienne is always doing to much. She's annoying asf.
S-L *
S-L * - 19 kun oldin
😭🤣 I cant stop laughing. For those that don’t know Popeyes is a cartoon character that becomes super strong strong 💪 after eating spinach. His favorite
Ms. Wilson
Ms. Wilson - 24 kun oldin
Hahaha I even knew spinach. I didn't even watch it like that.
I.A. Food Reviews
I.A. Food Reviews - 28 kun oldin
He should of said “Popeye the sailer man” lol
Leo De Goddess
Leo De Goddess - 29 kun oldin
All the women are beautiful but, Tamera!!😩😍🌹
c cc
c cc - Oy oldin
I'm not going to lie, I thought of chicken right after he said popeyes 😂
muranga simms
muranga simms - Oy oldin
For a second her answer was fine until he said spinach even I thought uhhh I see😆🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
kaitlyn barrera
kaitlyn barrera - Oy oldin
omg her family hahahah
Lala Jane
Lala Jane - Oy oldin
I didn’t even know the answer 😂
Secret Encounter
Secret Encounter - Oy oldin
Many young people don’t know who Popeye the sailer is.
Secret Encounter
Secret Encounter - Oy oldin
Tam, the style of the dress is cute but I think another color would compliment your beautiful skin better.
Secret Encounter
Secret Encounter - Oy oldin
Awwh! Way to go Popeyes!
Secret Encounter
Secret Encounter - Oy oldin
Come on Gold!
T Michelle
T Michelle - Oy oldin
The first one was hilarious 😆 😂 Jeannie and Adrienne were so mad 🤣 I was thinking chicken too. I forgot all about that cartoon. I love when the hosts are color coordinated 😍😊
Blessed Discovered
Blessed Discovered - Oy oldin
The guy that's asked the question sounds like Israel Adrienne's husband
Austin Cruz
Austin Cruz - Oy oldin
Faking nail in a tire 💯 on the L train.
Tawakalt Oseni - HKF
Check this!
Tawakalt Oseni - HKF
My girlsssssss
Sinovuyo Mpemnyama
Sinovuyo Mpemnyama - Oy oldin
Amanda is killing it
WomanAura - Oy oldin
yay!!! Jeannie got her blanket :) good girl A
Jemaria w
Jemaria w - Oy oldin
I'm going have to go with the tire to take the L. The Popeyes one I thought of the restaurant instead of the actual Popeye sailor that eats spinach.
Seasoned Sofisticate
I’m sorry to bring this up about Amanda but I feel like they tried to find someone Tamar like.....kind of sort of but I think it’s an epic fail. No... just no...the vibe is not there.
Tanya Maria
Tanya Maria - Oy oldin
Tamera is looking bomb in that colour
awesome blossom
awesome blossom - Oy oldin
Is it bad that I thought the same exact thing as the girl who said chicken 😬
GM - Oy oldin
I love that the Canadian Family Feud contestant's family was immediately like WTF versus in the USA version that no matter how dumb the answer, the family is coached to parrot "Good answer, good answer!"
QueenxofxthexBurbs - Oy oldin
I had the same answer soooo 🤷🏾‍♀️
Naiima Xo
Naiima Xo - Oy oldin
I don’t know why Jeannie and Adrienne are soo pressed the girl made a honest mistake, I feel like anybody would say that. But the guy didn’t finish the question 😂😂
Lidia Quezada
Lidia Quezada - Oy oldin
Wait .. huh ? I don’t get it 😂😂😂 can someone please explain
Bellers - Oy oldin
Plot Twist "nail in tire" chic still got her job. Hope not, otherwise her boss would have the biggest L.
s s
s s - Oy oldin
Does anyone else feel like jeani doesn't belong on this show, she so attention seeking, and just loves to hear her voice, talks over people so ANNOYING.
Dessy Allen
Dessy Allen - Oy oldin
Lmao was she thinking of POPEYES?
Edit: YUP.
Savvy C
Savvy C - Oy oldin
Amanda and Adrienne look alike. And for those who think not, they look more related than Tamera and Adrienne.💁
Yah Girl
Yah Girl - Oy oldin
who else hoped they would reenact how the girl said CHICKENNNN !?
Lulu Seatown Getdown
I was like nooooo girl OMG ITS CHICKEN-SANDWICH, not chicken 😂😂😂
Amado Camacho
Amado Camacho - Oy oldin
Why is Loni always trying to argue?!
Sunni Smilez
Sunni Smilez - Oy oldin
This segment was very entertaining 🤣 Cute and funny
SpoiledAndCoiled - Oy oldin
Amanda never wears her hair down or maybe I don’t pay attention, praying for the strength of her edges because mine would’ve slid to my neck 😂
Maddie Smith
Maddie Smith - Oy oldin
I wish Amanda would leave the show I miss the seasons were it was just Adrianna, loni, tamera, and Jeannie. I can’t even watch it anymore. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
taiyona tiare
taiyona tiare - Oy oldin
Am i the only one that wouldve said chicken as well?
The Donisha Show
The Donisha Show - Oy oldin
Lol she a lil hood for saying chicken 😂😂
why you mad
why you mad - Oy oldin
Amanda really throws the chemistry off....
dude, the nail L
Detroit Jiggaman
Detroit Jiggaman - Oy oldin
Jeannie More Black Than Tamera 🤷🏾‍♂️ Jus Sayin
aaron newman
aaron newman - Oy oldin
0:50 tamera sounded like jeannie for a sec
Justice blue
Justice blue - Oy oldin
Amanda we get it u dont like white ppl u always got some face to makw n never smile wen its a white person lmao we get it
Ap M
Ap M - Oy oldin
10,000 for someone who got something wrong?? Nope give that to the homeless please!
nana blue
nana blue - Oy oldin
I think Amanda dosnt like Jeannie.
Jesula xo
Jesula xo - Oy oldin
This the best I’ve seen Amanda! Her make up artist did that👏🏾
LovelyPoncesita Ponce
Loni love should be the one taking the L. Men cheat knock just Blackman. Women cheat also. Someone really broke her heart and she's mad.
Enda Salihu
Enda Salihu - Oy oldin
Whats wrong with jeannie these days i never liked her but she’s just getting more annoying