Keith's 400 Chicken McNugget Challenge ft. The Food Babies

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Welcome to the first official episode of Food Babies! The Try Guys challenged us 400 chicken nuggets from McDonald's and WELP, watch to see how it went. 🍗😋
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The Food Babies
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Ethan Dong
Ethan Dong - 21 soat oldin
The second pile of chicken nuggets looks so photoshopped
KinkaRobotina - Kun oldin
i'm curious how many chickens they ate
Amelia Rose
Amelia Rose - 3 kun oldin
80 nuggets is the same as an even distribution of 400 dumplings between 5 people so if they can make 80 they pulled their weight
Alena Teo
Alena Teo - 3 kun oldin
Have yall seen Instructor Dongeun, from the Boss in the Mirror, eating? Beast.
BlockSteve - 4 kun oldin
Gotta do this one day. When i’m in a super cheat day i eat two big menus and a box of 20 nuggets. I wonder how far i could go 🧐
Maria Kristella Hilario
Maria Kristella Hilario - 5 kun oldin
I just realized their nuggets in LA??? Is bigger than the ones here in philippines
Nysha Reddy
Nysha Reddy - 6 kun oldin
Keith is just salty that his doctor said he was going to die if he had more fried chicken.
Jovanna Cota
Jovanna Cota - 6 kun oldin
I’m pregnant as shit and I would have joined em and helped.....I fucking love nuggets
Edit: I have a mad lisp so if I say fifth ima sound like Mike Tythin .... despite the th being at the end my lisp will make it sound like it shouldn’t be
Isabela Bitencourt
Isabela Bitencourt - 7 kun oldin
God I wish I could help them ahauahs
Isabela Bitencourt
Isabela Bitencourt - 7 kun oldin
There is in somewhere in the world a 20 piece nuggets while I have to accept my 10 piece?
Kyungmin Park
Kyungmin Park - 7 kun oldin
i pronounce it fif
AirJune - 8 kun oldin
You make me hungry
Bruce ree
Bruce ree - 8 kun oldin
That little metal clip at the end made this whole video for me 😂😂😂
A.R.M.Y Soul Pillar
A.R.M.Y Soul Pillar - 8 kun oldin
What would that nugget taste after 2 days? XD
Bernadette Vanessa
Bernadette Vanessa - 9 kun oldin
orderin mcnugets after watching this video
Belle Belle
Belle Belle - 10 kun oldin
Can i just say YB’s nails and hands always look so perfectly manicured? I’m jealous
Moonbeamrage - 10 kun oldin
Seeing them eating mcnuggets makes me want to eat mc nuggets...
FairbrookWingates - 10 kun oldin
Dunking in tea was a good move. Moistens the food without adding extra calories or taking the space of a full drink of liquid, both of which would only hinder eating more nuggets.
Kimberly Colvard
Kimberly Colvard - 10 kun oldin
I am so happy for you guys
FBI - 11 kun oldin
“That came out of nowhere”
Me: no it came out of your chicken nuggets.
Madhavi Reddy
Madhavi Reddy - 11 kun oldin
gin war
gin war - 11 kun oldin
I'ts with an when you say "Fifth (5th) place"
kobe Charles
kobe Charles - 11 kun oldin
I feel bad after 10 nuggets 😂
TikTok Copyright Assignment
Why are you guys struggling on 400 nuggets like that’s my breakfest
Lea Ang
Lea Ang - 12 kun oldin
These girls had to look at an empty McDonald's fries box and talk to it
BTS Lover 124#LittleShadow
I could see myself doing this
Joseph - 13 kun oldin
mustard is the besttttttttttttttt
rodorico nioko
rodorico nioko - 14 kun oldin
Hey Keith!! You should try Jollibee chicken joy
Sophia Vogel
Sophia Vogel - 14 kun oldin
*nugget power hour* a concept
ImAVirgin - 15 kun oldin
"Lets try the ranch"
Just got weird steven sushi vibes right there
Mo Morehead
Mo Morehead - 15 kun oldin
I wanna know their workout routine so I can be in shape like them and still eat crazy (but not to this extreme)
Topsyturvy10 - 3 kun oldin
Fast metabolism
Klätschi Boobo
Klätschi Boobo - 16 kun oldin
I nearly passed out in the underground after eating like 25 chicken nuggets
PinkDolphin - 16 kun oldin
Me: *practically inhales nuggets*
Quinn Huber
Quinn Huber - 17 kun oldin
Speedyboss - 18 kun oldin
zach sounded like those guys in the cartoon shows or art shows i watched in kindergarten and im livin for it
Hyunki lim
Hyunki lim - 18 kun oldin
What they are feeling is decreasing marginal returns
michelle - 19 kun oldin
so this just a thursday
Shellby Avalon
Shellby Avalon - 19 kun oldin
I LOVE nuggets and everytime we go to AandW i would always order nuggets and i can eat more than 20 in 5 minutes... Maybe??? But all i know is that i can eat a lot 🤗😂🤗😂
Sariah Ratford
Sariah Ratford - 20 kun oldin
I want the food babies to eat pizza!!
Yca Bonifacio
Yca Bonifacio - 20 kun oldin
ive binged watched all the try guy videos and THIS IS THE FIRDT TIME IM SEEINF THIS? im crying
Aastha Patel
Aastha Patel - 21 kun oldin
I want to be YB when I eat but I’m like Alexandria. I have to do the sigh thing to finish😂
Iskonomista - 21 kun oldin
Sixty-fifh. I don't pronounce the "T" i think
Spaghetti - 21 kun oldin
say for example YB is 99 lbs
and she ate 1lbs of chicken nuggets

that means she is, by weight technicality, 1% chicken nuggets?
zunnyzezunflower - 21 kun oldin
Signature is the best sauce and I AM DEVASTATED when looking back on this video... No longer able to enjoy the taste of signature sauce :(
Bo Yu
Bo Yu - 22 kun oldin
Wrong for the first bite. You shouldn't dip in sauce if you want to eat more
Weeabooz Weebs
Weeabooz Weebs - 22 kun oldin
You forgot the dumplings were spicy
Crazy Cat
Crazy Cat - 23 kun oldin
It's really sad I can tan 20 nuggets for lunch if I want to. But like 30 when drunk(reheated in a micro for some reason drunk me find that better than the regular ones)
Timothy Cahyadi
Timothy Cahyadi - 24 kun oldin
I just say sixty five
Juan Cortez
Juan Cortez - 24 kun oldin
I already did a hundred chicken nugget challenge with Burger King chicken nuggets it was easy peasy
Katelynn Behr
Katelynn Behr - 25 kun oldin
Alex should have had 2 more 😔
Phoenix Chen
Phoenix Chen - 26 kun oldin
I love these videos but BE CAREFUL PLS!!! You guys also have to eat all of Keith's leftovers for Patreon specials... pls check in with your doctor often and be extra healthy between food videos... my heart is seizing up just from writing this and its not because of emotion but its because of the thought of how much food that is
.m. - 26 kun oldin
alex is hot asf
Evelyn Jenkins
Evelyn Jenkins - 26 kun oldin
I like when they were in the car and all of their outfits were coordinated
hezron tan
hezron tan - 27 kun oldin
Eugene come in
Me: * ohh my god its the mukbang queen *
hezron tan
hezron tan - 27 kun oldin
Eugene come in
Me: * ohh my god its the mukbang queen *
Dom Huntman
Dom Huntman - 28 kun oldin
Fifth saying both 'f's. 'Fith' is not a word.
Jenny X
Jenny X - 29 kun oldin
fifffth is the correct way to say it
Olivia’s outlet
Olivia’s outlet - 29 kun oldin
You should have made Keith eat the rest of the nuggets.
Wendy Lehto
Wendy Lehto - Oy oldin
I’ll just st refer to them as the girls of gluttony.
Isabella Buckland
Isabella Buckland - Oy oldin
How do they manage to eat so much yet stay so thin like bro I eat 1 chicken burger and gain 1 million kg 😂