Justin Trudeau's Doughnut Order Sparks Controversy | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau takes heat for his doughnut shop selection, Tinder unveils new safety features, and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin mocks Greta Thunberg.
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Comedy Central UK
Comedy Central UK - Oy oldin
What are some things Steve Mnuchin looks like?
bxxx9 - 6 kun oldin
Microwaves French Fries
LunaMaverick - 17 kun oldin
The worst person to try and look intelligent next to Greta.
Treed Murray
Treed Murray - Oy oldin
@Justin Holmes Must get some of that from tRUMP as he can't stop slurring... his dentures are illfitted or loose of loose they were saying after this was suggested by the media... ffs!
Victor Soriano
Victor Soriano - Oy oldin
The subway pedophile.
Jet - Oy oldin
He looks like a twat
Gary Neudorf
Gary Neudorf - 5 kun oldin
Has anyone copyrighted the name "Elitist Doughnut"?
BMIT04 jessesue
BMIT04 jessesue - 6 kun oldin
Some does not make MANY! 99.9% of Canadians probably never saw this and if they did, just DONT CARE!
bxxx9 - 6 kun oldin
Canada is turning on Tim Hortons. This Hour has 22 minutes and The Beaverton are our versions of this aha
David Pilgrim
David Pilgrim - 9 kun oldin
Love how it’s brown face for some left wing nut but for any conservative that has done it it is the most horrible racist awful black face ever done
John T
John T - 9 kun oldin
I live in Ottawa. It is a month later. This is the first I heard of the donut thing.
Chris Hill
Chris Hill - 10 kun oldin
2 people whining on twitter is a controversy
Kairen Jamieson
Kairen Jamieson - 12 kun oldin
The only people who cared about the "doughnut" scandal were those in the media who used his purchase to try and start a shit show on a slow news day
Darth_Turtle - 14 kun oldin
Let then man have his donuts
tanisha Ahmed
tanisha Ahmed - 14 kun oldin
donot beleive everything you see about canada..its a secret soceity..there is a lot happenning that they never show on tv
Lydia Karioko
Lydia Karioko - 14 kun oldin
I think as an Economist it's safe to say that Greta's amazing and significant impact on climate change awareness topples any Economic degree's impact. Periodt!!!!
Antoine Reid
Antoine Reid - 16 kun oldin
to be fair, Canadians would never have voted Trump into office.
:3 - 18 kun oldin
If Russia’s prime Minister would have sex with 20 nukes
B99A Dj
B99A Dj - 19 kun oldin
Justin trudeau is the biggest joke in Canadian history
mashaqub - 19 kun oldin
Trevor roasting Trudeau for the brownface is my new religion
Genevieve Sirois
Genevieve Sirois - 20 kun oldin
hello Trudeau don t know how to manage money he just give 50 millions of ours taxes to MasterCard, I think the donuts it s just another example
crypto zoology
crypto zoology - 21 kun oldin
Update we got a report the donuts was not according to a inside sources used for a meeting of parliament. Instead we have reports that Trudeau was meeting with the ghost of Louie reeal and ex members of the block to have their first annual block Quebecois halal hash brownie meeting.
They secretly get together in a underground tunnel under the Parliament buildings and worship a giant halal poutine monster.
This beast is similar to the owl monster Harper and other world leaders and celebrities prays to at bohemian grove. This occurs after eating and smoking pounds of this halal infused poutine flavored hashish.
They then are reported to act in wild behavior screaming anti Anglo words and disco downing to renee simard and celen dion songs.
After the music gets them in a demonic trance they then scarf down boxes of le donuts and start screaming vive la halal quebec. Now we know why he made it legal Lol
So world exclusive ,there is the real reason Lol
crypto zoology
crypto zoology - 21 kun oldin
This is so funny. A Tim Horton's is a USA conglomerate. B They do not have we noticed trying to save money anymore many of the tim hortons places the coffee pots with the 20 minutes fresh crap campaign they use instead like star bucks they are starting to use the big coffee thermoses.
These will be there for much longer then twenty minutes and the coffee is more stale then ever before. C They mostly higher now none English workers from trudeaus migration and actually get a half price salary scam the government pays the rest.
Then after three months they fire them and let them collect unemployment.
Then 6 months later they qualify again and they higher them back for another three months.
They even have commercials showing you as the consumer if the person does not understand your order you should try and translate the order by writing on a glass mug LOl. This guy is the largest clown ever in history even ten times worse then his old man was who dived Canada with the french and English thing.
Did you know since its inception less people speak french then than. And over trillions in cost with no improvement. Amazing this guy was listed by fbi his charity has the symbol of pedophilia ring. And whole host of over use of funds to bringing in terrorists who only have to write a letter saying they will not blow you up when they come to canada Lol. What idiot would believe a terrorist note saying he was sorry Lol.
So I think the donuts is the least of the issues. So many people in Canada find this guy nothing but a criminal to trator of the country. We saw some funny videos the black face he does. Check out Mr poutine oh and
The Dark Liberal song karaoke so funny Lol .
PM Johnston
PM Johnston - 24 kun oldin
as a Canadian, I must confess that we generally just want to hear something other than what leaders of other countries are tweeting about, once in awhile, so our press sometimes has to make stuff up.
mychaela blatta
mychaela blatta - 24 kun oldin
I'd just like to say that the majority (&logical) Canadians support his choice in donuts.
mychaela blatta
mychaela blatta - 24 kun oldin
also you right, timmies is corp that exactly why dont buy from them instead :'D
Stoners Opinion
Stoners Opinion - 24 kun oldin
Elitist doughnut LMFAOO 💀💀 I hate my kind sometime
True Blue
True Blue - 25 kun oldin
SNC lavalin coverage?
Alexander Toth
Alexander Toth - 26 kun oldin
That was news?
Trudeau bought local donuts from a "mom and pop shop" instead of buying from a former Canadian-owned corporation? I couldn't give two poop emojis about it. LOL, as a matter of fact, this is the first thing he's done that I support. Us Canadians have more important things to worry about.
Moreover, on the topic of "elitist donuts". I'd rather have donuts from Beechwood than Timmy's. Although, I admit I love honey crullers.
muadhib001 - 26 kun oldin
Tim Hortons isn't even Canadian anymore. Conservatists propaganda, what a surprise
Zarar Sheikh
Zarar Sheikh - 28 kun oldin
Hahah Canadian scandals they should learn from America
Glenn Sankey
Glenn Sankey - 29 kun oldin
Iman Samaee
Iman Samaee - 29 kun oldin
As if Trump decides whether or not to bomb Iran😂😂😂
Vusa Moyo
Vusa Moyo - Oy oldin
Why not Africa this time around? Could there be a direct corelation that the coronavirus is rumoured to be treatable with HIV medication, and where in the world is there a large population of people living with HIV? Africa. This is like the Joseph story in the bible, he went ahead to save his people later." What you meant for bad , God meant it for good"
Arctic Wind
Arctic Wind - Oy oldin
“Elitist doughnuts” haha. Tim Hortons is factory made garbage thawed at their franchises.
Javelli beats
Javelli beats - Oy oldin
Not even gonna cap....I was wondering why it wasn't Tim Hortons myself~fellow canadian
alexismaciver - Oy oldin
They are delicious doughnuts...
Antony Stark
Antony Stark - Oy oldin
Doughnut are very important for Canadian! 😆
Seyam Rahman
Seyam Rahman - Oy oldin
I never knew this happened. Im Canadian.
Cheryl MacLean
Cheryl MacLean - Oy oldin
I’m Canadian and avoid Tim Horton’s at all costs. This is NOT a scandal. NEXT...
nik stoun
nik stoun - Oy oldin
Greta is a joke
Dwayne Cuvelier
Dwayne Cuvelier - Oy oldin
Trevor hit the nail on the head, Tim Hortons stopped being Canadian when it was bought by a Brazilian Corp, the donut outrage was by Conservatives, steady stream of comments on his beard what he wears and now donuts, guess they have trouble attacking policy? Lol
Benoit Laporte
Benoit Laporte - Oy oldin
Pretty sure that Tim Hortons is currently owned by Burger King. I'm not kidding.
Louise Laliberte
Louise Laliberte - Oy oldin
Trudeau's government is out here sanctioning the use of lethal force (live rounds to be shot) at Indigenous people protesting pipelines through and near our lands and locking down Reserves (reminiscent of a time not too long ago, when we needed a special pass/government approval to leave our Reserves, upon pain of prison and possible death.). They're also out here denying abuse and oppression of Indigenous women, who are being forcibly coerced and threatened in to being sterilized after giving birth and they're STILL stealing our children (legally and without remorse) but what makes it to the international media? Donut-gate. Timmy's isn't even Canadian owned any more....When donuts have more importance than humans, its a sad, sad state for us all to be living in.
Jenna BM
Jenna BM - Oy oldin
This is the first time I’ve heard about this and I’m Canadian
DontMindMe Tho!
DontMindMe Tho! - Oy oldin
It actually makes no sense that a 17 years old is commenting on global economics , its ridiculous .... so no trevor i dont agree with you there.
James Power
James Power - Oy oldin
No she's commenting on climate change. And she's an activist. She's talking about climate imperatives, nowhere did she propose a specific plan. Of course an activist is going to demand sweeping changes. An itemized workable plan is for someone else to lay down.
Stephen Bueckert
Stephen Bueckert - Oy oldin
Oh Doughnuts is a Canadian company which makes it's doughnuts fresh daily, uses locally-produced organic products & treats it's employees well. Tim Horton's is a fast food chain owned by a Brazilian conglomerate which sells frozen doughnuts, weak coffee & treats it's franchisees & employees poorly.
Troll Slayer Loganshire
Trudeau:Violates a fetus
Chinadastan: It's meh
Trudeau: Does not support a Foreign Company products.
Chinadastan:How dare you
not likely
not likely - Oy oldin
But...we're talking Tim Horton's!
So it's the classic Canadian dilemma

Dough....or Doughnut....
There are no fries
Claudia C
Claudia C - Oy oldin
Think we’re more into what’s happening with the Coronavirus. That’s some real scary shit
Claudia C
Claudia C - Oy oldin
I Iive in Toronto and never heard of The Trudeau thing. Neither did my siblings who live in Winnipeg. Lmao no body cared
Sandra Vanderleek
Sandra Vanderleek - Oy oldin
Canadian Conservatives complain about everything.
Hope Forbetter
Hope Forbetter - Oy oldin
Donald’s MAGA donuts have a hole each weighting 5 kilos at least!
dojinho - Oy oldin
Good point about Mnuchin's comment to Greta Thunberg. It is so hypocritical to demand such credentials to an adolescent — who is part of the future victims of climate change and will experience first hand the global collapse of ecosystems and human society — when the whole Trump administration is just a bunch of illiterates with no experience in anything pertaining to their function, starting with the bozo at the top!
Alice Blue
Alice Blue - Oy oldin
Canadian here. Timmy's is owned by company from Brazil. Buy that local addictive sweet goodness JT. Um . . .eh!
Qwerty and Azerty
Qwerty and Azerty - Oy oldin
0:52 yeah, but we’re also not dumb enough to vote for him in the first place, so....
TagusMan - Oy oldin
Elitist Donuts. Either a Canadian goth band from Moose Jaw or Tim Horton's propaganda. Nothing bloody elitist about Tim Horton's.
kyle - Oy oldin
I'm from Canada and I can verify Canadians are crazy.
R.Javier Yepes De V.
Scotland1908 - Oy oldin
Trevor Noah is  complete piece of garbage.... hate his guts.
karatepop - Oy oldin
The real scandal is that this is what they're reporting while the Canadian government is violating Indigenous law and treaties, forcibly removing Indigenous protesters FROM THEIR OWN LAND.
skyejacques - 17 kun oldin
Quinn Singleton
Quinn Singleton - Oy oldin
Timmies is legit tho
anas luke
anas luke - Oy oldin
Oh Canada!
Walter 3579
Walter 3579 - Oy oldin
Doughnut Gate.
Stephanie Cockwell
Stephanie Cockwell - Oy oldin
Oh yes, us Canadians are quite passionate about our donuts.
Bob McRae
Bob McRae - Oy oldin
The right wing in Canada hates everything about Justin Trudeau, even the colour of his socks.
White Wolf
White Wolf - Oy oldin
Right wingers are hypocrite,they have no problem with Reagan's Iran Contra,Iraqgate and 240+ Marines in Lebanon.