Jack Harlow - WHATS POPPIN (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

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Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
Jack Harlow - WHATS POPPIN (Official Music Video)
Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
Song Produced by Jetsonmade & Pooh Beatz
Director of Photography - Brett Arndt
Steadicam by Renard Cheren
Ex. Produced by Sal Tarantino & Jay Tauzin
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LENNY ~ our hidden character representing happiness & good energy
Muddati: 2:50


Damian Loy
Damian Loy - 9 soat oldin
y did they smoke a cigarett
Super X
Super X - 10 soat oldin
Anyone else the head pop up at 0:53 ?
Schplays - 10 soat oldin
Wtf was that joint
Anand Srivastva
Anand Srivastva - 11 soat oldin
First listen: damn funky but not bad
Second listen: godDAMN *head bopping*
Third listen: WHATS POPPIN
Jailin Blanco
Jailin Blanco - 12 soat oldin
Rhino was wearing a houston astros cap!!!!! HTOWN BABY!!!!🤘
LUNAU - 12 soat oldin
When u drink water and wear protection 1:27
Lil Slimxx
Lil Slimxx - 12 soat oldin
Nice to be able to understand a rapper
Adel Bitar
Adel Bitar - 12 soat oldin
From tiktok?
Bite My Dust
Bite My Dust - 12 soat oldin
Ngl this dude's flow is crazy.
Matthew Eriksen
Matthew Eriksen - 12 soat oldin
oh shoot rhino was in this 👀
Eddie Wockner
Eddie Wockner - 14 soat oldin
Should be in top 10 on billboard no cap. Shh
Theonlymessi221 - 14 soat oldin
Yo loveliveserve
Xiden - 15 soat oldin
1:18 isn’t that the guy from loveliveserve
DubtheDon22 - 17 soat oldin
So pumped this video is lyrical lemonade, jacks been slept on for too long
xrcoh - 18 soat oldin
Jack Harlow voice chord raised 3 octaves when he lost the stache wtf
ULQ - 19 soat oldin
ok I know y’all wana say he looks & sounds kinda like ohgeesy😂😂
Savannah Connelly
Savannah Connelly - 19 soat oldin
Rhino 😂💗
IG: uzisfan
IG: uzisfan - 19 soat oldin
imagine beefing with rhino, couldn’t be me
charms - 19 soat oldin
datwavybøilee - 20 soat oldin
Zach McCabe
Zach McCabe - 20 soat oldin
Just scrolled all comments and I'm very disappointed none of you idiota notice that the CARDINALS are not a basketball team. So that bar in the song makes no sense
charms - 19 soat oldin
Zach McCabe dude when the cardinals kicked the ball then made the touchdown with the hockey puck that was so cool
ImTed YT
ImTed YT - 20 soat oldin
1:12 I was shocked asf
Gbay - 21 soat oldin
Sorry not feeling it
Aiden Castaneda
Aiden Castaneda - 21 soat oldin
Is it just me or does this beat remind you of duel of fates from Star Wars
Sarge18 1
Sarge18 1 - 21 soat oldin
Yo rhino from loveliveserve is in here
Burly Boys
Burly Boys - 21 soat oldin
Does anyone know what denim jacket he is wearing? It looks very unique and I’d love to see it up close.
Lenny Kane
Lenny Kane - 22 soat oldin
PICKYOPHONEUP - Jack Harlow ft k camp.... first time I got out on jack and damn am I glad I did.
Earthly Rodriguez
Earthly Rodriguez - 22 soat oldin
R3ckless - 22 soat oldin
This is the white Dababy
A L E X I S - 22 soat oldin
0:53 Lenny Entered The Chat
Jack Harlow Is Close to Enter inThe Chat
Lenny Left The Chat....
Koy Boys
Koy Boys - 22 soat oldin
What's poppin'? (Pooh, you a fool for this one)
Brand new whip just hopped in (just hopped in)
I got options (oh Lord, Jetson made another one)
I could pass that bitch like Stockton (it ain't nothin')
Just joshin'
I'ma spend this holiday locked in (ooh)
My body got rid of them toxins (mmh, mmh)
Sportscenter, top ten
I could put the ball in the end zone
Put a bad bitch in the friendzone, ooh
This shit sound like an intro
Jetson, give me that tempo, ooh
Told Pooh he a fool with this shit (he a fool)
Told her don't let her friends know (don't)
In the 'Ville and I move like a don (don)
Eating fettuccine at Vincenzo's
Me and my 'migos g
EVERGREEN TREES - 22 soat oldin
idk why im fucked up rn but kinda sounds like berner at points haha
Ayden Soto
Ayden Soto - 22 soat oldin
goes hard
zKaPii-_- - 22 soat oldin
Lil Dicky vibes here
Jim Brown
Jim Brown - 22 soat oldin
They still wear bb simons where he frm huh
Daniel Olukosi Jr.
Daniel Olukosi Jr. - 23 soat oldin
How didn’t I notice Rhino in the video?😂
*_.fusion._* products
*_.fusion._* products - 23 soat oldin
"I'm drinking water and wearing protection" is lowkey the biggest flex
*_.fusion._* products
*_.fusion._* products - 10 soat oldin
@Amin Bagheri and hydrated as fuck
*_.fusion._* products
*_.fusion._* products - 10 soat oldin
@Amin Bagheri that nigga healthy and clean
Amin Bagheri
Amin Bagheri - 12 soat oldin
*_.fusion._* products I don’t understand
Roman Destefano
Roman Destefano - 23 soat oldin
This should be on the next madden game
Cody Aquatics
Cody Aquatics - 23 soat oldin
BlooBar - Kun oldin
1:12 is that rhino from loveliveserve?
charms - 19 soat oldin
BlooBar yes sir
TrippieReddVevo - Kun oldin
Boltzmann Brain
Boltzmann Brain - Kun oldin
Got to hit us with the one two punch Jack. This one is hot but you gotta have a couple more hits chambered so you don’t get relegated to the one hit wonder club.
Bryan Trill
Bryan Trill - Kun oldin
This instrumental remind me of an old rap song just haven’t figured it out 🤔
HokiePitcher22 - Kun oldin
I wonder if "Does it hurt when i deep throat girl" show up on ole girl's imdb page now. Lol
FlakoFrm4 - Kun oldin
This nigga look like ohgeesy bootleg version 😂😂
Pirate101 QuestMaster Red
I like how he seems like the guy that says the n word but says it 0 times during this song
Qwe64gamer - Kun oldin
Was that rhino of loveliveserve at 1min 15 sec
xd Pogo
xd Pogo - Kun oldin
Wait what?! They had rhino in this from loveliveserve
Reece Stokes
Reece Stokes - Kun oldin
RIP juice wrld
Linda G
Linda G - Kun oldin
Coming up 🙏🏼💛🥶🥶🥶
Arnold Torres11
Arnold Torres11 - Kun oldin
Jack Harlow merch is that a thing if so send the link my way?!?!
omen4353 - Kun oldin
This is not a shot at Jack, but at Lyrical Lemonade...

Can y'all *please* put some clean looking girls in some videos? Every girl in their videos look more ratchet than a whole Baltimore stripper convention... Step up ya game Lyrical Lemonade
Cutiepatutie 974
Cutiepatutie 974 - Kun oldin
TikTok be giving me new songs🔥
ツIsaiah - Kun oldin
When the weird kid buys new sketchers.
charms - 19 soat oldin
ツIsaiah I’ve seen you somewhere else I swear I’m pretty sure it was a music video
C.J Halliday
C.J Halliday - Kun oldin
i cant stop listening to jack now
martin sanchez
martin sanchez - Kun oldin
I have never heard of this guy but once I heard “I got options I can pass that bit like stockon” I knew it was finna be fire
Izzy SoUgly
Izzy SoUgly - Kun oldin
Your Dr
Your Dr - Kun oldin
this slaps but gives off major lil pump vibes to me
Nbg.smokyfr3d0 - Kun oldin
From 502 🗣✅ bro making the ville proud 😈💯
YRS J0SH - Kun oldin
" Dark Haired Bitch Look Like Shego" .. Godammmm.
Train Lord
Train Lord - Kun oldin
Wasn't that Rino/ Ryan from loveliveserve?