How D.K. Metcalf Broke the Rookie Receiving Record in Wild Card Weekend | NFL Turning Point

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During Wild Card Weekend, D.K. Metcalf recorded more receiving yards than any other rookie in their playoff debut.
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Lyricaly Artistic
Lyricaly Artistic - Soat oldin
I wanted my dolphins to draft him to go with Parker but it's cool we got Williams who's going to be a pure nightmare just like my boy Metcalf I'm glad he with a great org to show what he can really do
Lukas Schramm
Lukas Schramm - 9 soat oldin
See that hustle to be able to make that block for his teammate at 3:08... Dude's all about the team
Jeramy Spencer
Jeramy Spencer - 4 kun oldin
Definitely gonna be on my fantasy next season
Ghosty Shedz
Ghosty Shedz - 5 kun oldin
Is it just me or is DK the next Calvin Johnson?
isaac marcus
isaac marcus - 5 kun oldin
Its pretty ironic that they ran the ball at the goal line 😂😂😂😂😂
Micheal Sath
Micheal Sath - 7 kun oldin
5:49 new wallpaper ahahah
m000nd - 8 kun oldin
The Narrator has one hell of a Voice. Who is this man?
Swirly Trainz
Swirly Trainz - 9 kun oldin
Games turning point: Clowney's hit on Wentz that drew no flag
Uhhh JustPhil
Uhhh JustPhil - 9 kun oldin
Haha Eagle fans. #CryEaglesCry
Giants Fan12
Giants Fan12 - 10 kun oldin
Russell Wilson really said "Aw fudge" LOL that man is so corny
Hudson Megeath
Hudson Megeath - 10 kun oldin
5:56 DK has a nesquik chain
Elijah Hawkins
Elijah Hawkins - 10 kun oldin
Go hawks!!!!!!
Don Gato
Don Gato - 10 kun oldin
JJAW over Metcalf? Bwhahahahahahhahaha! Philly pulled a Browns on that one.
Cole World
Cole World - 10 kun oldin
The raw emotion on this guy when he got the call. Hes gonna be a force for a while in the NFL
Juan Moncada
Juan Moncada - 10 kun oldin
1:05 MLK’s dream
MrLegend - 10 kun oldin
Still wouldn’t of happen if it weren’t for clowney
Don Gato
Don Gato - 10 kun oldin
You mad bro?
Gmgb Devin
Gmgb Devin - 11 kun oldin
Dk is an outstanding athlete but I think he need a little more agility practice, if he has the hands, speed and big frame just imagine that with a little bit of hips
Jn vlogs
Jn vlogs - 11 kun oldin
His name sounds like a drink
rippen lips tv
rippen lips tv - 11 kun oldin
The hawks have this amazing ability to turn any rookie that nobody wants into a superstar, just look a Russ
James Bruce
James Bruce - 11 kun oldin
This guys work ethic shows his character. Look how hard he works off the ball to block for his other receivers.
Marcos H Magana
Marcos H Magana - 11 kun oldin
This was my favorite performance this season by a wide receiver! Last year it was when Dissly was a no namer TE who put up 2 catches 2 touchdowns against the Broncos and the year we played the Steelers at home Doug Baldwin had a hat trick I believe that including the touchdown the win the game!! #GOHAWKS
Sean McManamon
Sean McManamon - 11 kun oldin
I am really happy he got those beautifule catches for lots of yards, and a TD
DoritoMoMo - 12 kun oldin
2:11 Russ starting to use that 2nd grade language
Joe Shmo
Joe Shmo - 12 kun oldin
Imagine picking Arcega-Whiteside over this guy???? 🥴🥴🥴
0:47 💛❤
👇 👇🔥
Darrian Banion
Darrian Banion - 12 kun oldin
Let's go dk metcalf
Jose Torres
Jose Torres - 13 kun oldin
“Should have never passed” on his shirt. Is that a reference to the Seahawks patriots SB?
SedaW LoL
SedaW LoL - 13 kun oldin
This dude is a monster, very bright future
Jason - 13 kun oldin
Yeah. Against the Eagles... One of the worst secondaries in the league. Lol.
Gerard Cayo
Gerard Cayo - 13 kun oldin
D.K. was the MVP of that game against the Eagles. The record proves is... I wish we used stats like that to actually determine the winner of the league MVP award.
"How many games did so-and-so personally influence the game so much that the team would have lost without their contribution. This goes go for defense as well.
#TLDR: Add up the number of games a player was MVP during a 16+ game season. Then award the top 3; gold, silver, bronze...
Brian Hernandez
Brian Hernandez - 13 kun oldin
Who eles is watching this after they lost to green bay😭
crazzyak - 13 kun oldin
Thanks for a good run Seahawks! Get healthy and on to the next season. Go Hawks!
313drepeso313 - 13 kun oldin
So many teams are kicking themselves for not selecting DK...
Babila Dinga
Babila Dinga - 13 kun oldin
All these dumb ass scouts really let dk fall too Seattle because of some cones🤦🏽‍♂️😂
Marvin Hunt
Marvin Hunt - 14 kun oldin
I'm so glad that he is having the kind of year that he is having because he was getting killed before the combine, during the combine, before the draft after the draft. He was too muscular, would be injury prone because he's too muscular, couldn't get in and out of breaks quick enough, his hands were suspect, pretty much everything that you could think of. I don't know who got it worse coming out of college him or Lamar.
I'am a legend
I'am a legend - 14 kun oldin
Happy for DK, he is a beast.
Damian Whindleton
Damian Whindleton - 14 kun oldin
Bc he played our sorry ass secondary ... I saved u 7mins ... Go to the next video
QuelakaLilNino - 14 kun oldin
He’s definitely gone help Russ win one more before he retires 💯
North StarState
North StarState - 14 kun oldin
The only thing philly fans know is to boo🤣
Quinton McDermott
Quinton McDermott - 14 kun oldin
3:04 sprint was unreal
somanyturtles - 14 kun oldin
Damn, he booked it across the field for a block! I can't wait to see DK next season.
-.- PANXER - 14 kun oldin
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - 14 kun oldin
So fun and awesome!
Fly Eagles
Fly Eagles - 14 kun oldin
😤 SMH JJ over DK will haunt the Eagles for ten years
Salomé Ruano
Salomé Ruano - 15 kun oldin
He broke the record by catching the Ball duh
Fortnite and Madden clips
Fortnite and Madden clips - 15 kun oldin
Comment 560
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - 14 kun oldin
5:00 song??? Pls
LowerTheBoom - 15 kun oldin
He didn't "caught" yards, he "gained" yards. Duh. Where did Peter Carol go to school anyway lol. 🤣
Lewis T
Lewis T - 13 kun oldin
You don't grammar football, football grammars you!
Austin Myers
Austin Myers - 15 kun oldin
I was at home on draft night hoping the colts would take him. How you let this man fall to 2nd round he ran a 4.3
Lewis T
Lewis T - 13 kun oldin
I think a lot of teams wanted a receiver with more polish. Metcalf is a great example of what happens when a determined player meets an organization that's willing to go the extra mile to ensure that player's success.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy - 15 kun oldin
3:50 damn does DK team mate know DK broke his neck at ole miss lol he damn near re broke that
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon - 15 kun oldin
The way he runs across the field that fast and makes a key block. Wow that's Hussle. Not many receiver's do that
BigBooma69 - 15 kun oldin
eagles could have drafted this man instead of jjaw
Ray Cain
Ray Cain - 15 kun oldin
No where near a fan, but I Thank you Seahawks for thrashing the eagles...
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon - 15 kun oldin
Fantastic product. Safe and effective. Most important it works.
1:48 ❣💝
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy - 15 kun oldin
6:38 now I get why the baby's binky mouthpiece LOL
Jridgen - 15 kun oldin
3:30 Gotta love Lynch, lmao
MilleusPetrozza - 15 kun oldin
5 percent body fat right there
Rico Glez
Rico Glez - 15 kun oldin
Let's go Hawks baby! Always even tho Green Bay jus crushed em
Linda Robinson
Linda Robinson - 15 kun oldin
I love those Seahawks forever see you guys next season go hawks
Daniel Girard
Daniel Girard - 15 kun oldin
Not even mentioned in the rookie of the year... the disrespect players on teams in the northwest get.
Bob - 15 kun oldin
This guy is a bust! Trade him already. This is why we lost to the Packers. SMH
beatsbysweat - 14 kun oldin
Bob nah fam it was on the defense on that game metcalf has potential after all its his rookie year
Ryan Loy
Ryan Loy - 15 kun oldin
Fell short to the Packers, but it's Seattle for life. Go Hawks
iTzMRexpert ___
iTzMRexpert ___ - 15 kun oldin
Who else is mad about the lose against the packers?