Hit the Home Run, I'll Buy You Anything - Home Run Derby Challenge

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I decided to do a crazy homerun derby with my friends, and the more homeruns you hit, the better the prizes get... HIT THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON FOR MORE LIT VIDEOS!
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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug - Oy oldin
Where are all my baseball fans @ ??
Jacob Doyle
Jacob Doyle - 14 kun oldin
Lol here I just hit a home run at my first new team 😬✌️
Brayden Shepherd
Brayden Shepherd - 24 kun oldin
DeTix - Oy oldin
I’m a HUGE Baseball fan! I play baseball, and I play pitcher.
Beast - 57 daqiqa oldin
Kanyon Vincent
Kanyon Vincent - 3 soat oldin
I'm a baseball fan and I could even hit a dinger
Junaid Bedford
Junaid Bedford - 11 soat oldin
I play south african baseball bro
Nicholas Cramer
Nicholas Cramer - Kun oldin
I would go for the Travis Scout 1s
Cason Boggess
Cason Boggess - Kun oldin
Can I have that bat
Amr Costandi
Amr Costandi - Kun oldin
They are Rug
Carlos Arbizo
Carlos Arbizo - 2 kun oldin
Bro rug see this fly me to Cali and I will destroy you in a home run Derby ⚾😂
Static Tides
Static Tides - 3 kun oldin
It’s probably 200 feet from where you’re at not 250-300 maybe 250 at dead center
bamboo 10k
bamboo 10k - 3 kun oldin
I was a pitcher in high school and a right fielder my fastest pitch was 80 at the last of the season I got injured slowly healing I miss baseball
Sergio Zavala
Sergio Zavala - 3 kun oldin
Can you do if you mate a soccer goal you win anything
Andrews channel Vlogs
Andrews channel Vlogs - 3 kun oldin
I’m a baseball fan and pretty good at it
chizmar family
chizmar family - 3 kun oldin
every baseball player wants that cat7
Derek Gonzales
Derek Gonzales - 3 kun oldin
Hey faZe rug I would love to be apart of the next video you do with the Homerun Derby I actually would love to challenge you to a homerun hit off! I think it would make great content let me know
Dean Hickman
Dean Hickman - 3 kun oldin
r.i.p anthony
Power Panda
Power Panda - 3 kun oldin
Dislike because how poorly you guys hit the ball
Latoshia Jenkins
Latoshia Jenkins - 4 kun oldin
faze rug is chloe and i ben call you can you plz awer me beacuse i miss you and
i your
biggest fffffffffffffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn biggest fan
Latoshia Jenkins
Latoshia Jenkins - 4 kun oldin
im a baseball fan and a baskeball fan love you guys as a friend
Star Romero
Star Romero - 4 kun oldin
I like the dodgers
Mario - 4 kun oldin
as a baseball player, i would have won everything
Serena chen
Serena chen - 4 kun oldin
Anthony you tried don’t be sad
Maximo Valdez
Maximo Valdez - 4 kun oldin
Not the first home run derby on YouTube by the way
Matthew Green
Matthew Green - 4 kun oldin
2 is worth more than three
MANIK WADEHRA - 4 kun oldin
Romell is 🔥
MANIK WADEHRA - 4 kun oldin
Anthony 😂💩
N4NO Referablesteam
N4NO Referablesteam - 4 kun oldin
Hey Brian I am a huge Fan I watch all your vids but I have one question how come when u do your outros you say fin Rug and not FaZe Rug I been wondering it for awhile so if you see my comment can you please answer my question thank you so much and you also inspired me to do a YouTube Channel as well and to fight for my dreams thanks for everything and keep it up
Joshua Hoyopatubbi
Joshua Hoyopatubbi - 5 kun oldin
Papa rug will win
Ethan Goodwin
Ethan Goodwin - 5 kun oldin
Ur stance is hot garbage
Jesse Gibson
Jesse Gibson - 5 kun oldin
I play first base
Tekillia tok
Tekillia tok - 5 kun oldin
Every one knows Brandon's head mand is upside down
Mark McIntyre
Mark McIntyre - 6 kun oldin
no one make fun of anthony cause he can actually make it on the feild without shitting himself (dont look)
R J - 6 kun oldin
You’re lucky I’m in not this video fam lol
LA VLOG - 7 kun oldin
I play little league in Nc
Harrison Duvall
Harrison Duvall - 7 kun oldin
Rug: I’ve played baseball for 2 years and hit zero home runs. Me: I’ve played baseball for 1 year and hit 2 home runs
Sidney Santiago
Sidney Santiago - 7 kun oldin
Nice try Anthony
Angel Watson
Angel Watson - 8 kun oldin
I’m a baseball fan I play travel ball, middle school ball and reck ball. I hit dingers like if you do any of those
Fat boi Freddy
Fat boi Freddy - 8 kun oldin
I see papa rug with the cat7
Luis Ayala
Luis Ayala - 9 kun oldin
You should do a soccer one an let me be in g who can score da most goals or sumin
Luis Ayala
Luis Ayala - 9 kun oldin
I got a lil power huh -brawadis 😂
Big MD
Big MD - 9 kun oldin
Is that glove a a2000
Fortnite Gamer101
Fortnite Gamer101 - 9 kun oldin
I’m only good at football and basketball
Everyday table tennis
Everyday table tennis - 9 kun oldin
If you say anything can I buy your house
S0y_ S4uc3
S0y_ S4uc3 - 9 kun oldin
Im a girl and played baseball with a group of boys cuz "baseball" but now they wont let me play anymore BC IM A GIRL EHDHHDBRH3JDHJF GIBERIsh XD but its super fun and now i just have to go to softball
chase - 9 kun oldin
i wish i could win a mac book.
Jorge Valdez
Jorge Valdez - 9 kun oldin
Fly me out to San Diego and I will hit a lot more home runs then you so I can prove it I am talking to you rig hope you reed my comment
Kyle Ramnath
Kyle Ramnath - 10 kun oldin
Can you do a soccer challenge Plz?
Ging Ging
Ging Ging - 10 kun oldin
@faze rug ther is a person on tiktok that exposed your home adress
Jarah Marshall
Jarah Marshall - 10 kun oldin
I wish I could do these challenges... I would give all the money to my parents who are struggling. I hope one day I can make it on YouTube so I can give back like you do
Campbell Herrin
Campbell Herrin - 11 kun oldin
I'm beast mode at baseball
Joe K
Joe K - 11 kun oldin
That’s crazy I’ve been to that field for a travel tournament. If I’m not mistaken there’s a little skatepark nearby too.
Brenton Williamson
Brenton Williamson - 11 kun oldin
imagine hitting tballs with a drop 3 bat
Preston Wateska
Preston Wateska - 12 kun oldin
There stances and swings make me laugh
Preston Wateska
Preston Wateska - 12 kun oldin
There using a marucci and can’t hit a homerun from the outfield
Tony Talks
Tony Talks - 3 kun oldin
Preston Wateska with soft baseballs though
Lane Wolfe
Lane Wolfe - 12 kun oldin
Bro get me out there I will hit all 10 out of the park
Damien Cazares
Damien Cazares - 12 kun oldin
It ok Anthony my boy fat life forever
Raymond Tzun
Raymond Tzun - 12 kun oldin
Cool video
Jeffy Monster
Jeffy Monster - 12 kun oldin
Can I be in one of your videos are a professional YouTuber
Xeph - 12 kun oldin
Left for a year come back ngl his cousin got fatter alot
RandomThings! - 13 kun oldin
Love these videos Brian! 😍😍😍❤️🔥🤪🤩🤫 xxx
Electr1czz - 13 kun oldin
They aren’t even hitting from home plate
Ahmed Alkenany
Ahmed Alkenany - 13 kun oldin
look at Anthonys face when he gives him the money (other prizes to)