Halsey's “Manic” Makeup Tutorial | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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Halsey recreates her "Manic" album cover makeup, and shares her desert-island beauty products.

Shop Halsey’s beauty routine:

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BeautyBlender Pro: fave.co/37hrzw5

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Halsey's “Manic” Makeup Tutorial | Beauty Secrets | Vogue
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butera's sunflower
butera's sunflower - 4 soat oldin
can we get ariana's next?
ash b.
ash b. - 7 soat oldin
I like this bish
Anna Kerr
Anna Kerr - 17 soat oldin
For the OGs. She hasn’t lit her match yet
Mink Minaj
Mink Minaj - 22 soat oldin
i thought the thumb was james charles
Dayani Hettiarachchi
Dayani Hettiarachchi - Kun oldin
Who love this hair?
Madeline - Kun oldin
Try Maybelline ink matte Halsey
It stays after eating/talking/drinking
Saphire Lopez
Saphire Lopez - Kun oldin
Her nose is so cute🥰
SEM Noor Associate
SEM Noor Associate - Kun oldin
When she said "hi guys" in the beginning i was surprised bc she looks like a baby :(🤚🏾🤧💖
Vanessa Meroro
Vanessa Meroro - Kun oldin
I literally gasped just now because she held up the Maybelline Rocket mascara....I use that mascara too! Lol I never knew she was this likeable and somewhat relateable 🤷‍♀️Go Halsey
Sarah Robertson
Sarah Robertson - 2 kun oldin
friggin gorgeous human!!
M O - 2 kun oldin
she's deep
Lara Rascanin
Lara Rascanin - 2 kun oldin
on both of her eyes half is gray and other half is something between brown and green like im really tryimg to figure out what the f is going on XD ( edit: and theres a bit of blue there)
Irene -kim
Irene -kim - 2 kun oldin
ELLY MU - 2 kun oldin
Most people are average looking, or at best, slightly pretty without a sh*t ton of makeup, hair dye, extensions, shape wear, eyelash growth serum, bra enhancements, absurd footwear and uncomfortable clothes. I wish people would just be real. All this nonsense is so tiresome. It's degrading to women to slather every inch of your face with paste and letter around like a footbound geisha on high heels. Just stop all this self-loathing behavior.
ItsMillylas - 3 kun oldin
i love the fact that i use the same eyebrow product as Halsey without ever seeing this video before :)
Samantha Jimenez
Samantha Jimenez - 3 kun oldin
she's so beautiful without makeup wth
Macy Frazier
Macy Frazier - 3 kun oldin
“One of my greatest accomplishments in life is learning how to put on mascara without making and O face”
Kim Kardashian:”My DaD SaId,’KiMbErLy, I dOnT ThInK yOuLl eVeR pUt On MaScArA wItHoUt YoUr MoUtH oPeN.’ hAhA hAhA!”
Lauren Alessandra
Lauren Alessandra - 3 kun oldin
Watched the whole video and all I latched on to is the thought of Evan (a horror star) terrified of eyelashes 😂😭
Me Too
Me Too - 3 kun oldin
Like this is hard
kimiya jm
kimiya jm - 3 kun oldin
charli roque
charli roque - 4 kun oldin
this made me change my opinion on her
a goblin
a goblin - 4 kun oldin
“I’ve been trying to grow it out for years, and the one thing I’m finding is I feel like me when it’s short” girl I feel you I grew out my shaved head all the way to a bob and then I literally couldn’t take it anymore and shaved it again. Long hair’s so annoying ugh
Tanis Leonhardi
Tanis Leonhardi - 4 kun oldin
I like the skinny wormy eyebrows style!
Kekkei Genkai
Kekkei Genkai - 4 kun oldin
She's so gorgeous before and after
Igor Fomichev
Igor Fomichev - 4 kun oldin
Crazy.... Talent
Heyjaswhatsup - 4 kun oldin
as a person with moderate acne, that lowkey gave me anxiety
grace L
grace L - 5 kun oldin
the fact that her top lip rarely moves when she talks is so calming and i don’t know why i love the way she talks so much but i do
Army Lover
Army Lover - 5 kun oldin
جيمين هسة مسويلها ستريم 😂😂😂😂
Mafe - 5 kun oldin
Eleven ❤
Victoria Ferguson
Victoria Ferguson - 5 kun oldin
Love you hals #bipolarfam 😽
Naz Duru Tüzün
Naz Duru Tüzün - 5 kun oldin
Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, everytime I see your face I fall in love with you
Fadhila Agustina
Fadhila Agustina - 5 kun oldin
Didn't expect she'd understand about make up so much, so tomboy.....love thissss
Kerry_ Chen
Kerry_ Chen - 5 kun oldin
Isn’t just me or she kinda looks like simply nail logical?
JoaJetthead 85
JoaJetthead 85 - 6 kun oldin
Batman - 6 kun oldin
Who discovered makeup ??
Toni Odejimi
Toni Odejimi - 6 kun oldin
I feel like this woman is overly hated. As much as she can be over bearing on social justice (and I say that as a feminist) she seems just like a really talented artist who’s just a little misguided on how to articulate themselves. Half of Twitter hates her and she just seems so sweet, it’s a shame.
Nopphn W
Nopphn W - 6 kun oldin
I wanna watch Billie skincare & make up too.
yeet yeet potato skeet
yeet yeet potato skeet - 6 kun oldin
All around me are people with short hair who are rocking it and they make me wanna cut off my really long hair but I'm too scared I'll ruin it :((
Steven Yost
Steven Yost - 6 kun oldin
My son @saulz zeeeee and my daughter Haley BOTH together Looooove your name. It brings tears to my eyes. How ironic..dont you think. I Love you!! austilee and haleybee 4ever my baby mines.
army_sanaa - 6 kun oldin
my gaming and volgs
my gaming and volgs - 6 kun oldin
Are you actually halsey?
Fatemeh Ranjbar
Fatemeh Ranjbar - 7 kun oldin
She is so cute i like that make up❤
Yoon Jisung
Yoon Jisung - 7 kun oldin
Mom i love her ♥
Ahmed F Rahman
Ahmed F Rahman - 7 kun oldin
Her background and make up is very disgusting
kami jenkins
kami jenkins - 8 kun oldin
I enjoyed watching your makeup process so much. Thank you so much for letting us into your life more. It is so cool to be able to have this window into your life. God bless.
•Simran• - 8 kun oldin
Omg Laneige lip mask!!!
I love itttt❤
Jennifer Harpell
Jennifer Harpell - 9 kun oldin
I never realized how much she looks like liv Tyler!
Awa Holswilder
Awa Holswilder - 9 kun oldin
But like even, she doesn't even need make-up,she is beatiful without it 😍
Tulcey Lee
Tulcey Lee - 9 kun oldin
Ah the suck the singer trick for lipstick- learnt that years ago and always do it!
Tulcey Lee
Tulcey Lee - 9 kun oldin
She looks better without make up than me with make up on. I mean it’s not hard but still.
Tulcey Lee
Tulcey Lee - 9 kun oldin
She says a lot of people don’t understand how alike painting and make up are- so this is why I’m rubbish at make up. Rubbish at art and rubbish at doing my face 😫
Seid Kampfer
Seid Kampfer - 9 kun oldin

بي تي اس ستان
بي تي اس ستان - 10 kun oldin
s a r r a
s a r r a - 10 kun oldin
she’s gorgeous with and without makeup
Francisca Sanchez Mellado
Francisca Sanchez Mellado - 10 kun oldin
halsey es muy tierna
Jimmy Tulloch
Jimmy Tulloch - 11 kun oldin
Clearly a diana arbus reference..
Right ???
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith - 11 kun oldin
I'll sit down with Dr.Phil. There ain't nothing wrong with me. I had to learn.😚
airea Dye
airea Dye - 11 kun oldin
She looks crazy asl 😂😂😂 this is not art this is experimenting 💯
ambureb - 11 kun oldin
I just recently started paying attention to her. I have become a BIG fan. She’s smart, she’s ridiculously talented and she’s a perfect 10 in personality. I’m excited for her and her career
Chloé CHIDIAC - 11 kun oldin
Someone knows what s the first mascara she used ?
Mariah Concepcion
Mariah Concepcion - 10 kun oldin
Chloé CHIDIAC mac’s in extreme dimension 3d black lash mascara!