Hailey Gives Birth | Unexpected

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After an awkward encounter when Hailey's water broke, Hailey and Matthew welcome their baby girl.
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Ava L
Ava L - 52 daqiqa oldin
*Never get pregnant when you are a teen.
SpringWolfu Gurl
SpringWolfu Gurl - 11 soat oldin
Jay Wilburn
Jay Wilburn - 20 soat oldin
Somebody forgot to whip there kids 😂😂
Keto Heechee
Keto Heechee - Kun oldin
Mom's fucked up letting that boy there
PODFUN - 2 kun oldin
Isn't that #Jeffreystar boyfriend neck what happened Did you drowned in all that water an old person or young can die in 1" of water 3" was asking for it That boy did not find the g spot he found the spot that could sink the Titanic and the heart did go on and on
Cat Fsh
Cat Fsh - 2 kun oldin
She looks 11
Muhammad Imran
Muhammad Imran - 2 kun oldin
I like love
I need true Love 😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤ i am single 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷
Ysa Ferreira
Ysa Ferreira - 2 kun oldin
Ela é muito linda, parece uma boneca😍😍
Californiaman 1122
Californiaman 1122 - 3 kun oldin
he looks like steve rogers before the bibbity bobbity boo
greekgirl - 4 kun oldin
Jesus Lord..why are kids rushing to grow up...geeezzzzz
whiz kaleah
whiz kaleah - 4 kun oldin
Kid ur 16😑
whiz kaleah
whiz kaleah - 4 kun oldin
Kid ur 16😑
Louis Barrete
Louis Barrete - 5 kun oldin
PARENTING! When you do not teach your kids to respect their body and be responsable they became this!
Ariyanna Guadalupe
Ariyanna Guadalupe - 5 kun oldin
The way she said coochie Lol 🤣
HunHan Sangster
HunHan Sangster - 5 kun oldin
My God... Is this real?! If I was her mother I... Oh my God. I would kill her!!! 😂😂😂 And they have Sex like... Like they're oder... Oh my God, Jesus Christ 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
rumpumpumpum keke
rumpumpumpum keke - 6 kun oldin
Wtf sis I'm 16 kshdkdhd and I dont even have a boyfriend
Ruby Lake
Ruby Lake - 6 kun oldin
I was just scared bc the baby was about to come out my fricking Coochie 😂😂😂
Haylee Renee
Haylee Renee - 7 kun oldin
Everyone grows up differently, everyone’s lifestyle is different. They may be young, but they will learn from everything they are going through. We have no right to judge what another is doing
its a trap
its a trap - 8 kun oldin
Oh my God everything is legal in America when this kind of situation is actually very wrong oh God parents of these kids😂😢
Tyrone Smith
Tyrone Smith - 6 kun oldin
trap condoms aren't always 100%
its a trap
its a trap - 6 kun oldin
Tyrone Smith they should used condoms if that’s the case
Tyrone Smith
Tyrone Smith - 6 kun oldin
It's very wrong when ppl are to damn lazy to take responsibility for their actions and end up killing their child.
Keren Du Pisanie
Keren Du Pisanie - 9 kun oldin
I have no words for this idiotic girl while she was giving birth and sleeping with him he was sleeping with her friend who is pregnant with this stupid boys child too
Jordan Julius
Jordan Julius - 11 kun oldin
Carralié Alice Whitewood
Carralié Alice Whitewood - 13 kun oldin
"Water stickin' out the bed"
Carol Bonnell
Carol Bonnell - 13 kun oldin
So young to have a big responsibility already.
Usee Usee
Usee Usee - 13 kun oldin
Is there some illness or some other reason people on this feed and video speak without grace concerning the subject matter? Is this what happens when you eat American fast food and beverages. Such sadness at the low level of cognition here!
HopeIn AllThings
HopeIn AllThings - 13 kun oldin
A baby having a baby...🙄...
Haleigh Hilton
Haleigh Hilton - 13 kun oldin
And her mom's okay with this?
Kexin - 14 kun oldin
I. Was. Really. Excited. :|
Travis Dosso
Travis Dosso - 14 kun oldin
Lizzy Elmizab
Lizzy Elmizab - 14 kun oldin
I literally looked and thought she was 8
Kinslee Tijerina
Kinslee Tijerina - 15 kun oldin
my name is Kinslee!
Damsie - 15 kun oldin
Apparently condoms left the chat
Vanessa Guzman
Vanessa Guzman - 16 kun oldin
I think this is just fake
G Lynn
G Lynn - 16 kun oldin
G Lynn
G Lynn - 16 kun oldin
Gymnast Queen
Gymnast Queen - 16 kun oldin
At least he genuinely cared for the child and girl
R G - 16 kun oldin
She looks 12 in the thumbnail
Nana - 17 kun oldin
0:33 wtf was that? That guy’s weird
Israle Denteth
Israle Denteth - 17 kun oldin
This why you were condoms It’s like they never heard of em Jesus Christ
Otaku Girl
Otaku Girl - 17 kun oldin
Baby: - coming out - wah wah!
Baby: - sees 16 year old mum -
Baby: Ho Lee sheet*
The Unknown Anonymous
The Unknown Anonymous - 18 kun oldin
Technically Mathew was carrying her first
Skatejock21 - 18 kun oldin
Irresponsible kid. I also question why mom was home
M o̸ o̸ n̸ k̸ i̸ s̸ s̸ e̸ d̸ x̸ x̸
I was bored louville Kentucky only had some year there
M o̸ o̸ n̸ k̸ i̸ s̸ s̸ e̸ d̸ x̸ x̸
I was bored louville Kentucky only had some year there
Sam Lize
Sam Lize - 18 kun oldin
Ughhh, this is terrible. Not only is having a baby young a risk physically, but it hurts them emotionally. None of these trashy young kids know anything about baby or childhood development. They barely passed through 2 years of high school (most dropped out) and have absolutely no education. They speak stupidly and will teach their children to speak like that. It’s disgusting
Brooklyn Walker
Brooklyn Walker - 19 kun oldin
When I saw her on my home page I thought she was a 12 year old !!
random hater
random hater - 19 kun oldin
a freaking baby was about to come out of my coochie
Awesome StuffMNL
Awesome StuffMNL - 19 kun oldin
This is what makes me afraid of raising kids. Sorry but it really is making me sad.
MsBizzyGurl - 19 kun oldin
What life skills do these people have? Clearly not motivated to do much except stay in momma's house and fu@k. Yeah. Breed more of these.
Beverly Thacker
Beverly Thacker - 19 kun oldin
And Matthew is having another baby..with her now ex best friend.
What a prize he is..lmao
Dayya TV
Dayya TV - 20 kun oldin
Matthew is actually a good teen dad
Heilta - 20 kun oldin
A Cat
A Cat - 21 kun oldin
Oh no. Kids nowadays need an ass beat smh
anna rose
anna rose - 22 kun oldin
what a keeper
Katelinlmao 38
Katelinlmao 38 - 22 kun oldin
Nadia Mills
Nadia Mills - 22 kun oldin
1:14 I almost died
C D - 22 kun oldin
I had a moustache when I was 16 and the word "sex" was only when we read in erotic novels.... I'm a millennial but since am Asian (Indian) that's how we still roll here.
Waverly Cabella
Waverly Cabella - 23 kun oldin
basically three inches of water stickin out the bed...*mlem*
Moxy Girl
Moxy Girl - 23 kun oldin
This is what happens when you're friends with your kids instead of being a parent
Moxy Girl
Moxy Girl - 23 kun oldin
Of course you dont sed the girls father in this clip, a single mother raising a single mother
Moxy Girl
Moxy Girl - 23 kun oldin
More TLC trash content about trash people