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I had to guess between the cheapest and most expensive items such as water, chocolate, pillows, and a lot MORE!! It was harder than it looked.

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If you read this far down the description I love you
Muddati: 19:57


ITZMEFARHAAN - 7 soat oldin
Lol water is discusting normal water hhgge lol
Zak Cuellar
Zak Cuellar - 8 soat oldin
biggest flex of the decade
Bun Mun
Bun Mun - 11 soat oldin
My pillow is like 10 dollars
mini rover
mini rover - 15 soat oldin
9:20 LOL
Noah Malas
Noah Malas - 16 soat oldin
Makes a video and saying which is cheap and which isn’t
Buys 100 dollar thing
Rug this is cheap!!!
It’syaboiE Savage
It’syaboiE Savage - 18 soat oldin
Anthony: There was some pillows that was $860
Rug: why didn’t you get it you had my card
matthew deluna
matthew deluna - 20 soat oldin
Rug: alr so get ready for me to get all of them right guyss
Rug 1 minute later:(gets it wrong)
Rug: soooo.....
Jayden Lovato
Jayden Lovato - Kun oldin
Expensive is always on the right
Except for the pillow
John Naovuka
John Naovuka - Kun oldin
Wow u just used my country's water and said its cheap and put some random water bottle saying it cost more wow thumbnail my so offended
Cian Redmond
Cian Redmond - Kun oldin
Copping click are we
RYDER GOMES - Kun oldin
subscribe to FaZe Rug rate now!
SmithBeatZ1 - Kun oldin
You can't do objective items that involve taste, etc. Needs to be more controlled like feeling of fabrics or something. I would have stuck to clothes. Or same flavors of each cheap and exspensive.
Madalynn Reyes
Madalynn Reyes - Kun oldin
I always wash my toothbrush Before I brush them
Vera Nika
Vera Nika - Kun oldin
Your cousin/friend is awesome
Osama’s vlogs
Osama’s vlogs - Kun oldin
Yo Faze rug I have the same perfume like yours like you daily perfume
Kinandjim 05
Kinandjim 05 - Kun oldin
If this challenge was blindfolded that would be funny
Rhys Spralja
Rhys Spralja - Kun oldin
When I went to Brisbane these holidays I went to David Jones and I saw this cologne and tried to on. I also took a picture with me holding it right beside me. Also I took a picture and said the name of it
Marcazz 123
Marcazz 123 - Kun oldin
YouTube comments these says aren't even comments, they're just people saying JkFjFnOhFnIvFbOhFbTiIg
T Ceremony
T Ceremony - Kun oldin
I know the cologne is called invictus but I can’t seem to find the purple/pink one anywhere🥺
Can anyone help?
Leora Gray
Leora Gray - Kun oldin
I just subscribed :) hope u get to 20,000,000 and i hit the bell
Jesus Cisneros
Jesus Cisneros - Kun oldin
Anthony: buys tampons
King-K Vong
King-K Vong - Kun oldin
19:57 then after he says it doesn’t even smell good
Eli Lee
Eli Lee - Kun oldin
Everyone knew you changed robes but no one cares that you are flexing money
Legendary SS
Legendary SS - Kun oldin
Imagine drinking water
TheRagingStar *
TheRagingStar * - Kun oldin
You can’t even have cheap chocolate... but you can eat expensive chocolate... pathetic!
Ethan Animates
Ethan Animates - 2 kun oldin
Your calling my toothbrush cheap
Julian S
Julian S - 2 kun oldin
Thats the water they give you at the Gucci store for free
Griffin dor
Griffin dor - 2 kun oldin
If you think price doesn’t matter why do you buy so expensive stuff why dude
TCas1 9
TCas1 9 - 2 kun oldin
Rug: Fiji water is cheap
Me in Africa: Wats water
Achivable - 2 kun oldin
Rug- just kidding he's my best friend I don't care for family
N1inxx_シ - 2 kun oldin
Gifting my next 20 subs *gifting a AirPod case that is Spider-Man,plusheen,tinkibell,superman,marvels and Wonder Woman.
Hurry up,If I don’t get 20 subs in 2 more weeks I’ll cancel my gifting
Breezy Alvarez
Breezy Alvarez - 2 kun oldin
And you tubers swear they don’t get paid alot😂
Kryptoblox - 2 kun oldin
Your saying Fiji water is cheap? We can barely afford that for one person.
dre mcindoe
dre mcindoe - 2 kun oldin
What where is the subscribe button all I see is subscribed I’m so confused
Xionz - 2 kun oldin
Rug: this smells like my mom
Anthony: *sniffs*
*proceeds to sniff*
quags ng
quags ng - 2 kun oldin
wtf u dissin my Fijian bretheren
It’s America Rivera
It’s America Rivera - 2 kun oldin
Do a Speaking Arabic for 24 to Molly it will be a funny reaction 😂
Ivan Carlos Miranda
Ivan Carlos Miranda - 2 kun oldin
Very funny video. You are a great entertainer
Miranda Elizabeth Morgan
Miranda Elizabeth Morgan - 2 kun oldin
Tstormer - 3 kun oldin
More of this
Naomi Mendoza
Naomi Mendoza - 3 kun oldin
I love you faze rug you rock
Naomi Mendoza
Naomi Mendoza - 3 kun oldin
Faze rug this video is so funny that I almost cried off how funny that video is
DAnt Stuff
DAnt Stuff - 3 kun oldin
I saw him before at the restaurant when I took a picture with u.
Joselyn Manriquez
Joselyn Manriquez - 3 kun oldin
11:59 why u touching ur boob
CookedLynx - 3 kun oldin
Brian : “ price does not matter “
Says whilst wearing the most expensive robe on earth
Focvs Hit Those
Focvs Hit Those - 3 kun oldin
Oh ty from italy
Parag Garg
Parag Garg - 3 kun oldin
thye most expensive tea that is from India
Southern Slushie Chan
Southern Slushie Chan - 3 kun oldin
Hold up.
Fiji water is cheap? Yea right.
Devsan1 Gaming
Devsan1 Gaming - 3 kun oldin
Mine is more expensive mine is gucci colone and it is 136 dollars
kathleen Abecia
kathleen Abecia - 3 kun oldin
ItzMiniJay - 3 kun oldin
20:00 of making me feel poor
Zobair 3321
Zobair 3321 - 3 kun oldin
Luis Greer
Luis Greer - 3 kun oldin
"am I dumb?"
Have you seen your videos??
Abersh Guesh
Abersh Guesh - 3 kun oldin
If you want to hit 20000000 mil you must do something good like Mr beast
Mamyth - 3 kun oldin
not trying to sound like a creep but i have the same towel as rug. im happy
KaruShadow - 3 kun oldin
Part 2
yousef - 3 kun oldin
شاي حليب ههههههههههههههههههههههه
ITZ_A1 - 3 kun oldin
How did you say it in Arabic 5:17 😂😂 (chia haleeb)
Luke Dewees
Luke Dewees - 3 kun oldin
I feel like if you took Faze out of your name and you were just Rug you’d hit that 20 million by 2020!
George Lopez
George Lopez - 3 kun oldin