Generations React To Super Bowl Commercials 2020

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Generations React to 2020 Super Bowl commercials. Watch to see their reactions!
Content Featured:
Mountain Dew
Sabra Hummus
Baby Nut
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Generations React To Super Bowl Commercials 2020
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FBE - Oy oldin
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Ana Elizarraras
Ana Elizarraras - 23 kun oldin
FBE how come you didn’t include the before Alexa comercial?
Yoda - 27 kun oldin
Cried at the Google ad, I did. Very heartwarming it was.
Jean-Pierre Rouhana
Jean-Pierre Rouhana - Oy oldin
Elders React to "Have the Boomers Pinched Their Children’s Futures? - with Lord David Willetts"
Princess Domingo
Princess Domingo - Oy oldin
FBE hi
Jackie Cruz
Jackie Cruz - Oy oldin
You guys didn’t show the commercial before the baby nut commercial of how mr peanut died from a cliff because he sacrificed himself
chris perez
chris perez - 16 soat oldin
I only came for baby nut
XxGamerXx Cool
XxGamerXx Cool - 19 soat oldin
0:00 Charli : ok BOOMER
Aramau the Fiery Secretary
Okay, that's Miz Cracker and who else is that queen in the hummus commercial I swear I've seen her before but I can't place her! Is that KimChi? I swear to Ru if that's Kim Chi imma die rn.
Brooks Rams
Brooks Rams - Kun oldin
I cried during the google one 😂
seco jaimes
seco jaimes - Kun oldin
Baby nut looks so cuuuute!
Ice Cube
Ice Cube - Kun oldin
Charli D’Amelio = hype house girl
Zach King = illusion guy
Jack Bright
Jack Bright - Kun oldin
*I too, enjoy looking at baby nut.*
Cal Rogers
Cal Rogers - Kun oldin
Baby Groot Then it was baby yoda and now it’s baby nut who’s the next baby 👶
hilda cullen
hilda cullen - 2 kun oldin
Gaming Cubby
Gaming Cubby - 2 kun oldin
Austin Indest
Austin Indest - 2 kun oldin
Y’all didn’t do post Malone bud light and the dorito old town road
Jacqueline Musta
Jacqueline Musta - 2 kun oldin
Buhga from fortnite tournament from sabra humas
Hannah Dickson
Hannah Dickson - 2 kun oldin
I love it how none of them recognised rick flair
Abby Locklear
Abby Locklear - 2 kun oldin
This years commercials were low-key fire tho
Andres Arteaga
Andres Arteaga - 2 kun oldin
Bananas buaga
Xander Dunn
Xander Dunn - 2 kun oldin
Super bowl was on my birthday
Mylycanth - 2 kun oldin
The Gladiator may be made by Jeep but, It's just a little truck pretending to be a Wrangler.
Pace - 3 kun oldin
The snickers ad sounded like my middle school choir XD a bunch of squeakers
Vegito Vakamoce
Vegito Vakamoce - 3 kun oldin
Girls:we wont equal rights 30 years later they got it but still saying it
The Dark Wolves
The Dark Wolves - 3 kun oldin
Who says old people are marketing tools like the video if you agree with that
The Dark Wolves
The Dark Wolves - 3 kun oldin
ME- I'm not crying because of a Google ad 😭
Friend-😭 it was so sad how are you not crying
ME- I was being sarcastic 😭
Terrance Qu
Terrance Qu - 3 kun oldin
G - 3 kun oldin
xxx gaming pad xxx egg
xxx gaming pad xxx egg - 3 kun oldin
Everyone snickers
Me death for nut allergy people
Kitsune the red Shooter
Kitsune the red Shooter - 3 kun oldin
I’m I the only one who hoped the whole commercial the old woman died
lil Durth
lil Durth - 3 kun oldin
When the Google ad came on I thought I was getting that exact same ad but then I realized that it was in the video That's How many times I've gotten that ad 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
:Dmm Thangmlon
:Dmm Thangmlon - 4 kun oldin
The only thing that i like in this video it fbe cry
Blind- - 4 kun oldin
No one Bugha: bananas
Vilso - 4 kun oldin
are we gonna ignore Bugha got in at 7:18, because of winning the Fortnite World Cup?
Tressa Rogers
Tressa Rogers - 5 kun oldin
7:00 look at the way it's paused on Charlie's face
Molly Te Grotenhuis
Molly Te Grotenhuis - 5 kun oldin
charlis face in the commercial at 7:02
Gael Rivera
Gael Rivera - 6 kun oldin
How did the shitty google ad make it over the Jason Momoa one
Goateee - 6 kun oldin
7:02 charli might of pooped herself
Goateee - 6 kun oldin
It’s funny how in Super Bowl commercials, it’s either the commercial is based off the product or has nothing to do with the product but at the end it’s like, *girls finish dancing over football then Some 0.5 second thing about ceiling fans
hiroyuki chiba
hiroyuki chiba - 6 kun oldin
Ingredients for a google commercial:
Rainbow tubes
And 15 gallons of
Coco Hemminger
Coco Hemminger - 6 kun oldin
My favorite is the snickers
Autumn Bennett
Autumn Bennett - 6 kun oldin
I think the baby peanut is rly cute
Please dont @ 😰
Eli Johnson
Eli Johnson - 6 kun oldin
But she messed up...... at the super bowl
Thadzjody 10
Thadzjody 10 - 7 kun oldin
Well Katie is not actually the 49ers coach

Kyle shanahan is
BlackHeart - 7 kun oldin
"Baby Nut" I ain't gonna say anything...
rhonda lee
rhonda lee - 7 kun oldin
At 3:51 at the bottom it says this is a dramazitation obviously
Zachary Hillard
Zachary Hillard - 7 kun oldin
My favorite was the Pringle’s one.
Your Mom
Your Mom - 7 kun oldin
Jorge G. Trujano
Jorge G. Trujano - 7 kun oldin
#Hype house girl
Sophia Swidler
Sophia Swidler - 7 kun oldin
When I was cheering a few years ago there was a girl on the foot ball team
Panav Janagal
Panav Janagal - 7 kun oldin
Kyle Giersdorf (Bugha): BANANAS!!!
Noah Bagnall
Noah Bagnall - 8 kun oldin
Bruh in the yellow is faze bugga
Sara Ruiz
Sara Ruiz - 8 kun oldin
Where’s the avocado commercial??
Declan Dude
Declan Dude - 8 kun oldin
Me living in Canada I don’t get any nice commercials XD
Juan Medina
Juan Medina - 8 kun oldin
Rebecca is the worst
Daniel Warner
Daniel Warner - 8 kun oldin
Amanda Sa
Amanda Sa - 8 kun oldin
The planters peanut guy deserved to die, he enslaved thousands of his kind and forced them to be eaten and now his rain of terror has ended
Half Awake
Half Awake - 8 kun oldin
The google one made my cry bc my grandma died not too long ago and idk what to Do now with my life...
Gerardo Lopez
Gerardo Lopez - 8 kun oldin
I love the Mr.Peanut Commercial
Ruben Garcia
Ruben Garcia - 9 kun oldin
Fortnite Brayden
Fortnite Brayden - 9 kun oldin
Natalie Estrada
Natalie Estrada - 9 kun oldin
CHARLIE D,MALIO is like ok boomer
Damian Curren
Damian Curren - 10 kun oldin
No one noticed bogher
Ethan Musick
Ethan Musick - 10 kun oldin
Dude as the truck came out me and my dad where cracking up it is so bad😷🤢🤮
Wilbur Productions
Wilbur Productions - 10 kun oldin
You need to have a high IQ to understand Rick and Morty
Swade Galaxy
Swade Galaxy - 10 kun oldin
The fact that you had the audacity to show “Baby Nut” and not John Krasinski’s commercial.
MICHAEL sneed - 10 kun oldin

Charlie OK bommer
Donut XVI
Donut XVI - 11 kun oldin
Dangg bugha and charli were in a commercial i never knew that dang
Ian Walters
Ian Walters - 11 kun oldin
Chiefs won the super bowl
JoshTheCoolboy - 11 kun oldin
6:55 ok she is hype house girl 😂😂😂😂
Diego RBLX
Diego RBLX - 11 kun oldin
Lil Chub
Lil Chub - 12 kun oldin
Is kool aid man the dad for baby nut???
commanderxavvy 123
commanderxavvy 123 - 12 kun oldin
American football or superbowl is shocking compered to rugby what's the point watching a bunch of man in armour when the only pretection in rugby is gum shields or head guards
AckyDudes 2007
AckyDudes 2007 - 13 kun oldin
I'm only 12 but these teens don't get what is the purpose of the looks of the Jeep gladiator is
Official Milana
Official Milana - 13 kun oldin
I was watching the one with Charlie on it once on like a full screen and when the magic dude came I tried to unpause the video lol
{ StopMotionSoph }
{ StopMotionSoph } - 13 kun oldin
Ok boomer is a football team in Oklahoma... ok= Oklahoma shortcut and they team is the boomers...
Edelyn Belocura
Edelyn Belocura - 13 kun oldin
Reactors: #BabyNuts!
Me: So like the male thing?
LyDia Barnes
LyDia Barnes - 13 kun oldin
Who's here for Charli?
Alan Ortiz
Alan Ortiz - 13 kun oldin
Imagine being reborn and just start to curse
Cailyn Jung
Cailyn Jung - 14 kun oldin
I literally watched all of these adds before xD. They made me laugh so hard.
Cailyn Jung
Cailyn Jung - 14 kun oldin
But the google one I was sad
KAI! - 14 kun oldin
2:15 she da hoach
April Lynn
April Lynn - 14 kun oldin
Camdyn Hoskinson
Camdyn Hoskinson - 14 kun oldin
Patrick mahomes
Roblox Thruster
Roblox Thruster - 14 kun oldin