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I've waited this long to tell you...
...that I went to Italy 6 months ago with my family and fell in love with the country and several men in it. And a pigeon.
This life has been a heaven of a ride... thank you for riding with me.
I'll see you unexpectedly again, very soon.
Videographers: Liza Koshy, Mama Koshy, Papa Koshy, O. Koshy, R. Koshy
Editor: My bro, Mark C. Roe
Produced by Westbrook Media (and me lol)
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I thank you, I've missed you, and I am so happy to be here with you.
All my love always,
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Brianna Downey
Brianna Downey - 32 daqiqa oldin
It so Gucci and nice
Kyle Pepito
Kyle Pepito - 32 daqiqa oldin
sans the skeleton
sans the skeleton - 41 daqiqa oldin
I miss her comedy videos
Dorothea Roshanne
Dorothea Roshanne - 49 daqiqa oldin
What mascara does she use???
Julia Dias
Julia Dias - Soat oldin
We love u
Eva van der Meer
Eva van der Meer - 2 soat oldin
Did you secretly use apple’s photo function to make this video 😛
Mia Rodriguez
Mia Rodriguez - 2 soat oldin
Lol! When she start singing tho 😂
SMoney ._.
SMoney ._. - 2 soat oldin
i’m going to go see a turtlini 👋🏿👋🏿👋🏿
Kim - 3 soat oldin
Lara Aboelnaga
Lara Aboelnaga - 3 soat oldin
when she was in italy i was their too 😭😭
Ryan King
Ryan King - 3 soat oldin
4:08 isn't that where the cheetah girls gave us the performance of a lifetime?
Kit Cat
Kit Cat - 3 soat oldin
As an Italian, I had the best time watching this🤣🤣😍
fizza hamdule
fizza hamdule - 5 soat oldin
So beautiful
You , your family and ofcousre Italy
Sister Tea
Sister Tea - 6 soat oldin
its about time you posted lol
KaVeri - 6 soat oldin
I wanna more like this... Family vlogs
Alexia Adams
Alexia Adams - 7 soat oldin
How do you fall in love with several men??? Well i guess you have to keep your options open, love you liza
Savannah Wachter
Savannah Wachter - 7 soat oldin
the end made me so happy but so sad because of the music and the overall vibes. dang i missed liza
Ammu Jayan
Ammu Jayan - 8 soat oldin
This made me happy.
Bruce Hastings
Bruce Hastings - 8 soat oldin
Maria Coppola
Maria Coppola - 9 soat oldin
khajiit caravan
khajiit caravan - 9 soat oldin
Still waiting for the "we got back together video"
lexi - 9 soat oldin
Really annoying y r u talking like that what a jerk very tacky you are
plantasusu - 9 soat oldin
We miss you!!!!
Kukuruzni kruh Sa sjemenkama
David dobrik
Maya Kern
Maya Kern - 11 soat oldin
Italy is so pretty
Jae Lewis
Jae Lewis - 11 soat oldin
There’s just something so damn special about this little brown girl. Lol, you’re absolutely amazing Liza. It’s crazy how quickly you bring a smile to my face. Thank you. - Hope you enjoyed your trip!
Carol M&M
Carol M&M - 12 soat oldin
You’re so endearing I love your soul 😭♥️
naomi burke
naomi burke - 13 soat oldin
The love radiating in this video is absolutely beautiful 🥰💚 also love having you back Liza you just so damn funny.
arianna stevens
arianna stevens - 13 soat oldin
posting on a wednesday and using og music >>>>
Abigail Philip
Abigail Philip - 14 soat oldin
ceo of being sophisticated crackhead
thanh nam nguyen
thanh nam nguyen - 14 soat oldin
Gosh she sang so well
thanh nam nguyen
thanh nam nguyen - 14 soat oldin
Maggie Michelle
Maggie Michelle - 15 soat oldin
Finally a video I don’t have to pay for
Samantha Salcedo
Samantha Salcedo - 16 soat oldin
R O M A M I K A - 16 soat oldin
8 mins of Liza made my day! Prada Prada Fendi Fendi 😂😍beautiful family
Olivia Ettinger
Olivia Ettinger - 16 soat oldin
I missed liza
Curry Crave
Curry Crave - 17 soat oldin
Missed your puns!
Amna Nadeem
Amna Nadeem - 17 soat oldin
Wait a damn minute-
Sarai Sanchez
Sarai Sanchez - 17 soat oldin
I've always wanted to go to Italy its litterly a dream and watching this made me want to go even more, I hope Liza to live her best life
Angelica Chaves
Angelica Chaves - 18 soat oldin
What about David ?
Adriana Baldelomar
Adriana Baldelomar - 18 soat oldin
I love you Liza ♥️
Casie Matthews
Casie Matthews - 18 soat oldin
Yeah your making video again
OKjoey86 - 18 soat oldin
Best travel vlog, ever
Lilly Pesakoff
Lilly Pesakoff - 18 soat oldin
y’all r so cute
Arianna Cookhorne
Arianna Cookhorne - 20 soat oldin
Low key had me in my feels but made me want to travel as well
laura stukas
laura stukas - 20 soat oldin
liza you are such a beautiful human
Faith Shelley
Faith Shelley - 21 soat oldin
never change Liza, never change...
Krista Bonner
Krista Bonner - 22 soat oldin
I seriously cried. The love you have for your family is so beautiful.
gngsparkles - 22 soat oldin
great video lisa. hope ur doing well and sending lots of love!
Sargun Handa
Sargun Handa - 23 soat oldin
Why is Liza's dad's hair so luscious I want hair like that
Jaimmy FAM
Jaimmy FAM - 23 soat oldin
Do you know David could’ve gone if you guys haven’t broken up it will make some perfect content🥺🥴
Teap 5
Teap 5 - Kun oldin
Am I the only one who hasn't seen her sisters before? She looks so much like them
Ananya Gupta
Ananya Gupta - Kun oldin
Mary Flynn
Mary Flynn - Kun oldin
It's the KOSHY KLAN!!!!
Jess Grunden
Jess Grunden - Kun oldin
Like someone tell me why I got emotional during this... I’m confused lol
Evie Gold
Evie Gold - Kun oldin
No offence
Julia W.
Julia W. - Kun oldin
welcome back bbg 💗
TD 2020 Panika Twist
TD 2020 Panika Twist - Kun oldin
TD 2020 Panika Twist

Amina - Kun oldin
Miss... It is "Gucci, Prada e Fendi"
Ree Ree
Ree Ree - Kun oldin