Every Nintendo Console Ever

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From NES to Switch, Nintendo more than any other console manufacturer has revolutionized the space, over and over again.
Every Jedi Ever:
Every Sith Ever:
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IGN - 2 yil oldin
There are so many great Nintendo consoles throughout the years, so what was your favorite and why??!?!??!?!
Lolo Lelei
Lolo Lelei - Oy oldin
Switch it is my first
D's nuts lol
D's nuts lol - Oy oldin
Robolad Animations
Robolad Animations - Oy oldin
Keeree Kaewwannesakul
Keeree Kaewwannesakul - 2 oy oldin
Game boy cuz it’s portable
Nazier Boone
Nazier Boone - 22 soat oldin
You forgot the ds lite
It lets you play gameboy and ds games
Leonard Church
Leonard Church - 15 soat oldin
he mentioned it at 8:36
GOD baggwi
GOD baggwi - 3 kun oldin
Diamond Epic
Diamond Epic - 4 kun oldin
1:57 Why does this controller model have 4 face buttons?
leni pulic
leni pulic - 4 kun oldin
none of them is my favorite they all stinsk alot
Still Suffering
Still Suffering - 7 kun oldin
2kb ram 😂😂😂
Henzo Julmar Pereira
Henzo Julmar Pereira - 8 kun oldin
2:16 :o gun
Roblox King
Roblox King - 8 kun oldin
*Nintendo.* Once a legend, always a legend! ; )
JJ.Sniper.9.1 - 8 kun oldin
That’s Cool The Nintendo Switch & The Gameboy There Is Every Nintendo Consle
thevideo gamehit
thevideo gamehit - 9 kun oldin
Ya gotta check the rating of the games Before playing it
Jojo Joji
Jojo Joji - 11 kun oldin
Abimbola KingNigglyBear
Abimbola KingNigglyBear - 11 kun oldin
Haven’t bought a Nintendo since the wii. I own a N64 GameCube and wii
Marcelina Perez
Marcelina Perez - 12 kun oldin
or better yet that mini version should make It normal but with a kind of power source more or less like the nintendo 64 and nintendi gamecube it wouldbe much better because those power sources gave a lot of things got critical. becausr the power source got hot and we could haldly enjoy our game i am just giving an opinino greeting and apology
Marcelina Perez
Marcelina Perez - 12 kun oldin
how I would like Nintendo to make a better power source for nes and super nes Incredible airline
Martin Georgiev
Martin Georgiev - 14 kun oldin
I'm probably gonna be hated for this buuuuuuuuut.....

Kanish Lal
Kanish Lal - 20 kun oldin
I hav WII
Shannon Elsom
Shannon Elsom - 21 kun oldin
I absolutely treasured my DS but then when my best friend got the DS lite the next year I was so jealous 😂 I remember thinking it was so much more sleek and cool and I had the Nintendogs limited edition DS!!
Tom Verstappen Drums
Tom Verstappen Drums - 23 kun oldin
DS, Wii and Switch baby. The NES is great but for me it's too dated to have fun with.
Jeremias Mendoza
Jeremias Mendoza - 24 kun oldin
0:00 - 0:05
Can all of you consoles be quiet! I’m trying to sleep!
Mauro Rossi
Mauro Rossi - 24 kun oldin
IceKing - 25 kun oldin
8:07 wii u vibes
Toxicbloom the breloom
Toxicbloom the breloom - 27 kun oldin
Dsi was my childhood

The new 3ds couldn't compete with the nostalgia
But it is now as expensive as the 3ds at launch
Michelle Nguyen
Michelle Nguyen - 28 kun oldin
i use to have the game boy but now i hate the nintendo ds
Fuck You
Fuck You - Oy oldin
MEHHH: [To Nintendo: Do make new gaming console, Ninten"do it"]
Surrender your BEANS
Nintendo is th best
Milo McGlinchey
Milo McGlinchey - Oy oldin
Not every switch
Milo McGlinchey
Milo McGlinchey - Oy oldin
Not every switch
Michelle Buckley
Michelle Buckley - Oy oldin
Sony Nintendo or SEGA
Me:Nintendo and Sony
Michelle Buckley
Michelle Buckley - Oy oldin
My favorite console is the NES I have a NES,and a game boy!
Mr. Yello Larva
Mr. Yello Larva - Oy oldin
It’s not just consoles it’s handhelds
Underscore Up
Underscore Up - Oy oldin
I am from 2020, now play Luigi's mansion 3
porter robinson
porter robinson - Oy oldin
5:40 yes
MrSuperyang vlogger
MrSuperyang vlogger - Oy oldin
Nintendo switch is literally a better version of GameCube
Leon Anderson
Leon Anderson - Oy oldin
How much would it cost to purchase every console?
Bede - Oy oldin
You forgot they were added in the UK
Sebastian Gacha
Sebastian Gacha - Oy oldin
Fuyukai UWU
Fuyukai UWU - Oy oldin
Nintendo Switch is going to be the first Nintendo console I'm going to own
•Aghate_studio• - Oy oldin
Oh no nothing lol
Carlos x
Carlos x - Oy oldin
Long life to Wii U ❤
Owen Dampf
Owen Dampf - Oy oldin
whos watching in 2020
Kimran Mamadvafoev
Kimran Mamadvafoev - Oy oldin
And now there is the switch lite
TheAJBOY channel
TheAJBOY channel - Oy oldin
Nintendo in my opinion is the king of video games sorry PlayStation and Xbox Nintendo is better
Bob3 Studios
Bob3 Studios - Oy oldin
JokerJames 2006
JokerJames 2006 - Oy oldin
Is it just me or was that satisfying
Lucinda Peart
Lucinda Peart - Oy oldin
I see people saying that he forgot switch lite.
This Video was made in 2017.
And The Switch Lite was made in 2019.
So the people that said that are just like dumb 8 yr olds.
Agus tri Maulidyanto
Orias X
Orias X - Oy oldin
You forgot to mention that European snes didn't change design,it stayed the same as Japanese
Elijah Walker
Elijah Walker - Oy oldin
You missed the Nintendo switch lite
8bit Blueblur
8bit Blueblur - Oy oldin
Make "every SEGA console ever" please
MadEagles InsanitY
MadEagles InsanitY - Oy oldin
The GameCube has so many amazing games & will always be my favourite along with the Nintendo Switch & Nintendo DS.
Sonic Speed the Hedgehog
Well that is super sonic cool
Pierce Wright
Pierce Wright - Oy oldin
I still have my wii it hasn’t been played in 5 years i hope it still works
William Patchell
William Patchell - Oy oldin
Mine did after almost seven or eight. Get 'er done, man! C:
its davd
its davd - Oy oldin
Let me tell you about the switch lite
Dr. deng gerous
Dr. deng gerous - Oy oldin
nintendo consoles are for happy family playing together while x box and ps are for adults that dont let their kids to play with them!
Chuck Tomney
Chuck Tomney - Oy oldin
Man, I am so glad I kept my Nintendo DSi! 🕹
Jacob Attacks!
Jacob Attacks! - Oy oldin
1will u
2 NB64
3 GameCube
4 switch
5 3DS
8 2DS
9 game boy Color
10 game boy
11 game boy Advance
12 game boy SP
13 will
Lucinda Peart
Lucinda Peart - Oy oldin
I like how your saying "will" instead of "wii"
Silver Draws
Silver Draws - Oy oldin
It's been with my family for 11 years and is still working strong today.
Although the 3ds XL comes in a close second for me
JManzano79 - 5 kun oldin
My Wii's been 12 years with me. Nintendo is my early childhood ('cause I'm still in my childhood) and that's the reason why I came back to Nintendo after Fortnite fever.
Sasuke Uchiha do Gacha Life
Silver Draws
Silver Draws - 25 kun oldin
@IceKing actually I own a New 3DS XL since I broke my 3DS XL😅
IceKing - 25 kun oldin
Same except for the Wii it’s a Wii mini and 3ds xl replaced by the new 3ds
Seby 0906
Seby 0906 - 2 oy oldin
I still got a working satellaview Nintendo...
Mr. POPO - 2 oy oldin
Nintendo 64
LCreeper - 2 oy oldin