Eminem Performs 'Lose Yourself' at Oscars 2020

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Eminem performs his Oscar winning song, 'Lose Yourself,' from the film 8 MILE. This is the first time Eminem has performed the song live on the Oscars stage. See more performances and highlights at Oscar.com and in the ABC app!
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Erin St.
Erin St. - 10 soat oldin
1:13 who are these two little Em disciples? I know the guy cant think of his name.. ugh...is that his sister by him? don't think the old gray hair man liked it or maybe he couldn't hear. He looked disgusted.
Erin St.
Erin St. - 10 soat oldin
1:13 who are these two little Em disciples? I know the guy cant think of his name.. ugh...is that his sister by him? don't think the old gray hair man liked it or maybe he couldn't hear. He looked disgusted.
1flybyguy - 11 soat oldin
Eminem getting old and out of shape. Pants sagging. Lip syncing. Not at his best.
Michael Hines
Michael Hines - 11 soat oldin
Little Known Facts About Eminem
wizard - 12 soat oldin
I know that they're talented and all but gahd damn celebrities look like some boring bitches😪😂
Shannon F-PA
Shannon F-PA - 12 soat oldin
❤❤❤ MY GOD HES HOT ❤❤❤
Switch Lanes
Switch Lanes - 13 soat oldin
Slim is starting to look like Thick Shady
Aidan - 13 soat oldin
Billie in the background
Joes Mad
Joes Mad - 15 soat oldin
Beard is weird.
Erik Gutierrez
Erik Gutierrez - 15 soat oldin
Weak ass crowd ! "Oscar's " 2020 or not
Graciezstoriez Jr
Graciezstoriez Jr - 16 soat oldin
The crowds boring
Christine lynn
Christine lynn - 16 soat oldin
Eminem is the best rapper. 💗 And he's cute.
Amythist - 16 soat oldin
I will never be so old that Eminem doesn't give me chills when he performs. Love him
optimal_li - 16 soat oldin
No offense. It is 2020! He still wears pants like that.
mgtazco - 17 soat oldin
ABC is the best.
cgtalk !
cgtalk ! - 17 soat oldin
Dayummm.. he used to be awesome. Now Ok Boomers are I to him.
itsthat boy ethan
itsthat boy ethan - 17 soat oldin
Billy Irish 3:03
Vincent Caruso
Vincent Caruso - 19 soat oldin
This is the moment I woke up from watching the Oscars. The minute he finished I feel back asleep. Such a pathetic boring evening.
Billy West
Billy West - 19 soat oldin
HIRE A COMPETENT SOUND TECHNICIAN HIS MIC SOUNDS LIKE ASS. Jesus, how much money do these people have? And this sounds mediocre at best... wow... so pathetic...
Amber Goodwin
Amber Goodwin - 19 soat oldin
that mic is struggling real hard there
Aaron - 20 soat oldin
Eminem with a beard makes him look like a dad
whitestargamer ___
whitestargamer ___ - 20 soat oldin
I mean He is
Leann Kimmen
Leann Kimmen - 20 soat oldin
I F*@king LOVE Eminem! He was awesome
Jade Baker
Jade Baker - 21 soat oldin
Low key pissed off that no one in the audience celebrities or not was crying. Like I’m sorry do you know who is right in front of you?
kim - Kun oldin
do you guys realize this isn’t the music awards lmfao
NIGHT2PWN - Kun oldin
eminem kinda getting fat but he's outfits still cool
Robin Rocha
Robin Rocha - Kun oldin
Robin Rocha
Robin Rocha - Kun oldin
Legnd Grape
Legnd Grape - Kun oldin
That’s crazy reading lose yourself, Eminem, and 2020 in the same sentence is wildin
sk - Kun oldin
dynamic lyricist super impressed he can rap so quickly those lyrics! Looked like he boosted the energy in the room. Funny how only the 80+ yo didn't seem to know who he was/song her performed. LOL
Calvin Lee
Calvin Lee - Kun oldin
The audience looking like: Who T.F is this guy?
G1r4ff35 4r34 c001
G1r4ff35 4r34 c001 - Kun oldin
Billie: why do I here boss music?
Benjamin Jordan
Benjamin Jordan - Kun oldin
Eminem gave a commanding performance at the Oscar the Oscar is usually boring place
Kandula Bharath
Kandula Bharath - Kun oldin
Woahh thats awesome
Steve Duke
Steve Duke - Kun oldin
Not my thing ENEMIM has over 10 years sober it clearly shows 👍👍
Arnoldo Contreras rivera
Where did I find it👅
Stewart Robinson
Stewart Robinson - Kun oldin
Lyrically. Hes best song
JASSON Barajas
JASSON Barajas - Kun oldin
Big eminem fan he done better in concert years ago this he seems high pitched an out of breath on this song perhaps it's been so long he sing this song
Fresh Potatoes 111
Fresh Potatoes 111 - Kun oldin
I called it when this 1st came out that it would be a classic. I was right. Still a dope song to bring one's spirit up.
Vincent Rodriguez
Vincent Rodriguez - Kun oldin
When u rap and make an entire room full of movie stars and singers go silent

Your are by far the best rapper
Faith Love
Faith Love - Kun oldin
Love this
J Ray
J Ray - Kun oldin
Danny Steeler
Danny Steeler - Kun oldin
Billy Eye Lash = Who is this?

Everyone else = I love Eminem!
Ch3rry Art¡st
Ch3rry Art¡st - Kun oldin
I would have been yelling and been hella happy
Ericka Hidalgo
Ericka Hidalgo - Kun oldin
chiliman19 tucker
chiliman19 tucker - Kun oldin
I love the movie 8 mile
garri bet
garri bet - Kun oldin
Billie is a transgender
LemmingSee - Kun oldin
Facts...90% of the people in the audience and this comment section have lip synced this song in the mirror
streetgainer - Kun oldin
So Eminem decided to allow the Grammys to take place at his concert, in order to help out with the fledgling Grammy ratings?
This Eminem dude sure is a nice guy!
Armando Perez
Armando Perez - Kun oldin
Who told the academy it was okay to give out oscars in the middle of an Eminem concert? The disrespect 😤
Richard Dacey
Richard Dacey - Kun oldin
The crowd members should have stood up strip their clothes off and started Booty Poppin..
Or at least got up and put their hands up and started dancing
that's according to YouTubers other than myself by the way.. I think they all enjoyed it and acted appropriately
Reflexzy - Kun oldin
He OWNED the oscars
alex bessarabov
alex bessarabov - Kun oldin
I had front row tickets to that shit
Doxx Box
Doxx Box - Kun oldin
Bille needs to be punished for her reaction Jesus Christ
LÜG The Verified Loser
He’ll always be the best
Constellations - Kun oldin
Perfect. What an amazing rapper. The crowd should have been more enthusiastic though.
Joe Shmo
Joe Shmo - Kun oldin
Haha he's a hipster now with that beard.
Adelaide Groves
Adelaide Groves - Kun oldin
Wow just wow he still dose this stuf
SEVENTEEN - Kun oldin
M&m loved him some under age girls. Sick perverted fuck like most in the entertainment industry.
Shabana Gonzales
Shabana Gonzales - Kun oldin
I love how Bille Ellish was like why him I didn't like his performance
Chris K
Chris K - Kun oldin
Now that was pretty impressive......