David Dobrik on Marrying His Friend's 70-Something Mom

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David Dobrik breaks down how he got married (for real) to his friend's 70-something-year-old mom just to become his friend's stepdad.
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David Dobrik on Marrying His Friend's 70-Something Mom
Muddati: 2:13


lutfee hasa
lutfee hasa - 6 soat oldin
Ellie Cooper
Ellie Cooper - 4 kun oldin
*tickle* *tickle*
Ellie Cooper
Ellie Cooper - 4 kun oldin
*tickle* *tickle*
Alivia Licher
Alivia Licher - 6 kun oldin
"shuddup Jason, I'm ur dad"
Zujca Pavlova
Zujca Pavlova - 7 kun oldin
is ths for real?
Blue Vlogs
Blue Vlogs - 8 kun oldin
David: goes to any interview Interviewer: so you married your best friends mom
Αχιλλέας Ν
Αχιλλέας Ν - 9 kun oldin
At least he got his green card
Jazmin Aguilar
Jazmin Aguilar - 9 kun oldin
Petition for jimmy fallon to stop saying “hits”
Angel Barron
Angel Barron - 15 kun oldin
The yummy conspiracy!
Zig - 17 kun oldin
jesus christ.. this world is so retarded
Tom - 15 kun oldin
Zig includes you pal
Ziggy Z
Ziggy Z - 18 kun oldin
Jimmy is so cracked out
comallanalmeida - 19 kun oldin
fogs - 19 kun oldin
Jimmy Fallon is impressed with David! Seriously I’ve never seen him this smitten.
Yonathan Asefaw
Yonathan Asefaw - 19 kun oldin
No offense but I really dislike David, I think it's the fact that he does nothing but vlogs, he has no real talent.
Dan - 17 kun oldin
Every damn thing that you call talent was a creation of the human mind I guess.. Making good Vlogs and making money is a fking talent. Can you do it like david? You mfking can't.. don't even try. Just fk off and do something with your life.. you wouldn't be here just bc you dislike him..
Thinh Tam
Thinh Tam - 20 kun oldin
But did they ever consumed their marriage?
Kathi - 21 kun oldin
Best prank ever
fiveyearsago - 22 kun oldin
the music at the end is really annoying...
Juraj Frederik Lauko
Juraj Frederik Lauko - 24 kun oldin
Dude wtf.
Zac James
Zac James - 24 kun oldin
corrrecting jimmy fallon on his own show.. not a good look
Tom - 15 kun oldin
Zac James it's fine. This is a talkshow, not an interview.
Tehreem - 24 kun oldin
think about this, Jimmy was about the same age as David when he appeared on his first late night talk show as a guest, now everyone's saying they give off the same vibes, if you go back and watch that interview honestly apart from his impressions young Jimmy was alot like David
Keith Tutor
Keith Tutor - 25 kun oldin
This is the only story my mans tell. Some videos people aren’t ready for
Haley - 27 kun oldin
I love David, man. He’s so funny and natural. 😂
OG Big Body
OG Big Body - 27 kun oldin
David Dobrik AKA Adam Driver in marriage story
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez - 27 kun oldin
I must be getting old cause I feel like I'm the only one who thought it was arrogant when David corrected Jimmy by saying "views:
K K - 27 kun oldin
David pulled that stunt marrying Lorraine so long ago🙄 How long are we gonna talk about it for?
el Pollo loco
el Pollo loco - 28 kun oldin
The old peple who watch jimmys show probably have no idea who david is lmaoooo.
Relic_Sachse - 28 kun oldin
David Dobrik marrying Jason’s mom may still be the biggest flex of all time
mariam mustafa
mariam mustafa - 28 kun oldin
Prasha erickson
Prasha erickson - 28 kun oldin
I heard Corina laugh!. she's probably the loudest among the audience
Joey Angel
Joey Angel - 29 kun oldin
Did she sign a prenup?
Yuto Adachi
Yuto Adachi - 29 kun oldin
He looks like a Slovakian guy.
Yuto Adachi
Yuto Adachi - 27 kun oldin
@Kannon Shot Creator I am half Slovakian and He looks similar to Juraj Mokrý and Jakub Lužina, Slovakian moderator and stand up comedian.
Kannon Shot Creator
Kannon Shot Creator - 27 kun oldin
Yuto Adachi he is a Slovakian guy lol you’re some psychic genius
Derrick Abrams
Derrick Abrams - 29 kun oldin
He has a lot of Jimmy’s mannerisms and timings
Fatima & Zobia
Fatima & Zobia - 29 kun oldin
💀 hits
Xander Helmkampf
Xander Helmkampf - 29 kun oldin
Who got custody though
Hunter Propst
Hunter Propst - 29 kun oldin
When an e celebs treat marriage as a literal joke, you know we are in the age of a dying society. Fucking vain degenerate
Christopher Bodnar
Christopher Bodnar - 29 kun oldin
Put him and 11 from stranger things season 2 side by side. They look like twins
Ella M
Ella M - 29 kun oldin
Karen Valenzuela Aguirre
Karen Valenzuela Aguirre - 29 kun oldin
was this before or after he just got done doing fallen?
Jack Sibley
Jack Sibley - Oy oldin
For context, Jimmy is also 45.
2Bit Dreamer
2Bit Dreamer - Oy oldin
Let's be 1000% honest 70s old asf
biscuit - Oy oldin
yeah, ive always hated when people say hits, they sound stupid
Yakuza XXI
Yakuza XXI - Oy oldin
Who is this?
vlublbb - Oy oldin
oh seems like david doesnt wana get a divorce anymore
Sarah Hamizah
Sarah Hamizah - Oy oldin
david calling jason his 'buddy' is the most precious thing he's ever done.
Luis Hinori
Luis Hinori - Oy oldin
this is way too weird
Karina Michelle
Karina Michelle - Oy oldin
Jimmy needs to be in the vlog
Anenst Gaming
Anenst Gaming - Oy oldin
I heard David tell this story 20 times
Milky Man Films
Milky Man Films - Oy oldin
What kind of jacket is David wearing in this video
Jasser Abu-Giemi
Jasser Abu-Giemi - Oy oldin
Who is this guy?
Christie Potla
Christie Potla - Oy oldin
Clearly matrimony is a joke now 😃👍
Saylor Minock
Saylor Minock - Oy oldin
They really had to do David like that and make him sound fucked up😂
MoneyGod vG
MoneyGod vG - Oy oldin
This story again? Is he gonna say this story on every talk show oh nvm jimmy brought it up🙄🙄
meina martinez
meina martinez - Oy oldin
Omg david on fallon? Long way crazy 🤧
Lewis & rosa
Lewis & rosa - Oy oldin
Click on me
Kevin Turner
Kevin Turner - Oy oldin
She should have taken half of everything smdh
Josuke Higashikata
Josuke Higashikata - Oy oldin
No Jason is 420
Infamous Stax
Infamous Stax - Oy oldin
why is Fallon popular 🙄🙄
Varsting LF
Varsting LF - Oy oldin
R.I.P Kobe and GiGi😪😪
ekklesiast - Oy oldin
Did she get half of your wealth?