David Dobrik Takes Over The Tonight Show

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Jimmy gives David Dobrik a chance to sit behind the desk when he learns the UZmind star's biggest dream is to host late-night TV.
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David Dobrik Takes Over The Tonight Show
Muddati: 1:52


Bryce Matrisciano
Bryce Matrisciano - Kun oldin
my hands get so sweaty that they start peeling, it’s bad, i never give high fives or shake hands 🤣
Arnav Jain
Arnav Jain - 3 kun oldin
And that's how u steal jobs
Grace from Dogville
Grace from Dogville - 9 kun oldin
Jimmy's face when David said he wants to host a late night show lol
Juan Wilson
Juan Wilson - 12 kun oldin
Tyler Andrews
Tyler Andrews - 16 kun oldin
Who is this guy?
What does he do?
Jenny Loluwish
Jenny Loluwish - 18 kun oldin
Idfk dude
Idfk dude - 18 kun oldin
He definitely has the “it” factor for hosting!
Kathi - 21 kun oldin
Make it happen!
Darragh Masterson
Darragh Masterson - 23 kun oldin
I hope that he never does latenight
CurlyHairBrian - 23 kun oldin
Pretty Kitty
Pretty Kitty - 24 kun oldin
When David at first said he wanna host a late night show you could see jimmy face that he didn’t like it n kinda get jealous lol
Ali Pipkins
Ali Pipkins - 24 kun oldin
Him and jimmy have such similar personalities... he really would be the perfect person to take over when jimmy retires
Tehreem - 25 kun oldin
you know what's weird, Jimmy Fallon was also about the same age as David the first time he appeared on a late night talk show as a guest, now everyone's saying they give off the same vibes, if you go back and watch Jimmy's interview honestly apart from his impressions, young Jimmy really resembled a similarity to David, and now everyone's saying David is gonna host a late night show in the future!! lmaoo
Sophia Olivo
Sophia Olivo - 25 kun oldin
They gave Lilly Singh a show instead of David Dobrik 😳
Morgan McCann
Morgan McCann - 25 kun oldin
This is going to age so well
sofia tabash
sofia tabash - 26 kun oldin
this video is hilarious
Mertin - 27 kun oldin
Thing is if one of these big late night guys in America take notice he should be in line to replace one of them
gabriel halam
gabriel halam - 27 kun oldin
It would be complete if he say can i bring my assistant with me ❤💖
E A - 27 kun oldin
Currently crying in the club
YellowBirb - 27 kun oldin
David Dobrik reminds me a lot of Jimmy.
DanielPasten - 27 kun oldin
They gave lily Singh a show and not david
MLT - 28 kun oldin
Shoutout to my hyperhidrosis peeps out there
Paper Plains
Paper Plains - 28 kun oldin
He looks like a 10 year old boy. I don't get everyone's fascination.
BakedPotato - 28 kun oldin
when does MrBeast go on Jimmy Fallon show...
Snow Flowset
Snow Flowset - 28 kun oldin
Beviwa Phillips
Beviwa Phillips - Oy oldin
im so fucking proud if david lmao im not even a hardcore fan but like someone the same age as me is THAT fucking successful. good job man
rockfromYT - Oy oldin
Is it just me or did David already went on the Tonight show.😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😐
diego chavez
diego chavez - Oy oldin
I would watch his shows. Imagine just pulling pranks on every guest and giving away cars to the audience like a millennial Oprah.
Melissa - Oy oldin
david touches his face so much
Milky Man Films
Milky Man Films - Oy oldin
What kind of jacket was David wearing in this video
Ana S.
Ana S. - Oy oldin
Their both genuine people
Brian Covey
Brian Covey - Oy oldin
RIP Kobe
EliteGraphique - Oy oldin
What's up guys, tonight's episode of Late Night is brought to you by my friends at Seat Geek.
Ayesha Qadri
Ayesha Qadri - Oy oldin
That voice crack tho😂

Like if u know what I’m talking bout
someasiankid - Oy oldin
dude he should make a show like conans where you do bits and stuff
Hugo gimeno
Hugo gimeno - Oy oldin
22jna - Oy oldin
I have hyperhidrosis too. And that's so baaaadddd 😭
Jameson Bornholdt
Jameson Bornholdt - Oy oldin
if your hands get sweaty you probably need to change something about your diet
Jameson Bornholdt
Jameson Bornholdt - Oy oldin
@DeMarcus T I don't know what I'm supposed to think about that
DeMarcus T
DeMarcus T - Oy oldin
I'm not a public figure, but I do have a perfect figure
Kasey Rockwell
Kasey Rockwell - Oy oldin
Aww david is growing up 🤧
Casey Klinger
Casey Klinger - Oy oldin
These two are going to become buddies
Lakze - Oy oldin
Let's pause the video, and aprpeciate David's socks
Miki Baumgartner
Miki Baumgartner - Oy oldin
I wonder if jimmy feels threatened
Party Bear
Party Bear - Oy oldin
I can see it. His energy/vibe goes well with it as well. I’d love to see
The Tonight Show With David Dobrik
Blast Past
Blast Past - 8 kun oldin
Party Bear
Aaron White
Aaron White - Oy oldin
David Dobrik is King
Me Thinking
Me Thinking - Oy oldin
Nice plug david, F
Felthemeart - Oy oldin
the only thing annoying in david's vlogs is the time of the fucking videos
Louise Barrowman
Louise Barrowman - Oy oldin
Typical David with the voice breaks!!😂😂
Marek Šturma
Marek Šturma - Oy oldin
Poppy and him, greatest host ever.. God damn🙈
Oogilious Jenkins G
Oogilious Jenkins G - Oy oldin
Am I like the only person on Earth that finds David extremely annoying
Jorge Alexandre
Jorge Alexandre - Oy oldin
He’s a natural.
wanderlust - Oy oldin
David should take Lilly Singh's place, she's not funny at all
Rachel Bonura
Rachel Bonura - Oy oldin
i can see him having his own show when he's a little older though...it would be cool
jakob shlapnick
jakob shlapnick - Oy oldin
David is kinda mediocre tbh
Yung Nasty Thug
Yung Nasty Thug - Oy oldin
You know jimmy sucks when he got a YouTuber to do a better job than him
Manic 🏳️‍🌈
David's late night show will have more credibility and effort put into it than Lilly's
960ute - Oy oldin
It’s crazy how lovable he is.
emmaleighjosmusic - Oy oldin
I wonder how many times David has practiced that exact moment alone in his bedroom
Shaggy Lick
Shaggy Lick - Oy oldin
Not even close. Jimmy Fallon is at such a different level. Jimmy dominates late night. If Jimmy would ditch the political jokes he would be at Johnny Carson level. The way this audience treated Martin Short was SAD.
Sathu - Oy oldin
He can pull anything off
Sabrina H
Sabrina H - Oy oldin