Couples Try 5 Insane Goop Products | Should This Be A Thing?

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Couples React to and try 7 insane Goop Products. Watch to see their reactions!
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Couples Try 5 Insane Goop Products | Should This Be A Thing?
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FBE - Oy oldin
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M C - 27 kun oldin
This is disgusting. You sold out your audience for this promotional deal and are putting them at risk by offering these unsafe products. Many doctors have come out saying the vaginal beads/crystals are unsafe and can lead to infection, and are completely unnecessary for doing kegal exercises, and the supplements can cause lead poisoning based on their own warnings. I expected better from this channel but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. At least some of your reactors are smarter than you.
Dustin Ngo
Dustin Ngo - Oy oldin
Why are you promoting this pseudoscience bs you should be ashamed for this video
Gamerman02 A.O.N
Gamerman02 A.O.N - Oy oldin
I just want to state that I’ve actually looked into the science about the staff and the basic science is that these items will literally do absolutely nothing for you. Won’t hurt you or make you feel better. All it will do is trick your brain into thinking you will feel better so your brain makes you feel better. It’s basically someone saying to you this item will make you happy and even though the item won’t make you happy directly the person telling you that it will make you happy it’s going to make you feel happy. but if someone doesn’t say anything then it won’t do anything. It’s both stupid and smart at the same time XD
koala kangaroo
koala kangaroo - Oy oldin
Please react to unknown P
Paul Omar Lervåg
Paul Omar Lervåg - Oy oldin
Why are you even giving these humbug Goop items to your audience? You should honestly just throw them in the garbage can.
FLESHMAN MAHACHI - 7 soat oldin
You should do react to own it
Abigayle Carey
Abigayle Carey - 12 soat oldin
Does anyone else think that Eric looks like William Lewis from the tv show Law and Order SVU, or is it just me....? Comment.
Draka Winkle
Draka Winkle - 13 soat oldin
All these things have been around 50-500 years! Some even longer. Like in Pompeii. All she did was jack the price up.
jodie dowle
jodie dowle - 19 soat oldin
Tori makes sense you still need to see your doctor but why not give them a try if you want to.
Xhypeinferno Ttv
Xhypeinferno Ttv - Kun oldin
She really be thinking spray bottles gonna protect you from some fucking mind flayers😂
Hannah B
Hannah B - Kun oldin
10:56 😂🤣
Laurenzside Yammy LDShadowLady gloom Shubble fan
Im asexual i dont know why i clicked this video
BuRn It
BuRn It - 3 kun oldin
99% of comments: StOp UsInG tHiS pRoDuCtS
1% of comments: people talking about the couples and how they look good together
Monika Tamelyte
Monika Tamelyte - 3 kun oldin
Gwyneth Paltrow is a pretty good actress, but the more I’m learning about her, the more I’m convinced she’s insane
Ectobi - 4 kun oldin
I find it super scary that goop still exists and that there's enough people out there that support her overpriced crap to sustain it as a thing, I personally do believe in some holistic and alternative medical practices BUT i still go to my doctor take my every day medication and believe in the scientific medical community, I don't think ANYONE should use holistic practices as a main forum for health and wellbeing it should be an add on or a last resort. but one should ever support Goop, like even on this show multiple of the items she was selling for god knows what price are easily obtainable for much cheaper more appropriate prices elsewhere.
Christopher Jorissen
Christopher Jorissen - 4 kun oldin
What is with the stickers on a couple of the reactors’ chests?
john cox
john cox - 5 kun oldin
a laugh
charlie roff
charlie roff - 6 kun oldin
The crystal water is extremely dangerous as some rocks are toxic in watwler
Star_Dragon25 - 6 kun oldin
"Kep your mother away"
Mo Da-Sang Hua
Mo Da-Sang Hua - 6 kun oldin
Bunch of bogus, but you know what's real? Placebo effect.
Michelle Ramos-Aragon
Michelle Ramos-Aragon - 6 kun oldin
Eric was kinda quiet in this video, is he alright? Cause usually he’s very lively and excited idk
Happy Duck
Happy Duck - 6 kun oldin
"Honey, let's not be SO SPECIFIC!" 😂😂
jbonilla14 FutwatchIndustriesYT
After seeing the psychic vampire scent, I can definitely say that Gwyneth Paltrow is on hallucinogens.
Isabelle Berg
Isabelle Berg - 6 kun oldin
"One of the ingredients are moonlight..."😑😶
IrishTurtle - 6 kun oldin
At 9:19 ethan looks like Anthony from smosh
spondon kashyap
spondon kashyap - 8 kun oldin
Wow people in this video are really dumb
Nicki Plague
Nicki Plague - 8 kun oldin
A couple of the items seem to be derived from witchcraft related things and for those certain products you should really create things like that for yourself with your own abilities because you never know what you're getting unless you personally imbue them.
Isais Montoya
Isais Montoya - 8 kun oldin
You put them in your ads and have naughty fun lol no she is wrong you have to put in your p word and play hard 😆
Ethan Braun
Ethan Braun - 9 kun oldin
doctors: so what are the ingredients ?
Goop: the moon.
doctors: what the heck ?
Dorina Haxhiaj
Dorina Haxhiaj - 9 kun oldin
Why is the title in a different language ?????? Do you have the same situation????WTHF ????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😱😱😱😱😱
Hrutik Kambli
Hrutik Kambli - 9 kun oldin
Eric legit looks like a woman with those A-beads on his ears😆
Mihai Colceriu-Nicola
Mihai Colceriu-Nicola - 10 kun oldin
as a vet and a fan of science i can honestly say these goop stuff its all BS!!!
i also liked tom and his girl lvl of skepticism on stuff like this :)
Tinyfată - 10 kun oldin
Don't do goop. Goop is for stupid people.
dead ed
dead ed - 10 kun oldin
I think Gwyneth Paltrow is the one who needs the help here, more of the professional variety
TheFeyRa - 11 kun oldin
I would like the texture of my hair to look like Taylor's
Tanvir Ghura
Tanvir Ghura - 11 kun oldin
Wow for my whole life I thought Gwenneth Paltrow worked for stark industries
Anthony Beaudry
Anthony Beaudry - 12 kun oldin
it almost seems you are promoting this harmful crap, may contain lead? come on!
Abigail St. Pierre
Abigail St. Pierre - 12 kun oldin
To be fair most supplements arent regulated by the fda.
I have no opinions dont @ me
Emily hayes
Emily hayes - 14 kun oldin
“Where’s your aura?” “How am I supposed to know?” 😂😂😂
B H - 14 kun oldin
Honestly a celebrity’s products that they sell and promote can say a lot about them, and these products definitely say a LOT about gweneth paltrow. I can’t say I’m a fan
Michael Monka
Michael Monka - 15 kun oldin
This was stupid. You showing this is promoting fake healthcare.
Jaime N
Jaime N - 16 kun oldin
Its so funny how they think the gummies should regulated when fish, and other supplements are not regulated either.
November Spawned a Mooker
November Spawned a Mooker - 17 kun oldin
"One of the ingredients is moonlight" wtf.. thats not even a thing
Centennial - 19 kun oldin
they should've tried out the vibe stickers
Srishti Sinha
Srishti Sinha - 19 kun oldin
It's 2020 and we all pride ourselves for being educated and aware so why the actual hell is this shit selling openly?
Sandra Nunez
Sandra Nunez - 20 kun oldin
She looks so much like gal Gadot side view
Honest Laura
Honest Laura - 20 kun oldin
Tom's girlfriend looks like his twin sister. So alike.
Corbin Harris
Corbin Harris - 20 kun oldin
the stickers, what do they mean??? I feel like i missed something
Unknown Viewr
Unknown Viewr - 21 kun oldin
Netflix is getting too comfortable with thier shows😅
Unknown Viewr
Unknown Viewr - 21 kun oldin
Answer: This shouldn't be a thing
buc01 - 22 kun oldin
Damn Americans are gullible... This is scary...
Ka'La Shepard
Ka'La Shepard - 23 kun oldin
When he made it an earring😂😂
Zul Lo
Zul Lo - 24 kun oldin
btw this doesnt really seem like natural medicine either. like, it aint herbolary for sure so. as gag gifts, sounds okay. as real supplements etc, i don't think itd be good for peoples health, except for the beads
Zul Lo
Zul Lo - 24 kun oldin
ok but MOONLIGHT as an ingredient lmao
Maddy - 24 kun oldin
Moonlight? lol
Rose Art
Rose Art - 24 kun oldin
Ew. Just ew.
Woomy Dayz
Woomy Dayz - 24 kun oldin
Why do people actually wanna buy these things. They are like 1,00,000 dollars. But they *ARE* bs.
Bruno Felipe Costa da Silva
What next ? A Endorse to antivaxx moviment ?
MrLvngscrfc - 25 kun oldin
What's up with the stickers? I didn't see that part of the video.
naonao bao
naonao bao - 25 kun oldin
Never been to US, now i believe people there are rich and CRAZY.
john cox
john cox - 25 kun oldin
the last 1 is a good laugh
ACTAN0NVERBA - 25 kun oldin
Gwyneth is such a garbage person hack, with super high thoughts of herself..
Larmeto Deriax
Larmeto Deriax - 26 kun oldin
0:34 that looks a little similar to the album cover of nirvana's nevermind for some reason
Apollo & Appa
Apollo & Appa - 26 kun oldin
Eric and Tori not buying it at all😂😂
Genne F
Genne F - 26 kun oldin
Lmaoooo “no cold garbage”
Jay Hoffman
Jay Hoffman - 26 kun oldin
but luna beads are ben wa beads, they've been a thing for years...........
Sophie - 27 kun oldin
"A rich person Starburst" hahaha
Sophie - 27 kun oldin
absolute notions. it's all just absolute notions.
Anibal Rodriguez
Anibal Rodriguez - 27 kun oldin
garbage items endorse by moraly challaged celebs for gullible fools
Crystal Pistey-Lyhne
Crystal Pistey-Lyhne - 27 kun oldin
Go join Wicca coven , Gyspy Herbal remedies etc ✌😘😱👻 🔮💖
JXR - 27 kun oldin
what if the products are actually all props for the show? it's like viral marketing. The show is the real product.
Jadzebra - 27 kun oldin
It's all garbage made by a woman who knows nothing about her own body
Error Unknown
Error Unknown - 27 kun oldin
why the got stickers on 'em?
Braxton Nichols
Braxton Nichols - 27 kun oldin
"one of the ingredients is moonlight.. You gotta be fucking kidding me." 🤣😂🤣😂 fucking same bro! 😂😂
Ronin Chimera
Ronin Chimera - 28 kun oldin
Some of this stuff is flat out halerious😂
Mr. U r Right!
Mr. U r Right! - 28 kun oldin
microscope? where?
Mae K
Mae K - 29 kun oldin
So... No one in this office, Goop office, or comments know what Ben Wa Balls are? They have been used for centuries.... Goop didn't do anything but put their name on it lol
Megan Tait
Megan Tait - 29 kun oldin
When tori mentioned the placebo my heart grew 10X because my science fair is tomorrow and this is my project.
I’m so nervous 😬
Megan Tait
Megan Tait - 28 kun oldin
Cloaked Sniper my question is how does the placebo effect alter the thinking of different age groups. We tested a year 3, year 6 and a young adult (all females) x
Cloaked Sniper
Cloaked Sniper - 28 kun oldin
Which part, the placebo or the positive effects of these stuff?
Paola bear
Paola bear - 29 kun oldin
Bravo Tori! She's the one giving the right advice. Trust science. Go see a doctor. I vote for Tori. 🙂
Jimmy Jones
Jimmy Jones - 29 kun oldin
That looks shit. Definitely designed for American females.
Mimi Samat
Mimi Samat - 29 kun oldin
does it smell like mine ? 3:40 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I CANNOT
Something Idk
Something Idk - 29 kun oldin
💯 gonna get demonized
xiholliday - 29 kun oldin
Viagra candle... I WANT THAT SO MUCH!
Mario2006 _blue
Mario2006 _blue - 29 kun oldin
Lol i need to buy that for my future husband
Estefany ,J
Estefany ,J - 29 kun oldin
“ honey let’s not be so specific “ 😂😂👌🏻
The Nightingale
The Nightingale - Oy oldin
OMG, I'm laughing myself to tears!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and a great gag on the candle? I'm gagging at the idea alright 🤮🤮🤮🤮