Conor McGregor's spine-tingling walkout at UFC 246

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After 470 days out of the octagon, Conor McGregor returned at UFC 246 in Las Vegas.
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The superstar is back! 👊
Muddati: 3:53


Michele G
Michele G - Kun oldin
Patrik 006
Patrik 006 - 2 kun oldin
khabib forget Conor beat them all already....
Jason Benson
Jason Benson - 2 kun oldin
If this man right here was the one who faught khabib. Ouuuuuuh boy.
Hanif Hafizan
Hanif Hafizan - 2 kun oldin
aint nobody realize, hes not doing the ring walk.
James Byrne
James Byrne - 3 kun oldin
1:43 ,,,know thy place,,,,lol.
Jesse Pena
Jesse Pena - 3 kun oldin
Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen - 4 kun oldin
Incredible walkout song ...goosebumps
Frisbeetarian - 4 kun oldin
The greatest walkout in the history of combat sports.
William Smith
William Smith - 6 kun oldin
Just amazing.
The Elusive Man
The Elusive Man - 6 kun oldin
This was a truly sensational walkout.
Христи Илиян
Христи Илиян - 6 kun oldin
Cowboy - I cant believe it ended that fast
Aldo - First time xd
Alex Vibeto
Alex Vibeto - 6 kun oldin
The Chills
Adam Etok
Adam Etok - 6 kun oldin
1:20: 🔥
Abu Marcus
Abu Marcus - 7 kun oldin
I need to listen to a hype joe rogan cameo at work every morning for motivation. “Abu Marcus at his best is the greatest accountant of all time” ..
Jim Beam
Jim Beam - 7 kun oldin
My question is after McGregor missed the hay maker and cowboy comes in for the shoot.
It is weak he comes in half way with his "hands closed"!
He keeps his hands closed and his arms are semi limp.
This is before taking shoulder shots or any shots.
Vinoth Obroi
Vinoth Obroi - 7 kun oldin
His entrance was longer than the whole fight.
Lahcèn Krs
Lahcèn Krs - 7 kun oldin
the mcdo gregor he laughs less when he is dismantled humiliated by his undisputed master RHABIB
Pure Nature
Pure Nature - 8 kun oldin
Juiceman 562
Juiceman 562 - 9 kun oldin
Masvidals intro is way better this
CamWest - 9 kun oldin
The cop of the left is so happy he is next to Connor lol look at his smile 1:27
mehmet bekir
mehmet bekir - 9 kun oldin
And then he lost all rounds and tapped my hes found his vocation
Close Cry
Close Cry - 9 kun oldin
Bryan Seijo
Bryan Seijo - 10 kun oldin
i wonder why he didnt do his strut
SYAHMI CHANNEL - 10 kun oldin
In with conor 💪
맥그리거코너 - 11 kun oldin
no no no notorious~!! conor godgregor
Joe Mama
Joe Mama - 11 kun oldin
This dude gonna smash khabib and everyone in every division
Tarun 420
Tarun 420 - 12 kun oldin
Everyone here repeat after meee!!
Fook khabib!!!!!
Foook khabib!!!!!!!
Foookkkk khabib and terrorist snitch manger🖕🖕🖕🖕
Tarun 420
Tarun 420 - 12 kun oldin
1:26 badass ✌💣
The world king
The world king - 12 kun oldin
Southern Savior
Southern Savior - 12 kun oldin
I love he totally destroyed the weird tension between boxing gym and his mma by just having em both on team
Ameer K
Ameer K - 13 kun oldin
The walkout was longer than the fight
leanne16195 - 13 kun oldin
What got me was when he appeared on the big screen the cheers, spine tingling.
Pity rocking
Pity rocking - 13 kun oldin
The old man from the pub needs to be called up to the UFC
T C - 7 kun oldin
he was confirmed aged 49
bruno gomes
bruno gomes - 13 kun oldin
Brabo de mais, muito inteligente 🇧🇷
argjent zahiti
argjent zahiti - 13 kun oldin
Walter White
Walter White - 14 kun oldin
Can crushed
Wanwad Marwein
Wanwad Marwein - 14 kun oldin
UFC is not the same without dis super mega star!!! Haters can say wat they want but this guy brings a different energy to the UFC!!
Pavan Nair
Pavan Nair - 14 kun oldin
The only reason the ufc is where it is now is because of this man. Alot of people seem to forget that.
Josh Langston
Josh Langston - 15 kun oldin
Would've been cooler if he had beat someone who hadn't lost 6 of their last ten fights, including getting destroyed in his previous two. People are reading wayyyy too much into this. He beat a Cowboy who literally was there to a stepping stone for Conor.
Kip Kipper
Kip Kipper - 15 kun oldin
Not really that cool
Yeah Okay
Yeah Okay - 15 kun oldin
Lol its hilarious when people tattoo their name on themselves
Pavan Nair
Pavan Nair - 14 kun oldin
His tattoo looks dope tho
Alz Sensei
Alz Sensei - 15 kun oldin
1:40 did bald dude push that fool back?!?! 😭😭
Albino Harambe
Albino Harambe - 16 kun oldin
1:28 Aaron Hernandez on the left shoulder of mcgregor 😂😂
ProgrammingWithSid - 16 kun oldin
Better entrance and energy than Khabib. He hates Khabib from his heart and brings that negative energy when facing that guy. But I don’t blame him. If I was Conor, I’d hate Khabib too. Just hopes he fights anyone but Khabib.
Ludovico Ramirez
Ludovico Ramirez - 16 kun oldin
Fight complete?
Jamie Lewis
Jamie Lewis - 16 kun oldin
This dude has transcended beyond wins, losses, and belts.
sebaye 1
sebaye 1 - 16 kun oldin
Simon Gujbhi
Simon Gujbhi - 16 kun oldin
He has the best walkout song, of all time. That song mixed into Biggie is perfect.
Jon Top
Jon Top - 17 kun oldin
Being English Irish, I feel a lot more pride in being Irish, as knowing it’s history and all the hardships, and even having a great uncle who fought for the original IRA, and knowing what England did to ireland, and how the Irish fought back, the Irish truly are the fighting people of Europe and this song represents that fully, how even a small country like Ireland is able to hold itself against the much larger British force
ChuaChewa - 17 kun oldin
When it’s all said and done Conor is and will be the most famous and one of the most talented mixed martial artists of all time. An absolute super star up there with the likes of Ali. I think everyone should really take pride in knowing they have had the privilege of watching his legacy unfold over the past several years.
Serzhan Serzhan
Serzhan Serzhan - 17 kun oldin
JoelAmbrose - 17 kun oldin
How bout dude at 1:43 getting pulled outta the way lol. Who the hell was that
desolate - 17 kun oldin
If he blasted Black and Tans coming out, I’d die
MKT - 18 kun oldin
Pewpewpepwpwpepwpwpwew aaaaaaas daaaaaaaaaan
Gaming legend
Gaming legend - 18 kun oldin
That's my boy
Cian O
Cian O - 18 kun oldin
Delighted for his old boxing coach who got to be part of this!
Joshua E
Joshua E - 18 kun oldin
I think the guy's changed his attitude a little bit. I like that!
Blake Manning
Blake Manning - 18 kun oldin
His walkout against Khabib at 229 IS the most spine tingling walkout ever. Period.
Hugo-Alistair - 19 kun oldin
No billionaire strut
Karolina Ortiz
Karolina Ortiz - 19 kun oldin
I was surprised when Conor didn't do his strut. I was like WTF.
Jon Top
Jon Top - 4 kun oldin
Gelo Busayong one of his interviews before the fight
Gelo Busayong
Gelo Busayong - 4 kun oldin
@Jon Top really? When did he said that?
Jon Top
Jon Top - 17 kun oldin
Karolina Ortiz he said he’s not gonna do it until he makes a billion
Connor Mitchell
Connor Mitchell - 20 kun oldin
Being there live was something else