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Hey Larlees, todays video is A HUGE pr unboxing. so many new products in makeup! I also had my niece aka sidekick Eryn helping me unbox! she has so much fun digging in the makeup. I love you guys xo - Laura
Just and FYI
I Know this is an excessive amount of makeup. Brands send this makeup as a courtesy, and for advertising. With that being said I can’t possibly used it all, a lot I use to do reviews for you guys! The makeup I swatch but still can’t use completely goes to family members and friends in AL that don’t have the means to buy a lot of makeup. The unused makeup goes to donation women’s shelters and to you guys my loving audience that watches my channel! Thank you guys!
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- keep an eye out for my next giveaway coming VERY soon :)

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Disclaimer: All opinions in today’s video are my own! I will always state when a video is sponsored and I’ve partnered with a brand. I do earn a small commission when my code and links are used. Thank you guys!

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Laura Richardson
Laura Richardson - 2 kun oldin
What your eryn gets pr packages too or do y’all share
Amanda Musshorn
Amanda Musshorn - 3 kun oldin
How do you get all this free make up?
Iszabelle Simmons
Iszabelle Simmons - 6 kun oldin
“Give it a lil sniff girrrrl”😂
Maud Buursma
Maud Buursma - 6 kun oldin
I love how close you and eryn are.😍❤️
sharron gray
sharron gray - 7 kun oldin
sharron gray
sharron gray - 7 kun oldin
please enter me into ur giveaway 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Szekeres Lili
Szekeres Lili - 7 kun oldin
OMG guys you are beatuful!!!
Kailen Shelbi
Kailen Shelbi - 7 kun oldin
you are my fav youturber i also follow Eryn she is so funny.
Sophia Tabin
Sophia Tabin - 7 kun oldin
Hi I love your videos!!!
Mekia Spears
Mekia Spears - 8 kun oldin
Love ur videos the greatest personality
Damn POSITIVE Girl - 8 kun oldin
Ohhh dear....♥♥♥♥can i get some of this....please ♥🥰😍🥰😍♥🥰🥰@adorable_beautywaves love from India
Briana Welton
Briana Welton - 8 kun oldin
Laura please 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 single mom of two! This would be amazing to win
Manpreet Kaur
Manpreet Kaur - 8 kun oldin
Laura llitrally tranformed from a baddie to a cool mama after having eryn amd i love that💕
Kendra Havikk
Kendra Havikk - 9 kun oldin
I love when you make videos with your niece and would love some new make up.!!💕
Ouriana Couche
Ouriana Couche - 9 kun oldin
Love your niece omg!!!
Kelsey Ford
Kelsey Ford - 10 kun oldin
Please I don’t have vary much makeup please
MacKenzie Schwab
MacKenzie Schwab - 10 kun oldin
so pretty love it
Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor - 10 kun oldin
Love you so much
Aashma Karki
Aashma Karki - 10 kun oldin
I lovee watching your videos!!! And yes just lije you said i also love watching every Youtube videos😭😍 and I lovee you so much!! And love seeing Eryn on your videos 🤩🤩
Allison Behnke
Allison Behnke - 11 kun oldin
eryns eyes are SO pretty and those eyelashs!!! so beautiful
Alicia Roden
Alicia Roden - 11 kun oldin
Laura I love you soo soo soo much you are so pritty and gorgeous and I wish I was you one day hopefully I get in to the giveaway xxxx
Carina_ Avakin
Carina_ Avakin - 11 kun oldin
Miraculous Ladybug#1
Miraculous Ladybug#1 - 11 kun oldin
Your so pretty, I love all the makeup looks you do, you always get me into the mood to do my makeup 😍😍😍
Faye Collins
Faye Collins - 11 kun oldin
love you and could really do with some good makeup !!
Northwest Adventure
Northwest Adventure - 11 kun oldin
Can you give me one please
Soccer Girl
Soccer Girl - 12 kun oldin
Anybody in 2020😂ww3 bout to happen
Sienna Gimenez
Sienna Gimenez - 12 kun oldin
Amber Un nisa
Amber Un nisa - 12 kun oldin
Love you
Chelsea Mitchell
Chelsea Mitchell - 13 kun oldin
Eryn’s is so quirky 😂 she’s my spirit animal
Isra Parvez
Isra Parvez - 14 kun oldin
Eryn has me laughing always😂
Layla Kidger
Layla Kidger - 14 kun oldin
I watch all ur vids there the best xx
Layla Kidger
Layla Kidger - 14 kun oldin
Ly xxx
Madyson Sheriff
Madyson Sheriff - 14 kun oldin
I watch every video in 1.5x and anytime someone walks in on me they ask me "how can you understand them?"
Megan Knox
Megan Knox - 15 kun oldin
I find myself looking forward to the videos you do with Eryn the more and more you do them! You guys are fantastic 😁😆🙃
Jenny Sarafidis
Jenny Sarafidis - 15 kun oldin
Omg I love y’all so much... you and Erin are the cutest I freaking love y’all!!! I loved the video when she chose your outfits from online... omg y’all are amazing and I would love to win the giveaway y’all are beautiful. ❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙
Allie Schmidt
Allie Schmidt - 16 kun oldin
Who am i
Nina Callaghan TU06b
Nina Callaghan TU06b - 17 kun oldin
Please pick me I love your Chanel and your giveaways
victoria villagomez
victoria villagomez - 17 kun oldin
Izzy Mitchell
Izzy Mitchell - 17 kun oldin
Grace Williams
Grace Williams - 18 kun oldin
Leaving a comment
Penny Steel
Penny Steel - 18 kun oldin
Love your videos
Ines Sousa
Ines Sousa - 18 kun oldin
Is this still valid(???
Breanna gray
Breanna gray - 18 kun oldin
I love every thing ❤
cerryss barnes
cerryss barnes - 19 kun oldin
Literally a queen😩😍😍😍
Shitturdbirdalurd Moomoo
Shitturdbirdalurd Moomoo - 19 kun oldin
Eryn is so lucky to have you guys in her life.
Ellie Hobson
Ellie Hobson - 19 kun oldin
I love you x
Catherine Montpetit
Catherine Montpetit - 19 kun oldin
❤️ love yoooooou
Cameren - 19 kun oldin
Skyler Tripp
Skyler Tripp - 21 kun oldin
I love you so much and I watch your videos all time love you and I hope I win 😘😘😘
Sannee Dv
Sannee Dv - 21 kun oldin
Lauraaaa queeeeeeen, i love that neon on youuuuu!!!😍
Edna Gonzalez
Edna Gonzalez - 21 kun oldin
hi love all your video i just get in to makeup wood you by change sent me some of your makeup to get me start thank you
Morgan Garland
Morgan Garland - 21 kun oldin
I love you guyssss
Samantha Brinton
Samantha Brinton - 22 kun oldin
Hi laura I love you so much
Katlin Lawson
Katlin Lawson - 22 kun oldin
Make up
Lindy Dawn
Lindy Dawn - 22 kun oldin
Love you and erin 💗💗@lindyy.williams
Abby Llewellyn
Abby Llewellyn - 22 kun oldin
I love your stuff and I'm subscribed
Lexi Higgin
Lexi Higgin - 23 kun oldin
Do more like this
Dani Parker
Dani Parker - 23 kun oldin
love you and your fam I would love to in for my mom
millie brown
millie brown - 24 kun oldin
I haven’t watched YouTube in so long and I started to watching it again and realised why I loved watching you ! Your honesty such a mood !! Love it ❤️
Joelle k
Joelle k - 24 kun oldin