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The O'Brien's refuse to buy anything new and instead find ingenious ways of fixing their broken belongings.
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master shark
master shark - 34 daqiqa oldin
That is a Really Cheap family so to be Honest i Would only By the House For 20000 Euroes but only if they Revamped Everything. and actually have a TV and a Working Frying pan and alot More things.
Eloquise - 42 daqiqa oldin
I swear I've seen them on extreme cheapskates before! They went on a family trip to a ranch?
Kai Kei
Kai Kei - 43 daqiqa oldin
LZR Clan
LZR Clan - 48 daqiqa oldin
They have a big house and a big jungle gym in the backyard and they wash there dishes in a POOL. GET A JOB YOU LOSERS
Braylon1o8 - 59 daqiqa oldin
If you think about it when you are in water the water goes everywhere and threw you clothes so it touches your privates parts and then they wash their dishes in it and a little soap and mint gonna make it that clean , ewwwwwwwwwwww
Shahid Siddiqui
Shahid Siddiqui - Soat oldin
What is the point savings the money you can’t even enjoy your life one day you will be dead you can’t take the money in your grave enjoy your life if you can please
Marissa Horn
Marissa Horn - Soat oldin
My question is... (beyond out of pure survival)
Why would someone... WANT to live without a couch (or any furniture)? Why save all the money, but never improve your quality of life?
I get cutting corners out of survival because a family simply doesn't have the income... But they're looking to move into a larger space...?
Adam Matsumoto
Adam Matsumoto - Soat oldin
But what if they Peed in the pool
Alien Human
Alien Human - 2 soat oldin
SO DANGEROUS a pan full of hot oil that is next to her kids faces while being held by a wrench!! unbelievable !!!! what would you say to your self when you burn off his face and scar him for life or worst?
Baylee Innes
Baylee Innes - 2 soat oldin
If I were those kids, I would NEVER have any of my friends over. Who uses a plastic water bottle as a shower head and the paddling pool that is meant for children under five with those kids playing in it. The parents: Let's wash the dishes.
chris rodriguez
chris rodriguez - 2 soat oldin
zebra ballistic
zebra ballistic - 3 soat oldin
Mom Ok we need some furniture honey get the lawn chair

Boy if you don't
Maddux Smith
Maddux Smith - 3 soat oldin
The carpet dude looked stunned with their idea
Marc Teixeira
Marc Teixeira - 3 soat oldin
I know everyone has a budget but it comes to a point where it does become into a mental illness. A lot of the things that they don’t have it don’t cost a lot of money. For example showerheads you can get them for under five dollars at Home Depot. You can get a brand new futon at Walmart for under $200 so some of the things they’re doing is very unhealthy for their children. I hope that they get help for this illness.
Eat Your Cereal
Eat Your Cereal - 3 soat oldin
Carla Whatley
Carla Whatley - 4 soat oldin
Their not cheap their disgusting
Deriuss Brownn
Deriuss Brownn - 4 soat oldin
They proud to say there the cheapest family 😂 .. peaches come get these people!!
ella. - 4 soat oldin
they could've peed in the pool....and that's going on their dishes
Kayla Queen
Kayla Queen - 5 soat oldin
They gon get sick 🤒 😷 🤕
Kayla Queen
Kayla Queen - 5 soat oldin
Is the boy Noah snap??
LalasWorld - 6 soat oldin
Eww pissy plates
Riza Mardhatillah
Riza Mardhatillah - 9 soat oldin
Thanks god, they are not my parents
Nicholas Cheung
Nicholas Cheung - 9 soat oldin
U have to swim in the pool everyday.
Joseph Knaack
Joseph Knaack - 10 soat oldin
They must do OxyContin , they are high as hell
Pauline Gardedieu
Pauline Gardedieu - 14 soat oldin
It seems extreme but more than that it's stupidity ! they claim to use their money for a better purpose but they'd rather buy a larger place than buy a new shower head ! it's ridiculous ! what's the use of a larger place if it's empty ??? they better wash correctly their plates in a sink before !
EplierOps34 - 15 soat oldin
They are just saving as much money as they can bcs they need drugs
Dark Mermaid
Dark Mermaid - 15 soat oldin
Oh hellno! I’d be miserable
H Mileryte
H Mileryte - 16 soat oldin
1. there must be pee in that pool and they washed theyr dishes
2. Are theyr kids going to collage (they should have money for that but waiit that cost so nope no collage)
3. Wasnt cheaper to buy new pan than make the handle 😂
4. They loook sick 😬
CandyCotton Chloe
CandyCotton Chloe - 16 soat oldin
They're the cheapest family but owns a large house
*Amazingg~* 😑🙂👌
RT Maniac
RT Maniac - 17 soat oldin
Don’t tell me that they use balloons as condoms too
Flash Smokie
Flash Smokie - 17 soat oldin
Ugh why can’t they go to dollar tree
1dering - 19 soat oldin
she said: "it all depends on people's perspective" .... which is what a crazy and disfunctional person needs to tell it self.
tyler diedrich
tyler diedrich - 20 soat oldin
bunch of losers big time this is nuts
Nabeela Wisal
Nabeela Wisal - 20 soat oldin
She save money on shower head but that shower might be licking inside the wall .which is worse.
Zeck on ipad
Zeck on ipad - 20 soat oldin
If I was one of there kids I would not want friends over
Can I Have The lemon
Can I Have The lemon - 20 soat oldin
I think there just lazy to get new stuff
Kirsten Smith
Kirsten Smith - 20 soat oldin
How can handles of pots and pans break?
Stuart Boland
Stuart Boland - 20 soat oldin
I have seen house's online and.....
Those are new.
Harry Potter
Harry Potter - 21 soat oldin
Wtf they just asked there Neighbor for some furniture
Luke Campbell
Luke Campbell - 22 soat oldin
Heck this is so grim
Henry Mino
Henry Mino - 22 soat oldin
Over the top way over the top
Simone Rochelle
Simone Rochelle - 23 soat oldin
That shower looks like torture!!
Simone Rochelle
Simone Rochelle - 23 soat oldin
If someone peed in that pool dishes yuck!!!
CreativeCrystals - 23 soat oldin
If you have kids, you should care about them more than saving money. They should be treating them like how every kid should be, actual furniture, and toys to play with
Cheepcheep Cheepcheep
Cheepcheep Cheepcheep - Kun oldin
I wonder what there cousins think...🤔
Breathing Human
Breathing Human - Kun oldin
Wh is it always the O, Brian’s
Kanetale - Kun oldin
That real estate agent was full of BS. Buyers prefer when things aren't perfect because then they can lower the price, and an empty room is better than some crappy living room that will be a turn off + you get to see the space for what it is and don't have to throw that extra garbage by yourself!
sir shrulu
sir shrulu - Kun oldin
Sabrina Carbo
Sabrina Carbo - Kun oldin
Nobody talking about the Volvo he was driving
Bradley Bell
Bradley Bell - Kun oldin
Asks for a glass of water
Nah i don't know you like that
Gurveen Kaur
Gurveen Kaur - Kun oldin
Aw helll nahhh
bet you. can't do. it like me Brother skin th hajj
Now that’s just unbelievable
DeQuan Rabb_diizy Peeples
He made some vise grips 😭😭
miranda hall
miranda hall - Kun oldin
Hello CPS smdh
Aft Terror
Aft Terror - Kun oldin
Why don't they just do all the repairs themselves, why pay for someone to fix the fence, why pay for people to install new carpet.
Aft Terror
Aft Terror - Kun oldin
Living room furniture does not cost 10-20 thousand
Flights Manager
Flights Manager - Kun oldin
Dat shower thing kinda smart
Greg Chesson
Greg Chesson - Kun oldin
I can imagine Christmas morning for the kids
Aurangzaib Alamgeer
Aurangzaib Alamgeer - Kun oldin
Feeling sad for the children, they have been spending frustrated life.
Jasper Cox
Jasper Cox - Kun oldin