8 Truths and Myths About the Full Moon

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With so many claims about the moon’s influence over everything from menstrual cycles to rainfall, SciShow is here to set the record straight with these 8 truths and myths about our moon.
Hosted by: Hank Green
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Skadi Frode
Skadi Frode - 10 soat oldin
Lmfao try working in a mental hospital, nursing home, or prison. Lunar gravitational pull in some way? Anything is possible. I get dizzy right before every full moon without realizing it's about a full moon.....and I mean really dizzy....I have an autoimmune neurological encephalitis....so I know when I'm having a weird dizzy moment....and these are unique.
Hisame Artwork
Hisame Artwork - 11 soat oldin
should be interesting to see what happens when humans get between Mars and Earth and they have no magnetic field around.
mmartinisgreat - 11 soat oldin
Those myths aren't real but these are. F U
Kenda George
Kenda George - 13 soat oldin
Oh please don't give this idiot any money
Kenda George
Kenda George - 13 soat oldin
We all know the signs and symbols better than you and your controllers
Kenda George
Kenda George - 13 soat oldin
Lies lies lies dummy
Kenda George
Kenda George - 14 soat oldin
Your a mason and all your numbers are from your gimitria. The moon is a hole with YES demons coming through. The truth is interesting. York DUMB spewing LIES. Get a brain cell then speak. You dummy
Kenda George
Kenda George - 14 soat oldin
Your an idiot
sararavenraine - 14 soat oldin
Maybe my menstruation influences the moon instead of the other way around?
Christina Robohm
Christina Robohm - 18 soat oldin
A deeper connection to women would help here... thankfully more people are studying the wisdom of the natural hormone menstrual cycle.
Naomi C
Naomi C - 20 soat oldin
No one here in Australia calls coral spawning the annual sex festival
Elizabeth Darsey
Elizabeth Darsey - 23 soat oldin
I always think this is an interesting topic to bring up. I know a good number of people who have no belief in unexplained events from things like the moon causing issues all the way to paranormal events. Yet many of them who are in medicine/ems say that while no one can explain it, the oddest and most bizarre shifts they work are on full moons. Most went into their fields initially feeling ‘full moon’ as a cause was myth. Yet they came to find that they do see a correlation. But it always stands out to me when very practical, science-minded professionals admit there’s something that happens during full moons!
Jon Cocks
Jon Cocks - Kun oldin
There's something about Mary
Myriaddsystems - Kun oldin
"Orient" is not a verb, please stop treating it as such. "Orientate" is the correct term, you are obviously aware of this as you said "orientated". Please stop mangling the English language. Thank you.
Miles Lougheed
Miles Lougheed - Kun oldin
Oh, when they do it it's called an underwater snowstorm. When I do it, my wife tells me to sleep on the couch.
Jodie Callaghan
Jodie Callaghan - Kun oldin
As a Cairns local, born and raised next to the Great Barrier Reef I can confirm it is NOT called the "Annual Sex Festival" 🤣🐠🐟
Jeann van Rooyen
Jeann van Rooyen - Kun oldin
Yes, a lunar rythm... we can't sleep, because, your body is telling you... SOMETHING IS GOING TO SUCK YOUR BLOOD!
Boogie Man80
Boogie Man80 - Kun oldin
That`s dirty trick to lure people: put something sexually-related in thumb picture.
Demcheck - Kun oldin
Objectively, my cat goes CRAZY when it's full moon.
Jeff Mullins
Jeff Mullins - Kun oldin
Not a myth. I've worked in call centers for 14 years and people get crazy during a full moon. I know people in the medical care field and they say their patients are whacky too.
OXOTNHK aka D3ath Patr0l
OXOTNHK aka D3ath Patr0l - 2 kun oldin
iafozzac - 2 kun oldin
What about hair growing faster or slower depending on the moon phase of the time it was last cut?
That one is a pretty popular myth here in Italy
InformalNarwhals - 2 kun oldin
hank: do full moons trigger seizures?
me: * slight panic *
video: myth
me: * relieved *
hank: but they do happen more often on the last quarter and darker nights and are somehow linked to lunar cycles
me: * back to slight panic *
Alicia Gardner
Alicia Gardner - 2 kun oldin
Sorry but I've been in healthcare for 20 years and I can attest that during full moons we see more incidents on those nights...just saying
Boi Mesa
Boi Mesa - 2 kun oldin
Better not tell this to my girlfriend 😅
Norman Smith
Norman Smith - 2 kun oldin
Grunion runs are affected by the moon. The grunion swawn only at the highest tides which are conteolk by the the moon. During the highest tide they run or in other words spawn. The eggs remain in the sand until the next high tide when they hatch.
rautermann - 2 kun oldin
Sorry to be pedantic, but these are MOON FACTS not FULL MOON FACTS. Bad title.
Forced2makethis Bloodyaccount
I doubt the menstruation study took into account the widespread and common use of contraception. It would be harder to get a large number of women not using contraceptives. That would be the study I would read.
Limerence - 2 kun oldin
Circuluniary rhythms could explain why women's periods on average are on a 29 day cycle when the moon is also on a 29 day cycle. Obviously not every women get's their period on the full moon and not every woman has a 29 day menstrual cycle, it's just the average. But if you remove a woman's sense of time (take away all natural time tellers, clocks, sunlight, etc) her period will be thrown off so your natural body clock could use the phases of the moon to know when to do menstrual stuff. I don't know about the chimpanzees, maybe they just don't notice the moon or count in days instead.
H Smith
H Smith - 3 kun oldin
Never dug in to police statistics then did you...
Regina Irene
Regina Irene - 3 kun oldin
Ok, so you start out by saying a full moon doesn't affect people's behavior, and then immediately state it affects both the quality and quantity of sleep....which would directly affect human behavior. Am I missing something?
avinash bhujan
avinash bhujan - 3 kun oldin
"Research actually has not found any connection". So does that mean it is definitely a myth? If you cannot prove something, does that automatically disprove it? You are implying that lack of evidence is evidence of nihility. Or does it mean that the research method is weak?
nebulaunfolding - 3 kun oldin
More babies are born under the full moon. Ask any experienced nurse in labor and delivery.
photondance - 3 kun oldin
Okay. I’m comfortable with coincidences. Coincidi?
liam redmill
liam redmill - 4 kun oldin
Superb new discoveries natural👍
Theodore Seeber
Theodore Seeber - 4 kun oldin
Hmm- a solution to speed up corral evolution: Blue spotlights shining on the ocean all the time, triggering more sex parties, thus triggering hyperevolution for warming oceans.
Aislin King
Aislin King - 4 kun oldin
Hank, I think those shirts clash a bit
FriendlyShark Ce
FriendlyShark Ce - 4 kun oldin
I apreciate that they didn't gender the users of the menstrual cicle app. Thank you for not using gendered language for that!
Watermelon Warriors
Watermelon Warriors - 4 kun oldin
Dung beetle: oh, dis is not so hard. Me: dats a weird looking poop ya got der
MrWombatty - 4 kun oldin
Why no mention of werewolves?
Watermelon Warriors
Watermelon Warriors - 4 kun oldin
It would be cool and scary to be a werewolf
Jessikah I’m 2 F’ N REAL
In the south when we see a couple pregnant women we say (must be a full moon) 🌕!!!!
Jessikah I’m 2 F’ N REAL
Omg😱😱😱 you the guy I watched for 4 years to get my degree from college online!!!!! It was you!!!! Thanks luv your Biology 🧬 videos SAVED ME!!!!!! I PASSED MANY TESTS!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I’ll never forget your voice!!!!
Ken O
Ken O - 4 kun oldin
Isn't the most obvious one, the origin of the words lunacy and lunatic?
RyanWake bradtelle
RyanWake bradtelle - 4 kun oldin
if the menstral cycle is a couionsidance then why did it change
Sandman - 4 kun oldin
there is always a different outcome between science tests and practical real world. You are more likely to get people acting crazy on a full moon. Control ab tests will always alter the outcome
- { Nay } -
- { Nay } - - 4 kun oldin
Amanda Powell
Amanda Powell - 4 kun oldin
If women did not have all the chemicals running through it, you would find a greater correlation with the moon cycle.
Not that everyone will start and stop their cycle on the same day; but you can correlate a daughter's cycle from their mother's cycle.
AgeingBoyPsychic - 5 kun oldin
10:30 Your moon seems to have a big chunk missing... Or is the grid pattern in front of the moon?
Funny Memes
Funny Memes - 5 kun oldin
Annual Sex Festival is actually an underwater snowstorm...
Michal Grňo
Michal Grňo - 5 kun oldin
Hank: Must be a full moon and–
Also Hank: BUT!
Positron Decay
Positron Decay - 5 kun oldin
3:23 That is so COOL!!
Lovely Doll Time
Lovely Doll Time - 5 kun oldin
This video somehow reminds me of the Friday the 13th harvest moon in 2019.
kez kezooie
kez kezooie - 5 kun oldin
This got me wondering about why scorpions would glow under UV light if it was something that put them in greater danger of predation. You'd think that natural selection would weed out this trait. Is there a metabolic reason for this trait? Is there something that is either beneficial or so necessary that it's let this trait survive?
SlyPearTree - 4 kun oldin
Their predators do not see in UV, at least I don't think so.
dreadthedays says
dreadthedays says - 5 kun oldin
If you watch the moon cycle you will bleed on the full moon. This is pretty well know in celtic communities to reduce period pain and shorten the days as drastic as 4 dsys less. You do not need to do anything other than be aware of the moons current phase. Nearly everyone I have ever challengeed to try this alignment do agree in the effects.
Kay Carle
Kay Carle - 5 kun oldin
What about the belief that full-term pregnant women are more likely to go into labour on the full moon? I've heard some midwives say that's not true, but that there is a spike in women being admitted to labour units when there is a thunder storm. Thoughts?
CrunchyLikeness - 5 kun oldin
I wasn't ready for Hank's shirt
Cat Poke
Cat Poke - 5 kun oldin
The thumbnail is like a cryptic way of saying "The blood moon is rising..."
MultiRobotnik - 5 kun oldin
Water Bending.
bilias hour
bilias hour - 5 kun oldin
its interesting when people say , its super small effect im sure it doesnt effect us ... but ... how do you know for sure?
Brian Steele
Brian Steele - 5 kun oldin
Internal worms and parasites in the human body could be affected by the moons place in orbit. Causing them to release hormones in the body that could cause a disruption in the human hormones. This would cause erratic behavior if there was a over abundance of worms and parasites.
bilias hour
bilias hour - 5 kun oldin
All of my EMT and police friends believe in the full moon bringing out the crazies. 😂