7 Times TV Shows & Movies Predicted The Future | Generations React

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Generations React to 8 times TV shows and movies predicted the future.
Watch to see their reactions!
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Parks and Rec
Back To The Future
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7 Times TV Shows & Movies Predicted The Future | Generations React
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FBE - Oy oldin
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dani williams
dani williams - 6 kun oldin
yes i love it
Shadow Fox
Shadow Fox - 23 kun oldin
What about the movie titles that were predicted in zootopia
winterprism - 23 kun oldin
Aww little Frodo in Back to the Future!
Yhanna Sunday
Yhanna Sunday - Oy oldin
Wait, so no one knows about Friendster? I remember using Friendster first before Facebook.
imperlast2 - Oy oldin
the janitor in scrubs made up all his own lines so that's what he though
Rachel Lowe
Rachel Lowe - 17 soat oldin
Okay this might be wrong but maybe the Simsons is making all the stuff happen like covid 19 just for tv ratings
jean Caraveo
jean Caraveo - 19 soat oldin
where is the kobe death from the simpsons
Christian James
Christian James - 21 soat oldin
Umm hello simpsons could have been ebola , swine flu etc
ThatKid FTW
ThatKid FTW - Kun oldin
The Cubs win world sieries has a better version lol. Back to the future. Surprised how that wasnt there but a different movie was
Mitget Multenes Lv
Mitget Multenes Lv - Kun oldin
Simsons is fake
Patrick Lange
Patrick Lange - Kun oldin
The first one wasn't really a prediction. She wore the outfit on purpose because she voice the character in the movie.
PG3D Extras
PG3D Extras - Kun oldin
The Zootopia one: the man said Gazelle was an elk
powerbabs - 2 kun oldin
The cubs didn’t win for 108 years so it was just bound that eventually they would win a World Series this century
This is a wonderful little movie.
0:34 💟
👇 👇 👇 👇🖤
Ruba Al-Kandari
Ruba Al-Kandari - 2 kun oldin
i wasn't impressed.
Arnav Bahadur
Arnav Bahadur - 3 kun oldin
She will wear the same thing as it was shakira who was signing
maiko sidamonidze
maiko sidamonidze - 3 kun oldin
Who's watching this at 2022 !! Like
Ghost2017 - 3 kun oldin
The Simpsons writers are in the future right now seeing whats going to be a new good episode to make. thats the reason why there hasn't been new episodes. LoL
Batman dies in Endgame
Batman dies in Endgame - 3 kun oldin
The first three weren't even coinky dinks
Forever horses 13
Forever horses 13 - 3 kun oldin
The simpsons didn’t predict it Because we could predict it because every 100 years there has been a big pamdemic so we could predict the corona
Josefears0 -
Josefears0 - - 4 kun oldin
Josefears0 -
Josefears0 - - 4 kun oldin
Josefears0 -
Josefears0 - - 4 kun oldin
Josefears0 -
Josefears0 - - 4 kun oldin
Narwhal YT
Narwhal YT - 4 kun oldin
Kragthor - 4 kun oldin
Holy shit people do you really think it necessary to make a comment about Shakira after literally seeing a thousand other comments about it? Read the dang comments before posting something that has been posted a thousand times.
Narwhal YT
Narwhal YT - 4 kun oldin
[GD] CayzTheCat
[GD] CayzTheCat - 5 kun oldin
Me: It's called a coincidence, child.
phhsdj - 5 kun oldin
Just going to say MySpace was alright a thing
CraigTheDefault 69
CraigTheDefault 69 - 5 kun oldin
Not a prediction it's actually people who do what the movies do like the man said everything was inspired
Darth gonk droid
Darth gonk droid - 6 kun oldin
2:46 when they think its corona but the fictional disease was japanese and corona is chinese
Peter Hendrix
Peter Hendrix - 6 kun oldin
Omg I love you guys. I’m sooo a conspiracy theorist now. I would love to be a Gen X reactor. I think I’m gen x idk I’ll edit it later.
Red Patton
Red Patton - 6 kun oldin
Easy to foreshadow when you're the author.
FrozenFox Games6
FrozenFox Games6 - 6 kun oldin
They called the Gazelle Shakira's character. Are you serious?
Website Inquiries
Website Inquiries - 7 kun oldin
The funny one’s are the one’s where someone dies like in the cartoon. Makes you want to be nicer to writers...lol lol lol lol
trevor burrus
trevor burrus - 7 kun oldin
i think that the next smartest person on the world is going to make a IRL""vr'' thing were u can play vido gams in real life
Berber The Dreamer
Berber The Dreamer - 8 kun oldin
I have Dream out year 3010.⛓📜
Trevor Locke
Trevor Locke - 8 kun oldin
The first one really isn't that shocking. Shakira made a song for that movie and voiced the same character that she matched outfits with. Im pretty sure her name is gazelle.
Akari Bird
Akari Bird - 8 kun oldin
Im actually kinda dissapointed they dont think the shakira thing was intentional because shakira IS the gazelle
Jef nyssen
Jef nyssen - 8 kun oldin
there is a difference between inspiring and predicting
Lilltroll - 9 kun oldin
Wow, the Simpsons guessed right about the future.
That's 22 min times 673 episodes... 14806 minutes.
That something then happens in the future is hardly unique.
Especially about the TV series is about a society that is an irony in our society.
Sometimes there will be things that can happen in our society.
Swirl AndTwirl
Swirl AndTwirl - 9 kun oldin
(About the tech)Its not time traveling it was *what ifs at that time, they go through imaginations that are lack in their time.
Dmitri Dupree II
Dmitri Dupree II - 9 kun oldin
The shakira one isn't predicting the song they sing at the end of the movie is from shakira and the voice of the gazelle is shakira
George Sice
George Sice - 9 kun oldin
Wheres the Cubs win world series BTTF
H Koizumi
H Koizumi - 10 kun oldin
Most of these aren't really prediction. The Simpson is excellent at making parodies and the virus outbreak was mocking the previous event that happened in Japan before the episode aired. And the thing about back to the future, it's a running joke about how future has less and less things to wear. They applied that into video games because what's funnier than less in the future? Having none. Ergo, "You have to use your hands?"
Khánh An Ngô
Khánh An Ngô - 10 kun oldin
ASMR moment
Neha _Neha
Neha _Neha - 10 kun oldin
7:46 boi lemme tell you a little something about printed pictures
procopis christofi
procopis christofi - 10 kun oldin
12:15 of course not why would the goverment wantto prepare us for the wii
MidNiteR32 - 10 kun oldin
That Jetsons facetime is no coincidence. When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone 4 with FaceTime in 2010 keynote, he specifically mentioned the Jetsons.
Thomas Glunt
Thomas Glunt - 10 kun oldin
The Jetsons was set in the year 2062 so therefore we still have 22 years to get flying cars.
Thomas Glunt
Thomas Glunt - 10 kun oldin
Please remember that when you watch "Back to the Future" that the 2015 that was visited was an alternate universe. The items that we saw in 1985 were never supposed to be part of daily life in a uninterrupted space-time continuum.
CrypticxChris - 10 kun oldin
Does nobody realize in dat movie the gazelle is Shakira 🤷🏾‍♂️
Swade Galaxy
Swade Galaxy - 10 kun oldin
This was a real hit and miss of just watching the Simpsons series.
Legion frost gamer a Triton
The suits like totally different they're not the same suit
Dylan lugo
Dylan lugo - 11 kun oldin
Nope celebreties just see it than they copy
mariane boutros
mariane boutros - 11 kun oldin
i can see people reacting to westworld predicted the future after like 30 years
j dreww
j dreww - 11 kun oldin
How is nobody talking about how he called shakira an elk instead of a gazelle ? ..!?
Alexander Murphy
Alexander Murphy - 11 kun oldin
I betchu the creators of the virus Simpson's thing are people from the future and they somehow went back in time
Elsa H
Elsa H - 11 kun oldin
Well this virus I bad but I 1993 I think. that the movie was made this virus was in that time like 1996 or 1994 it was in that time but people they didn't care about it but now they care about it so I think this makes sense
Khloe Harmon
Khloe Harmon - 11 kun oldin
On A Johnny bravo episode there was a poster that said the twin towers where destroyed,and a few years later it actually happened!
Dark Nova
Dark Nova - 11 kun oldin
Aaaaawful lot of skeptics
Daniyah Sajjad
Daniyah Sajjad - 12 kun oldin
Didn’t Bill Gates predict the virus?
BlueGalWonders - 12 kun oldin
Matt Groening is a time traveler.He has a show about the past(disenchantment) a show in the future(futurama) and a show in the present (the Simpson) they all short of predict the future
Wanupgurl - 12 kun oldin
baby elijah wood in the back to the future part of this video.
Luke Thomas
Luke Thomas - 12 kun oldin
Them “we are gonna look at 8 tv shows that predicted the future”
Me “I see 7 in the title”
Farhan's TUBE
Farhan's TUBE - 13 kun oldin
Eric : it has to be on purpose.
Me : you're saying she planned this 4 years ago?
IVY C PF - 13 kun oldin
Elijah wood in back to the future ...just noticed that
IVY C PF - 13 kun oldin
Simpson writers put this in the universe of like a cure for corona.. soon.. no more wars.. job for everyone .. no more race profiling etc .. let go
Nelly Wairimu
Nelly Wairimu - 13 kun oldin
Simpsons predicted the corana virus
cybercy taylor
cybercy taylor - 13 kun oldin
Even tho that's not how Corona spreads
Nezza Errra
Nezza Errra - 13 kun oldin
Bro the Simpsons is linked with the government head as~
Pavan Subhash
Pavan Subhash - 14 kun oldin
Most of the "predictions shown" are inspirations or just a funny guess.
Predictions should be natural or environmental. Then they would be believable.
DanielFrequency - 14 kun oldin
should we called it predicted the future or inspired by it? 🤔🤔🤔
Keeley Nix
Keeley Nix - 14 kun oldin
The jetsons call box was called viasphone
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment - 14 kun oldin
What if the things that were predicted were just planned just for some popularity
RoyaLeAdriana MV
RoyaLeAdriana MV - 14 kun oldin
Before Facebook we had Orkut and that was better than Facebook lol
T123456788 - 15 kun oldin
Pretty sure the back to the future game is just supposed to be a ripoff of duck hunt which came out in 1984. BTTF2 came out in 1989 so it's not a prediction at all.
Omi plus Me
Omi plus Me - 15 kun oldin
The Simpsons flue is NOT the same thing what's happening now .
Gracie Ortega
Gracie Ortega - 15 kun oldin
FYI Myspace came 1st then Facebook etc
I Forgot You Existed
I Forgot You Existed - 15 kun oldin
Not prediction, more like inspiration for inventors.
Silver_ Moon
Silver_ Moon - 16 kun oldin
Ok we get it the shakira thing was on purpose there’s like 1000 comments on that...
Veronica Escoto
Veronica Escoto - 16 kun oldin
The simpsons one is wrong. Space jam did
BrandonTyler Carter
BrandonTyler Carter - 17 kun oldin
Shakira did that on purpose cause she was in ZooTopia
MartinezPlays - 17 kun oldin
what did these videos predict?