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Welcome back to the channel guys! Today we have a very spooky and interesting video which are 5 times WWE actually predicted the future. WWE went That's So Raven. Hope you guys get that reference LOL. Anyways, some of these are pretty creepy and some are unbelievable. I've seen other videos of how other shows and movies predicted the future which inspired me to see if WWE had done the same. And here we are with my own video of WWE predicting the future 5 times. All of these are most likely a coincidence... or are they? DAA DAAA DAAAAAAA.Let me know! Enough talking guys, lets get straight to the video: 5 Times WWE PREDICTED The FUTURE! ENJOY! If you do Leave a LIKE, SUB and TAKE CARE SPIKE YOUR HAIR!
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aj styles
aj styles - 5 oy oldin
What's the background instrumental
Scott Aznavourian
Scott Aznavourian - 8 oy oldin
Come on the twin towers thing is a serious stretch
omino lucaz
omino lucaz - 8 oy oldin
youtuber: "you.you.you"
me: "bye.bye.bye.bye"
Wrestling Nut
Wrestling Nut - 8 oy oldin
Summerslam 89, during the 6-man tag Andre & Twin Towers vs. Duggan & Demolition. The camera pans to a fan holding up a sign saying "Demolition Will Topple The Twin Towers".
Kammy Kam
Kammy Kam - 10 oy oldin
We live in a matrix we’re nothing is coincidental
Carter Hurlock
Carter Hurlock - 10 oy oldin
great vids Pilana, these were really interesting, i also liked the background music in the video also, do you happen to know what it's called, and if i give you credit, can i use it as a custom entrance for my created superstar in my wwe game
Omar Silva
Omar Silva - 11 oy oldin
You barely had any actual substance, especially on that last one. 4 thumbs down
Filthy Peasant
Filthy Peasant - 11 oy oldin
Simpsons: hold my duff beer
RK JE - 11 oy oldin
Andddddd Stephs tits. Nize.
kashif ali
kashif ali - 11 oy oldin
When about when unknown jobber john cena answered kurt angles challenge on smackdown but in a losing effort towards the end michael cole said we have not seen the last of john cena he forshadowed till this very day.
Quentin Green
Quentin Green - 11 oy oldin
How is the first one a month prediction??
The Face That Runs The Place
Osama Bin laden predicted 9/11
Marcus - 11 oy oldin
Horrible video.
Noah James Drelich
Noah James Drelich - 11 oy oldin
Jinder Mahal made a promo to Randy Orton on Smackdown in April 2012 about him being better and said "a new breed of superstar will emerge". 5 years later at Backlash 2017, Jinder Mahal wins the WWE title by beating Randy Orton. This also might be an updated prediction.
themadrapper101 - Yil oldin
Everyone predicted 9/11.. All you had to do was take a pic of the WTC before it happened and there you go. You predicted 9/11
John Urey
John Urey - Yil oldin
Chris Benoit was mudered and his family was as well.
Charles Summers
Charles Summers - Yil oldin
magilla2282 - Yil oldin
It wasnt a prediction. It was a warning.
Behon Clutch
Behon Clutch - Yil oldin
How is that predicted? To me its just deja vu
Nick Neurohr
Nick Neurohr - Yil oldin
He said Howard Finkle at the end video and it's Mean Gene you dumb fuck... Smh
Paul Carpenter
Paul Carpenter - Yil oldin
You obviously forgot the twin towers bombing in 93
Paul Carpenter
Paul Carpenter - Yil oldin
Ten times I predicted beaten off to Stephanie McMahon
Adam Jabbar
Adam Jabbar - Yil oldin
one thing we can all predict is our own death..but I get ya
Adam Jabbar
Adam Jabbar - Yil oldin
turn the big belt on its side the WW looks like 33 the highest number you can reach in Freemasonry​..just one thing I've noticed..
plus look at the demolition v twin towers promos instead more freaky than mega powers pics..
george bsuh
george bsuh - 10 oy oldin
there is so much stuff. 9/11 was being planned the day they build them towers. the same day they finished the twin tower, AT&T made 9/11 the emergency numbers.
Patrick Fairbanks
Patrick Fairbanks - Yil oldin
I cried when Roddy Piper died.
Jeff Allen
Jeff Allen - Yil oldin
You did not call Mean Gene...howard finkel..
Robert Palma
Robert Palma - Yil oldin
I predict that you'll get a dumbs down dislike..
Brian Westmoreland
Brian Westmoreland - Yil oldin
Mega powers.....world leaders/governments
Brian Westmoreland
Brian Westmoreland - Yil oldin
Lmao at these predictions.... Recycled stories maybe
J一人で - Yil oldin
What about the time Arn Anderson predicted Chris Benoit’s death in WCW
The King Playz RBX
The King Playz RBX - Yil oldin
Kurt angle: in the future there going to cars
Years later...
Kurt angle: i have a son!
ROBLOX Fan - Yil oldin
Piper was 60when he died
Hdot l
Hdot l - Yil oldin
That wasn't Howard finkle that was mean Gene okerlund with the mega powers doing the interview
S'ele Biddle
S'ele Biddle - Yil oldin
Piper said he wouldn't live pat 65. Not 61! As for Warrior that was obviously the man and the fans saying goodbye to the character. The man most likely didn't know what would happen.
Germanic Darkness
Germanic Darkness - Yil oldin
That wasn't Howard Finkle lol
sparkshadowtiger - Yil oldin
The authority angle was god awful
chasing dragons
chasing dragons - Yil oldin
I predict I will die in my lifetime
Andrew Kieswetter
Andrew Kieswetter - Yil oldin
The 1977 anime Voltus 5 predicted 9/11 .
george bsuh
george bsuh - 10 oy oldin
they knew this was going to happen. its called predictive programming. 9/11 was planned 30 years ago and meant to happen.
Jack O'Rourke
Jack O'Rourke - Yil oldin
Who-Come-Gym 83
Who-Come-Gym 83 - Yil oldin
Find out bin laddin was a wwe fan
Ant Live
Ant Live - Yil oldin
This video was a reach especially the last one with hulk
Charles Summers
Charles Summers - Yil oldin
Romain r. Never gets over wwe needs me i could write better stuff
Luke 2C76
Luke 2C76 - Yil oldin
People are fuckig stupid
Alan Delacruz
Alan Delacruz - Yil oldin
Cm punk pipe bomb for no.1 I'm calling it
Harmless House
Harmless House - 2 yil oldin
You seem to have mood swings whenever you type the title of your videos...
Fayaz Ravat
Fayaz Ravat - 2 yil oldin
steph and Shane running wwe is prediction ? lol of course they gonna run after all it's their business lol hahaja
Cabbage CAN Fight
Cabbage CAN Fight - 2 yil oldin
what about chris benoits. he died on june 24th and venegeance 2007 put the song fuel - gone
Graham Milano
Graham Milano - 2 yil oldin
1989 Summer Slam. Demoliton V's Twin Towers
MyTurtleApril - 2 yil oldin
2:10 Stephanie Is A Fan Of EARTHB🌎UND/M🌎THER
User 507
User 507 - 2 yil oldin
Ronda rousey shirt
Strawberry Short Films
dennyadkins21 - 2 yil oldin
The Mega Powers crushing the Twin Towers. Lol. That's a good one. Maybe WWE is part of the illuminati. Look into that.
Jaydeep Chakravarty
Jaydeep Chakravarty - 2 yil oldin
u said rowdy piper is a legend but again he was addicted to drugs and steriods then how is he a legend ? i dont think anyone in wrestling is a legend they all use steriods, backstage politics and money to wrestle and survive. Only the Navy Army and Air force true legends
The Viper Randy Orton
The Viper Randy Orton - 2 yil oldin
Jay Dav
Jay Dav - 2 yil oldin
Drug addicts tend to know when they're dying and wwe tends to rehash storylines every 15 years. No future predicted...just an ill conceived video.
Gaming Page 1030
Gaming Page 1030 - 2 yil oldin
You called Mean Gene Howard Finkel LMAO
Wez Wez Patchella Dady
Wez Wez Patchella Dady - 2 yil oldin
Just want to state a mis conception about the Twin towers there was attempts to blow it up before 9/11 it was an iconic two buildings that everyone knew it was on some sort of hit list like when biggie smalls was alive he rapped about it before 9/11 long before because as I sed there’s was failed attempts before so it’s always misunderstood .
The_54 Gaming
The_54 Gaming - 2 yil oldin
Before watching ok convince me
After watching not a bad list
Backyard Music Feedback
Backyard Music Feedback - 2 yil oldin
Dubydubyeee? Dubuseeduboo?
Notiunder - 2 yil oldin
This video is a full of shit lol
Brody - 2 yil oldin
WWE not dubber dubber e
tweek tweak
tweek tweak - 2 yil oldin
Fun fact about savage he died when the rapture was aperntly going to happen
Marcus Y
Marcus Y - 2 yil oldin
The only one that made sense was number 1 the rest were just stupid and to be honest when you title it 5 times the wwe predicted the future we all thought you meant the real major future events and not future events of that character or wwe storylines
TOP BANANA - 2 yil oldin
What a load of shit. It's nothing more than reused storylines and coincidences.
That Kaimi
That Kaimi - 2 yil oldin
Mega powers= the people in charge of shit
The twin towers= the actual fucking building
slimshead8100 - 2 yil oldin
Yeah, Triple H and Stephanie getting together was REALLY a
"prediction". Lol. The authority deal was just part of the storyline. What an idiotic thing to put as a prediction. Hahaha
Jaivivek Singh
Jaivivek Singh - 2 yil oldin
4:40 that 9/11 newspaper was published in 2011 and in INDIA
Brian - 2 yil oldin
Gene Oakerland....Howard Finkle. Whatever.
ToxicWazHere :D
ToxicWazHere :D - 2 yil oldin
The Simpson's did it first.
Kevin Villatoro
Kevin Villatoro - 2 yil oldin
what if bin laden got his idea from wwe?
BoomerG21 - 2 yil oldin
Ultimate warrior was pretty sad actually. Literally seemed like he held on just long enough to get that last thought off his chest.
ArArArchStanton -
ArArArchStanton - - 2 yil oldin
The Brand split has absolutely ruined the company.  Who is the champion?  We don't know, there's always two.  It's stupid.
PyroSatu - 2 yil oldin
background song ?
Thouser ZAIA
Thouser ZAIA - 2 yil oldin
Predicted? Are you serious? They knew these events would happen, it is called predictive programming, WWE is run by Masons and has been used to push propaganda on the American people for years!!
channelx gaming
channelx gaming - 2 yil oldin
Hogan is HHH Hollywood hulk hogan
Rua Winston
Rua Winston - 2 yil oldin
The 9/11 thing is stupid .. there were many attempts to take down those stupid towers .. that's why everyone predicted it
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - 2 yil oldin
Wait since Shane owns wcw what if john cena turns heel the new attitude era happens and Shane restarts wcw and takes over the wwe
Omkar Kulkarni
Omkar Kulkarni - 2 yil oldin
Ok I just predicted my future. I am gonna get married, have kids, live a long life and then die eventually :|
Omkar Kulkarni
Omkar Kulkarni - 2 yil oldin
The very 1st entry about The Authority was garbage and made no sense at all. Same goes for Shane and Steph running the company. Educate yourself man.
Trent Boyd
Trent Boyd - 2 yil oldin
pop cool
3foria - 2 yil oldin
at 5:00 mins it aint "howard finkel" its "mean gene okerlund" ,check ya wrestling history properly !!