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Ever wondered what a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza would taste like if it cost $299? Me neither, but we're about to find out anyway on today's episode of FANCY FAST FOOD! FY #005
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Muddati: 23:47


Neetra Dee
Neetra Dee - 2 soat oldin
Do it For hurambe
Do it For hurambe - 5 soat oldin
Asiento means seat
dog breath
dog breath - Kun oldin
She's hilarious. You gotta bring her back for another episode.
CptMcquacken - Kun oldin
"I dont know why people stress so much about hair in their food..." Thank you, let me tell ya, i've been in food service most of my life, I've been a kitchen guy and a manager over 50 employees. I've heard every complaint and soccer mom temper tantrum.
I understand hair is from someone elses body, but, a hair is literally LITERALLY the smallest most insignificant thing to complain about, even in units of measurement "A hairs width". There is nothing more trivial to complain over than a hair.
Ann Margarette Sambilay
Oh Josh. I am totally late for this episode but are you okay??? I can feel your embarrassment here in my country 🇵🇭
Crystal Cummins
Crystal Cummins - Kun oldin
"Orc insides from Lord of the Rings" .........as if I needed another reason to love Emily
Tim Sisler
Tim Sisler - 2 kun oldin
Food fears!!!
Hungerbrood - 2 kun oldin
I dunno man, that seems like a lotta work.
Donna Mixon
Donna Mixon - 3 kun oldin
Garbage aficionados. Yup. That’s TB
Steven Regan
Steven Regan - 3 kun oldin
5:35 -- when the stringy cheese is introduced..
Josh: "Can we grab some of that?? We didn't eat!"
Just minutes earlier: Josh & Emily were shown eating Taco Bell in the car (wearing the same outfits, so it was the same day).
Martin Alberter
Martin Alberter - 4 kun oldin
Drunk the entire episode?
Rachael Magerl
Rachael Magerl - 5 kun oldin
I love Emily's characters when they do two restaurants against each other lol
Rien Reid
Rien Reid - 6 kun oldin
Man chef josh has the best job ever haha and I want that pizza
Jack Spencer
Jack Spencer - 7 kun oldin
Be told not to do shots and then there shooting the drink you were told not to shoot was about one of the most American things I’ve seen on the internet in a while!! This is America. God bless America!
Courtney Beneda
Courtney Beneda - 7 kun oldin
“what are we gonna do with all this boiled mescal?.......will it souppppp?!?” -emily 2k20 :’)))
Ray Clifford
Ray Clifford - 7 kun oldin
when you get products from the chefs you visit, you should have them come on and try the finnishing meal..
Blezy Augusto
Blezy Augusto - 7 kun oldin
Drunk kitchen
Sunny Edge
Sunny Edge - 8 kun oldin
I love her
Aarron West
Aarron West - 8 kun oldin
Spank the hard meat.
Raya Xx
Raya Xx - 8 kun oldin
Can we have you add Lucas to the duo? That would be a dream come true. But also can I join? That’d be my dying wish.
Italian Plumber
Italian Plumber - 9 kun oldin
I have a huge crush on emily 😳
JK - 9 kun oldin
dickthedestroyer - 9 kun oldin
Their toss with the tongs song actually sounds like the chalk zone theme
Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson - 9 kun oldin
I’m so glad Josh got his own show!!! He’s so personable and gets me so stoked to cook
TheRealConcertKing - 9 kun oldin
I literally had to pause the video because I was laughing so hard when Josh casually said "spank the hard meat."
Luis Aguilar
Luis Aguilar - 10 kun oldin
Josh used the knife from every COD to cut a scorpion kinda overkill.
Megan Lamb
Megan Lamb - 10 kun oldin
Josh being drunk with Emily for 23 minutes
Brandon Wahlstrom
Brandon Wahlstrom - 10 kun oldin
Tacocidal Tendencies? All Josh really wanted was a Jarritos. 😉🤘
CutiePie4325 - 10 kun oldin
emily’s face when she opened the jar made my day
Bataan - 10 kun oldin
Spank the hard meat
Byzan - 10 kun oldin
Emily reminds me so much of emma stone
Arkham Knight
Arkham Knight - 10 kun oldin
I really like Josh's glasses, what brand??
Arkham Knight
Arkham Knight - 10 kun oldin
"Time heals all wounds"
Darth Vader: *Breathes angrily in Asthma*
Matthew Harrington
Matthew Harrington - 10 kun oldin
Emily reminds me of a Female comic, but i forget her name.
Maximilian Townsend
Maximilian Townsend - 11 kun oldin
Emily: u ever wanna slap the meat

Josh: u can slap the meat
Emily: (slap meat)
Emily: oooh the meats hhaaarrrddd
Diego Hernandez
Diego Hernandez - 11 kun oldin
They found the beans in Rhett's kitchen
Capsy - 11 kun oldin
I need more of Josh and Emily in my life
Timothy Bjorling
Timothy Bjorling - 11 kun oldin
That high school friends joke "o u aged terribly" made me legit spit out my beer lolz
RAZOR blade2025
RAZOR blade2025 - 11 kun oldin
Josh’s two favorite words:
1. Schmeer
2. Liberal
Humbleburden - 11 kun oldin
Emily is maybe my favorite cast/crew member of the Mythical family.
Kevin Fournier
Kevin Fournier - 12 kun oldin
Emily's look at the camera at 17:44 -- priceless.
Adelaide Spence
Adelaide Spence - 12 kun oldin
Legitimately this is too great to not be commercially available. I think if you dumb it down a bit and take a couple shortcuts, you could sell a Taco Bell sized version for $50 a piece and I’d absolutely buy it
Zachary Fravel
Zachary Fravel - 13 kun oldin
confirmed: see you next tuesday fan.
Ivy B
Ivy B - 14 kun oldin
"Spank the hard meat."
Amanda Gibson
Amanda Gibson - 14 kun oldin
"Taco bell, the first taste of Mexican food in America" .... really sir? .. really?
MrJesusdoesntsave - 15 kun oldin
20:49 Kobe :(
Olivia Ford
Olivia Ford - 15 kun oldin
This is beautiful I’m crying
Hannah Kalter
Hannah Kalter - 15 kun oldin
Emily and Josh are my favorite combo
LudoPlays - 15 kun oldin
I’m willing to bet a bunch of money that they had some green logs come out after those blue dyed drinks ahahaha
DAVE CEE - 15 kun oldin
shes such an attractive lady. REDS FOR THE WIN
Liamantor1005 - 15 kun oldin
I have rewatched this one video 10+ times now and i don't know what i love more the idea of the food, or how funny/great the combo of Josh & Emily are together during these vids xD
All_Roads - 16 kun oldin
"Will it soup" got a genuine actual out loud LOL from me.
That One Chick With the Face
Josh is so stupid cute with the sauce on his face while explaining the food.
Dano Da Zombie
Dano Da Zombie - 16 kun oldin
I’m actually quite surprised that the Mexican Pizza lasted longer than the Grilled Stuffed Burrito...
Kinda sad cuz the Mexican Pizza isn’t all that great
Brayden Allred
Brayden Allred - 16 kun oldin
Wendy’s baconator commercial pop-up half way through the video... irony
Jahannie Ayala
Jahannie Ayala - 16 kun oldin
This is make it fancy with tie but with Josh, and I love it
A R - 16 kun oldin
We have a TV show in the UK called crazy delicious that Heston hosts but I could totally see an America version with josh hosting it
South pole
South pole - 16 kun oldin
Tomorrow I'll hang around for some hair Pie -Emily. 😍
Jordan Coslett
Jordan Coslett - 16 kun oldin
I want to get drunk with Emily NOW
God of nothing
God of nothing - 17 kun oldin
I want to know just how drunk they got