25 Times Cartoons Predicted The Future

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It Isn't Only The Simpsons That Can Predict The Future...
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The creative freedom of animation allows cartoons to take their stories anywhere -- and more times than we could have imagined, many of these cartoons have predicted the future. Pokemon Go! Took the world by storm back in 2016. Well, back in 1999, South Park could see the rise of Pokemon coming and decided to take it on with the episode entitled “Chinpokomon”. The parody of Pokemon included everything from the toys to the video games. Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation from Bruce took the world by surprise back in 2015. Well, not everyone was surprised, especially the writers and animators on Family Guy. YEARS before Jenner announced she was transgender, Family Guy made direct remarks about the former Olympian. Nothing like modern technology to present an easier solution -- only to screw things up even worse. One example? The voting machine mishaps in the 2012 Barack Obama and Mitt Romney election. In real life, people were selecting a candidate like Obama, only to have Romney appear on the electronic voting screen. See how the Iron Man cartoon may have predicted a terrible disaster just a few years later.
Which show predicted the Pokemon Go craze? Which show featured the future of a scary movie franchise? And how was Inspector Gadget ahead of his time in more ways than we could ever imagine?! Time to break down these future predictions from favorites like The Simpsons, South Park, and Robot Chicken! Watch to see all these future predictions, how accurate they were, and what other predictions may take place down the line!
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lesterclaypool1 - Kun oldin
the cartoon movie had drones before these in 81 ,
Your Mom
Your Mom - Kun oldin
This literally stole half of these from videos before 2020
Eloy 89
Eloy 89 - 2 kun oldin
The South Park Pokemon parody aired November 3, 1999, Pokemon became popular in September of 1998 so....
Jackie Eden
Jackie Eden - 2 kun oldin
Why dose Kevin spacey look like irons from cod advanced warfare
Daniel f
Daniel f - 4 kun oldin
emka LTU
emka LTU - 4 kun oldin
its not prediction its a PLAN
BLAKK SHEEP - 5 kun oldin
They don't "predict" the future. The creators are all 33rd degree Freemasons... privy to their plans and agendas for the public a long time before they pull the trigger on them.
Masonry degrees = Influence over the masses.
The world is a stage. Nearly nothing at all in TV is real (including politics and news). All an interactive scripted show. Welcome to life! Where everything you think you know to be true are intentionally misleading lies. So there's that...
Chris Cruz
Chris Cruz - 5 kun oldin
Now the Simpsons did the higgs boson first but it is said that he got close to the answer but if he did it first was he close to the answer or giving the scientist the answer to the scientific equation kind of wierd
Renata Cantore- Gross
Renata Cantore- Gross - 7 kun oldin
Great video. I had to laugh when the robot car hit the robot.
FOX News is 100% fake news
In January 2016, Family Guy (Peter Griffin) suggested that everyone should invest in Bitcoin.
FOX News is 100% fake news
The Pokemon craze in the USA began in 1995, so South Park was really 5 years late.
Beast King
Beast King - 8 kun oldin
The kfc by me just closed 2 months ago
Christopher Peterson
Christopher Peterson - 8 kun oldin
Hello? Life imitates art. Old saying. True. Surprised?
Cali Bread
Cali Bread - 10 kun oldin
Lrr from Futurama wasn't watching friends in the episode when aliens attack he was watching a female lawyer spin off
Mr Smert
Mr Smert - 10 kun oldin
The car driving over other cars is actually from the Facebook post in 2018
J Black
J Black - 10 kun oldin
The laptop at 8:05 is not a Toshiba but a GRID systems made for military use . First tough book . Originators of the clam shell design. Also used on-board Shuttle.
Walter Massey
Walter Massey - 10 kun oldin
bruce jenner is a sick human...like most of the ones that dress like that
Jon Holley
Jon Holley - 11 kun oldin
Does flying cars are the same exact design as the ones there are used in the Jetsons
Peter September
Peter September - 12 kun oldin
People really sold KFC🤣🤣🤣
lundove - 12 kun oldin
Spot on.
Danial Amirghahari
Danial Amirghahari - 13 kun oldin
Time travel bro. That’s the only answer
Anthony - 13 kun oldin
The Chucky voice actor pick wasn’t a prediction?
Richard Ball
Richard Ball - 15 kun oldin
Life influences art...
Art imitates life, and influences life right back...
Charles Wolford
Charles Wolford - 15 kun oldin
Wow can’t believe Hollywood predicted Hollywood
Patrick Lange
Patrick Lange - 15 kun oldin
Beavis And Butthead predicted the 2020 Toilet Paper shortage.
Johnathon Teets
Johnathon Teets - 16 kun oldin
1999: tom hanks sneezes on said show
2020, screen rant: said show predicted tom hanks getting coronavirus
RealDeal441 - 16 kun oldin
You guys are crazy: rumours about Bruce and Kevin Spacey were known to many people in showbiz g]for quite sometime - people do talk u know. And so some writers must have known some some of these people who talked....
Ghost Smoke
Ghost Smoke - 16 kun oldin
I knew about Pokemon before I ever watched South Park. I'm in my late twenties and South Park is my favorite show if that tells you how big Pokemon already was.
Super Trucker 09R
Super Trucker 09R - 17 kun oldin
Simpsons predicted Donald trump now that the corona virus is happening economy is failing... idk but it doesn’t looks good
League Arceus
League Arceus - 19 kun oldin
Man this is a low bar for content.
Marvin Angelo
Marvin Angelo - 19 kun oldin
Y'all really crazy think like this. Many of ppl make predictions but there wrong. So a few predictions can be right. Y'all need God God damn.
punker4Real - 20 kun oldin
forgot about the simpsions 9/11 all about the money someone made millions short selling stocks
redzoom727 - 20 kun oldin
Futurama actually predicted the LGBTQ+ marriage court appeal in Season 6, Episode 4.
Mr Loco
Mr Loco - 21 kun oldin
One question do you even breath?
Randy Bell
Randy Bell - 21 kun oldin
South Park acknowledged that the population would continue to increase and that humans would still breathe oxygen 20 years before we could confirm it!!
Jesse Perez
Jesse Perez - 22 kun oldin
Unpopular Opinion: None of these shows predict anything. Its all coincidence.
allybug hines
allybug hines - 22 kun oldin
Wanna know whats gonna happen to the world next? Watch the Simpsons.
Robert Broas
Robert Broas - 22 kun oldin
They had to get the idea someplace. Just like my Lady Lady Gaga.
Josue 8
Josue 8 - 22 kun oldin
Kevin spacey (sorry if I said his name wrong) looks like that one guy from CoD advanced warfare where he gives this guy Michell the prodagisnt a robot arm.
carl baumgardt
carl baumgardt - 23 kun oldin
i saw veido chat 1963 worlds fair year might be off did iot dobble check bell adlantic
K.E.B GAMING - 23 kun oldin
who is watching this in 2098?
Tiny Tina
Tiny Tina - 24 kun oldin
There are so many things wrong with this video and I am going to go over a few
The concept of a dragon burning down a town has been around ever since the concept of dragons itself!
Back to the future also had flat screen TVs and video chat because these objects are just the progression of technology.
The Simpson's are poking fun at statements made by Donald Trump about running for president
tyshawn - 24 kun oldin
Family guy hella predicted Bruce Kenner and I saw that too lmaooo
Donald Trump
Donald Trump - 25 kun oldin
I'm mentioned everywhere.
Potatoes Making Noise
Potatoes Making Noise - 25 kun oldin
the stupidest predictions. The Simpsons has so many predictions that were real. these are bad fing examples
voluntaryist - 25 kun oldin
911 was absolutely an inside job. Simpsons predicted it
Leo Grady
Leo Grady - 26 kun oldin
Greta thornberg becoming president -simpsons
Marvin PhiRatio
Marvin PhiRatio - 26 kun oldin
That is far fetched cause there were no planes ...only CGI tv planes
Michael DMan
Michael DMan - 26 kun oldin
Speaking of 911..."The Lone Gunman" Season 1 Episode 1. Released March 2001, 9 months prior to 911. The Ex-files writer Chris Carter, happens to predict (Wink Wink) that a small faction of our gov't, drones planes into the, well you know. So that an endless war will happen... A must watch on youtube
Carlo isokessu
Carlo isokessu - 26 kun oldin
5:48 Nine Eleven is a sad story but I just gotta say that I played a game in PS1 where you could see the Twin Towers collapsing if you fail your mission
Ryan Gerwien
Ryan Gerwien - 27 kun oldin
Eddieisherenow - 27 kun oldin
Art imitates life and If the worlds evil doers aren't stopped we won't have a future .
AndrewLetit FlowWolf
AndrewLetit FlowWolf - 27 kun oldin
you ever noticed how all the gyms in pokémon go are like churches, malls and gas stations lol conspiracy
Bruised Soup
Bruised Soup - 28 kun oldin
Why did they show Ryan George’s video ?
Bud Lee
Bud Lee - 28 kun oldin
It seems these are more like things said by people " in the know " than predictions .
Builder Gamer
Builder Gamer - 28 kun oldin
The white tiger didn’t hurt him he helped him
mummra7 - 29 kun oldin
made sure i missed the subscribe button.
mummra7 - 29 kun oldin
man, humans are a sorry-ass race. they are not PREDICTING events, they are orchestrating them. they are all illuminated freemasons controlling the narrative from behind the scenes. i know the replies i am gonna get from the zombies but lemme ask ya, if we were all treated equally whether a president or a pauper, if one were to say, send a tweet about a major crime, and then it happens a few months later....do ya think there might be a knock on the door???? oh wait, in the patriot act age they just bust the door open start shooting and then tell you they are the police/govt and there to help. wake up!! if this does not bet ya thinking why don't ya look into how on the morning of 9-11 people like mark walberg, borat, julia childs, edward james olmos, san fran mayor willie brown, SETH MCFARLANE, they all had miraculously made last minute change of plans and avoided 9-11 flights.
Trenton Ever son
Trenton Ever son - 29 kun oldin
Trump has been talking about running for president since the 80’s
Ian Heinz
Ian Heinz - Oy oldin
These aren't predictions. They're coincidences.
babak bayatani
babak bayatani - Oy oldin
The amount of stupidity in comments lul
babak bayatani
babak bayatani - Oy oldin
The amount of stupidity in comments lul
Chris DeMario
Chris DeMario - Oy oldin
zapp brannigan didn't misread the card. He said Leela's namebecause he didn't expect to see her. He states later that he was still struggling with the envelope. Just FYI.
Ask ToFindOut
Ask ToFindOut - Oy oldin
You're really trying with some of these. Penny from Inspector Gadget really there were spy movies in the 70's that had smart watches or how about Dick Tracy when it was a radio show in the 40's or 50's
Doug Hooker
Doug Hooker - Oy oldin
I loved going on skype thank so much Mr Spacey.
I loved the jetsons back then they came 1st prediction came true.
Doug Hooker
Doug Hooker - Oy oldin
thank god penny had predicted the lap including webcam. without film. inspector gadget -im so sorry about 911 on bugs bunny, even eat up martha errors. that includes white tiger attack @las vagas. I hope the performer is okay we always pray for you always
god bless
Haley Sellers
Haley Sellers - Oy oldin
Only ten more years till Lisa got this country's back
Juan Rivera
Juan Rivera - Oy oldin
The cartoons didn’t copy them they copied the cartoons
Nooah Calooah
Nooah Calooah - Oy oldin
This is an ass list
Gary Smith
Gary Smith - Oy oldin
Talking about 911 conspiracies, you failed to mention the Supertramp Album called "Breakfast in America". The album cover depicts the view from an airplane window flying over NY City with the towers in the background. When viewed in a mirror you can clearly see the print as 911 over the twin towers themselves and it did happen while many of us were eating breakfast in America.
LDJ - Oy oldin
How about when simpsons predicted the god partical, of how the universe was created? def. the craziest prediction yet!
advanced beginner
advanced beginner - Oy oldin
look if you were watching that or is watching Simpsons you know right now that the Simpsons is king of it and I'm telling you right now Matt groening is a time traveler and when I don't believe he's an actual time traveler I do believe however he has some knowledge into all the stuff that's happening or he's just one hell of a writer
Steven Gadzinski
Steven Gadzinski - Oy oldin
Bruce Jenner is NOT a woman, so stop calling him she.
Bhill - Oy oldin
People are just stealing from the classics not original
Kenneth Banks
Kenneth Banks - Oy oldin
Pretty sure your Mel Gibson timeline is wrong
Jenn Contente
Jenn Contente - Oy oldin
Hey did you know CHINPOKOMON means penis monster That is way too inappropriate for kids. # Screen Rant❗
James Hogan
James Hogan - Oy oldin
i believe 9 11 was a false flag operation orchestrated by the Dark Government/illuminati/Freemasons/Skull and Bones/Dark Brotherhood/Church of Satan.
Cleo The bird
Cleo The bird - Oy oldin
Wait wtf keven spacey is I’m call of duty!
Sidekicker Brohoof
Sidekicker Brohoof - Oy oldin
I just want to say the fighter jet in the Iron Man cartoon looks a lot like a Chinese J-20.
Tennessee Dipper00
Tennessee Dipper00 - Oy oldin
When did fox buy Disney. Edit: Never mind