10 Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future

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The Simpsons wicked predictions about future events.
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The Simpsons has been around since 1989. It redefined what an animated show could be and gave America a level of biting satire it could usually only find in movies. No Simpsons would mean no South Park, no Daily Show, no comedy that holds a mirror to our society. While many think the show has been on a steady decline since the late 90’s, the fact that it’s never been canceled means we keep rewarding The Simpsons with our eyeballs, year after year.
With all their insightful wit, the writers of The Simpsons have predicted the future many times, whether it’s the discovery of the Higgs Boson or the election of a certain reality TV star as president. In this video, we’ll cover what we think are the most relevant predictions the Simpsons have made. Tell us what you think in the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe to CBR for more videos like this one!
Entry 5 - NSA SPYING
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mo mo
mo mo - Kun oldin
Most annoying voice ever, damn
All about Shanelys & Valeria
Kobe died in a helicopter and in the simsuns were that same thing
KindaCool Comix
KindaCool Comix - 2 kun oldin
The Coronavirus is pretty big y’all they predicted that
Jack Campbell
Jack Campbell - 2 kun oldin
Simsons is right that the world is losing money now but not because of trump but in this time
Ed Dükerstëimbøurgerhubbeirtroüiant
Things that were considered a joke back then , are realities today
Azerty - 3 kun oldin
Moral of the story.
If you want to know what will happen in 10 years. Watch the Simpsons !!! 🙄
SomnaeYT Vlogs
SomnaeYT Vlogs - 4 kun oldin
They predicted the corona virus and the last episode of game of thrones
LoneBerseker - 5 kun oldin
fuck off, biodome is a great movie, back then....
Sean johnson
Sean johnson - 5 kun oldin
Yeah has the Simpson’s Predicted the year 2020 ? Or this virus ?
DomYt DomYt
DomYt DomYt - 5 kun oldin
Elicia ESS
Elicia ESS - 6 kun oldin
Hope they predict me getting rich
Taylor Collins
Taylor Collins - 6 kun oldin
They also predict the Carona virus
DxipNinja YT
DxipNinja YT - 6 kun oldin
The director of this show is the leader of Illuminati lol
Noa MacDonald
Noa MacDonald - 6 kun oldin
The simpsons predicted the chrona virus
Abbys World
Abbys World - 6 kun oldin
And now im pretty sure they predicted the coronavirus. Something like it
Wolf - 6 kun oldin
I’m typing this with a shoe
Minister Kenneth Anthony
Minister Kenneth Anthony - 7 kun oldin
the simpson's are funny
gold scar gaming
gold scar gaming - 7 kun oldin
They didn't
Predict nothing
gold scar gaming
gold scar gaming - 7 kun oldin
Trump vids was in 2015 not 2000
gold scar gaming
gold scar gaming - 7 kun oldin
Tiger was coincidence
gold scar gaming
gold scar gaming - 7 kun oldin
Fake its all fake
Buzzcut Gaming
Buzzcut Gaming - 7 kun oldin
Elphaba Thropp
Elphaba Thropp - 7 kun oldin
The creator has a god damn time machine
ja Nsn
ja Nsn - 7 kun oldin
They predicted the corona virus
Nakisha Peterson
Nakisha Peterson - 7 kun oldin
Simpson’s stop just please stop
Erin Gray
Erin Gray - 7 kun oldin
𝚒𝚖𝚊𝚐𝚒𝚗𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚢 𝚔𝚗𝚎𝚠 𝚊𝚋𝚘𝚞𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚌𝚘𝚛𝚘𝚗𝚊𝚟𝚒𝚛𝚘𝚞𝚞𝚜
Spirit_Wolf - 7 kun oldin
Omg it isnt called Naiki , do you call nice naici? You call is Naic so Nike is called Naik ok!!
MiXv_Obey - 8 kun oldin
Moe didn't take down toys r us he just spun the r around
Logan Cooper
Logan Cooper - 8 kun oldin
They predicted what???????????????
Kyle Pie
Kyle Pie - 8 kun oldin
There has to be a time traveler that’s works for the show
xxx gaming pad xxx egg
xxx gaming pad xxx egg - 8 kun oldin
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Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones - 9 kun oldin
Backyard Fights
Ariiangle ¿
Ariiangle ¿ - 9 kun oldin
They did just with Donald Trump being president and Coronavirus
Ariiangle ¿
Ariiangle ¿ - 9 kun oldin
They did just with Donald Trump being president and Coronavirus
Eric Kempis
Eric Kempis - 9 kun oldin
You have to watch this video before it gets taken off!!! https://hoodsite.com/is-he-on-to-something-man-says-there-is-no-coronavirus-this-is-all-a-cover-up-to-enforce-martial-law/
Gaming with Wolf
Gaming with Wolf - 9 kun oldin
How do we know they didn’t watch the show and made that happen?
Cherry Lover
Cherry Lover - 9 kun oldin
Maggie's gonna shoot Mr Burns in real life
Valeria Diaz
Valeria Diaz - 9 kun oldin
Kid: they know the future
mc spoonloops
mc spoonloops - 9 kun oldin
You forgot about toys r us
fredbear adventures the coolest
Corona was predicted too
Unknown - 9 kun oldin
"Chinese flu is advancing"
He literally called the cornavurus "Chinese flu" like 2 or 3 days ago xD
Hayden Pasternak
Hayden Pasternak - 9 kun oldin
Anyone else have tons of useless Toys R Us gift cards!
Joseph Lambert
Joseph Lambert - 10 kun oldin
27 years after the simpsons predicted the coronavirus, it happened.
AdrianG2007 - 10 kun oldin
Who else is here after simpsons predicted kobes crash 😭
Sketchy Gaming
Sketchy Gaming - 10 kun oldin
.....what if......the Simpson's is the real world and we are the cartoon?! Are we even real? (Runs away screamin) it's a simulation!!!!!!!!! Lol
stephanie hernandez
stephanie hernandez - 10 kun oldin
Omg this gives me anxiety
dab walker
dab walker - 10 kun oldin
Wilson Mar
Wilson Mar - 11 kun oldin
Can they predict the stock market?
DarkyBoode32 - 11 kun oldin
4:10 and New Zealand and Canada, but not the UK and Ireland.
mikaela h
mikaela h - 11 kun oldin
is anyone else watching this video while being quarantine?
Raze - 11 kun oldin
*They predicted the corona virus too🤨*
Reaper Cow
Reaper Cow - 12 kun oldin
Bio dome is awesome
Haniya Ali
Haniya Ali - 12 kun oldin
2020:they predicted Corona virus
Isaiah Saw
Isaiah Saw - 12 kun oldin
Cooffee with maccoroons says trump
PEDRO- LEGITBOSS - 12 kun oldin
Bitch The Simpson’s are freakin time travelers
Maria Ingram
Maria Ingram - 12 kun oldin
11:49 did he say Chinese flu is advancing??? I can’t with the simpsons and & their predictions..
Badboy_rblx - 13 kun oldin
They predicted corona virus too
Imran Karim
Imran Karim - 13 kun oldin
At the end he talked about the chineses
Flu (coronavirus)
Amanda Nyanko
Amanda Nyanko - 14 kun oldin
Is the Simpsons gonna predict me getting arrested for stealing blue bunny ice cream?
Jayson Orobio
Jayson Orobio - 14 kun oldin
Kobe Bryant
Jayson Orobio
Jayson Orobio - 14 kun oldin
spicy1ize - 14 kun oldin
The Simpson is part of the Illuminati.... Period
Kaleida V2.0
Kaleida V2.0 - 14 kun oldin
The Simpsons didn't predict the smartwatch, Michael Knight and KITT did that almost 10 years earlier.
Justin Shepherd
Justin Shepherd - 15 kun oldin
Biodome was a good movie
Amy Johnston
Amy Johnston - 15 kun oldin
The writer mingled with Jeffery Epstein and friends. Illuminati Freemasons
Weird channel
Weird channel - 15 kun oldin
The toy r is was a actually some Simpson flipping the r
Xx_Extremeslayer_xX Davis
Xx_Extremeslayer_xX Davis - 15 kun oldin
Stop-brick - 15 kun oldin
I can’t tell if most of the comments are ironic or if everyone is just that stupid.
Kim Broadie
Kim Broadie - 16 kun oldin
Who really behind the science aliens 👽
Luke Phaneuf
Luke Phaneuf - 16 kun oldin
Do you think Trump watched the Simpsons and decided to run for President?
nate p
nate p - 16 kun oldin
He helps the economy not made us broke thogh
One Finger Man
One Finger Man - 17 kun oldin
the writer of the simpsons does NOT predict anything. He is a Zionist Freemason and knows exactly what he is putting inside his show :)
David T
David T - 17 kun oldin
BioDome was a great movie. You have no soul. 😆😆😆
ACE Aspect
ACE Aspect - 18 kun oldin
11:27 to be fair it’s the opposite
1OnlyDez - 20 kun oldin
Eveybody who over looks rhis has to be memtally retarded this is their plan 🤦🏽‍♂️
cry1ng cl0uds
cry1ng cl0uds - 20 kun oldin
I get that there's a reason for a lot of this, BUT HOW IS THE TIGER ONE POSSIBLE!?!?!?!?? they even got the colors of the tiger right
Kid_youmayknow - 21 kun oldin
They also predicted Kobe's death 👀
NathanBy09 _
NathanBy09 _ - 22 kun oldin
Maybe the maker has a time machine
Nuksta38 - 22 kun oldin
How do we go on a movie and tell ppl to see it
JakePlaysMSM - 22 kun oldin
Literally the creators are from the future!