10 Times Family Guy Predicted The Future

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The Simpsons aren't the only cartoons to be able to predict the future.
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For nearly two decades and over three hundred episodes, the animated comedy "Family Guy" has skewered almost every aspect of the pop culture landscape.
No celebrity, no politician, and no major event has been safe from the poison pen of "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane.
While much of MacFarlane's efforts have followed in the footsteps of animated classics such as "The Simpsons" and "South Park", "Family Guy" has always added an extra bite to its scathing commentary.
In numerous episodes over its eighteen seasons, "Family Guy" has poked fun at the past while, mostly inadvertently, forecasting the future.
From global tragedies to political farce, "Family Guy" has shown an almost eerie capacity to predict future events.
Does that mean that MacFarlane and Company have insight into the future - or are they simply observing current events and extrapolating potential outcomes?
In today's video, we're going to take a look at ten instances when a "Family Guy" scene later became a reality.

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hip hop sux
hip hop sux - 2 kun oldin
Paul walker was pushing it
James Wolfe
James Wolfe - 4 kun oldin
Why are you so heavy on the Ts?
poopy doodoo
poopy doodoo - 5 kun oldin
Lol this video is grasping at straws man, and stop putting so much emphasis on every T in EVERY WORD!!! You sounds annoying
PandaFluffyNut - 7 kun oldin
Idk if you would say these are them predicting the future as it more is the writers being aware of what’s in Hollywood. Apparently everyone in Hollywood knew about stuff like Jenner and so on with many of these stories. I think it’s just more recent that these stories reached the public. I think it wasn’t really them “predicting” as they were writing jokes to make them laugh but it’s enough that the audience won’t quite understand but still laugh
Who's faster Bruce Jenner or Usain Bolt
(Like for usain and dislike for jenner
King Pat
King Pat - 8 kun oldin
I just learned Robin Williams died like a hour before watching this yes I am a whole 6 years too late
Lil Penguin
Lil Penguin - 8 kun oldin
They are the best copy of the Simpsons so they have to predict.
Chancing Productions
Chancing Productions - 9 kun oldin
The Donald trump one going down the escalator 💀
Robert Christian
Robert Christian - 9 kun oldin
Too long-winded.
Twitch 420
Twitch 420 - 10 kun oldin
And F
Twitch 420
Twitch 420 - 10 kun oldin
Wtf man. Yo t's needa calm tf down. Ive heard at least two in words that dont even have a T. Jesus.
LaikaLycanthrope - 10 kun oldin
I bet you think the casting couch system is some new revelation, too.
Julio Crab
Julio Crab - 11 kun oldin
Peter September
Peter September - 12 kun oldin
The irony of Rob is real
SYNNARO - 12 kun oldin
p e T e r
FOX News is 100% fake news
In January 2016 episode "The Peanut Butter Kid", Peter suggested everyone invest in BitCoin which was worth a mere $383 per unit at the time. In October 2011 episode "Back to the Pilot", Family Guy predicted "The Cleveland Show" but be canceled before 2016 and Cleveland would move back to Quahog. Family Guy gets it right. AGAIN !!!!!
rebecca ibrahim
rebecca ibrahim - 13 kun oldin
family predicted the corona virus in the goat flu episode right ????
Jaden Hugo
Jaden Hugo - 13 kun oldin
I like how you say T
Zach Saxion
Zach Saxion - 14 kun oldin
ADCON Real - 14 kun oldin
The Paul Walker one is a stretch, a big long stretch, like standing on a box that’s on top of a stack of chairs extending off a single foot on your tippy toes kinda stretch!!! 😂
Kolin Cogburn
Kolin Cogburn - 15 kun oldin
The paul Walker one was quite the stretch. Other than that. Great video.
Ford Derek
Ford Derek - 17 kun oldin
Got to stretch a little more then the Simpson predictions
Oddy Wuorr
Oddy Wuorr - 17 kun oldin
Who else didn't see"The Flash"🤦🏾‍♂️ what a joke and waste of time 😊😊
STB Shamir
STB Shamir - 18 kun oldin
Pettttttttttttttttttt(a sound that the internet makes when it says failed or something but a million times a second)ttttttttttttttttter
L D - 19 kun oldin
Even a broken clock can tell time twice a day.
badgerman - 20 kun oldin
Don’t forget Harvey Weinstein
Brandi Silvers
Brandi Silvers - 23 kun oldin
Why are minors on the internet anyway? They should be going to school
Adam Scatto
Adam Scatto - 26 kun oldin
The guy talking sounds like the type of person to spit on you every time he talks in every sentence
Rolly Itimbien
Rolly Itimbien - 26 kun oldin
It is predictive programming
Sir - 27 kun oldin
"She" still has male anatomical features. Bruce will die male because he doesnt have the Testicular fortitude to be castrated.
Jason Land
Jason Land - 29 kun oldin
Some of these are eerie it’s creepy to think when I’m watching Family Guy this stuff might happen one day
Aye Nice
Aye Nice - 29 kun oldin
This isn’t future telling ... Hitler use to have to radio news on the radio and the guy would say what the weather was and other basic things but the whole news report was a subliminal message on how their military was doing and if there were any enemies coming about.
I don’t doubt this is what is going on here. Even Nostradamus already wrote what’s going to happen ... the term “ It was written “ to me, was coined from this “ tactic “ of control.
Even Disney was involved with psychological warfare with their old cartoons with hiding sexual things in the background and even in the characters.
Luis X
Luis X - 29 kun oldin
4:12 correction 3 dead not 5
Yes Of Course
Yes Of Course - 29 kun oldin
Is that martin stein I see?
Anthony - Oy oldin
These aren't "predictions" this has been known about in Hollywood for years
Owen - Oy oldin
Can they tell my future?
UNTOLD official YouTube
ian batey
ian batey - Oy oldin
One of the dumbest things ive watched
Jac Val
Jac Val - Oy oldin
Watch ya T’s son
william honeywill
william honeywill - Oy oldin
Wow really grabbed for them sraws in places...
Sambo B
Sambo B - Oy oldin
That Paul Walker one is clutching at straws.
MrAnimater - Oy oldin
Simpsons did it first
Alexander Mendez
Alexander Mendez - Oy oldin
Are you using a robot voice?
Daniel B
Daniel B - Oy oldin
I hate this narrator!
Alfredo Alcantar
Alfredo Alcantar - Oy oldin
Bruce Jenner Never won if he was competing against black man
Xand13 - Oy oldin
That Paul Walker one was a longshot
Starsofblack 1313
Starsofblack 1313 - Oy oldin
The narrator is definitely a robot
Gil Frederickson
Gil Frederickson - Oy oldin
This Fuken narrator... why is he hitting the t’s so hard?
N Dlamini
N Dlamini - Oy oldin
I dnt think they really predict. It’s because the writers know these Hollywood secrets and people’s skeletons
Antonio Hamboney
Antonio Hamboney - Oy oldin
The Paul Walker and the Tom Tucker ines were reaching..like who makes these list
Malachi's Guides!
Malachi's Guides! - Oy oldin
Is this a real person or a pretty good robot voice? So much enunciation!
Jay Breezy420
Jay Breezy420 - Oy oldin
Why does he pronounce peter like that PeTTTTER
Brad Kendall
Brad Kendall - Oy oldin
When I was like 6 or 7... I got a happy meal with a cheese burger and someone in the future i saw mark Wahlberg in a movie. I invented wahlburgers!
Comment Destroyer
Comment Destroyer - Oy oldin
Why are you putting so much emphasis on the "e".
Patrick Mailey
Patrick Mailey - Oy oldin
Yeah the Paul Walker one was a stretch
Erion Berisha
Erion Berisha - Oy oldin
izlam 🤣
Nightfall 78
Nightfall 78 - Oy oldin
Big reach in most of these. The Paul Walker was a huge stretch, Robin Williams was a teach, and we all knew Barry manilow was gay lol. Didnt need a cartoon for that. Kevin spacey was a rumored perv for years!
Jeff Helton
Jeff Helton - Oy oldin
Where is this dude from?
The jetsons made some killer predictions tho
I'm Jay
I'm Jay - Oy oldin
no better way to get rid of tv personalities than say they are a kid fiddler or a sexual predator ...
Retire or WE will retire you !
I'm Jay
I'm Jay - Oy oldin
not a very good driver at all lol ... he dead!
I'm Jay
I'm Jay - Oy oldin
Robin Williams did not kill himself ... he at the time had signed up for mrs doubtfire 2 ... he was killed by hollywood scum
Justin O
Justin O - Oy oldin
Family Guy doesn't predict it influences
Tuavo guxxi
Tuavo guxxi - Oy oldin
Pee ter
Ritchie Chester
Ritchie Chester - Oy oldin
Walker is not even close
You earned a sub, I hope you get 1 million subcribers soon and great video:)
JON R Wieszchowski
JON R Wieszchowski - Oy oldin
The Narrator needs to learn how to talk.
Greg Raimi
Greg Raimi - Oy oldin
This guy pronounces the most random things weird , like pee ter
jean de waal
jean de waal - Oy oldin
BIG MOUTH CLIP ....not family guy.... i'm actually more disappointed in that i know that than the paul walker stretch... has anybody seen the clip where louis tells her dad he was responsible for BURNING DOWN THE AMAZON FORESTS??.... was looking for that...
joshclb2000 - Oy oldin
The simpsons made better predictions
Shrink 225 シュリンク
Seth McFarlane?
saganax - Oy oldin
Mr. Vizard
Mr. Vizard - Oy oldin
You say your “T’s” weird... Why?
SavageLit84 - Oy oldin
Can you guys stop complaining how a person speaks
John Smith
John Smith - Oy oldin
kwpp7 - Oy oldin
I've never heard a narrator over pronounce their T's so hard.
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith - Oy oldin
Predictive programming much?
Tyler Givens
Tyler Givens - Oy oldin
How can you link Walker and family guy together that makes no since just cause his name was brian like wtf that ones a little far fetched lol
Thembalethu Ndumiso
Thembalethu Ndumiso - Oy oldin
you forgot donald trump
AmazonKC - Oy oldin
I like this video, but the narrator enunciates so well I think he might be a bot.