10 Times The Simpsons Predicted the Future

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The Simpsons has predicted a lot in the 30 years it's been running, from Donald Trump to auto-correct and a certain horse-meat scandal. We wonder what will be next?
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lamin minteh
lamin minteh - Kun oldin
Some role we play in a movie will attack us in real life..
Sydical - 3 kun oldin
Makes me wonder how
Chris Cruz
Chris Cruz - 5 kun oldin
Lol and now the part of the country being broke while Trump is president is more true than ever all because for weeks of warning about coronavirus he used it as a political tool instead of doing something to help get America ready it was a hoax by the Democratic party to hurt his re-election campaign and then the stock market lost ten trillion dollars in a week then all of a sudden it's real and serious
Bernardra Jamison
Bernardra Jamison - 6 kun oldin
Me personally don’t believe these episodes were even made until after this stuff actually happened it’s all a big fraud! They are trying to use the simpsons episodes to brainwash us into believing it was predicted but it actually wasn’t🤦🏾‍♀️
Ikram Jalbani
Ikram Jalbani - 7 kun oldin
this cartoon series is full planned series 9_11 pics and trump winning votes and many more things
Liaa Wich
Liaa Wich - 9 kun oldin
Stop probicting the future it is not funny any more .No Trump in 2020 . So writers ever how you are doing it stop it.
Jess James
Jess James - 10 kun oldin
The Bible is also a good prediction of what the future holds. “Every knee shall bow... every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord” That tells me that these “people” that are basically “running” the world have a limited time to do their work.
David Kingdom
David Kingdom - 11 kun oldin
Nazis will blow the hover dam up tomorrow at ten to the hr.
David Kingdom
David Kingdom - 11 kun oldin
Hover dam tomorrow
Crystal Jung
Crystal Jung - 12 kun oldin
You silly men will never discover God's power.
SuperHkang - 13 kun oldin
satanic rich people rule the world and theyre trying to kill off billions of people so they can bring the population down to about 1 bill i think their goal is... so after all the masses are gone they can live in peace. its evil but thats life. they dont mind killing people.. it's like offering a present to the devil. peace.
Mary Gilbertson
Mary Gilbertson - 13 kun oldin
What a way to show Us what idiots the masses are ... It's like the Powers that be are using a Cartoon to tell Us ( when You see this in the future You'll know that We have been the ones in Charge for a long time Our plan is unfolding like Clockwork And You're Powerless against Us ) 😂
wanda wright
wanda wright - 14 kun oldin
Time travel 🤓
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith - 15 kun oldin
They also predicted 9/11.
Tha mAAn
Tha mAAn - 16 kun oldin
Somebody from the simpsons knows the future. 👀
Eric Chavez
Eric Chavez - 17 kun oldin
Trump going to end up dying from corona virus
danni _01
danni _01 - 17 kun oldin
Ima start watching the Simpson
Hamdi Kammoun
Hamdi Kammoun - 18 kun oldin
New in 2019/2024
President of tunisia
1OnlyDez - 20 kun oldin
We are stuck in a matrix it’s litterally nothing we can do unless at less 50% of the world opens their eyes but for now be your higher self so you can reach the high demension and not be stuck in hell
Keira Sidbury
Keira Sidbury - 6 kun oldin
1OnlyDez explain more of what you mean lol
Dawid Kozłowski
Dawid Kozłowski - 24 kun oldin
Trump idiot
presood - 27 kun oldin
who is here while the coronavirus is endangered the world
Gooner_ Nino
Gooner_ Nino - 27 kun oldin
I can.t believe people are in trying to deny the facts that stir them right in the face. This was done years ago and its happening now just like 911 and like many other things. Hollyweird is make believe its all fake. To many humans are dumb down and believe anything they see. The people who do Simpsons are part of the elite and they do the same with movies. You cant' get on just via talent. This is how the devil does his work
Michael G
Michael G - 28 kun oldin
Trump's presidency prevented said decline, not was the final step.
Little Human
Little Human - 29 kun oldin
The Simpsons they weren't predicting the future for real. They were just showing us the future. It's too strange (・o・;)
jay greeen
jay greeen - 29 kun oldin
Sadly Kobe's death here now
Viola Bunjaku
Viola Bunjaku - Oy oldin
i never watched Simpsons since whenever I would watch it I would get a creepy feeling and got creeped out. there was something wrong with it and i tried to explained to my family but who listens to me
Freak Doll
Freak Doll - 13 kun oldin
I never liked them for some weird reason ..... creepy
Money Hoops
Money Hoops - 22 kun oldin
Viola Bunjaku omg same
Young Loco
Young Loco - Oy oldin
I dont believe this.. Its just try to bring simpons Episodes to life. Gettin more money from it.
Justin O
Justin O - Oy oldin
Completely wrong about Trump
nallely garcia
nallely garcia - Oy oldin
Beat up martin
Todd Jackson
Todd Jackson - Oy oldin
So you people believe that all these things that's happening now was predicted on a cartoon??Really!! Well your stupid! These things are not predictions,they are presented that way to fool you!! It's a plan meatballs!!! So that means everything else your gonna see is already planned and mapped out!!! In lamen terms....Your vote really doesn't count, they've already decided Doh Doh heads!! Smh
Pewdi eye
Pewdi eye - Oy oldin
There australian
Renee Mcguire
Renee Mcguire - Oy oldin
It's supposed to be a cartoon not predicting evil.
growfood oneunity
growfood oneunity - Oy oldin
Hi I've added your video to my playlist you should check em out you might like it
russ g
russ g - Oy oldin
If they are showing what being planned years ahead. I want to know how, how are they that Smart?
Mister Haze
Mister Haze - Oy oldin
They also predicted trump's death..cough,cough
John Hargrave
John Hargrave - Oy oldin
Plastics (the same materials used to make gym mats) were found in Subway’s bread years ago. So they were correct in that gym mat prediction.
I guess the simpson been telling us what "they" going to do? front our eyes in years to be comes and we will do nothing about it ...
Prostul Gheonea Ionut
Sa sti ca actorul lui The Simpson este un prost Mega Prost ca tine
Shelby Jennings
Shelby Jennings - Oy oldin
the joke is on the common people who watch this and think they are not being made fun off...there are seriously concerning questions that should not be laughed at. In fact I would actually question each and every person involved in making this cult cartoon who thought up all these scenarios that is now fact. These time travelling aliens should be arrested. while the fashion industry plans trends one year ahead and recycles trends every 10 years I think certain predictions here were unknown unless you actually time travel.
Yeet _721
Yeet _721 - Oy oldin
Now the Crinoidea virus
john salazard
john salazard - Oy oldin
im starting to get the idea that fox is a part of the illuminati, anyone recall the stone cutters episode?
Armante Farmer
Armante Farmer - Oy oldin
The beat that was playing in the background was DOPE!!!! IJS!!!
Dali _ D
Dali _ D - Oy oldin
Or we are getting ideas from them?
Marco 995
Marco 995 - Oy oldin
In Europe it's normal eat horse's meat
אדר כגן
אדר כגן - Oy oldin
this is actually start to scared the shit out of me
shyla lennie
shyla lennie - Oy oldin
Pay for a fortune teller? Nah. Go watch the Simpsons. Way more reliable. And free
Certified A&M
Certified A&M - Oy oldin
Well they fucked up the super bowl prediction💔
Romald Rendina
Romald Rendina - Oy oldin
Its predictive programing
tic toc you thot
tic toc you thot - Oy oldin
i mean they predict the predictable , if you’re smart and into politics you can predict some things accurately
Bad Lamb Records
Bad Lamb Records - Oy oldin
And not Kobe Bryant helicopter crashing😩
Dema M
Dema M - Oy oldin
But not trump
Pandi! - Oy oldin
Now its revealed they predicted corona too
Bud Butt
Bud Butt - Oy oldin
if you actually look into it tho they didnt rlly, because i'm not too sure about 1993 but like in the early 2000's there was a scare from the virus. So its been up and down as years have gone. it's not a new thing.
Gool Male
Gool Male - Oy oldin
Heard that coronavirus and kobe bryant chopper crash were predicted too
MG- KarmaKazz
MG- KarmaKazz - Oy oldin
What about corona virus
Harley Robertson
Harley Robertson - Oy oldin
Anyone here when they predicted the coronavirus😂
Sydical - 3 kun oldin
No they didn't
Zsuzsanna Circleedge
Zsuzsanna Circleedge - 5 kun oldin
Semper Fidelis
Semper Fidelis - Oy oldin
They didnt
Aarzi Mz
Aarzi Mz - Oy oldin
Yup..... they show virus dispatched from japan to china in a box
Cyber Youtabe
Cyber Youtabe - Oy oldin
Harley Robertson Is an episode about the sickness of a company coughing inside the package and killing people like corona but different
theaussiegunnut - Oy oldin
Aliens movie had a face to face video call between Ripley and Burke in 1986. Before The Simpson’s even existed.
Hero Number Two
Hero Number Two - Oy oldin
Man they should make an episode about human extinction
designereilish - Oy oldin
And now the coronavirus 😳
Lora Telle
Lora Telle - Oy oldin
@editsbystar. Viruses don’t come out of “thin” air anymore, they’re been created in the lab, like Hiv, Ebola, and many more. They threw so many of them to Africa, so China got this 1. Agenda 21 is in full swing, they want to cull more than 6.5 billions souls, n u ppl ain’t dying fast enough.
Yareli Martinez
Yareli Martinez - Oy oldin
When they make it,next they delete it I’m on my tv trying to find these but...I can’t
Jeffery Paul
Jeffery Paul - Oy oldin
Its illuminati
F3A4LESS - Oy oldin
The recent one is kobes death in a helicopter crash
Ayesha Haque
Ayesha Haque - Oy oldin
The Simpson’s are illuminati and connected with Antichrist that’s why they have secret information
Cheese of Mana
Cheese of Mana - 29 kun oldin
Then why not cracking their code to prevent more things to come? 🤔
To The RANCH - Oy oldin
Muhammad Umair Kazmi
Allisters Photography
Clickty - Oy oldin
These zionists just planned these shit;
Take a chance To dance
and predicted Kobe’s death
alex cha
alex cha - Oy oldin
Simpson’s predicting kobys death😭😭
Cosmic Dissonance
Cosmic Dissonance - Oy oldin
It's not predicting shit... it's that the evil psychopaths think it is fun to play their sick games and the like the Simpsons... and they know a lot of the slaves do to.
12_28KiD 97
12_28KiD 97 - Oy oldin
And now Kobys death
ez a nevem
ez a nevem - Oy oldin
Search for it:
Simpsons Soviet Union

Fuck :II
Ambrose Takiyagenji
Ambrose Takiyagenji - Oy oldin
This all happened because of illuminati
Joanne Lara Doctolero Gaming
It gave me chills
spill the tea
spill the tea - 2 oy oldin
Honestly its kinda terrifying that all of this happened/is going to happen..also the virus
roger johnson
roger johnson - 2 oy oldin
The satanic elite are always subliminally revealing what they are going to do. The world as a whole is blind. Just as they predicted Kobe's death by helicopter in a Simpsons episode.
roger johnson
roger johnson - 2 oy oldin
Einstein, Freud, Darwin, Newton and Hawking are all in eternal hell. They took their satanic knowledge up against the scriptures. They were deceived by demonic spirits. Now they are regretting the very day that they were born and are reaping what they sowed. The wisdom of men is foolishness with God. God has hidden his wisdom from the wise and the prudent and reveals his secrets to his children.
Aref Hossini
Aref Hossini - 2 oy oldin
What’s the name of song this clip?
Rio de igor poor
Rio de igor poor - 2 oy oldin
Mohamed Doukoure
Mohamed Doukoure - 2 oy oldin
Also Kobe Bryant
BLKTRD08 - 2 oy oldin
Ok the facetime was inevitable. We knew someday that was coming.
igli - 2 oy oldin
Number 11: Simpons predict Coronavirus!!
Jade1_nl - 2 oy oldin
Simpsons suck! I always hated that show
Hyp3r - 2 oy oldin
Beat Up Martin
0g Fatalz
0g Fatalz - 2 oy oldin
Simpson’s:makes a new episode
The episode is about the corona virus spreading through the Earth:
prenti - Oy oldin
@r- rose stop bullshiting, idiot
r- rose
r- rose - Oy oldin
0g Fatalz not new dumbass they made that episode corona virus 27 years ago and the 27th is the same day kobe bryant died quite weird injit
john mendoza
john mendoza - 2 oy oldin