10 Times The Simpsons WAS WRONG About the Future

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The Simpsons has made a number of predictions over the years, but not all of them have come true! Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/ho3Hg6
Over the years, The Simpsons has stuffed their episodes with gags, funny moments, and glimpses into the future. Along with showing the characters aged and grown up, the episodes also try to predict what the future will be like. Many times, the show has been spot on about certain creations, but there are many occasions where the show was DEAD WRONG about the future.
In The Simpsons Movie, our serving President of the United States is none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. Unfortunately, this was never made a reality and likely never will be due to specific laws. The show has predicted some really weird and random things over the years, including the lion attack on Siegfried and Roy, but there’s one area where they failed greatly and it was death showcases in the annual Treehouse of Horror episodes. The Simpsons has featured numerous fake plays, movies, and television shows. One of them could have easily been made, but has not become a reality yet. In a number of views of the future, the show has showcased hover cars. Unfortunately, a lot of our vehicles are grounded and we’re nowhere close to seeing hover cars become a reality. The show also has featured a number of digital upgrades in the future including digital clocks replacing classic clock towers and the use of hologram trees. Show predictions about NFL games have been pretty accurate over the years, but there was one game where the final score was way off. Watch to see all these incorrect predictions and several others over the years!
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moe manasra
moe manasra - 8 soat oldin
Trump might have Coronavirus now and this prediction may come true
Luna king
Luna king - 14 soat oldin
How do you call a hover bike a perdition
SARAH'S HANSON - Kun oldin
I bet the have 1/2 monkeys 1/2 humans ...I bet they have trex , and wolly mammoths...they are bring back the Gods from way back to bible times ...so why not ..they can grow a sheep in a fake womb ..when they showed us the cloned animals ...u know they only show us parts ..look it up ...they have a huge dragon too ..bf YouTube cut videos u could see them all but u can dig deep into the dark web and find so much more ..YouTube is so watched
D Thompson
D Thompson - Kun oldin
I guess your video was head of time, Serious consideration on making Washington DC THE 51st state
Arjun Reddy
Arjun Reddy - 2 kun oldin
@Truwmp must watch video
Thashantha Abeysinghe
Thashantha Abeysinghe - 2 kun oldin
maybe they DID predicted the future but those things they've predicted didn't happened
MON JAI - 2 kun oldin
So sad
ALONE MUSIC - 2 kun oldin
now im here because i remember trump will die and i belive that beause man is mortal
Mr Khalid
Mr Khalid - 2 kun oldin
Hemal Siriwardhana
Hemal Siriwardhana - 2 kun oldin
What a funny video is this. I really love this video
auon raza
auon raza - 2 kun oldin
Jeussss doggggg...jeus son of bichh
Jackie Studebaker
Jackie Studebaker - 2 kun oldin
That was the story they were told to write because that was their plan. FAIL NWO puppets. PFFFT!
Corona Virus
Corona Virus - 3 kun oldin
Imagine the government using the simpsons as a way to discover time travel
Heena Shah
Heena Shah - 3 kun oldin
Predictions may come true I believe
Akili Star
Akili Star - 3 kun oldin
Actually, personally it’s unbelievable how they predicted a lot of things, so I would say they did something that us humans don’t know , to get all of thoses things right
Akili Star
Akili Star - 3 kun oldin
All of thoses can still happen. Bruh
Dina A.
Dina A. - 3 kun oldin
The "predictions" in the Simpsons are not predictions. These are plans that are made ahead of time that take a ficitional animated form so that when it actually happens it seems like "what a coincidence" or "Simpsons predicted".. Whomever writes the script KNOWS what's up. They are filled in with the facts. It's all regulated and planned. There is nothing about the power structure in the world that "just happens".
cs strike
cs strike - 3 kun oldin
not it wassnt wrong it was suppose to happen but people made the changes in the future
7E7N - 3 kun oldin
Donald trump did die
jose santiago
jose santiago - 3 kun oldin
este programa siempre predice cosas. buen video amigo
ohb3 - 4 kun oldin
This title has no value in the Simpson’s being wrong because they’re not predictions, they’re events in the show, not the same thing! Just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it won’t, smh
Miya Lee
Miya Lee - 4 kun oldin
Repent and give your life to Jesus he’s coming soon god love us we should only put our trust in Jesus Christ.
Paulette Booker
Paulette Booker - 5 kun oldin
If not a couple of months ago
Paulette Booker
Paulette Booker - 5 kun oldin
Whitney Houston hologram was just
Rayleane Mendez
Rayleane Mendez - 5 kun oldin
All this predicted is true
#bTsfAn army
#bTsfAn army - 5 kun oldin
I don't want to believe this rubbish things ... But don't know why this cartoon pushes me to believe...
Martha Perez
Martha Perez - 6 kun oldin
Arnold can't be President because his not a Citizen by blood but he did want but canot.
big man ting
big man ting - 6 kun oldin
thanks for telling us about the simpsons wrong guesses
Gowon park
Gowon park - 6 kun oldin
Or these predictions were right but people that went back in time changed it 🤔
Pete Pasternak
Pete Pasternak - 7 kun oldin
When Trump became president I recall one of the writers of the Simpsons saying that this wasn't a actually prediction. To fit in with the storyline they needed to refer to Lisa's predecessor as US President and decided to come up with the most ludicrous suggestion possible.
Hudson Metrics Wall Street
WERE not was!!!!!!!
ali kaya
ali kaya - 7 kun oldin
Yes Trump good bay. Is beautiful
Chyna Alexis
Chyna Alexis - 7 kun oldin
It didn’t happen now but trump may die soon ...
HeadsUp Gaming
HeadsUp Gaming - 7 kun oldin
They dont predict future. They just make a video and make it happen...
Elphaba Thropp
Elphaba Thropp - 7 kun oldin
There’s still the future ahead of us, for all these predictions to come true
Let it Rain
Let it Rain - 7 kun oldin
... yeah , the end is near
no go
no go - 7 kun oldin
Here's a tip.every time Simpson's predictions become false,it means we defeated illuminati that time
Maldo Han
Maldo Han - 7 kun oldin
Time witchcraft is a real thing look it up.
Billy Anderson
Billy Anderson - 8 kun oldin
Wrong?? it hasnt happened yet!
Dr Garchomp
Dr Garchomp - 8 kun oldin
No looper you're wrong the simpsons are right
Cody Brandon Cargle
Cody Brandon Cargle - 8 kun oldin
Honestly I don’t think these facts are true, I think the Simpsons dramatized this one! 🤣
Self Destination
Self Destination - 8 kun oldin
Maybe Trump's funeral just hasn't come true yet. There's still hope. Come on Simpson's,...don't let America down.
Russell LeftHook
Russell LeftHook - 9 kun oldin
Saudi and Israel are now ally’s. That came true
ELI Aguado
ELI Aguado - 9 kun oldin
Enjoy the moment... The present is everything!!!
YoungTale - 9 kun oldin
20 years ago everyone thought we would have hover bikes look at us now
Nafy Cisse
Nafy Cisse - 9 kun oldin
It’s not wrong it just haven’t come true
InLKdream - 9 kun oldin
This video is a tad presumptuous some of these things could still happen
Gaydy Donley
Gaydy Donley - 9 kun oldin
Donald Trump funeral by the elites? I hope Trump has been warned.
Yeezy Bro
Yeezy Bro - 10 kun oldin
The thumbnail,I wish that could happen
Dragon & Co Mosaics
Dragon & Co Mosaics - 10 kun oldin
7:40 Modern Baba Yaga House
Thomas McDonald
Thomas McDonald - 10 kun oldin
Damn why can't this one be true!
Andy N
Andy N - 11 kun oldin
The US government found a clown with an orange face, named him Trump and copied clips from the Simpsons.
Ryan Angel
Ryan Angel - 11 kun oldin
Hover bike = hoveboard
Ramp Shark
Ramp Shark - 11 kun oldin
Trump has the Corona Virus and will die
Gualter gutierrez
Gualter gutierrez - 11 kun oldin
Just wait
BetterThanEmril - 11 kun oldin
Well virus is not senior citizen Friendly.... trump is a senior citizen so it’s quite possible that.... you know lol
raul montenegro
raul montenegro - 11 kun oldin
Whats going to happen on april 10 2020
paul walker
paul walker - 11 kun oldin
Hum notice how they are in a dome!!
Stephan Charles
Stephan Charles - 5 kun oldin
Kyle - 11 kun oldin
Or were they?
STP Productions
STP Productions - 11 kun oldin
Jennifer Turner
Jennifer Turner - 11 kun oldin
These are just the ones that haven’t happened yet
V Bin
V Bin - 11 kun oldin
Taylor swift is now scared!!
Farooq92 - 12 kun oldin
It's as Professor Michio Kaku said, 9/10 times something can be wrong but that 1/10 time when it's right due to pure luck, that's enough for people to gather an believe in it because it was right.
Robert Szymanski
Robert Szymanski - 12 kun oldin
I heard that if Trump really cuts SSI and Medicare, some really ticked off seniors or disabled people might want to lynch him !!! That is not my fault! Don't blame me! Blame the Simpsons creators! The Simpsons show Trump in a casket.....
Robert Szymanski
Robert Szymanski - 12 kun oldin
I like the episode where Bart and his buddy find some illegal fireworks in a cave! And had fun lighting them off! M-80 in a toilet dude?! Lol.....
Grosvenor Giles
Grosvenor Giles - 12 kun oldin
Does anyone think there will be another Back to the Future?
Grosvenor Giles
Grosvenor Giles - 12 kun oldin
Future prediction of Lord Rothschild's sacrifice? 10:35
Soultr1pp3r 2000
Soultr1pp3r 2000 - 12 kun oldin
We have flying cars
Delvin Davis
Delvin Davis - 12 kun oldin
So when they are wrong it's "not a prediction" but when they are right it is? 🙄🙄😂😂 conspiracy theorist hate being wrong
115 xboxmaster
115 xboxmaster - 12 kun oldin
Basically all of the deaths predicted will eventually become true. So technically this video is wrong. And I also hate screen rant
candicee’ ‘
candicee’ ‘ - 12 kun oldin
S4 e21🥺👉🏾👈🏾
Clan Visuals
Clan Visuals - 13 kun oldin
Any peep at 44 seconds of the video? The numbers on the jerseys
Calvin Barrett
Calvin Barrett - 13 kun oldin
Just because they haven't happened yet does not mean they're wrong.
Athan Perez
Athan Perez - 13 kun oldin
Yeah u can't say it's wrong maybe later in during the years it'll happen
Rachel Vega
Rachel Vega - 13 kun oldin
I hope trump dies soon, Idc what u say or think!
Ray Del Sol
Ray Del Sol - 13 kun oldin
A civilian was put on the Challenger
dfire2472011 - 13 kun oldin
President trump will have a heart attack and Simpson will predict it
Maria - 13 kun oldin
Don't be so fast saying it's fake,you never know.
KatariaGujjar - 13 kun oldin
Maybe lisa is Hillary
OceanBlue Heart
OceanBlue Heart - 13 kun oldin
Pelosi if Trump, Pence, Biden, & Bernie die of COVID19.
Sly Coop
Sly Coop - 13 kun oldin
🤦🏿‍♂️2020 please take Trump!💯
Unknown - 13 kun oldin
What if the government made the cornavurus for the creator of the Simpson? The virus has a big affect on older people because their immune system has weakened. People are saying he's a time traveler & if that's true then the government wouldn't want anyone to know much about their doings. Idk it's just a "what if"